“DB Heroes: Victory Mission” Chapter 8 in June V-Jump

2013-04-21 19:37:14

The still-mysterious “ToyotarÅ” keeps plugging away at the monthly Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission mini-promotional-manga in V-Jump, now on its eighth chapter i

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ēlDLIVE Anime Casts Takashi Kondo, Showtaro Morikubo

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My Hero Academia Anime Reveals 2 New Character Designs For Class 1-B Members

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Sharp-san and Tanita-kun Get Their Own Theme Song Courtesy of Straightener

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Date News Title
2017-01-22 16:45:00Manga-ka Debut Monogatari 3DS Game About Creating Manga Announced
2017-01-22 15:45:00Prime Minister Shinzō Abe Supports Loosening Restrictions on Foreigners Working in Japan
2017-01-22 12:45:00Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Film Gets 2 More Tribute Manga
2017-01-22 08:00:00My Hero Academia Manga Gets Original Anime in 14th Volume
2017-01-22 05:35:45Action Heroine Cheer Fruits Anime Follows Girls Who Revive Fruit-Growing Area
2017-01-22 02:45:00Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast For Saga of Tanya the Evil Anime
2017-01-21 22:15:00Puri Puri Chii-chan!!, 100% Pascal-sensei Anime Air in April in New MBS, TBS Timeslot
2017-01-21 20:08:39[yibis]_One_Piece_767_[720p][6B803070].mkv
2017-01-21 19:45:00Go Light Novel Shopping with Your Mom for Bonus Short Story Prize
2017-01-21 17:45:00Smell-Creating Virtual Reality Device Under Development
2017-01-21 15:45:00Exhibit Honors 5-Year Run of Life-Size Gundam Statue on Odaiba
2017-01-21 03:00:00Fate/Grand Order Game Gets VR Project For PlayStation VR
2017-01-21 01:00:00Yuki Yuna Is a Hero: Washio Sumi Chapter Anime Streams Trailer For 1st Film
2017-01-20 23:00:002017 Tokyo Anime Award Festival Reveals 10 Meritorious Service Award Honorees
2017-01-20 19:15:00Square Enix Announces its 1st App Game for Female Players
2017-01-20 15:45:00Light Novel Author Takes Hands-On Approach to Marketing Latest Work
2017-01-20 14:15:00Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns 3DS Game Slated for February 28 in N. America
2017-01-20 13:45:006-Year-Old Idol Skips Kindergarten After TV Program Falsely Reports Boy She Likes
2017-01-20 12:15:00Sailor Moon R: The Movie to Screen in Canada
2017-01-20 11:15:00Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Be Last Nintendo Game for Wii U
2017-01-20 08:00:00Gundam Thunderbolt Anime Reveals New Cast, Promo Video
2017-01-20 05:01:56Sakurada Reset Anime Casts Takuya Eguchi, Yuki Yamada, Yui Makano, Sachika Misawa
2017-01-20 03:45:00Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Previews 1st Film in New Trailer
2017-01-20 03:00:03Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Manga to End in 5 Chapters
2017-01-20 01:45:00Final Fantasy XV Previews New Carnival Event in Video
2017-01-19 23:00:00Gang King Manga Moves to Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in March
2017-01-19 21:48:00Dragon Quest 8 is out!
2017-01-19 19:45:00Professional Artist-Writer Team to Teach Manga Class in Japan This Year
2017-01-19 18:35:00Pastel Romantic Comedy Manga Ends After 15 Years
2017-01-19 12:48:38Seven Seas to Publish J-Novel Club Light Novels in Print
2017-01-19 12:15:00Super Mario Run Mobile Game Launches for Android in March
2017-01-19 09:15:00Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory TV Anime Reveals Full Title
2017-01-19 08:15:00Dragon Ball Heroes X: Ultimate Mission 3DS Game Announced
2017-01-19 01:30:00God Wars PS4/Vita Game Ships in the West in March
2017-01-18 15:58:02Fire Emblem Heroes Game Announced for Smart Devices
2017-01-18 15:31:16Nintendo Announces New Fire Emblem Game for Switch
2017-01-18 15:20:38Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem Echoes Game Based on Fire Emblem Gaiden
2017-01-18 15:20:00Crunchyroll Adds Samurai Troopers Anime Streaming
2017-01-18 13:55:15Japanese Comic Ranking, January 9-15
2017-01-18 13:45:00Web Manga Discusses Problem of Parent–Child Relations in Japan
2017-01-18 11:45:00Figure Build Close-up: Super Saiyan 3 Son Goku, Kid Buu, and Perfect Cell
2017-01-18 10:00:00Giant Killing Manga Resumes on January 26
2017-01-18 09:00:00My Monster Secret/Actually, I Am... Manga Ends in 4 Chapters
2017-01-18 07:11:38[yibis]_One_Piece_766_[720p][E423546E].mkv
2017-01-18 07:00:00Pokémon Go Earned US$950 Million in 2016
2017-01-18 00:01:39Aksys to Release Tokyo Xanadu EX+ PS4 Game in N. America in Fall
2017-01-17 23:24:0221st Detective Conan Film Gets New Visual
2017-01-17 22:35:59New PriPara Idol TV Anime Reveals Cast, Staff, Story, Title, Visual
2017-01-17 22:00:00Yowamushi Pedal New Generation Anime Listed With 25 Episodes
2017-01-17 17:45:00Doraemon & Nobita Make Landfall on Antarctica
2017-01-17 17:08:59Deadline: Warner Bros. In Negotiations for Western Attack on Titan Films
2017-01-17 14:19:23North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 15-21
2017-01-17 14:00:00Starmyu Stage Musical Reveals Cast, April Run
2017-01-17 13:00:00Danganronpa Another Episode Slated for June on PS4
2017-01-17 11:16:06Sentai Filmworks Licenses Ajin: Demi-Human Anime for Home Video
2017-01-17 11:10:00Sentai Filmworks Announces Canadian Girls Und Panzer der Film Screenings
2017-01-17 10:30:00March comes in like a lion Anime Casts Yuji Ueda as Eisaku Noguchi
2017-01-17 05:35:00Shout! Factory Licenses 1st 3 Digimon Adventure tri. Anime Films
2017-01-16 22:45:1910th Yowamushi Pedal Stage Play Reveals 5 More Cast Members in Costume
2017-01-16 21:00:00Funimation Streams English-Dubbed Steins;Gate Film Trailer
2017-01-16 20:15:00Pokémon Evolved Mod for Ark: Survival Evolved Returns After DMCA Hit
2017-01-16 19:40:00Yuuki Kaji Joins Live-Action Hokusai to Meshi Saeareba Cast as Voice of Plush Toy
2017-01-16 18:00:00Viewster Adds True Tears Anime Streaming
2017-01-16 15:20:00King of Fighters: World Smartphone Game Announced
2017-01-16 14:00:00My Hero Academia Anime Unveils Character Designs for New Cast
2017-01-16 01:46:23your name., Shin Godzilla Earn Japan Academy Prize Nods
2017-01-15 22:30:00Noragami Stage Play Reveals More Cast in Costume, New Visual
2017-01-15 20:30:00Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast for Fuuka Anime
2017-01-15 20:00:00Otakon to Host Anisong World Matsuri Event With JAM Project
2017-01-15 19:10:00Live-Action Gintama Film Poster Reveals Katsura, Elizabeth, July 14 Opening (Updated)
2017-01-15 19:10:00Live-Action Gintama Film Poster Reveals Katsura, Elizabeth, July 14 Opening
2017-01-15 14:45:00Kakegurui Manga Gets 4-Panel Comedy Spinoff Series
2017-01-15 12:45:00Gantz Gets Pachinko Machine With CG Anime Footage
2017-01-15 08:00:00My Hero Academia Season 2 Casts Azu Sakura, Saki Ogasawara, Kōji Okino
2017-01-15 06:45:0037th Doraemon Film Features Cameo by Japanese Comedy Duo Savanna
2017-01-14 23:45:00New Live Spectacle Naruto Stage Musical Reveals Visuals For Naruto, Sasuke, Itachi
2017-01-14 21:45:00Arc System Works Reveals Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Arcade Game
2017-01-14 13:15:18Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule: Winter 2017
2017-01-14 11:45:00High School Fleet, Barakamon Voice Actress Nozomi Furuki Marries
2017-01-14 10:00:00Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi Spinoff Manga Ends
2017-01-14 01:30:00Ghibli Museum Attracts 10 Million Visitors
2017-01-14 00:00:00Musou Stars Game Streams Character Action Videos for Zhao Yun, Ryu Hayabusa, More
2017-01-13 23:30:00Chain Chronicle Anime Project Streams Trailer for 3rd Film
2017-01-13 22:30:00Top-Selling Animation DVDs in Japan: 2016
2017-01-13 22:00:00Top-Selling Animation Blu-ray Discs in Japan: 2016
2017-01-13 17:25:14Seven Seas Licenses Spirit Circle Manga by Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Creator
2017-01-13 16:45:00Discotek Adds Babel II OVA Series
2017-01-13 16:06:17Seven Seas Licenses Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Novel
2017-01-13 14:30:00NIS Opens Countdown Site For New Title
2017-01-13 13:45:00Sakura-Con Hosts Gen Urobuchi, Nitroplus Producers, Thunderbolt Fantasy Puppeteers
2017-01-13 13:04:25Seven Seas Licenses Dragon Half Manga
2017-01-13 10:47:24Sentai Filmworks Streams Amagi Brilliant Park English Dub Trailer
2017-01-13 10:00:00NTR: Netsuzou Trap TV Anime Casts Ai Kakuma, Hiromi Igarashi
2017-01-13 03:06:36Arc System Works to Bring BlazBlue Title to Switch Console
2017-01-13 03:00:00Producer Yoshihiro Nozaki Passes Away at 75
2017-01-13 02:51:06Disgaea 5, Street Fighter II, Dragon Quest Heroes, I Am Setsuna Get Switch Ports
2017-01-13 02:02:07Sega Releases Puyo Puyo Tetris PS4, Switch Game in the West This Spring
2017-01-13 00:57:38Shin Megami Tensei 25th Anniversary Project Also Includes 3DS Title
2017-01-13 00:42:14Nintendo Reveals 1-2 Switch, ARMS Games for Switch Console
2017-01-12 23:46:01Nintendo Reveals Super Mario Odyssey Game For Switch
2017-01-12 22:55:00Monolith Soft Reveals Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Sequel Game For Switch
2017-01-12 22:35:00Nintendo Announces Splatoon 2 Game For Switch
2017-01-12 22:30:00New The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer Reveals March 3 Release (Updated)
2017-01-12 22:30:00New The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Trailer Reveals March 3 Release
2017-01-12 22:24:47Nintendo Switch Launches on March 3 for US$299.99
2017-01-12 17:23:40Seven Seas Licenses The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm! Spinoff Manga
2017-01-12 16:11:06Precure Dream Stars! Film Announces Guest Cast, Story
2017-01-12 15:45:00SMAP Idol Group Members Issue Farewell Messages to Fans
2017-01-12 15:13:37Seven Seas Licenses Hatsune Miku: Bad∞End∞Night Manga
2017-01-12 14:23:28Crunchyroll to Stream Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories 4
2017-01-12 10:00:00One Piece Film Gold Earns US$164,409 on 1st Day at U.S. Box Office
2017-01-12 06:00:003rd Yo-kai Watch Film Climbs to #1, Resident Evil Falls to #2
2017-01-12 04:00:00Anime Expo 2017 to Host Macross Singer Mari Iijima
2017-01-12 03:00:00Astro Boy: Edge of Time Game Adds Japanese Cast Members
2017-01-11 22:00:00Viz Streams New Sailor Moon R: The Movie English Dub Trailer
2017-01-11 20:00:00The Eccentric Family 2 Anime Reveals Theme Song Artists, New Cast, Staff, Visual
2017-01-11 19:45:00Jimmy Choo Designs Code Geass Pumps
2017-01-11 18:42:23Seven Seas Licenses Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage Manga
2017-01-11 18:00:00Crunchyroll Adds Super Lovers 2 Anime
2017-01-11 17:00:00World War Blue Anime Premieres on TOKU This Month
2017-01-11 14:50:20Japanese Comic Ranking, January 2-8
2017-01-11 14:38:25Seven Seas Licenses Devilman G Manga
2017-01-11 13:45:22Crunchyroll to Stream Marginal #4 Idol Anime
2017-01-11 13:35:53Seven Seas to Release Classic Novels With Illustrations By Manga Artists
2017-01-11 13:00:00Nekopara OVA Kickstarter Meets Stretch Goal for 60-Minute Runtime
2017-01-11 08:15:00Kizumonogatari III Anime Film Earns 87 Million Yen in 1st Weekend
2017-01-11 01:35:00Yama to Shokuyoku to Watashi Mountain-Climbing Gourmet Manga Gets Live-Action Short
2017-01-11 00:55:00Kuja Joins Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Game as Playable Character
2017-01-10 22:00:00Funimation Reveals English Dub Cast for Koro Sensei Quest! Spinoff Anime
2017-01-10 19:45:00Kamome Hamada Launches 1st Boys-Love Manga Based on True Story
2017-01-10 16:19:31Seven Seas Licenses Alice & Zouroku Manga
2017-01-10 15:41:35Seven Seas Licenses Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka Manga
2017-01-10 14:25:44Seven Seas Licenses Unmagical Girl Manga
2017-01-10 13:45:00Tokyo Suburb Uses Anime Short to Promote Local Sake Breweries
2017-01-10 12:37:16Amagi Brilliant Park English Dub Casts Molly Searcy as Isuzu Sento
2017-01-10 11:23:21Crunchyroll to Stream Piacevole Anime About Italian Cooking
2017-01-10 09:35:00Shin Megami Tensei Series Announces 25th Anniversary Project
2017-01-10 08:05:22CLAMP Draws Manga Adaptation For Live-Action HiGH&LOW Franchise This Spring
2017-01-10 00:06:00John Boyega Photographed in Costume for Pacific Rim: Uprising Film
2017-01-09 23:35:00Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Video Shows Wormhole Catastrophe
2017-01-09 17:55:00Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs Previewed on Steam Greenlight
2017-01-09 13:59:17Seven Seas Licenses Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Manga (Updated)
2017-01-09 13:45:00Mr. Osomatsu Brothers Welcome Customers to Udon Chain
2017-01-09 12:15:53Crunchyroll Streams Yowamushi Pedal New Generation, Chiruran 1/2 Anime
2017-01-09 11:58:24Seven Seas Licenses Absolute Duo Manga
2017-01-09 11:30:00sola Artist Abeno Launches Trinity Seven: Liese Chronicle Spinoff Manga
2017-01-09 10:00:00Biohazard/Resident Evil Gets New Stage Play in February
2017-01-09 08:45:00The Legend Of Zelda: Legendary Edition Ranks #9 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan December List
2017-01-09 07:45:00Eromanga Sensei Director Recruits More Animators on Twitter
2017-01-09 06:45:00Square Enix Displays Kingdom Hearts Stained Glass Clock in Shinjuku Station
2017-01-08 20:00:00Interviews with Monster Girls Anime Casts Sora Amamiya, Kenjiro Tsuda, Natsuki Hanae
2017-01-08 04:44:40[yibis]_One_Piece_765_[720p][AAFAE88F].mkv
2017-01-07 22:00:00Crunchyroll Streams English-subtitled Trailer For Hand Shakers Anime
2017-01-07 17:15:00Show by Rock!! Real Escape Game Comes with Plasmagica CD
2017-01-07 12:15:00Original Digital Monster Toy Remake Adds 20th Anniversary Digimon
2017-01-07 06:45:00World of Super Sand Box Chinese-Japanese Co-Produced Anime Reveals Staff
2017-01-07 06:45:00World of Super Sandbox Chinese-Japanese Co-Produced Anime Reveals Staff
2017-01-07 03:00:00Gin to Kin Manga Author Fukumoto to Have Part in Live-Action Series Adaptation
2017-01-06 23:22:33Saiyuki Reload Blast Anime Reveals 1st Promo Video, Cast, Staff, July TV Premiere
2017-01-06 18:38:51Crunchyroll to Stream ēlDLIVE Anime
2017-01-06 17:41:59Crunchyroll to Stream Nyanko Days Anime
2017-01-06 16:50:07Anime Network Online to Stream Urara Meirocho Anime
2017-01-06 16:15:29Crunchyroll to Stream Spiritpact Chinese-Animated Series
2017-01-06 15:45:00Russian Anime Characters Show Off Their Silver Hair
2017-01-06 15:10:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, December 25-January 1
2017-01-06 13:45:00Voice Actors Shinnosuke Tachibana, Ao Takahashi Marry
2017-01-06 13:05:00Japanese Comic Ranking, December 26-January 1
2017-01-06 11:40:00Crunchyroll Adds Forest Fairy Five 3D CG Anime Shorts
2017-01-06 03:00:00NIS Opens Teaser Site For New Title
2017-01-06 01:59:22Blood-C Anime Gets Live-Action Film With New Story This Fall
2017-01-05 23:33:37Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Adds Sayaka Kanda to Cast, Streams New Trailer
2017-01-05 22:30:00Pokémon Snap Launches on Wii U Virtual Console in N. America
2017-01-05 22:00:00Paramount Streams New Rings Live-Action Horror Film Trailer
2017-01-05 17:15:00Yamakan, Toshio Okada Criticize Production Committee System
2017-01-05 14:47:08Kirakira Precure a la Mode Anime Reveals Cast
2017-01-05 14:34:21Crunchyroll, Funimation to Stream Interviews with Monster Girls, ACCA, Fuuka, Chaos;Child Anime
2017-01-05 13:42:02Amagi Brilliant Park English Dub Casts Adam Gibbs as Seiya Kanie
2017-01-05 10:45:00Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Trailer Previews New Worlds, Allies, Enemies
2017-01-05 04:00:00Psycho-Pass Writer Makoto Fukami Launches New Manga About Boy Who Commits Mass Murder
2017-01-05 00:30:00Sony Sells 6.20 Million PS4 Consoles During Holiday Season
2017-01-05 00:06:15Bleach, Naruto Shippūden Band Ikimono-gakari Goes on Temporary Hiatus
2017-01-04 22:45:00Crunchyroll Streams Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel TV Anime
2017-01-04 22:15:00Joker Game Spy Anime Series Gets Stage Play Adaptation in May
2017-01-04 19:40:00Crunchyroll to Stream School Romantic Comedy Anime Seiren
2017-01-04 18:10:00Tsukino-Con to Host Voice Actor Tohru Fuyura
2017-01-04 16:45:00Universal Studios Japan Previews Godzilla 4D Attraction in TV Ad
2017-01-04 15:43:27Crunchyroll to Stream Kemono Friends Anime
2017-01-04 15:10:00Final Live-Action Resident Evil Stays at #1 at Box Office, your name. Jumps to #3
2017-01-04 14:15:32Crunchyroll to Stream 2017 Gintama Anime
2017-01-04 14:10:00Psycho-Pass 2 Manga Ends in February
2017-01-04 13:49:05Viz Media Invests in Anime Recommendation/Community Platform Kitsu
2017-01-04 10:10:00Go Ikeyamada Ends Seka-Chu!! Manga, Launches Sequel
2017-01-03 23:30:00Chinese-Japanese Co-Produced Animated Series World of Super Sand Box Revealed
2017-01-03 22:00:00Atlus USA/Sega of America PR: No PC, Switch Release for Persona 5, Yakuza 0
2017-01-03 20:45:00Live-Action Tomodachi Game Casts Yūki Yamada, Shimon Okura, Nagi Nemoto
2017-01-03 18:45:00Voice Actress Ayana Taketatsu Changes Agencies
2017-01-03 15:45:00Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Gintama Voice Actress Mikako Takahashi Marries
2017-01-03 14:20:57Amagi Brilliant Park English Dub Casts Cindy Lou Parker as Princess Latifah
2017-01-03 14:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 1-7
2017-01-03 12:40:00GKIDS Announces Additional Theaters for Ocean Waves