“DB Heroes: Victory Mission” Chapter 8 in June V-Jump

2013-04-21 19:37:14

The still-mysterious “ToyotarÅ” keeps plugging away at the monthly Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission mini-promotional-manga in V-Jump, now on its eighth chapter i

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Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Creators Tease English Release

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Justin Leach, Dai Satō Name Promising Anime Directors to Watch

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Eva Store Stocks Evangelion x Godzilla Regional Hand Towels

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Date News Title
2016-05-23 14:53:15Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Gets Live-Action Film in Winter 2017
2016-05-23 13:45:00Cosplayers VampyBitMe & Livia Chu Star in Food Wars! Spoof
2016-05-23 13:10:00Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion Opens in Box Office Top 10
2016-05-23 12:05:00E3 Gaming Convention to Host Public Event
2016-05-23 11:40:00Girls & Panzer Film Earns Over 2 Billion Yen & Rebounds to #9
2016-05-23 07:05:32Yowamushi Pedal Gets Live-Action TV Drama
2016-05-23 04:30:00Honobono Log TV Anime Casts Asami Seto, Miyu Irino
2016-05-22 22:45:00Love Live! School Idol Festival Event Draws 51,149 in Attendance
2016-05-22 21:45:00Aichi Prefectural Police Turn to Pretty Boys to Stop Train Groping
2016-05-22 21:00:41Several Handshaking Events Cancelled After Idol Attack
2016-05-22 19:45:00Love Live! Thank-You Event Draws Massively Long Lines
2016-05-22 11:15:00Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Ships for PS4 in Japan This Winter
2016-05-22 04:00:00Love Live! Sunshine!! TV Anime Premieres on July 2
2016-05-21 19:45:00Yo-kai Watch to Haunt Universal Studios Japan This Summer
2016-05-21 18:20:34Viz Media to Release Bleach Anime on Blu-ray Disc Starting This Summer
2016-05-21 16:45:00To Aru Nichijō no Index-san Spinoff Manga Ends
2016-05-21 13:45:00Evangelion × Godzilla Crossover Continues with Another Eva-Colored Godzilla
2016-05-21 11:45:00Takayuki Yamada Casts Dragon Quest Spells at Work in New Commercial
2016-05-21 02:15:00Koe Koi Adaptation Confirmed As Live-Action Show Starring Mei Nagano
2016-05-21 01:15:00ERASED TV Anime to Get English Dub
2016-05-20 22:45:00MangaGamer to Host minori Producer nbkz, ClockUp Illustrator Shigeo Hamashima at Anime Expo
2016-05-20 22:13:33Sekai Project to Release MAGICAL×SPIRAL, 2236 A.D. Games
2016-05-20 18:30:00Background Checks Not Mandatory for Anime Expo, Except for Its Employees, Volunteers
2016-05-20 14:25:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 8-14
2016-05-20 12:25:00Yen Press Licenses Konosuba, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody Manga, Light Novels
2016-05-20 10:36:01One Piece Dai Kaizoku Colosseum 3DS Game Announced
2016-05-20 07:00:00Kairi Shimotsuki Launches Brave10 Spinoff Manga in June
2016-05-20 04:01:51Gust Launches Teaser Site For New Atelier Project
2016-05-20 03:15:00Ace Attorney 6 Video Previews Divination Séance Mechanics
2016-05-20 02:15:00Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Project Gets 1st Visual, Reveals Anime Details
2016-05-20 02:15:00Shinya Shokudō Manga Gets 4th Live-Action Season, 2nd Film
2016-05-20 01:45:00Actress Yukika Teramoto Is Finalist for The Idolm@ster.KR Live-Action South Korean Show Auditions
2016-05-20 00:45:00Crunchyroll Adds Library War TV Anime to Catalog
2016-05-19 23:48:11Kamisama Kiss Manga Gets New Anime DVD in December With Fanbook
2016-05-19 21:57:00Section23 Adds Clamp School Detectives, Live-Action Corpse Party
2016-05-19 17:45:00U.S. Band Pentatonix, Daisuke Ono Collaborate for Planetarium Show
2016-05-19 14:20:00Anime Expo to Host Monster Musume Creator Okayado
2016-05-19 10:50:00Kraken Releasing Adds The Return of Godzilla Film
2016-05-19 04:01:4391 Days Original TV Anime Introduces Characters, Cast in New Promo Video
2016-05-19 03:25:39Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters Project Revealed With TV Anime, Game
2016-05-19 02:22:08Sony Pictures Classics Acquires Studio Ghibli Co-Produced The Red Turtle Film for Latin, N. America
2016-05-19 01:58:19Chibi Maruko-chan/Black Jack Voice Actress Yuko Mizutani Passes Away
2016-05-18 23:30:00Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Series Gets PS4 HDD Bay Covers
2016-05-18 22:30:54Crunchyroll Adds Space Patrol Luluco Manga, Live-Action Nodame Cantabile Show
2016-05-18 18:00:00One Piece Film Gold Gets English/Chinese Subtitles in 5 Japanese Cities
2016-05-18 16:40:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 9-15
2016-05-18 14:45:00Check Out the Unique Displays from the Attack on Titan: Wall Sapporo Exhibit
2016-05-18 14:20:00Compile Founder Niitani Forms New Company Compile◯
2016-05-18 13:20:00Crunchyroll Streams 1978 Anime Film Ringing Bell
2016-05-18 12:29:00No Grand Prize Winners, Honorable Mentions Announced for 7th Kyoto Animation Awards
2016-05-18 11:19:58Emily Neves Stars as Ange in Cross Ange English Dub
2016-05-18 07:15:00Toukiden 2 PS3/PS4/PS Vita Game Delayed to July
2016-05-18 00:00:002016 Death Note Film Brings Back Sota Aoyama as Tōta Matsuda
2016-05-17 23:15:00Eir Aoi, Jam Project, T.M. Revolution, Oldcodex, Sphere, More to Perform at Anime Expo
2016-05-17 23:15:00Anime Expo Hosts Guests From Love Live! Sunshine!!, One-Punch Man
2016-05-17 22:00:00Latest Sailor Moon Musical Reveals Brand-New Main Cast, October Debut
2016-05-17 21:20:00Female Idol Group Otome Shintō Breaks Up in July
2016-05-17 16:30:40North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 15-21
2016-05-17 13:40:00MB VoiceWorks Dubbing Production Company Closes
2016-05-17 08:15:00Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Announced for PS4, Xbox One, PC in 2016
2016-05-16 23:20:00Studio Ghibli Animator Makiko Futaki Passes Away at 58
2016-05-16 22:45:00Bandai Namco Opens Dragon Ball Countdown Site
2016-05-16 15:45:0030 Countries Prepare for World Cosplay Summit 2016 in Nagoya
2016-05-16 15:10:00Mystery Chronicle: One-Way Heroics Game Heads West on PS4/PS Vita
2016-05-16 14:15:00Kodansha Manga Awards Winners Announced
2016-05-16 13:15:00Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Smartphone Game Heads West This Summer
2016-05-16 11:45:00Erotic Manga Magazine to Feature Ancient But Youthful-Looking Women
2016-05-16 11:15:00Alexis Tipton, Jeannie Tirado, Tabitha Ray Star in Three Leaves, Three Colors English Broadcast Dub
2016-05-16 05:30:00Caligula PS Vita RPG Gets Limited Edition PS Vita Models
2016-05-16 04:45:00My Hero Academia: Battle for All Gameplay Video Previews All Might
2016-05-16 04:00:00Free Anime in Australia: 16/May - 22/May
2016-05-16 03:15:00Ange Vierge TV Anime Reveals Staff, Theme Songs, More Cast
2016-05-16 02:30:00Plot Details Revealed for 2 New Ushijima the Loan Shark Live-Action Films
2016-05-15 22:45:00Girls & Panzer Film Expands to 153 Screens, Adds More 4DX Screenings
2016-05-15 22:00:00My Hero Academia Anime Introduces Villain Tomura Shigaraki in Video Ad
2016-05-15 16:50:00Nintendo Aims for 3D Animation of Its Characters to Enter Film Business
2016-05-15 16:50:00Nintendo Aiming for 3D Animation of Its Characters to Enter Film Business
2016-05-15 16:45:04Japanese Readers Choose Sexiest Shonen Jump Villains
2016-05-15 15:18:28[yibis]_One_Piece_738_[720p][7FF61231].mkv
2016-05-15 13:15:00Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Manga Ends In June
2016-05-15 03:00:00The King of Fighters XIV Video Highlights Team Japan Members
2016-05-14 23:45:00Danganronpa Stage Play Reveals Main Visual For Tokyo Run
2016-05-14 22:45:00Yen Press Licenses Goblin Slayer! Dark Fantasy Light Novel, Manga Series
2016-05-14 21:45:00Funimation Reveals Broadcast Dub Cast for Endride Anime
2016-05-14 19:45:00Nissin Asks Japanese Customers Which Foreign Cup Noodle Brand They Want to Sample
2016-05-14 17:45:00Laboratory Will Attempt to Recreate Scenes from Gundam: The Origin
2016-05-14 15:45:00Toyota Uses Dragon Quest Monsters to Illustrate Appeal of Prius C
2016-05-14 12:45:00Romantic Comedy Manga Kyōkasho ni Nai! Gets 2-Part Live-Action Film
2016-05-14 11:00:00Tsukiuta TV Anime About Anthropomorphized Months Premieres in July
2016-05-14 05:00:005th Flying Witch Petit Short Features Akane, Makoto
2016-05-14 03:00:00Noragami Stage Play Gets New Run in February
2016-05-14 00:30:00Koe Koi Romance Manga Gets Screen Adaptation
2016-05-13 21:51:42Long Riders! TV Anime Unveils 1st Key Visual
2016-05-13 21:51:42Long Riders TV Anime Unveils 1st Key Visual
2016-05-13 15:40:00Tokyo International Film Festival Highlights Mamoru Hosoda, Shunji Iwai
2016-05-13 12:45:00Koei Tecmo Reveals Battle Videos, Preorder Bonuses for Attack on Titan Game
2016-05-13 07:15:00Flip Flappers TV Anime Reveals New Key Visual
2016-05-13 06:30:00TRUE, Minami Perform Theme Songs for Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars TV Anime
2016-05-13 05:00:00Natsume Develops Wild Guns Reloaded PS4 Shooter Game
2016-05-13 04:15:00Emi Nitta Event Will Require Bag Searches, Pat-Down Checks
2016-05-13 02:00:00Live-Action Happy Marriage!? Series Reveals Additional Cast
2016-05-13 00:30:00Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP 3DS Game Delayed Indefinitely
2016-05-12 23:03:22Strike Witches Spinoff TV Anime Brave Witches Debuts in Fall
2016-05-12 18:45:00Jurassic World Co-Writer Derek Connolly Works on Pacific Rim 2
2016-05-12 13:45:00Chinese Social Game Turns Historical Figures into Moe Girls
2016-05-12 13:00:00Monster Hunter Generations July 15 Release Date, Special Edition New 3DS Revealed
2016-05-12 12:05:00Carli Mosier Joins Cross Ange English Dub Cast as Hilda
2016-05-12 11:45:00Sadako & Kayako Want Your Vote for the Ghost with the Most
2016-05-12 11:18:10Adult Swim to Air Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Anime
2016-05-12 10:15:00My Hero Academia Casts Kouki Uchiyama as Tomura Shigaraki
2016-05-12 05:15:00Heroic Legend of Arslan 2nd Season Reveals New Cast, Characters
2016-05-12 01:15:00Crunchyroll Adds Lost Universe Anime to Catalog
2016-05-12 00:35:00Nintendo Lowers Price of 2DS Handheld System in May
2016-05-11 23:35:53KLab, Broccoli Develop Uta no Prince-sama♪ Shining Live Smartphone Game
2016-05-11 15:40:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 2-8
2016-05-11 13:20:48Sentai Filmworks Adds Hanakyou Maid Team: La Verite Anime
2016-05-11 10:30:00Ace Attorney 6 Heads West as Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice
2016-05-11 09:40:58Barakamon Prequel Manga Handa-kun Ends in June
2016-05-11 02:00:00Udon Entertainment Licenses Persona 3 Manga
2016-05-11 00:00:00Scared Rider Xechs TV Anime Adds Cast, Staff
2016-05-10 22:00:49Warner Delays Godzilla 2, Schedules Godzilla vs. Kong
2016-05-10 16:40:00Famitsu Awards Honor Splatoon, Hideo Kojima, More
2016-05-10 15:20:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 8-14
2016-05-10 14:30:00Game Maker Konami: Similarly Named Company in Panama Papers Is Unrelated
2016-05-10 13:12:50Ushio & Tora Anime Key Visual Teases Upcoming Battle
2016-05-10 11:35:00Miles Edgeworth to Appear in Ace Attorney 6 Game
2016-05-10 08:45:00MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu PS Vita RPG Heads West in Fall
2016-05-09 23:45:00One Piece Film Gold Adds 4 Guest Cast Members
2016-05-09 22:30:00Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Heads to PC on May 12
2016-05-09 20:30:00Strike the Blood Gets New Original Video Anime Series
2016-05-09 20:20:00The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Novel Gets New Live-Action Show
2016-05-09 17:15:00Attack on Titan Exhibition Goes Overseas, Starting with Italy
2016-05-09 15:15:00Voice Actor Yoshimitsu Shimoyama Reveals Marriage to Satomi Arai
2016-05-09 14:00:00Age 12 Shōjo Manga Gets New 3DS Game in August
2016-05-09 05:45:00The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 Reveals Character Art for Hilmes
2016-05-09 03:45:00Killer Killer Manga is Revealed as Danganronpa Spinoff in 3rd Chapter
2016-05-09 02:20:00Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare Film Earns 5 Billion Yen, Sets Franchise Record
2016-05-08 23:00:00New Haikyu!! Stage Play Revealed For This Fall
2016-05-08 21:20:00Ushijima the Loan Shark Manga Gets 3rd Live-Action TV Season, 2 New Films
2016-05-08 18:15:00Special Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie Screening Lets Fans Be Noisy
2016-05-08 14:15:00Matsuno Brothers Steal the Show at Mr. Osomatsu Merchandise Market
2016-05-08 13:15:00Attack on Titan: Junior High Manga Teases Upcoming Ending
2016-05-08 04:00:00New York Asian Film Fest to Screen Hentai Kamen 2
2016-05-08 03:00:00Tokyo Ghoul Ranks #7 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan April List
2016-05-08 02:00:00Is the Order a Rabbit?? Anime Gets New Special Episode
2016-05-08 01:00:00P to JK Romantic Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2016-05-07 23:45:00Princess Knight, Kimba the White Lion Composer Isao Tomita Passes Away
2016-05-07 22:00:00Kimi wa Pet/Tramps Like Us Manga Gets New Live-Action TV Series After 13 Years
2016-05-07 14:45:00One Piece Burning Blood Videos Preview Akainu, Kizaru, Aokiji
2016-05-07 11:45:00New Inking Technology from Waseda University Makes Line Art Easy
2016-05-07 06:30:001st Worldwide Mobile Game for Chibi Maruko-chan Launches
2016-05-07 04:30:00Persona Rapper Lotus Juice, Singer Shihoko Hirata to Perform at Otakon Matsuri
2016-05-07 02:30:00Studio Ghibli Co-Produced Film The Red Turtle to Open Annecy
2016-05-07 01:30:00The Pokémon Company Earned US$2.1 Billion in 2015
2016-05-07 00:16:10[yibis]_One_Piece_737_[720p][62247979].mkv
2016-05-06 23:30:0036th Doraemon Film Earns 4 Billion Yen, Sets New Franchise Record
2016-05-06 16:45:00New KanColle Dōjinshi Doubles as English Textbook
2016-05-06 12:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 24-30
2016-05-06 10:20:00Taboo Tattoo Anime Unveils Main Cast, Character Designs
2016-05-06 08:20:00Japanese Comic Ranking, April 25-May 1
2016-05-06 02:00:00The Silver Case Game Gets HD Remastered Release Worldwide For PC This Fall
2016-05-06 01:00:00Funimation Lists English Dub for Barakamon Anime in June
2016-05-06 00:15:00Kira Vincent-Davis Joins Cross Ange English Dub Cast as Salia
2016-05-05 23:31:11Kimagure Orange Road Kickstarter Funds Final Omnibus Volume
2016-05-05 21:57:52Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders Make 2016 Video Game Hall of Fame
2016-05-05 19:30:48Crunchyroll Adds Yowamushi Pedal Sequel Film
2016-05-05 15:45:00Voice Actress Chiaki Takahashi Cosplays as Busty School Girl for petit milady MV
2016-05-05 11:45:00Naruto, Yakitate Japan Singer TiA Wins Singing Competition in Brooklyn
2016-05-05 09:00:00Live-Action Nigakute Amai Film Unveils Visual, More of Cast, September Debut
2016-05-05 07:51:16Kobito-Zukan Picture Books About Mysterious Creatures Get TV Anime Spinoff
2016-05-05 06:51:01The Heroic Legend of Arslan Season 2 Reveals Character Art for Alfreed, Jaswant
2016-05-04 21:45:00Crunchyroll Adds 2nd Yowamushi Pedal Compilation Film
2016-05-04 20:30:00Megadimension Neptunia VII PC Release Slated for Summer
2016-05-04 17:15:00Virtual Reality Developer Creates 3 Studio Ghibli Scenes to Explore
2016-05-04 16:45:00Sailor Moon Crystal Set 1 on DVD/Blu-ray Previewed in Dubbed Trailer
2016-05-04 16:20:00Right Stuf Schedules Gundam Build Fighters on Blu-ray/DVD on August 2
2016-05-04 15:25:21Sentai Filmworks Adds Chaika the Coffin Princess Season 2
2016-05-04 15:15:00Kamen Rider Figuarts Dance to Love Live! in Stop-Motion Video
2016-05-04 11:20:00To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness OVA Adapts 54th, 55th Chapter
2016-05-04 10:20:00New Interpretation Stranger of Sword City PS Vita RPG Revealed for July
2016-05-04 08:15:00One Piece Burning Blood Videos Preview Whitebeard, Marco, Joz
2016-05-04 00:00:00One Piece Burning Blood Videos Preview Sengoku, Smoker
2016-05-03 22:00:00Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Creators Tease Overseas Release
2016-05-03 19:00:00Crunchyroll Adds Yowamushi Pedal Re:RIDE Compilation Film
2016-05-03 17:40:00Sayaka Sasaki Sings Ending Theme For Garo: Divine Flame Anime Film
2016-05-03 17:15:00Good Smile Company Designs Brand-New Cardcaptor Sakura Figure for 15th Anniversary
2016-05-03 15:15:00Sayaka, Kyoko Inspire Magical Lingerie from SuperGroupies
2016-05-03 11:40:00Samurai Warriors Stage Play Unveils Additional Cast in Costume
2016-05-03 08:35:00Medabots DS/3DS Game Studio Delta Arts Shuts Down
2016-05-03 07:40:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 1-7
2016-05-03 01:15:282nd Chihayafuru Film Opens at #5, Terraformars at #7
2016-05-03 00:00:00Period Manga Creator Sakumi Yoshino Passes Away at 57
2016-05-02 21:57:00Experience Unveils Yomi wo Saku Hana RPG for Xbox One
2016-05-02 19:15:00Ghost in the Shell Composer Kenji Kawai Talks Inspiration, Home Town in French TV Program
2016-05-02 11:10:00Tenchi Muyou Season 4 Reveals Staff, Ending Song, Fall OVA Launch, Visual
2016-05-02 05:00:00Yona of the Dawn Manga to Resume on May 20
2016-05-02 02:15:00Ajin TV Anime Gets 2nd Season in October
2016-05-02 00:00:00My Hero Academia: Battle for All Gameplay Videos Preview Momo, Kyōka
2016-05-01 09:15:00Naruto Gets New Konoha Shinden Novel
2016-05-01 08:15:00Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Gets Stage Musical in 2017