Kemco to Release Antiquia Lost Game on PS4, PS Vita this Fall

2017-07-29 14:45:00

Sony streams trailer for console version of RPG originally launched as smartphone game

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Titan Sand Sculptures Return to Enoshima Beach

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Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryū to Odoru: Dances with the Dragons Reveals Visuals, Theme Song Artists, October 5 Premiere

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Konohana Kitan Anime Reveals 1st Promo Video, Key Visual, October Premiere

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Date News Title
2017-08-07 04:30:00Shinobi Refle -Senran Kagura- Nintendo Switch Game Previews Opening Animation in Video
2017-08-07 02:45:00Dragon Quest I, II, III Games Get Releases on PS4, 3DS
2017-08-07 02:00:00Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy PS4/Vita Game Slated for October 19
2017-08-06 21:35:00Voice Actress Risa Taneda Will Not Return for Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Season 3
2017-08-06 19:10:00Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya Returns to Work After 4-Month Hiatus
2017-08-06 18:48:56Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai Coming-of-Age Novel Gets Anime Film in 2018
2017-08-06 15:15:00Moon Prism Power Marks Matrimony on New Sailor Moon Registration Forms
2017-08-06 12:45:00Fire Emblem Warriors Game Reveals 2 New Characters, More Conversation Videos
2017-08-06 04:00:00Lostorage conflated WIXOSS Anime Project Revealed as December OVA, 2018 TV Series
2017-08-05 22:49:23Square Enix Announces Dragon Quest Builders 2 Game for PS4, Switch
2017-08-05 22:22:14Netflix to Stream Violet Evergarden Anime Worldwide
2017-08-05 21:24:33Macross Delta Gets Theatrical Anime Project
2017-08-05 20:45:00Sorata Akiduki, Meca Tanaka, Ken Saito Write 1-Shot Manga
2017-08-05 17:45:00Jun Fukuyama Takes Over as Chipmunk Promoting Apartment Complex
2017-08-05 14:45:00Gundam Character Designer Yasuhiko Draws Poster for Japan-Cuba Film Ernesto
2017-08-05 12:45:00Bandai Namco Reveals Kamen Rider City Wars Smartphone Game
2017-08-05 11:45:00Netojū no Susume Anime Posts Open Call for Voice Actors
2017-08-05 09:30:00Persona 5 Game Ships 1.8 Million Copies Worldwide
2017-08-05 07:30:00Re:Creators Spinoff Manga About Magane Launches
2017-08-05 05:30:00Zettai Karen Children Manga Returns on August 23
2017-08-04 20:00:00Tokyopop to Release Nightmare Before Christmas Sequel Manga
2017-08-04 19:00:00Blue Exorcist Gets New Stage Play in October
2017-08-04 19:00:00Tubi TV Adds Sonic X English Dub
2017-08-04 16:00:00Dynasty Warriors 9 Also Heads to PC, Xbox One in West
2017-08-04 14:45:00Hetalia Musical Star Yūki Yamaoki Announces Marriage, 1st Child
2017-08-04 13:20:01Chihayafuru English Dub Stars Luci Christian, Adam Gibbs, Blake Shepard
2017-08-04 12:00:00Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue Episode 1 Streams With English Subtitles
2017-08-04 11:45:00Nanoha Reflection Cast Join the Fight in Chain Chronicle 3
2017-08-04 10:45:00NMB48 Idol Idol Ririka Sutō Follows Up Marriage With Plans to Study Abroad
2017-08-04 03:55:55UQ Holder Anime Reveals Teaser Video, More Cast, Theme Song Artists
2017-08-04 03:30:00My Hero Academia Anime Reveals Cast For 3 Anime-Original Characters
2017-08-04 01:30:00Girls & Panzer PS4 Game Gets English Release in Southeast Asia
2017-08-04 00:30:00Crunchyroll Adds Assassination Classroom Season 2, GUNxSWORD, Shiki Anime to Catalog
2017-08-04 00:00:00Kasane Live-Action Film Casts Tao Tsuchiya, Kyōko Yoshine
2017-08-03 23:30:00Risa Taneda Recovers From Treatment, Gradually Returns to Voice Acting
2017-08-03 23:00:00Black Clover Anime Casts Genki Muro, Ayumu Murase, Jun Fukuyama, More
2017-08-03 22:30:00Dagashi Kashi Anime Gets 2nd Season in 2018
2017-08-03 19:30:00Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Film Takes #2 Spot on Disc Charts
2017-08-03 18:30:00Kyoei Toshi PS4 Game Adds Fifth Angel, Ultraman Tiga, Mothra, More
2017-08-03 17:30:00Harvey Awards Move to NYCC
2017-08-03 14:30:00Frontwing Launches Kickstarter for Wonderful Everyday Visual Novel
2017-08-03 13:45:00Eureka & Renton Lift Through Old Edo in Ukiyo-e Art
2017-08-03 13:00:52Toonami to Air Outlaw Star Anime (Updated)
2017-08-03 13:00:52Toonami to Air Outlaw Star Anime
2017-08-03 08:30:00Toei, DLE Launch New Company for Japanese, Asian Anime Projects
2017-08-03 07:30:00Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden Anime Film Trilogy Reveals Visual, More Staff
2017-08-03 06:30:00Hikaru Nakamura Resumes Black Night Parade Manga
2017-08-03 06:00:00Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Manga Gets 4-Panel Side Story Manga
2017-08-03 04:00:00Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime Film Tops Mini-Theater Ranking For 2nd Weekend
2017-08-03 02:30:00Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Launches on September 4 (Updated)
2017-08-03 02:30:00Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Launches on September 4
2017-08-02 23:01:21Crunchyroll Adds And you thought there is never a girl online?, Peacemaker Anime
2017-08-02 19:10:00Funimation Announces Chronos Ruler English Dub Cast
2017-08-02 17:42:06Japanese Comic Ranking, July 24-30
2017-08-02 14:45:00The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Teams Up With Instant Curry Rice
2017-08-02 14:15:44Atlus Unveils Persona 3, Persona 5 Dancing Games, Persona Q2
2017-08-02 13:29:08Neto-Jū no Susume Manga About 30-Year-Old Woman Playing an Online Game Inspires Anime
2017-08-02 10:40:00Netflix Reveals Staff, Cast, Visuals for B: The Beginning Anime (Updated)
2017-08-02 10:40:00Netflix Reveals Staff, Cast, Visuals for B: The Beginning Anime
2017-08-02 08:19:29Netflix to Stream New Baki Anime Series
2017-08-02 07:36:45Netflix Announces Original A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- Sci-Fi Anime (Updated)
2017-08-01 17:45:00Good Smile Company, Max Factory Announce 90 New Figures at WonderFest
2017-08-01 17:15:00NYC Museum of Modern Art to Screen Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence Film
2017-08-01 14:45:00Voice Actors Yūichi Nakamura, Tomokazu Sugita Star in Nutritional Snack Ad
2017-08-01 14:03:07North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 30-August 5
2017-08-01 10:14:01Daisuki Ends Anime Streaming Service in October
2017-08-01 07:22:40Senran Kagura Games Get 2nd TV Anime Season
2017-07-31 19:00:00Amazon Prime Streams Blood-C: The Last Mind Stage Play With English Subtitles
2017-07-31 16:47:09Sony Pictures TV to Acquire Majority Stake in Funimation
2017-07-31 15:00:00Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Smartphone Game Reaches 200 Million Downloads
2017-07-31 13:45:00Harness Your Super Saiyan Energy with Lipovitan D
2017-07-31 12:59:58Yo-Kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters Trailer Reveals Release Date
2017-07-31 12:00:00Idol Incidents Manga Ends in August
2017-07-31 11:45:00Stars of Restaurant to Another World Cook Up Omurice
2017-07-31 10:45:00Comedy Manga Reimagines Real Samurai as Insect in Modern Japan
2017-07-31 10:00:00Kud Wafter Anime Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches OVA Stretch Goal
2017-07-31 09:00:00Otakon to Screen Anime Tamago 2016 Shorts, Hosts Takanori Matsuoka
2017-07-31 02:30:00Shogi Meshi Live-Action Series Casts Taiko Katono, Yū Inaba
2017-07-31 01:45:00Transformers Voice Actor Wally Burr Passes Away
2017-07-31 01:00:00Ō-sama Game Horror Novel Gets TV Anime in October
2017-07-30 21:30:00Otakon to Host World Premiere of 1st Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Anime Film
2017-07-30 16:45:00Makoto Considers His Future for Free! Birthday Goods
2017-07-30 13:45:00Late Macross Composer Honored at Orchestra Performance in September
2017-07-30 12:45:00Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition Fighting Game Gets Smartphone Version in Chinese Markets
2017-07-30 03:02:46Persona 5 Game Gets TV Anime Series in 2018 (Updated With Video)
2017-07-30 02:00:00Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shō Anime Reveals 3 New Cast Members Who Also Form Real-Life Idol Unit
2017-07-29 21:38:27Fate/Extra Last Encore TV Anime Reveals 3rd Promo Video, Main Cast, New Visual
2017-07-29 18:45:00Fire Emblem Heroes Adds More Swimsuit Costumes, Fire Emblem Echoes Characters
2017-07-29 14:45:00Kemco to Release Antiquia Lost Game on PS4, PS Vita this Fall
2017-07-29 05:00:00Madoka Magica Magia Record Smartphone Game Launches on August 22
2017-07-28 21:00:01Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight Game Previewed in 2nd Promo Video
2017-07-28 20:49:12Type-Moon, Sega Reveal Fate/Grand Order Arcade Game
2017-07-28 20:35:00ICv2 Releases List of Top 10 Manga Franchises in Spring 2017
2017-07-28 19:35:00Amatsuki Manga Ends Serialization Next Month
2017-07-28 18:35:00Saint Seiya Next Dimension Manga Returns in September
2017-07-28 17:35:00Digimon Adventure tri. Stage Play Gets New Digimon Designed by Kenji Watanabe
2017-07-28 16:35:00Tokyo Clanpool PS Vita Game Trailer Reveals October 5 Release Date
2017-07-28 15:35:00Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Anime Takes 1-Week Break
2017-07-28 15:15:00Ring, Ring, Your Giant Nuclear Monster is Calling
2017-07-28 14:15:00Sunrise Asks Readers to Choose Which of Its Works Most Deserve a Sequel
2017-07-28 11:15:00Edison & Tesla Battle Over Meat, Cú Chulainn Inspires Hot Dog at Fate/GO Fest
2017-07-28 11:11:58Dragon Quest XI Game Heads West in 2018
2017-07-28 05:30:00Live-Action Gintama Film Earns 2 Billion Yen in 14 Days
2017-07-28 03:30:00Kazuhisa Kondō Launches Mobile Suit Gundam MS Senki Reboot Manga
2017-07-27 23:00:00Code:Realize Game Gets New PS4, PS Vita Fandisc
2017-07-27 22:30:46Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Film Reveals 4 More Stills
2017-07-27 22:03:01Code Geass Compilation Film Trilogy Reveals Visual, Teaser Video, Dates
2017-07-27 21:15:00NouCome Illustrator Yukiwo Launches New Manga
2017-07-27 19:15:00Reiji Kaito, Hiyon Katsuragi Launch Mobile Suit Gundam Walpurgis Manga
2017-07-27 18:15:00Crunchyroll Adds Pretear, Michiko & Hatchin, Robotics;Notes Anime to Catalog
2017-07-27 17:15:00Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA English Trailer Features Dana
2017-07-27 14:15:00Akagi Manga Inspires 2nd Live-Action Series in October
2017-07-27 12:20:00No Manga Nominated For Inaugural Ringo Awards
2017-07-27 11:20:00Revolutionary Girl Utena Gets Another New Manga Chapter This Winter
2017-07-27 09:15:00Angel Beats! -The Last Operation- Manga Launches on August 30
2017-07-27 07:15:00Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Smartphone Game Slated for August 3
2017-07-27 06:15:00Crunchyroll Adds Gungrave, Fractale, OniAi, Scrapped Princess Anime to Catalog
2017-07-27 05:30:00Touhou Suzunaan: Forbidden Scrollery. Manga Ends
2017-07-27 04:15:00Peach-Pit Ends 1st Part of Nishina Tesura wa Suirishinai Manga
2017-07-27 03:30:00Monogatari Series Gets Smartphone Game App
2017-07-27 02:45:00Irregular at magic high school Film Gets Manga in August
2017-07-27 00:15:00Boruto Franchise Gets 3rd Novel on September 4
2017-07-26 23:30:00Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime Film Tops Mini-Theater Ranking in Japan
2017-07-26 18:30:00Fist of the North Star Stage Play About Random Thugs Adds Additional Cast
2017-07-26 15:30:00Etrian Odyssey V Trailer Shows Dragoon Class
2017-07-26 14:38:53Japanese Comic Ranking, July 17-23
2017-07-26 14:30:00Nanoha Reflection Film Earns 98 Million Yen at Box Office, 124 Million in Merchandise Sales
2017-07-26 13:30:00Nintendo Switch Sells 4.7 Million Units Worldwide
2017-07-26 12:30:00TOKU Premieres 3 Ultra Tokusatsu Series in August (Update)
2017-07-26 10:33:08Food Wars! English Dub to Stream on HIDIVE
2017-07-26 09:36:33Senran Kagura Game Series to Announce New Title on August 1
2017-07-26 01:30:00Toei Reveals Kamen Rider Build Series Premiering in September
2017-07-25 23:50:00Animator/Director Shoichi Masuo Passes Away at 57
2017-07-25 20:35:00Bandai Streams 30-Minute Gameplay Video for Ni no Kuni II Game
2017-07-25 18:15:00Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star PC Launch Trailer Streamed
2017-07-25 17:24:40Testament of Sister New Devil English Dub Stars Lauren Landa, Chris Hackney
2017-07-25 16:15:23North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 23-29
2017-07-25 15:15:00New Tamagotchi! 3DS Game Announced for November 16
2017-07-25 13:35:33Maiden Japan Licenses To Heart 2 Anime
2017-07-25 12:45:00Mai Kuraki Awarded Guinness World Record for Most Theme Songs in a Single Anime Series
2017-07-25 11:10:00Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Anime Casts Toru Ohkawa, Sayaka Ohara, Mamiko Noto, More
2017-07-25 08:46:41Alice or Alice Sister-Complex Manga Gets TV Anime
2017-07-25 07:46:29Square Enix Announces Dia Horizon Project, TV Anime With Promo Video
2017-07-24 23:32:18KonoSuba Comedy Fantasy Anime Gets New Anime Project
2017-07-24 21:46:35Kannagi Creator to Launch New Manga This Winter
2017-07-24 19:35:00Love and Lies Anime Casts Eri Kitamura as Shū Igarashi
2017-07-24 12:00:00William Winckler Productions Announces English-Dubbed Pilots of PriPara, Net Ghost PiPoPa Anime
2017-07-24 10:00:00King of Prism: Pride the Hero Anime Film Gets Stage Play
2017-07-24 03:57:44Satsuriku no Tenshi/Angel Slaughter Game, Manga Franchise Gets TV Anime
2017-07-24 03:00:00Idol Incidents Smartphone Game Shuts Down on July 31
2017-07-24 00:15:00Ace of Diamond Gets 5th Stage Play in September
2017-07-23 23:15:00Kirakira Precure a la Mode Anime Casts Daisuke Hirakawa, Hisao Egawa
2017-07-23 10:45:00Canadian G4 Channel Stops Broadcast in September
2017-07-23 08:00:00Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Invites Rinko Kikuchi, Takashi Miike, Eric Beckman
2017-07-23 04:09:04Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shō TV Anime Reveals October Premiere, Theme Song Titles
2017-07-23 03:00:00Shogi Meshi Gourmet Manga Gets Live-Action Series This Month
2017-07-22 23:04:23Dame×Prince Smartphone Game Gets TV Anime in January 2018
2017-07-22 21:22:13Yasushi Akimoto-Produced Idol Unit 22/7 Gets Anime Project
2017-07-22 20:46:39Gakuen Babysitters Anime Reveals Main Cast
2017-07-22 17:30:00Kyoto Animation Awards Takes Year Off, Will Return in 2018
2017-07-22 15:45:00your name. Cafe Bus Rolls Out in Tokyo in August
2017-07-22 15:30:00Galaxy Express 999 Composer Masaaki Hirao Passes Away
2017-07-22 13:08:49Alex de Campi, Max Gladstone Contribute to Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network Anthology
2017-07-22 13:00:00Galaga Game Inspires Animated Series
2017-07-22 09:45:00Agumon to Appear in Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Anime
2017-07-22 04:02:44Live-Action Gintama Film Sells 1 Million Tickets in 8 Days
2017-07-22 01:00:00Land of the Lustrous Reveals 2 More Character Designs
2017-07-21 23:00:00Shout! Factory to Release Megaranger, Gingaman Live-Action Series
2017-07-21 22:00:00Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation Anime Film Slated For 2018
2017-07-21 19:00:00.hack//G.U. Last Recode Gets Physical PS4 Release In Americas
2017-07-21 18:00:00Nights Of Azure 2 Game Trailer Previews Dramatic Scenes
2017-07-21 16:49:26Viz Media to Release My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Spinoff Manga Digitally
2017-07-21 15:00:00King of Prism: PRIDE the HERO Anime Film Gets 4DX Screenings
2017-07-21 14:00:00Futari Monologue Manga Gets Live-Action Drama Web Series
2017-07-21 12:53:58Ushio & Tora English Dub Cast, Clip Revealed
2017-07-21 12:45:00Monster Hunter Bridal Fair Brings Fandom Fantasy to Nuptials
2017-07-21 11:45:00Manga Creator Reveals His Recommendation List for Live-Action Gintama Film
2017-07-21 11:22:34Harukana Receive Beach Volleyball Manga Gets TV Anime
2017-07-21 11:00:00Taiko no Tatsujin Gets English Release in Southeast Asia
2017-07-21 09:00:00Digimon Universe Appli Monsters Manga Ends in August
2017-07-21 07:00:00Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Game Heads to iOS in Japan on July 27
2017-07-21 05:15:00Kud Wafter Anime Crowdfunding Campaign Reaches Goal
2017-07-21 04:00:00Code Geass Twitter Account Launches 7-Day Countdown
2017-07-21 02:32:27My Girlfriend is Shobitch Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Fall Premiere
2017-07-21 01:35:05Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take On Me Anime Film Previewed in 2nd Teaser Video
2017-07-21 00:45:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Adds Krillin, Piccolo (Update)
2017-07-21 00:45:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Adds Krillin, Piccolo
2017-07-20 23:15:00Funimation Adds The Reflection Anime to Streaming Lineup
2017-07-20 22:50:00The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Anime Gets 2nd Season in Early 2018
2017-07-20 17:45:00Best Saber Cosplay Yet Uses Projection Mapping Tech
2017-07-20 17:42:24Viz Media to Release Black Torch, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga in English
2017-07-20 17:27:19Viz Media Licenses Hunter × Hunter: Phantom Rouge Anime Film (Updated)
2017-07-20 17:04:23Crunchyroll Adds Haibane Renmei, Eureka Seven AO, Code Geass, Slayers Revolution Anime
2017-07-20 16:30:00William Winckler Productions Announces English Dubs for 3 More Ultraman Films
2017-07-20 16:00:00Yakuza Kiwami Trailer Previews Fighting Styles, Minigames
2017-07-20 15:45:0020 Years Later, Xenogears Gets New Figures Teased
2017-07-20 15:20:00One Piece: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition Launches for Switch on September 29
2017-07-20 14:48:51Udon Ent. Licenses Otherworldly Izakaya "Nobu" Manga
2017-07-20 14:45:00Kids of My Hero Academia Enjoy a BBQ for New Goods
2017-07-20 13:45:00Relive 10 Years of Oresama Teacher Manga in Anniversary PV