Who do you guys think is/was stronger

2013-10-14 07:45:34

Whitebear or Rayleigh, both in their prime and when luffy meets them. I really can´t tell but would probably give it to Whitebeard since he was "even" with Rogger. However we don´t really know weather Rogger was really stronger than Rayleigh.

I think Rayleigh is even/over admiral level at the time of Marineford but Whitebeard still was stronger than the Admirals. I don´t think though that that we see Rayleigh go all out at any point.

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2016-08-14 08:30:00Free!! Swim Club Story Gets New Screen Project
2016-08-14 07:30:00Tiger Mask - Shadow of Justice Manga Will End Next Month
2016-08-14 04:30:00How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Manga Ends, Girls Side Sequel Starts in September
2016-08-14 00:00:00Tiger & Bunny, Trinity Seven Creators Collaborate on Demental Man Novel Project
2016-08-13 19:04:00Vertical to Release The Seven Deadly Sins: The Seven Scars Left Behind Novel
2016-08-13 17:45:00Sailor Moon Guardians Get Jeweled Bag Charms, Clip-On Earrings
2016-08-13 17:02:27Aniplex USA to Screen 2nd Kizumonogatari Film in U.S. Theaters in October (Updated With Video)
2016-08-13 17:02:27Aniplex USA to Screen 2nd Kizumonogatari Film in U.S. Theaters in October
2016-08-13 15:31:47Right Stuf to Release Turn A Gundam TV Anime on Blu-ray Disc
2016-08-13 11:48:13Discotek Licenses Arcadia of My Youth, Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer Films, More Lupin Specials
2016-08-13 11:06:31SMAP Idol Group to Break Up on December 31
2016-08-12 20:53:45Funimation Licenses Sword of the Stranger Anime Film, Omamori Himari & Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun TV Anime
2016-08-12 20:10:50Funimation Reveals Dub Casts For Overlord, Shimoneta, 1st Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Film, 6th Hetalia Season
2016-08-12 18:35:25Funimation Licenses Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON TV Anime
2016-08-12 16:50:16Viz Media to Release Ranma ½ Films, OVA on Blu-ray
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2016-08-12 13:15:00Final Fantasy XV Collaborates With Florence + the Machine for 3 New Songs
2016-08-12 12:15:00TOKU Streams English-Dubbed Trailer for After School Midnighters CG Anime Film
2016-08-12 11:45:00T.M. Revolution Reveals Comiket T-Shirts, Dōjinshi
2016-08-12 11:15:00Newspaper: Pentagon Bans Pokémon Go Due to Spying Concerns
2016-08-12 06:00:00Final Fantasy XV Game Offers 6 DLC, Season Pass, Digital Premium Edition
2016-08-12 04:40:00Hand Shakers TV Anime Reveals New Promo Video, Character Designs
2016-08-12 04:10:00Kabukibu! Light Novel Series Reveals TV Anime Adaptation in Teaser Video
2016-08-12 02:40:00AOKANA: Four Rhythm Across the Blue PS4 Game Slated for Winter
2016-08-12 01:40:00Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 Gets World Premiere in Atlanta
2016-08-12 00:40:25BanG Dream! TV Anime Reveals 2 Trailers, Staff
2016-08-11 22:00:00PaRappa the Rapper Gets New TV Anime Shorts
2016-08-11 21:11:56[yibis]_One_Piece_747_[720p][812AAD1A].mkv
2016-08-11 17:45:00Code Geass Celebrates 10 Years on November 27
2016-08-11 14:20:00Masao Maruyama, Jirō Ishii Cancel Otakon Apperances
2016-08-11 13:45:00RightStuf Looks to Canada in New Anime Survey
2016-08-11 13:40:00Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice Game Trailer Shows Off Character Abilities
2016-08-11 13:10:00Kiss Him, Not Me Anime Reveals Opening, Ending Theme Artists
2016-08-11 12:10:00Gabriel Dropout Anime About a Lazy Angel Reveals Main Cast in 1st Promo Video
2016-08-11 10:15:00Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Gets Spinoff Manga in September
2016-08-11 08:00:00Dragon Ball Fusions Videos Show New Fusion Characters, Story
2016-08-11 07:00:00Asterisk War: Queenveil no Tsubasa Manga Spinoff Ends in September
2016-08-11 02:44:27Pokémon Sun & Moon Games Reveal Team Skull, New Forms of Old Pokémon in Video
2016-08-11 00:45:00Majestic Prince Anime Film Opens on November 4 for 2-Week Limited Screening
2016-08-10 23:45:00Tōken Ranbu: Hanamaru TV Anime Reveals 2nd Teaser Video, More Cast, Key Visual
2016-08-10 20:15:00Berserk Musou Gameplay Video Highlights Griffith
2016-08-10 14:45:00Japanese Comic Ranking, August 1-7
2016-08-10 11:50:00Ryohgo Narita Works on Final 1935 Baccano! Novel (Updated)
2016-08-10 11:50:00Ryohgo Narita Works on Final Baccano! Novel
2016-08-10 10:30:00Final Amanchu! Blu-ray to Include Unaired Episode
2016-08-10 07:15:00Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike Anime Film Previewed in Trailer
2016-08-10 06:00:50Ao Oni Horror Game Gets Fall TV Anime Shorts, 2017 Anime Film
2016-08-10 00:30:00Pokémon Go Launches Campaign to Attract Tourists to Quake-Hit Japanese Prefectures
2016-08-09 23:35:00Teekyū Anime Renewed for Season 8 in October
2016-08-09 22:30:00Sword Art Online Novels Enter New Arc in 2017
2016-08-09 20:45:0040th Anniversary "Kochikame Jump" Includes Artwork by Creators of Naruto, One Piece
2016-08-09 19:25:002016 Death Note Film Gets 3-Episode Prequel on Hulu Japan
2016-08-09 16:45:00Special Shin Godzilla Screening Allows Shouting, Cosplay, Light Sticks
2016-08-09 15:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 7-13
2016-08-09 14:45:00Indonesia Takes 1st Place at World Cosplay Summit 2016
2016-08-09 14:00:00KochiKame TV Anime Is 1-Hour Special Premiering September 18
2016-08-09 13:20:00Pokémon Go Developers Begin Removal of Controversial PokéStops, Add PokéStops at Toho Cinemas
2016-08-09 11:55:00Girl Friend Note Rhythm Game Gets Web Anime in October
2016-08-09 09:40:00Trillion: God of Destruction, MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Games Head to PC This Fall
2016-08-09 01:00:00Shin Godzilla Stays at #1 in 2nd Weekend, Earns 2.1 Billion Yen Total
2016-08-09 00:00:00Hulu Ends Free Streaming as Yahoo Launches Own Service With Anime
2016-08-08 21:57:00New Strike the Blood Video Anime Will Be 4-Volume Series Based on 9th Novel
2016-08-08 20:45:00Renai Bōkun/The very lovely tyrant of love Anime Slated to Air in 2017
2016-08-08 19:45:00Itasha Taxi Will Drive Comiket Goers Around in Style
2016-08-08 15:30:00Idol Memories Anime Debuts Promo Video, Reveals Additional Cast
2016-08-08 14:40:00Intelligence Firm Estimate: Pokémon Go Has Earned More Than US$200 Million
2016-08-08 13:45:00Pikachu Parade Splashes Through Yokohama Despite Summer Heat
2016-08-08 13:20:00Flip Flappers TV Anime Reveals Additional Cast in 2nd Promo Video
2016-08-08 07:00:00San Francisco College Student Fatally Shot While Playing Pokémon Go
2016-08-08 06:00:00Sword Art Online Film to Play in About 1,000 Theaters Worldwide
2016-08-08 04:00:00ILCA Animates Sengoku Chōjū Giga Original TV Anime Series Premiering in October
2016-08-08 03:15:00Square Enix Graphics Designer Manabu Daishima Passes Away
2016-08-08 01:45:00Laughing Under the Clouds Live-Action Film Casts Yūma Nakayama, Kirato Wakayama
2016-08-08 01:00:00Shin-chan/Danganronpa 3 Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara Takes Leave For Medical Treatment
2016-08-08 00:00:00Nanbaka Anime Casts Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Yoshimasa Hosoya, More
2016-08-07 23:30:00Yuri!!! on Ice TV Anime Casts Jun Fukuyama
2016-08-07 20:05:00Otakon to Host X Japan Leader Yoshiki
2016-08-07 16:30:00Toei Reveals Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Series Premiering in October
2016-08-07 13:10:00Summer Lesson VR Game Previewed in New Video
2016-08-07 11:45:00Bandai Creates Cup Noodles That Transform Into Ultraman Characters
2016-08-07 10:00:00New Age 12 Manga Arc Launches in Ciao Magazine
2016-08-07 10:00:00New Age 12 Manga Launches in Ciao Magazine
2016-08-07 08:00:00Rensuke Oshikiri Launches Gyanprin Manga About Gambling Girls
2016-08-07 03:40:00Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara Magical Girl Anime Gets 2nd Season
2016-08-06 23:20:00Blood Lad Vampire Comedy Manga Ends in September
2016-08-06 19:45:00Gantz Black Sphere Makes Appearance at Gantz: O Event
2016-08-06 17:50:00Capcom Reveals Imprisoned Palm Smartphone Game
2016-08-06 15:45:009-year-old Girl Wins Voice Acting Competition, Was Inspired by Himōto! Umaru-chan Actress
2016-08-06 14:20:00ClariS, GARNiDELiA Collaborate on 3rd Qualidea Code Anime Ending Theme
2016-08-06 13:45:00Free Gundam Model Building Lessons Offered for Japanese Children
2016-08-06 13:20:00Amazon Brings Kindle Unlimited E-Book Service to Japan
2016-08-06 12:20:00Dynasty Warriors Gets Stage Play in February 2017
2016-08-06 11:45:00Studio Trigger Graffiti Shibuya PARCO Wall
2016-08-05 23:30:00Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live Game May Get International Release
2016-08-05 22:30:00Girlish Number Anime Casts Eri Suzuki, Saori Ōnishi
2016-08-05 19:45:00Stage Your Own Tank Battles with Girls und Panzer Papercraft Book