Otome Game Developer Otomate Gets Its Own Building in February

2017-12-22 17:45:00

6-floor building planned to open in Ikebukuro in February

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Live-Action Laughing Under the Clouds Film Reveals 4 More Screenshots

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Apple Requires Apps to Disclose Odds for Gacha, Loot Box Purchases

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Attack on Titan 2 Game Videos Preview Gameplay on Switch, PS Vita

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Date News Title
2018-01-20 03:45:00Dragon Ball Super Manga Ranks #4 on U.S. Monthly Bookscan December List
2018-01-20 01:45:00Dragon Ball Z X Keeperz PC Browser Game Announced
2018-01-19 23:45:00Creatures Family Days Anime Reveals Main Cast
2018-01-19 21:00:00Digimon ReArise Smartphone Game Announced
2018-01-19 20:43:43Marvel Future Avengers Anime Gets New Season This Summer
2018-01-19 20:15:21High School DxD Hero Anime Premieres in April
2018-01-19 17:20:59Crunchyroll Adds Show by Rock!!, STARMYU Anime to Catalog
2018-01-19 16:45:00Monster Hunter World, Valkyria Chronicles 4 Get PS4 Variants
2018-01-19 16:20:001st Girls & Panzer Finale Film Tops 500 Million Yen at Box Office
2018-01-19 15:20:00Cute High Earth Defense Club Happy Kiss! Anime Reveals New Lead Characters
2018-01-19 12:45:00Pretty Rhythm Fan Creates Web App to Combat Gory Twitter Spam
2018-01-19 12:20:00Shinkalion Anime Casts Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ryota Ohsaka, More
2018-01-19 11:45:00Take 3ft Tall Mazinger Z With You to the Mazinger Z: Infinity Premiere
2018-01-19 10:45:00The Testament of Sister New Devil Girls Are Positively Bridal for New OVA Box Art
2018-01-19 07:30:00Comic Girls TV Anime Reveals Visual, 2nd Promo Video
2018-01-19 06:30:00Starmyu Franchise Gets Spinoff Stage Musical About Team Hiiragi in April
2018-01-19 03:00:00Young Jump Manga Magazine Gets App This Spring
2018-01-19 02:30:00Anitomo Manga Also Gets Live-Action Drama Adaptation
2018-01-19 01:30:00Gangoose Crime Manga Gets Fall 2018 Live-Action Film
2018-01-18 23:45:00Composer Tetsuya Komuro Retires From Industry After Adultery Allegations
2018-01-18 22:45:00Hatsune Miku Gets VR Rhythm Game on PC This Spring
2018-01-18 19:00:00Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals March Release
2018-01-18 18:00:00Anime Boston to Host Sunrise Producer Hideyuki Tomioka, Screenwriter Katsuyuki Sumizawa
2018-01-18 17:00:00Sentai Filmworks Confirms English Dub for Sword Oratoria
2018-01-18 16:00:00Slayers Novels Get Sequel After 18 Years
2018-01-18 15:07:49Sentai Filmworks Licenses Both Negima TV Anime
2018-01-18 14:15:00Yūri Katsuki Looks Princely for Yume Ōkoku to Nemureru 100-Nin no Ōji-sama Collab
2018-01-18 13:15:00Kill Me Baby Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint in Kirara Fantasia Game
2018-01-18 12:15:00Nintendo Switch Was Best-Selling Console in U.S. in December
2018-01-18 10:15:00Complex x Complex, Lu Over the Wall Anime Win at 72nd Mainichi Film Awards
2018-01-18 08:00:00Jump SQ. Crown Manga Magazine Ends, Jump SQ. RISE Magazine Launches in April
2018-01-18 06:30:00King of Prism by PrettyRhythm Party Time Manga Ends
2018-01-18 05:30:00Ashita no Joe Spinoff Anime Megalobox Gets Manga in February
2018-01-18 02:00:00K Franchise Gets New Manga Based on Drama CD
2018-01-18 00:30:00Crunchyroll Adds Haganai, .hack//G.U. Trilogy, Origin, Chaos;HEAd, Good Luck Girl! Anime
2018-01-17 23:32:00Ei Itou Launches Buchō-chan Manga in February
2018-01-17 22:32:00Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Slated for PS Vita in the West in March
2018-01-17 22:00:00Live-Action Marmalade Boy Film Reveals Cast for Parents
2018-01-17 16:50:42Japanese Comic Ranking, January 8-14
2018-01-17 15:45:00Pop Team Epic Gets Extra Meta with Skyrim Mod
2018-01-17 15:00:00Holiday Love Live-Action Series Announces Porno Graffitti Theme Song
2018-01-17 02:55:00Mahō Shōjo Ore Anime Casts Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Kōji Yusa, Showtaro Morikubo
2018-01-17 02:15:00Ninja Girl & Samurai Master Anime Gets 3rd Season in April
2018-01-16 23:10:00Kemono Friends, Girl Friend BETA Franchises Get Stage Plays Starring =LOVE Idol Group
2018-01-16 23:02:44Blade of the Immortal Gets Finale Stage Play in May
2018-01-16 22:32:00Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Smartphone Game Launches Next Week
2018-01-16 18:00:00Udon Ent. Updates on Status of Rose of Versailles Manga Release
2018-01-16 17:00:00Digimon Adventure tri.: Coexistence Teaser Previews English Dub
2018-01-16 13:34:25Funimation Licenses All 4 Free! Anime Films, Screens Take Your Marks in Theaters
2018-01-16 13:16:04Flip Flappers English Dub Cast, Preview Clip Revealed
2018-01-16 13:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 14-20
2018-01-16 11:45:00The World of Isekai Continues to Grow with New Manga Contest
2018-01-16 10:45:00Pokémon Enters the World of e-Sports on January 24
2018-01-16 10:00:35Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Game Heads West This Month
2018-01-16 07:48:34SD Gundam G Generation Genesis Gets Nintendo Switch Release
2018-01-16 06:50:48New Gundam Breaker PS4 Game Announced for 2018 Release
2018-01-15 23:32:00HIDIVE Begins Streaming English Tanaka-kun is Always Listless Dub
2018-01-15 22:00:00Mazinger Z: Infinity Anime Film Opens at #6 at Japanese Box Office
2018-01-15 18:00:00Live-Action Real Girl Film Announces Additional Cast
2018-01-15 17:00:00Otakon Vegas to Host Art Director Yoichi Nishikawa, Producers Katsuhiro Takei, Kiyotaka Waki
2018-01-15 16:45:00Suzuko Mimori Thanks Fans for Support After Confirming Relationship
2018-01-15 16:00:00Fate/Apocrypha Part 2 Listed for February 9 on U.S. Netflix
2018-01-15 12:00:00Your Daily Streaming Reviews Schedule: Winter 2018
2018-01-15 05:00:00Wagahai no Heya de Aru Manga Ends in February
2018-01-15 03:35:00Hinamatsuri Anime Casts Yōko Hikasa, Ari Ozawa, Tsuyoshi Koyama, Kengo Kawanishi
2018-01-15 02:30:00Old Boy Manga Author Caribu Marley Passes Away
2018-01-15 02:00:00Real Account Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2018-01-15 01:30:00Momoka Ariyasu Announces Graduation From Momoiro Clover Z Group
2018-01-15 00:30:00Black Clover Anime Adds Kenyuu Horiuchi, Yuichiro Umehara to Cast
2018-01-15 00:00:00Zo Zo Zo Zombie-kun Manga Ends in 11th Volume
2018-01-14 23:30:00Pokémon GO Game Adds Kyogre, Announces Community Day Events
2018-01-14 22:30:00Attack on Titan 2 Game Adds Playable Characters, Multiplayer Modes
2018-01-14 21:30:00Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take On Me Anime Film Opens at #6
2018-01-14 18:00:00Log Horizon: The West Wind Brigade Manga to End in 2 Chapters
2018-01-14 12:00:00BlazBlue Variable Heart Spinoff Manga Ends
2018-01-14 09:00:00Gintama Rumble Game Adds Breeza, Celo as Assist Characters
2018-01-14 08:30:00Coming-of-Age Anime Film Let Me Eat Your Pancreas Reveals Early Fall Debut
2018-01-14 08:00:00Cross Account Manga Ends in Shonen Jump
2018-01-14 06:00:00Border Break Mecha Arcade Game Gets PS4 Release
2018-01-14 05:00:00TOKU to Air The Ultraman Anime Series Starting on January 29
2018-01-14 02:00:00Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Anime Film Stays at #2 in 3rd Weekend at Box Office
2018-01-13 22:00:00Crunchyroll Adds Desert Punk, Kaze no Stigma, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Anime
2018-01-13 18:00:00Death March to The Parallel World Rhapsody Novels Get Spinoff Manga
2018-01-13 15:45:00Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori, Wrestler Kazuchika Okada Acknowledge Relationship
2018-01-13 15:45:00Voice Actress Suzuko Mimori, Pro Wrestler Kazuchika Okada Acknowledge Reported Relationship
2018-01-13 10:00:00Physical Manga Volume Sales See 12% Drop in 2017
2018-01-13 05:00:00Polygon Pictures Sets Up Company to Develop CG Models Using Unreal Engine
2018-01-13 03:00:00Show By Rock!! Spinoff Manga Ends on January 27
2018-01-12 18:30:00Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Switch Version Sells 500,000 Copies
2018-01-12 16:45:00Traffic Accidents Top List of Causes of Death for Isekai Protagonists
2018-01-12 15:30:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Streams Character Video for Beerus
2018-01-12 12:45:00New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition Heads to N. America on January 26
2018-01-12 12:30:00Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card Film to Screen in U.S. Theaters (Update)
2018-01-12 12:30:00Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card Film to Screen in U.S. Theaters
2018-01-12 11:38:59Detective Pikachu 3DS Game Gets Western Release in March
2018-01-12 09:30:00Kaitō Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Show Reveals Cast
2018-01-12 07:30:00Hakumei and Mikochi Blu-ray/DVD Box to Include New OVA
2018-01-12 07:30:00Hakumei and Mikochi Blu-ray/DVD Box to Include New Original Video Anime
2018-01-12 01:30:00Love Live! Director Turns Korean Idols TWICE Into Anime
2018-01-12 00:32:00Mario Tennis Aces Launches for Nintendo Switch This Spring
2018-01-11 23:32:00Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Game Gets Nintendo Switch Port on May 4
2018-01-11 23:02:00Live-Action Rainbow Days Film Reveals Female Cast Members
2018-01-11 17:30:00Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Game Launches for PC on February 1
2018-01-11 15:45:00Watch Black Jack & Doronjo Hit It Off in Match-Making Service Ad
2018-01-11 15:40:58Funimation Announces Simuldub Premiere Dates
2018-01-11 15:30:00SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Game Debuts for Switch, PS4 This Summer
2018-01-11 14:29:22Crunchyroll, Funimation to Stream Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Season 2
2018-01-11 13:10:00Ys VIII Game Launches for Nintendo Switch This Summer
2018-01-11 12:45:00Cosplayer Draws Manga About Asperger Syndrome
2018-01-11 11:45:00Cosplay Merchandising Giant COSPA Reveals the Most Popular of 2017
2018-01-11 11:14:32Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition Game Launches for Nintendo Switch This Spring
2018-01-11 10:26:40Violet Evergarden Begins on Netflix in Some Territories, Not U.S.
2018-01-11 09:56:19Dark Souls: Remastered Ships for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC on May 25
2018-01-11 09:10:00Crunchyroll Streams Märchen Mädchen TV Anime
2018-01-11 08:48:05The World Ends With You Game Gets Nintendo Switch Port With New Scenario
2018-01-11 08:48:05The World Ends With You -Final Remix- Game Ships for Nintendo Switch in 2018
2018-01-11 01:35:00Puzzle & Dragons Game Gets New Pazudora TV Anime in April
2018-01-11 00:32:35Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace Anime Gets 2nd Stage Play
2018-01-10 22:02:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Streams Character Video for Hit
2018-01-10 18:00:00Tubi TV Adds Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, Yu Yu Hakusho, Akira, More Anime
2018-01-10 17:00:00Crunchyroll Announces Simulcast Details for Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, Silver Guardian 2
2018-01-10 16:06:51A Silent Voice English Dub to Debut in U.S. Theaters on February 2
2018-01-10 11:13:55Viz Media Licenses New Captain Tsubasa Anime
2018-01-10 08:30:00Hyouge Mono Manga Gets Live-Action Adaptation
2018-01-10 06:15:001st Tiger & Bunny Director Keiichi Satō Not Working on New Anime Series
2018-01-09 23:35:00Crunchyroll Streams Hitori no Shita The Outcast 2 Series
2018-01-09 23:05:25Japanese Console Game Market Rose for 1st Time in 11 Years
2018-01-09 18:45:00This 1/1-Scale Sword Art Online Elucidator Sword Has All the Bells and Whistles
2018-01-09 16:18:42North American Anime, Manga Releases, January 7-13
2018-01-09 15:30:00Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Streams Character Video for Goku Black
2018-01-09 15:15:00Love is More Than Convenient in Limited 7-Eleven Manga
2018-01-09 14:29:00Crunchyroll, Funimation Stream Hakyu Hoshin Engi, The Silver Guardian 2 Anime
2018-01-09 14:15:00Yowamushi Pedal Bros Flex Their Way Through Glasses Commercial
2018-01-09 13:30:00Sensei Kunshu Romantic Comedy Manga Gets Live-Action Film
2018-01-09 11:30:00Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Streams 6 Character Videos
2018-01-09 07:00:00PriPara All Idol Perfect Stage Announced for Nintendo Switch on March 22
2018-01-08 23:20:00PS4 Console Sells 73.6 Million Units Worldwide
2018-01-08 17:45:00Former Manga Assistant Requests Unreceived Overtime Pay to Improve Industry
2018-01-08 16:45:00Which Voice Actors Are Dominating the Winter 2018 Season?
2018-01-08 09:00:00Multiparty Diet Group to Submit Bill to Keep Original Anime Cels, Manga Materials in Japan
2018-01-08 06:00:00Live-Action Ghost in the Shell Film Earns Nomination by Make-Up and Hair Stylists Guild
2018-01-08 05:00:00Joker Game Manga Based on Anime Ends
2018-01-08 04:00:00Nippon Ichi President: Company to Focus on PS4, Switch as Primary Platforms
2018-01-07 14:00:00Shōjo☆ Kageki Revue Starlight Franchise Gets 3rd Manga Adaptation
2018-01-07 10:00:00Space Dandy Anime Returns to Toonami on January 27
2018-01-07 06:00:00Eiga Precure Super Stars! Anime Film Revealed With Visual
2018-01-07 02:00:001st Godzilla Anime Film Debuts on Netflix in 190 Countries on January 17
2018-01-06 14:00:00Magical Girl Site Anime to Have 12 Episodes
2018-01-06 13:45:00Sword Art Online Director Confirms Chinese Studios Seek Japanese Staff
2018-01-06 12:00:00Dragon Ball Fighterz Game Streams Character Video for SSGSS Vegeta
2018-01-06 11:00:00Diabolik Lovers Zero Project Revealed
2018-01-06 06:00:00Crunchyroll Streams Working Buddies!, Sanrio Boys Anime
2018-01-06 00:50:00Saga of Tanya the Evil Light Novels Get Anime Film
2018-01-05 21:35:00Anime News Site Lists Kakegurui Season 2
2018-01-05 17:45:00Kadokawa Producer: Physical Sales Are Still Important in Anime Industry
2018-01-05 13:45:00Design Festa Gallery: Mermaids and Prayers on a Star
2018-01-05 12:45:00Make Your Eyes Sparkle Like Shōjo Manga Stars With Selfie Light
2018-01-05 09:47:14Amazon Shuts Down Anime Strike Paid Streaming Service
2018-01-05 09:30:00Ao-Natsu Romance Manga Inspires Film Project
2018-01-05 08:00:00Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu Manga Ends in 4 Chapters
2018-01-05 07:00:00Akira Kamiya Narrates Shonen Jump-Inspired Live-Action Series
2018-01-05 05:25:33Loot.bet Promo Code
2018-01-05 04:00:00Buddy Go! Manga Approaches Climax
2018-01-05 03:00:00Crunchyroll Streams English-Subtitled Trailer for Yowamushi Pedal: Glory Line Anime
2018-01-05 00:40:00Code Realize ~Future Blessings~, Bouquet of Rainbows Games Slated for March in N. America
2018-01-04 20:45:17Tiger & Bunny Gets New Anime Series Project
2018-01-04 17:45:00Mega Man 7 Was Completed in Just 3 Months
2018-01-04 14:45:00Super Retro Boy All-In-One Game Boy Console Put on Indefinite Hold
2018-01-04 14:00:00CG Animator Akira Suzuki Launches Kickstarter for Horror of the Underworld 3D CG Anime
2018-01-04 10:45:00Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Tops Amazing Anime Film Poll of 2017
2018-01-04 10:00:00Slow Start Anime Streams Main Character Introduction Videos with English Subtitles
2018-01-04 09:30:00Nintendo Switch Becomes Fastest-Selling Console of All Time in U.S.
2018-01-04 08:30:00Live-Action Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler Reveals 8 Cast Members, Visuals
2018-01-04 08:00:00Monster Hunter: World Game Launches for PC This Fall
2018-01-04 06:00:00Three Leaves, Three Colors Designer Discusses 2nd Season Possibilities
2018-01-04 05:00:00Gō Ikeyamada Launches New Dō·Kyū·Sei Romance Manga in February
2018-01-04 03:00:00X Japan to Perform in Coachella Music Festival in April
2018-01-04 02:00:00your name. Earns 17.4% Ratings Average in 1st TV Airing
2018-01-03 23:35:00Black Clover Anime Gets New Opening, Ending Theme Songs
2018-01-03 15:09:44Sentai Filmworks Licenses DamePri Anime Caravan for HIDIVE Streaming
2018-01-03 14:00:00Young Black Jack Manga Resumes in February
2018-01-03 13:00:00Mato Launches 4-Panel Manga Spinoff For DARLING in the FRANXX Anime
2018-01-03 12:15:00Fairy Tail Creator Hiro Mashima Goes to France for Angoulême Festival
2018-01-03 11:00:006th Haikyu!! Stage Play Revealed for Fall 2018
2018-01-03 10:00:00Shudan! Soccer Manga Ends in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine
2018-01-03 09:00:00Fastest Finger First Manga Gets Stage Play
2018-01-02 22:00:00Nintendo Italy Briefly Listed Switch Online Service With Fall 2018 Release
2018-01-02 18:10:57GKIDS Licenses Lu over the wall, Night is Short, Walk on Girl
2018-01-02 15:19:48Sentai Filmworks Licenses Pop Team Epic Anime for HIDIVE Streaming
2018-01-02 09:00:00Austin Film Critics Nominate your name., Blade of the Immortal
2018-01-01 23:35:00A Certain Magical Virtual-On Manga Launches
2018-01-01 22:30:00Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Returns on February 26
2018-01-01 14:00:00Yo-kai Watch Shadowside Anime Film Stays at #2 in 2nd Weekend at Box Office
2018-01-01 13:00:00KAT-TUN Group Resumes Activities in January
2018-01-01 08:56:35Top esports betting sites 2018
2017-12-31 21:30:42Cute High Earth Defense Club Franchise Gets New TV Anime Series
2017-12-31 12:45:00Actor/Voice Actors Junichi Okada, Aoi Miyazaki Announce Marriage
2017-12-31 11:00:00Top 10 Grossing Domestic Japanese, Foreign Films of 2017 Listed
2017-12-31 10:20:00Shaman King Manga Gets New Arc This Spring
2017-12-31 02:00:00Comic Market 93 Attracts 550,000 Attendees Across 3 Days