Who do you guys think is/was stronger

2013-10-14 07:45:34

Whitebear or Rayleigh, both in their prime and when luffy meets them. I really can´t tell but would probably give it to Whitebeard since he was "even" with Rogger. However we don´t really know weather Rogger was really stronger than Rayleigh.

I think Rayleigh is even/over admiral level at the time of Marineford but Whitebeard still was stronger than the Admirals. I don´t think though that that we see Rayleigh go all out at any point.

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2014-11-24 20:30:00Clannad Kickstarter Adds Side Stories, Manga Stretch Goals
2014-11-24 14:40:00Japanese Box Office, November 15-16
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2014-11-24 11:30:00Etrian Odyssey x Mystery Dungeon Crossover Game Announced
2014-11-24 11:30:00Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon Crossover Game Announced
2014-11-24 10:17:31Pigeon Romance Visual Novel Hatoful Boyfriend Heads to PS4/Vita
2014-11-23 21:57:00Malaysian Political Cartoonist Questioned by Police Over Book Content
2014-11-23 21:57:002 New Etrian Odyssey Titles Teased
2014-11-23 21:57:00Crunchyroll Streaming Service Has 400,000 Paid Subscribers Listed
2014-11-23 14:00:00Americana Dawn PC RPG Set in Colonial Era Launches New Kickstarter
2014-11-23 10:40:00Garo Gets 3 New Live-Action Films & Show, New TV Anime & Film, Stage Musical
2014-11-23 09:00:34Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine Promo Video English-Subtitled
2014-11-23 01:15:00Poll Ranks Top CLAMP Manga Among Young Japanese Working Women
2014-11-22 23:22:24[yibis]_One_Piece_668_[480p][C1EA2CB7].mp4
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2014-11-22 23:15:00Tales of Zestiria Character Videos Introduce Sergei, Symonne, and Lunarre
2014-11-22 21:57:00Dish Network Restores Access to Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, More
2014-11-22 21:57:00Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sisters Generation slated for January in the West
2014-11-22 16:30:00Iori Nomizu, Seiko Yoshida, Others Join The Testament of Sister New Devil Anime Cast
2014-11-22 15:30:00Haruka Tomatsu, Yukari Tamura, Yui Horie Join Absolute Duo Cast
2014-11-22 14:30:00Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Casts Kikuko Inoue, More
2014-11-22 01:00:00Masanobu Takashima, Seishirō Katō Join Live-Action Assassination Classroom Cast
2014-11-21 23:00:00Persona Q Game Gets 2 Manga Series This Winter
2014-11-21 21:39:18Attack on Titan TV Anime Gets 2nd Season in 2016
2014-11-21 20:10:00One Piece x Hello Kitty Collaboration Heads to Europe
2014-11-21 19:10:00Yen Press Adds Kingdom Hearts Light Novel Series
2014-11-21 18:10:00Crunchyroll to Stream Live-Action Mischievous Kiss 2 Season
2014-11-21 17:35:00Discotek Adds Rayearth TV, Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Descendants of Darkness, IGPX, Lupin III: Bank of Liberty
2014-11-21 16:20:00Rumi Ookubo, Yoshimasa Hosoya Join Death Parade Anime Cast
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2014-11-21 14:35:03Chinese Girl Wins Award For Essay Comparing Gundam SEED to Sino-Japanese Relations
2014-11-21 06:21:46Yoshitaka Yamaya, Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase, More Star in Miritari Comedy Anime
2014-11-21 04:08:453rd Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Episode Previewed in Video
2014-11-21 03:30:0064-y.o. Singer Shows That Enka Is Still Cool With A Cover of the Evangelion Theme
2014-11-21 02:30:00Tennis Star Kei Nishikori Gets Fan Art by Prince of Tennis Creator
2014-11-21 01:30:00Power Rangers Alumni Return in Super Megaforce TV Finale
2014-11-21 00:40:27Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Manga to End Next Summer
2014-11-20 22:30:00Gundam: The Origin Casts Mayumi Tanaka as Casval/Young Char
2014-11-20 22:00:00Vampire Knight Manga Gets New Chapter in February
2014-11-20 21:57:001st Attack on Titan Compilation Film Gets Midnight Screenings
2014-11-20 21:57:00Pirate Bay Co-Founder Released from Prison
2014-11-20 21:00:00Battle of the Planets/Gatchaman Gets Reboot by Beyblade Team
2014-11-20 18:00:00Celebrate the Final Volume of the Evangelion Manga With Canvas Sneakers
2014-11-20 16:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, November 10-16
2014-11-20 14:40:00Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Smartphone Game Previewed in Trailer
2014-11-20 13:30:00Watch the PG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Kit Assemble Itself In This Ad
2014-11-20 12:40:00Alice in the Country of Hearts Stage Play Announces Main Cast
2014-11-20 12:02:39Fuchiko is Ready to Do Battle in Kantai Collection Crossover
2014-11-20 11:20:00Mobile RPG Soul Knight Kickstarter Reaches Goal
2014-11-20 09:15:00Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Anime Short English-Dubbed
2014-11-20 08:30:0012-Minute Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Promo Shows Playable Characters, Multiple Modes
2014-11-19 21:57:00If My Heart Had Wings Visual Novel to Be Offered on Steam
2014-11-19 21:55:001st Knights of Sidonia Season Gets Compilation Film
2014-11-19 20:19:10Aniplex USA Adds Durarara!!×2 TV Anime
2014-11-19 20:15:00New The Last -Naruto the Movie- Image Features Naruto x Hinata
2014-11-19 19:00:00Nominations for Top Buzzwords of 2014 are In
2014-11-19 16:40:00Ani-Song World Tour Announces Performers for Las Vegas Shows
2014-11-19 15:00:00Japanese Diet Members Form Manga/Anime/Game Caucus
2014-11-19 13:40:00Tiger & Bunny Characters Get Raccoon Makeovers For Rascal Collaboration
2014-11-19 12:40:00Final Fantasy Series Gets Its 1st Magazine
2014-11-19 11:40:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 16-22
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2014-11-19 09:00:00Most In Demand Voice Actresses of 2014
2014-11-19 06:00:00Cuddle Up With These New Ichiban Kuji Pokémon Prizes
2014-11-19 04:14:24Haikyu! Jump Special Anime Festa Anime Gets DVD Release
2014-11-19 01:10:00Rokka no Yūsha Fantasy Light Novels Get TV Anime
2014-11-18 23:00:56Masashi Kishimoto to Start Work on Next Title After Naruto After Next Summer
2014-11-18 21:57:00Pirate Bay Co-Founder Hans Fredrik Lennart Neij Arrested in Thailand
2014-11-18 21:57:00Pokémon Co. to Offer Limited Shiny Charizard to Players in Tokyo
2014-11-18 21:57:00Xseed: Brandish: The Dark Revenant PSP Dungeon Crawler Aimed for This Year
2014-11-18 21:57:00Photo Kano, Love Live! School Paradise Game Director Teases Announcement
2014-11-18 21:47:00Pom Poko, Porco Rosso, Earthsea Blu-rays Listed in U.S.
2014-11-18 19:00:003rd Animator Expo Short is "ME!ME!ME!" TeddyLoid Music Video
2014-11-18 17:30:00Get Ready for the Human Instrumentality Project with Evangelion 2015 Calendars
2014-11-18 16:40:00Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd North American Launch Trailer Streamed
2014-11-18 15:40:00Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Story Mode Trailer Streamed
2014-11-18 14:40:00The Labyrinth of Grisaia Sequel Visual Novel Gets Manga
2014-11-18 13:50:47Yowamushi Pedal Christmas Roll Cakes Come in 37 Types
2014-11-18 05:29:04Final Fantasy Franchise Gets 3 New Smartphone Apps in 2015
2014-11-18 03:00:00Japanese Box Office, November 8-9
2014-11-17 23:30:00Film Actor Ken Takakura Passes Away
2014-11-17 22:15:00Fan Re-imagines Yowapeda Cast As Tim Burton-Style Characters
2014-11-17 21:57:00Expelled from Paradise Ranks #9 with 29 Million Yen
2014-11-17 21:10:28Episode 346, “The Sound of Silence”
2014-11-17 20:30:00Nozoki Ana Spinoff Manga Nozo x Kimi Gets 3rd Video Anime
2014-11-17 19:30:00Crayon Shin-chan/Eureka Seven AO Voice Actor Rokuro Naya Passes Away
2014-11-17 18:00:00Power Up with Baki the Grappler Energy Drinks
2014-11-17 16:40:00Studio Ghibli Documentary Screening in Pittsburgh, Los Angeles
2014-11-17 14:08:35Sentai Filmworks Adds Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons Anime
2014-11-17 12:40:00Fuchico Spreads Some Christmas Cheer Around the Cup
2014-11-17 12:20:00Nozomi Furuki, Emiri Katō Join The Seven Deadly Sins Cast
2014-11-17 11:32:40Sentai Filmworks Adds The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Anime
2014-11-17 04:58:541st Key Visual For 2015 Dragon Ball Z Film Reveals Frieza
2014-11-16 21:57:00The Last -Naruto the Movie- Opens in the Philippines in December
2014-11-16 15:45:00Voice Actress Group Sphere Performs Yoru no Yatterman Ending Song
2014-11-16 11:30:00Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Anime Short Streamed
2014-11-16 10:48:23Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Ian Sinclair, Jamie Marchi, More
2014-11-16 06:50:00Madoka Magica Joins Monster Hunter Frontier G With Costumes, Weapons
2014-11-15 21:57:00Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pre-Orders Top 1 Million in Japan
2014-11-15 19:30:00Mangabox Adds Ultraman Comedy Spinoff Manga
2014-11-15 17:00:00Smartphone Card Game Anthropomorphizes Colon Bacteria as Bishōjo
2014-11-15 15:00:00Release Dates Set for Tuxedo Mask S.H.Figuarts, Sailor Mars Pullip from Sailor Moon
2014-11-15 14:00:00Yuka Iguchi Joins Happy Cooking Graffiti Anime Cast
2014-11-15 10:45:001st Doraemon Manga Volume in 8 Years Ships in December
2014-11-15 09:41:51Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Jerry Jewell, Josh Grelle
2014-11-15 05:30:00Forensic Science Manga Smoking Gun Ends Next Week
2014-11-15 01:00:00Puzzle and Dragons Game Introduces DC Comic Characters
2014-11-14 21:57:00Crunchyroll to Stream Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime Outside the U.S.
2014-11-14 21:57:00Amazon, Hachette Resolve Pricing Dispute
2014-11-14 21:57:00DBZ Kai, Tenkai Knights, Naruto, Attack on Titan Rank in Top 100 Saturday Cable Shows
2014-11-14 21:57:00Animax UK Streams Gundam Reconguista in G
2014-11-14 19:40:00Tales of Series Gets Fashionable Pumps
2014-11-14 18:40:00Hayao Miyazaki Voices Support for Demilitarizing Okinawa
2014-11-14 16:40:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, November 2-8
2014-11-14 15:20:00Phantasy Star Online 2 Stage Play Cast Photographed in Costume
2014-11-14 13:40:00CyberConnect2, Studio Khara Compete With Animated Shorts
2014-11-14 11:58:54Sentai Filmworks Adds Gingitsune Anime
2014-11-14 09:24:08Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Vic Mignogna as Rin
2014-11-13 17:00:00Sentai Filmworks Adds Makai Ōji: Devils & Realist Anime
2014-11-13 13:10:00Arkanoid, Space Invaders Get Crossover Smartphone Game
2014-11-13 11:41:49Errata: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Has Not Announced A Planned Hiatus
2014-11-13 09:40:00Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Todd Haberkorn as Haru
2014-11-13 06:22:00Late Voice Actor Ichirô Nagai, Tomomichi Nishimura Voice Characters in Tales of Zestiria
2014-11-13 05:39:12Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes Gets Manga in Coro Coro
2014-11-13 04:20:23Naruto Actor Kazuhiko Inoue Discharged From Hospital
2014-11-13 00:30:00Chibi Maruko-chan Creator, Takeshi Kitano Make Animated Ads for Calbee Snacks
2014-11-12 23:45:00Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Talks Challenges, Past Thoughts of Retirement
2014-11-12 23:45:00Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Goes on Hiatus, Reveals Past Thoughts of Retirement
2014-11-12 23:30:007-Inch Display Turns the PS TV Portable
2014-11-12 22:50:00Get Ready For Winter With a Hatsune Miku Cardigan
2014-11-12 22:32:34[yibis]_One_Piece_667_[480p][931A8DD1].mp4
2014-11-12 22:30:00Tekken 7 Arcade Introduction Trailer Features New Characters
2014-11-12 20:30:00Psycho-Pass Kōgami, Makishima Inspire Shirts
2014-11-12 18:45:00Crunchyroll Adds Ultraman Leo Action TV Series
2014-11-12 18:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, November 3-9
2014-11-12 15:45:00Chinese Restaurant and Yaoi Manga Artist Team Up for a Delicious T-Shirt
2014-11-12 15:30:00Chain Chronicle Mobile RPG Coming to the West
2014-11-12 12:10:00Starry Sky Series to Get PS Vita Port
2014-11-12 09:20:00Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Johnny Yong Bosch as Makoto
2014-11-12 07:00:00Digimon All-Star Rumble Launch Trailer Streamed
2014-11-12 05:55:40Man for Arrested Uploading Yo-kai Watch via Perfect Dark
2014-11-12 01:25:00My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Tops Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! List for 2nd Straight Year
2014-11-11 23:40:00Kouichi Yamadera, Megumi Hayashibara Voice All Characters in Animator Expo Project
2014-11-11 21:30:00Last Steins;Gate IBM Anime Short Posted with English Subtitles
2014-11-11 16:40:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 9-15
2014-11-11 15:30:00Nintendo to Release Transparent 2DS in North America
2014-11-11 13:30:00Online Community Rallies to Help After A University Co-op Ordered Too Much Pocky
2014-11-11 12:00:00Attack on Titan Cast Reimagined as School Kids on Brutus Magazine
2014-11-11 09:45:31Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts Greg Ayres as Nagisa
2014-11-11 05:24:05This 1-of-a-Kind Evangelion Car Could be Yours... For 16 Million Yen
2014-11-11 04:10:37Get Your Crunch on With Sailor Moon Crystal Tortilla Chips
2014-11-10 23:30:00Domain anime-rinne.com Registered Before RIN-NE Manga Announcement
2014-11-10 18:43:41Episode 345, “Zed, Zedd n Zeddy”
2014-11-10 18:30:00Ultraman Ginga S Tokusatsu Series Gets Film
2014-11-10 15:12:54[yibis]_One_Piece_667_[720p][CA94FF46].mkv
2014-11-10 13:50:00Sekai Project Launches Clannad Crowdfunding Campaign
2014-11-10 13:00:00Naruto Creator Kishimoto Talks End of the Series, International Fans
2014-11-10 12:15:00Watch the Pocky Pole Project Drop Giant Pocky and Pretz-Shaped Sticks Via Skydivers
2014-11-10 10:45:00Free! Eternal Summer English Dub Casts J. Michael Tatum as Rei
2014-11-10 10:16:00Psycho-Pass 2 English Dub Cast Announced
2014-11-10 05:45:00One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Gameplay Video Focuses on Female Fighters
2014-11-10 03:43:57Prince of Tennis Musical Actor Kōtarō Yanagi Takes Long-Term Hiatus Due to Health
2014-11-10 00:00:00Smartphone Game Lets You Become a Hello! Project Idol
2014-11-09 21:57:00Publisher Vertical Opens 2015-2016 Light Novel Survey
2014-11-09 21:57:00Publisher Viz Media Opens Fall 2014 Anime & Manga Survey
2014-11-09 21:24:2520 Minutes of BS, “Padlock Buster”
2014-11-09 20:40:00Kill Bill Animator Nakazawa Creates Ad for Manchester United, Nissin Food
2014-11-09 15:30:00Naruto #67 Tops U.S. Monthly BookScan October List