King of Prism: PRIDE the HERO Anime Film Gets 4DX Screenings

2017-07-21 15:00:00

Film to open in Hong Kong, Taiwan

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Level 5 Streams Previews For Inazuma Eleven Reloaded Event Anime, Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin TV Anime

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Bungo Stray Dogs Stage Play Reveals New Visual Featuring 12 Main Cast Members

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Minori Chihara Performs Ending Theme For Violet Evergarden Anime

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Date News Title
2017-10-21 22:00:00Fate/Extra Last Encore Anime Reveals Kousuke Toriumi as Archer in Video
2017-10-21 16:45:00Trinity Seven Author Kenji Saito Launches New Manga
2017-10-21 14:45:00Manga Creator, Illustrator Hisashi Eguchi Designs High-End Shirts
2017-10-21 12:45:00Hayate x Blade 2 Yuri Action-Comedy Manga Ends in November
2017-10-21 12:45:00Satellite System, Evangelion Navigate Fans to Nearest Curry Restaurant
2017-10-21 11:45:00Ultimate Build-Your-Own PC Has Hatsune Miku Dancing Inside
2017-10-21 10:45:00Re:CREATORS Spinoff Manga About Magane Listed With 1 Volume
2017-10-21 08:00:00King of Prism Pride the Hero Anime Film Earns 600 Million Yen
2017-10-21 04:00:00School-Live! Manga Resumes on December 22
2017-10-21 01:55:01Record of Grancrest War Anime Reveals 2nd Promo Video, New Visual, 3 More Cast Members
2017-10-21 00:11:02Bandai Namco Ent. Reveals Full Metal Panic! Tatakau Who Dares Wins PS4 Game
2017-10-20 23:39:182nd Code Geass Anime Compilation Film Opens on February 10
2017-10-20 22:13:21Ore ga Suki nano wa Imōto dakedo Imōto ja nai Light Novels Get Anime
2017-10-20 20:46:43Date A Live Light Novels Get New Anime Series
2017-10-20 18:45:00Moyoco Anno Artwork Collected in Limited Edition 2018 Calendar
2017-10-20 18:25:00Funimation Streams New Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Clips
2017-10-20 17:15:00Anime NYC to Host Gundam Producers Shin Sasaki, Masakazu Ogawa
2017-10-20 14:45:00Re:Zero VR Apps Gets PC, PSVR Ports
2017-10-20 14:25:001st Eureka Seven Hi Evolution Film Gets 4DX/MX4D Screenings in Japan
2017-10-20 13:25:00Under the Dog Kickstarter for Live-Action Short, Music Video Launches
2017-10-20 12:25:00Lost Dimension Strategy RPG Gets PC Release on October 30
2017-10-20 11:22:12Christine Marie Cabanos Returns for Squid Girl Season 2 English Dub
2017-10-20 10:45:00Drifters Anime Sequel Casts Tomoaki Maeno as Shylock VIII
2017-10-20 08:45:00Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Game Gets PC Release on October 27
2017-10-20 06:15:00Hakumei to Mikochi Anime Reveals 1st Promo Video, Staff, Cast
2017-10-20 05:45:00Shogakukan Lists The Snack World Manga With 1 Volume
2017-10-20 05:15:00Kodansha Lists Mazinger Z Alter Ignition Manga With 1 Volume
2017-10-20 03:15:00Dynamic Chord, King of Prism Anime Get Manga
2017-10-20 01:45:00Gintama Rumble Game Adds Kamui, Tsukuyo as Playable Characters
2017-10-19 19:15:00New Mr. Osomatsu Stage Play Casts Totoko, Iyami
2017-10-19 16:15:00Mob Psycho 100 Stage Play Announces More Cast
2017-10-19 13:31:49Kraken Releasing Licenses Garo: Kiba - The Dark Knight! Live-Action Special
2017-10-19 11:45:00Gundam Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino Discusses Giving Copyrights to Sunrise
2017-10-19 10:05:00Pokémon GO Game Adds Sableye, Banette, More Hoenn Pokémon
2017-10-19 09:19:14Uirabu. -Uiuishii Koi no Ohanashi- Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2017-10-19 08:00:00Yakiniku-ten Sengoku Restaurant Comedy Manga Gets 2017 Net Anime
2017-10-19 05:30:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Ships in Japan on February 1
2017-10-19 03:15:00Devils and Realist Stage Musical Visuals Show Cast in Costume
2017-10-19 02:45:00Youmacon to Host Singer-Songwriter SAWA
2017-10-18 23:10:00Gurazeni Baseball TV Anime Reveals Lead Voice Actor, Staff, Spring Debut
2017-10-18 22:20:00SNS Police Manga Gets Anime in 2018
2017-10-18 18:30:004th Touken Ranbu Stage Play Reveals Full Title, Cast Visuals
2017-10-18 15:45:00Detective Conan 30th Anniversary Book is a Year and a Half in the Making
2017-10-18 15:35:57Japanese Comic Ranking, October 9-15
2017-10-18 14:27:16Funimation Announces Garo -Vanishing Line- English Dub Cast
2017-10-18 13:45:00Retail Site Briefly Lists Sanrio Fate/Grand Order Items
2017-10-18 11:45:00Seijuu Sentai Gingaman Actor Shouei Cameos in Mr. Osomatsu
2017-10-18 11:00:21DARLING in the FRANXX Anime Video Reveals Story Teaser, January Premiere
2017-10-18 10:45:00Design Festa Gallery: SAA, the Multi-tasking Manga Maker
2017-10-18 09:00:00Peace Maker Kurogane Film Project Reveals 3 More Rough Character Designs
2017-10-17 22:30:00Live-Action Boys-Love Film Does The Flower Blossom? Casts Kōsei Amano
2017-10-17 17:45:00MF Bunko J Light Novel Heroines Get Witchy for Halloween
2017-10-17 16:45:0020+ Manga Creators Celebrate To Love-Ru -Trouble- in 10th Anniversary Book
2017-10-17 14:45:00Man Charged with Illegally Dumping 585 AKB48 CDs
2017-10-17 14:15:00Seven Deadly Sins Ranks #4 Among Netflix Shows Most Watched Within 24 Hours
2017-10-17 13:14:04Seven Screenwriter Andrew Kevin Walker Attached to Live-Action Lone Wolf and Cub
2017-10-17 12:15:00Kodansha Comics Publishes Until Your Bones Rot Manga Digitally
2017-10-17 11:15:00Toei: Mazinger Z: Infinity Anime Film to Premiere in Europe, No Confirmed Screenings in U.S., Latin America (Updated)
2017-10-17 11:15:00Mazinger Z: Infinity Film Screenings Briefly Listed for U.S., Latin America (Updated)
2017-10-17 11:15:00Mazinger Z: Infinity Film Gets Screenings in U.S., Latin America
2017-10-17 09:15:00Doukoku Soshite... Game Gets PS4, PS Vita Remaster After 20 Years
2017-10-17 08:15:00Digimon Adventure tri. 5th Anime Film Earns 94 Million Yen in 17 Days
2017-10-17 04:28:50DAYS Soccer TV Anime Gets Finale as 3 New Original Anime DVDs
2017-10-17 01:56:45Sony Music Launches Indie Game Label With PS4, Switch, PC Titles
2017-10-16 19:15:00Citrus Anime Casts Hisako Kanemoto, Rei Matsuzaki
2017-10-16 16:45:00Fanime Event to Host Voice Actress Satomi Satou in 2018
2017-10-16 15:38:10Anime NYC to Host Live-Action Fullmetal Alchemist Screening With Director Fumihiko Sori
2017-10-16 13:35:00Funimation Lists Releases for Morose Mononokean, Ace Attorney, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
2017-10-16 05:30:00Black Clover Gets Card Battle Arcade Game in November
2017-10-16 03:58:44Geno Studio Reveals New TV Anime Project By Baccano!/Durarara!! Director Takahiro Ōmori
2017-10-16 02:30:00Nippon Ichi Opens Teaser Site for New Game
2017-10-16 01:45:00Major 2nd TV Anime Premieres in April 2018
2017-10-15 23:50:00Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Director Yasuhiro Irie to Launch Kickstarter for Anime of Halloween Pajama Manga
2017-10-15 23:20:00New Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny English Dub Reveals More Cast
2017-10-15 22:50:00Manga Time Kirara Miracle Magazine Reveals Destinations for Serialized Manga
2017-10-15 21:20:00Street Fighter V Game Adds Zeku as Playable Character
2017-10-15 09:20:00Isobe Isobee Monogatari, Hungry Marie Manga End
2017-10-15 08:45:00BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Fighting Game Reveals 3 More Playable Characters, Consoles in Video
2017-10-15 06:45:00Broccoli Reports 70% Drop in Profits in 1st Half of Fiscal Year
2017-10-15 04:45:00Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight Game Launches for Free on December 6
2017-10-15 02:58:46Granblue Fantasy Smartphone Game Gets New TV Anime
2017-10-15 02:45:00Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope 4K, Full HD Remaster Revealed for PS4, PC
2017-10-14 08:00:00Kazune Kawahara Draws 2-Page Side Story for Sensei! Manga
2017-10-14 06:00:00ICv2: U.S. Manga Sales Up 29% in 2016
2017-10-14 05:00:00Chūka Ichiban!/Cooking Master Boy Manga Gets Sequel in November
2017-10-14 03:00:00Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux Promo Video Teases Fake Jack Frost/Pyro Jack Platformer
2017-10-14 02:00:00Kickstarter Launches for English Translation of Order Land! Game
2017-10-14 00:00:004th Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film Reveals Title, Visual, January 27 Opening
2017-10-13 19:00:00Game Developer Cave Teases New Project
2017-10-13 18:00:00Diabolik Lovers More,Blood Stage Play Reveals New Main Cast
2017-10-13 16:00:00Viewster Adds Night on the Galactic Railroad, Street Fighter II Films
2017-10-13 15:00:00Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Ships on December 8 in N. America
2017-10-13 14:00:00K: Missing Kings Stage Play Commercial Streamed
2017-10-13 13:00:00Koei Tecmo Previews Nintendo Switch Ports of 3 Warriors Titles in Video
2017-10-13 12:15:00Boruto & Naruto Prank Kami-Usagi Rope in TOHO Cinema Ads
2017-10-13 10:00:00Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule: Fall 2017
2017-10-13 09:00:00Manga Creator Enaga Takabatake Passes Away
2017-10-13 08:16:48Kaiji Gambling Manga Gets Variety Program in December
2017-10-13 08:00:00Swery65 to Launch New Crowdfunding Campaign for The Good Life Game Before Year Ends
2017-10-13 07:15:00Cineplex Lists Canadian Screenings for A Silent Voice Anime Film in November
2017-10-13 06:15:00Major 2nd Manga Gets TV Anime
2017-10-13 05:45:00Toji no Miko Anime to Air for 6 Months, Reveals Theme Song Artists
2017-10-13 04:15:00go90 Streaming Service Adds All 4 Seasons of Hell Girl Anime
2017-10-13 03:30:00Kouji Kikkawa Performs Ending Song for Mazinger Z: Infinity Film
2017-10-12 22:00:00Crunchyroll Adds More Catalog Titles, March comes in like a lion Season 2 Streaming Details
2017-10-12 19:00:00Re:Creators One More! Manga Ends in November
2017-10-12 17:00:00Cherry Boys Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2017-10-12 15:00:21Funimation Reveals Fall Simuldub Premiere Schedule
2017-10-12 13:45:00MegaBots, Kuratas Giant Robots Duke it Out Tuesday
2017-10-12 12:00:00Million Arthur VR Game Launches in English for HTC Vive
2017-10-12 11:15:00Event Report: One Piece × Kyoto City Collaboration
2017-10-12 10:00:00Anime NYC to Host Princess Principal Director Masaki Tachibana
2017-10-12 07:30:00Cardfight!! Vanguard GZ English Dub Debuts on November 25
2017-10-12 03:30:00Anime Studio Bones Updates on Current Projects, Teases More News For Mob Psycho 100 on October 19
2017-10-12 02:00:00Gakuen Babysitters Manga Gets Special Chapter in December
2017-10-12 01:30:00Arina Tanemura Launches New Idolish 7 Manga in December
2017-10-12 00:00:00One-Punch Man Manga Ranks #1 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan September List
2017-10-11 22:00:00Thor: Ragnarok Film Director Waititi Wants to Adapt Akira Manga With Asian Actors
2017-10-11 18:30:00Gurren Lagann Manga Artist Kotaro Mori Ends Plus Minus Gohan Manga
2017-10-11 16:28:24Media Blasters to Dub 2012 Boys-Love OVA Ai no Kusabi
2017-10-11 14:38:00Japanese Comic Ranking, October 2-8
2017-10-11 14:30:00Digimon Links Smartphone Game Launches in English
2017-10-11 12:45:00Mario Puts on His Dancing Shoes in New Super Mario Odyssey Video
2017-10-11 11:59:56DARLING in the FRANXX Anime Ad Reveals 5th Round of Characters
2017-10-11 11:45:00Yamakan Lashes Out at Wake Up, Girls! Cast on Twitter
2017-10-11 10:30:00Fate/Grand Order Dōjinshi Author Reports Sales Halt Due to Violating Guidelines
2017-10-11 09:30:00J-Novel Club Licenses Walking My Second Path in Life Novel Series
2017-10-11 07:30:00Famitsu: Mini Super Famicom Sells Estimated 369,000 Units in Japan
2017-10-10 22:00:00Peace Maker Kurogane Film Project Is 2 Films Debuting in 2018
2017-10-10 22:00:00Peace Maker Kurogane Film Project Is 2 Films Debuting 2018
2017-10-10 18:30:00Crunchyroll Adds Onyankopon, Evil or Live Anime
2017-10-10 17:30:00A Silent Voice English Dub Clip Features Lexi Cowden as Shoko
2017-10-10 15:45:00PlayStation 4 Gets Dragon Quest Slime Controller
2017-10-10 15:30:00Flying Witch English Dub to Stream on HIDIVE
2017-10-10 14:30:00NIS America Apologizes for Ys VIII Localization, Announces Free Patch
2017-10-10 13:30:00Kodansha Releases Kokkoku: Moment by Moment Manga Digitally
2017-10-10 12:14:26North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 8-14
2017-10-10 11:45:00Japanese Model Maker Claims New Blade Runner Film Copied Blaster
2017-10-10 08:33:27Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Game Adds Yuuki, Strea
2017-10-10 07:21:27Rie Murakawa, Aki Sairenji, Moemi Otaka Join Cast of Robot Girls Z Anime Short
2017-10-09 22:00:00Great Mazinger Appears Mazinger Z: Infinity Anime Film
2017-10-09 15:01:45Dragon Quest Rivals Smartphone Game Trailers Reveal Early November Release
2017-10-09 12:50:42Crunchyroll to Stream Yurucamp Anime
2017-10-09 12:39:42Kodansha Comics Licenses Again!! Manga
2017-10-09 12:21:52Vertical Licenses Pop Team Epic, The Delinquent Housewife! Manga
2017-10-09 12:15:00Earth Star Dream Idol Yuki Nakashima Goes Solo
2017-10-09 12:11:13One Piece Kabuki Play Star Steps Down After Breaking Arm
2017-10-09 11:15:00Airbrush System for Gunpla Models Ships in February
2017-10-09 09:30:00Exclusive: Live-Action Tokyo Ghoul Video Shows Kitchen Scene
2017-10-09 09:00:00Saiyuki Manga Gets New Stage Musical in Fall 2018
2017-10-09 08:00:00OLDCODEX Performs Opening Song for Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari Anime
2017-10-08 23:30:00Japan Foundation Los Angeles to Screen Napping Princess Film on Wednesday
2017-10-08 23:00:00Himōto! Umaru-chan R 1st BD/DVD Includes Mini PC Game
2017-10-08 17:45:00Doraemon Gets 4th Limited Edition Ukyio-e Print
2017-10-08 10:45:00Japanese Tunnels & Trolls Tabletop RPG Magazine Issue Gets English Release
2017-10-08 05:45:00God Eater 3 Game Confirmed For Release in Americas
2017-10-08 03:45:00Project ARMS Writer Launches New Manga This Winter
2017-10-07 23:57:08Starmyu Anime Gets New Stage Musical, OVA in 2018; 3rd Anime Season in 2019 (Updated With Video)
2017-10-07 23:57:08Starmyu Anime Gets New Stage Musical, OVA in 2018; 3rd Anime Season in 2019
2017-10-07 16:45:00Mr. Osomatsu Plush Dolls Say Phrases From Both Anime Seasons
2017-10-07 15:45:00Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple Gets Spooky for Convenience Store Campaign
2017-10-07 13:45:00Fate/Extra Last Encore TV Anime Previews Urara Takano as Rider in Ad
2017-10-07 07:55:00God Eater 3 Console Game Unveiled Along With 1st God Eater RPG App
2017-10-07 06:13:01Fate/Apocrypha, Sword Art Online Movie Win Top Newtype Anime Awards
2017-10-07 04:10:00Girls & Panzer Franchise Gets Live-Action Promotional Video
2017-10-07 03:47:15Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Anime Gets Sequel Project
2017-10-07 03:45:00Dagashi Kashi 2 Anime Reveals January Premiere, New Cast Member
2017-10-07 02:45:00Gourmet Manga Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu? Gets Live-Action Series in November
2017-10-06 19:30:00HIDIVE Streams Himouto! Umaru-chan R, My Girlfriend is Shobitch Outside U.S.
2017-10-06 16:30:00Tubi TV Adds God Mars Anime
2017-10-06 15:40:00Otome Yūsha Smartphone Game Previewed in Animated Promo Video
2017-10-06 14:38:58Crunchyroll to Simulcast Love Rice 2 Anime
2017-10-06 13:17:00Doreiku Survival Game Manga Gets TV Anime
2017-10-06 11:45:00Pacific Rim Uprising Film Reveals Trailer, Rinko Kikuchi Return
2017-10-06 11:45:00Rinko Kikuchi Returns to Play Mako Mori in Pacific Rim Uprising (Update With Trailer)
2017-10-06 11:45:00Voltes V Robot Anime Celebrates 40th Anniversary in Philippines
2017-10-06 10:45:00The Heart-Pounding Male Idol Stripping Mobile Game is Here
2017-10-06 09:40:20Sentai Filmworks Announces Haikyu!! English Dub Cast With Video
2017-10-06 09:01:00Gintama Ranbu PS4/Vita Game Slated for January 18 in Japan
2017-10-06 03:40:00Karakai Jōzu no Takagi-san Anime Reveals Promo Video, Cast, Staff, Visual, January Debut
2017-10-06 00:00:00Infinite Stratos Gets New Browser, Smartphone Game With New Characters
2017-10-05 23:30:00Kamikaze Douga Unveils Visual for Batman Ninja Anime Film Project
2017-10-05 17:19:30Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Game Heads West in 2018
2017-10-05 16:58:12Crunchyroll Announces Streaming Details for Dies Irae, Recovery of an MMO Junkie Anime
2017-10-05 16:39:38Crunchyroll Adds Rainy Cocoa Seasons 3, 4
2017-10-05 14:57:35Viz Media Adds 2 Pokémon Sun & Moon Manga
2017-10-05 14:45:0030-ton One Piece Stone Art Shown in Captivating Drone Footage
2017-10-05 13:58:47Funimation to Stream My Hero Academia Season 3
2017-10-05 13:56:36Funimation Adds Garo: Vanishing Line to Simuldub Lineup (Update)
2017-10-05 13:56:36Funimation Adds Garo: Vanishing Line to Simuldub Lineup
2017-10-05 13:45:00Vice Cancels YaoiCon Filming After Attendee Complaints
2017-10-05 12:45:00Shobitch Manga Creator Voices Guest Role in Anime Series
2017-10-05 11:47:49Rokuhōdō Yotsuiro Biyori Manga Gets Television Anime
2017-10-05 11:30:00Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Videos Preview Wormholes, Megalopolis
2017-10-05 10:45:00Inside the New Sailor Moon Store in Harajuku
2017-10-05 10:43:24My Girlfriend is Shobitch Anime Adds 5 More Cast Members
2017-10-05 10:30:00Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Game Ships for PS4 on January 16
2017-10-05 09:01:00The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Wild Wind Girl Manga Ends in November
2017-10-05 07:30:00Tekken World Finals to Take Place Outside Japan for 1st Time in November
2017-10-05 05:04:46Tokyo Ghoul:re Manga Gets TV Anime in 2018