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2013-12-30 23:41:24[yibis]_One_Piece_624_[720p][8B8A7863].mkv
2013-12-30 22:00:00Tiny Ryuko Will Steal Your Heart
2013-12-30 20:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, December 16-22
2013-12-30 19:43:31Ace Attorney 5 Director Working on Next Title
2013-12-30 16:15:00Section23 Films Offers English Dub Upgrades For Select Titles
2013-12-30 13:30:00Photo Feature: Comiket 85 Cosplay Gallery - Day 2
2013-12-30 12:05:48Fan Draws Tamako Market Fanart Using Excel
2013-12-30 12:00:00Japanese Goverment Funds New Foreign Channel to Air Anime
2013-12-30 11:59:17Crunchyroll to Stream Tonari no Seki-kun Comedy Anime
2013-12-30 00:00:00Yukari Tamura Sings in Music Video from No-Rin TV Anime
2013-12-29 22:00:00Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture Manga to End in January
2013-12-27 15:30:02Best of /r/onepiece 2013: Winners Announced!
2013-12-27 15:30:02Best of /r/onepiece 2013: Winners Announced!
2013-12-27 15:30:02Best of /r/onepiece 2013: Winners Announced!
2013-12-25 16:46:00Chapter 733 Released
2013-12-23 16:38:43Episode 299, “Culmination”
2013-12-22 11:14:29[yibis]_One_Piece_623_[480p][A247F6D6].mp4
2013-12-21 14:06:58[yibis]_One_Piece_623_[720p][24797E85].mkv
2013-12-18 16:42:00Chapter 732 Released
2013-12-18 11:04:09One Piece Vol TBD Ch 732
2013-12-16 21:30:38Episode 298, “The Mystery Man in the Rockin’ Cravat”
2013-12-11 08:35:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 731
2013-12-10 20:10:00Chapter 731 Released
2013-12-09 22:26:21Episode 297, “Ship Just Got Real”
2013-12-08 13:09:06One Piece Vol TBD Ch 730
2013-12-03 20:09:15[yibis]_One_Piece_622_[480p][D39470A0].mp4
2013-12-03 11:13:00Chapter 730 Released
2013-12-01 19:32:11[yibis]_One_Piece_622_[720p][0FDD31DF].mkv
2013-11-25 22:16:43Episode 296, “I Shot the Law”
2013-11-24 07:02:41[yibis]_One_Piece_621_[480p][6E1E7247].mp4
2013-11-24 00:15:41[yibis]_One_Piece_621_[720p][E4CFFAB6].mkv
2013-11-22 18:01:26[yibis]_One_Piece_620_[480p][B28F01E8].mp4
2013-11-22 14:55:49[yibis]_One_Piece_620_[720p][A8213B19].mkv
2013-11-20 23:34:00Chapter 729 Released
2013-11-20 06:10:10One Piece Vol TBD Ch 729
2013-11-18 20:58:55Episode 295, “The Strongcast PLATINUM” (Mike McFarland, Josh Kocurek)
2013-11-13 09:31:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 728
2013-11-13 07:50:10Bleach Vol TBD Ch 557
2013-11-13 04:25:37One Piece Chapter 728!
2013-11-13 04:25:27One Piece - Chapter 728
2013-11-13 01:51:37[ANIME SPOILERS] Brother and I were watching the 2 latest episodes. I decided to teak a scene...
2013-11-13 01:26:14RAW: One Piece 728.
2013-11-13 01:16:40I met Alvida at Supanova. I seriously had to stop her to get this picture.
2013-11-13 01:14:27For the weak willed...
2013-11-13 00:48:48One Piece Supanova Haul
2013-11-12 22:59:11Made this for my brother for his birthday. what do you guys think?
2013-11-12 22:12:45Not good at photoshop, but I tried to takes the glasses off. Doflamingo would look much scarier without his shades.
2013-11-12 21:19:07I spent a good portion of my day off building this. [x-post from r/anime]
2013-11-12 19:55:23Catching up
2013-11-12 19:23:12Strongest 10(11 kinda) (shown and living) One Piece Characters?
2013-11-12 19:14:34Real World Pirates
2013-11-12 18:41:13We all know some OP pirates are based off real pirates. What if the pirates from OP follow suit? - Vsauce2
2013-11-12 17:47:49My class work is feeling Suuuuuuper! Today.
2013-11-12 17:30:00Watch Videos of Yuzo Takada, Sugigaku Illustrating Manga
2013-11-12 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, November 10-16
2013-11-12 16:57:00Random Episode of the Day! #28
2013-11-12 16:54:54One Piece characters in real life (saw this on r/Manga from about a month ago)
2013-11-12 16:41:21I found a reference to One Piece while reading Beelzebub.
2013-11-12 15:51:26Questions about the current strength of the Strawhat Crew
2013-11-12 15:32:07[Serious] How does the LGBT community feel about One Piece in Japan/worldwide?
2013-11-12 15:30:00Autographed Madoka Magica: Rebellion Script Auctions for $18k
2013-11-12 14:04:49Does anyone know of a SUUUUPERRRR compliation video?
2013-11-12 14:00:00Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru Film Gets 10-Episode Prologue Drama
2013-11-12 13:30:00New Danganronpa Tights, Insoles, and Nail Accessories
2013-11-12 12:20:45Look what just arrived!
2013-11-12 12:18:19KyoAni CMs Show Off New Free Illustration Collection, Beyond the Boundary Calendar
2013-11-12 12:17:09Broli & Coola Forms Revealed for “Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita)
2013-11-12 12:00:00Schoolgirl Survival Game Manga C3-Bu Ends in December
2013-11-12 11:15:33I colored it myself, are the colors right? (For a tattoo)
2013-11-12 11:13:20You guys are awesome!
2013-11-12 10:33:18An idea for Zoros katana
2013-11-12 10:15:00My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Tops Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! Ranking
2013-11-12 09:31:00V-Jump December 2013 Review
2013-11-12 09:28:00Super Stamp Retsuden
2013-11-12 09:00:00So, What Does VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE #9 Actually Mean?
2013-11-12 09:00:00Unbreakable Machine-Doll Gets New Game for iOS, Android
2013-11-12 06:16:18Funny idea for future Katanas of Zoro.
2013-11-12 05:43:11[Joke] I finally know why Dofla likes to smile all the time...
2013-11-11 23:46:40The onesie horse seems familiar...
2013-11-11 23:11:24Neon Alley showtimes for One Piece
2013-11-11 22:26:05The Pirate King.
2013-11-11 22:23:49One piece season 6 english dub?
2013-11-11 22:15:00Manga Reborn Kickstarter Makes Funding Goal
2013-11-11 22:10:53Episode 294, “Dofy Came In Through the Bedroom Window”
2013-11-11 21:27:31Spoilers Ch.728
2013-11-11 20:48:13Who is your favorite villain?
2013-11-11 20:12:28Preview for episode 621 is up!
2013-11-11 20:00:31One Piece: Unlimited World Red Gameplay, Special Attacks for all Nine Straw Hats
2013-11-11 19:05:00AquaPazza Introduces Team Tears to Tiara in Trailer
2013-11-11 19:03:35OnePiece CP9 Piano Arc!
2013-11-11 18:18:25Most Hated Villains?
2013-11-11 17:52:30(xpost from mildlyinteresting) this lamp cast a SUPER shadow
2013-11-11 17:33:09Crocodiles Secret?
2013-11-11 16:29:59Made me laugh, thought you might all enjoy it too.
2013-11-11 16:20:59Celebrate Pocky Day with Arina Tanemura, Mai Imade, and More
2013-11-11 15:52:15If you had to pick one episode to get someone hooked on the series, which would it be?
2013-11-11 15:47:23I highly recommend this for anyone ready for a One Piece feels trip.
2013-11-11 14:49:11Zoro vs. any other swordsmen in the manga verse
2013-11-11 14:35:59Random Episode of the Day! #188
2013-11-11 13:26:51It finally arrived. Beginning of my collection. Now I just need grab dictionary and begin to read.
2013-11-11 13:03:56Kind of interesting Monkey D. Luffy vs Gol D. Roger costume mods for Naruto Storm 3
2013-11-11 12:45:06Japanese Red Cross Society Start Girls und Panzer Blood Donation Campaign
2013-11-11 12:40:30Evangelion 3.0 to Screen in U.S., Canada in January 2014
2013-11-11 12:00:00Iryū - Team Medical Dragon Manga Gets 4th Live-Action Show
2013-11-11 11:18:39Have a drink with the most powerful swordsman of the world for his Birthday
2013-11-11 08:01:58Why did Luffy and Zoro choose not to fight back when Bellamy and his gang mocked them in that pub?
2013-11-11 08:00:00Madoka Magica 3rd Film Strip Auctioned for US$1,300+
2013-11-11 07:22:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 793
2013-11-11 07:06:22One Piece Manga sells 130 Million since 2009 with over 17 Million sold in 2013
2013-11-11 06:53:51Discussion about Golden Lion Shiki
2013-11-11 03:48:33Toshintoshi: Girls Gift 3DS RPG Opening Streamed
2013-11-11 01:58:26First villain in New World (Manga Spoilers)
2013-11-11 00:57:56What are the chances?
2013-11-11 00:46:10Happy Birthday Zoro!
2013-11-10 23:37:50Does anyone feel like Sanji needs a rival?
2013-11-10 23:34:55what if luffys rubber power was logia?
2013-11-10 20:43:47Epic Zoro/Luffy Shoes With Quotes
2013-11-10 20:43:06Your ideas for a gear fourth
2013-11-10 20:26:43How come the crew did not want luffy to find out that the flag was missing in episode 335?
2013-11-10 20:01:24Real Thousand Sunny
2013-11-10 18:03:17Random Episode of the Day! #423
2013-11-10 14:00:00Japanese Box Office, November 2-3
2013-11-10 14:00:00Japanese Box Office, September 2-3
2013-11-10 13:55:10Woah, "Golden Lion" was mentioned in chapter 530.
2013-11-10 13:32:34Strongest Straw Hats?
2013-11-10 12:00:00Chiaki Kuriyama, Kei Tanaka Star in Manga-Based Shikeidai no 72-Jikan
2013-11-10 11:38:53shanks vs enel , who would win?
2013-11-10 11:06:24Possibility for Usopp!
2013-11-10 11:00:00Girls und Panzer Festival Features Fan-Made Tank Replica
2013-11-10 10:58:04[NSFW] Something about Doflamingo (Manga Spoilers)
2013-11-10 09:50:26Attack on Titan 3DS Game Lets You Play as Levi in DLC
2013-11-10 09:00:00Akira Ishida Voices 46 Characters in New Smartphone Game Chain Chronicle
2013-11-10 07:27:23Got a new phone and watch and decided to decorate them with one of my favourite OP moments
2013-11-10 06:37:58What was the most incredible part of the series for you?
2013-11-10 04:13:29This cracked me up [Manga Spoiler]
2013-11-10 04:11:51[yibis]_One_Piece_619_[480p][1B30DB95].mp4
2013-11-10 02:41:41Doflamingo looks like Shiki?
2013-11-10 02:28:51for all one piece unlimited adventure game fans here sign this petition to get unlimited red 3ds localized. Together we can make a difference.
2013-11-10 02:11:09[Q] Is there a subreddit of people who edit onepiece anime episodes?
2013-11-10 00:33:00Nice cosplay at AFA
2013-11-09 22:39:13FFFF! ...
2013-11-09 21:34:08Roronoa Zoro - Teamwork
2013-11-09 18:59:06One Piece Episode 620
2013-11-09 18:30:00Chinami Hashimoto, Junji Majima Star in Saikin, Imōto no Yōsu ga Chotto Okaishiin Da Ga Anime
2013-11-09 13:40:44Pirate Warriors 2 - Nami-SWAAANNN~! S Rank Walkthrough Part 3 (Super Hard)
2013-11-09 13:08:47The Black Flag Rap
2013-11-09 12:21:00Vergo
2013-11-09 11:40:42Carved Chopper Poster!
2013-11-09 10:14:21[yibis]_One_Piece_619_[720p][40F3C5A9].mkv
2013-11-09 09:00:00Watch Ryu Mizunagi Draw Witch Craft Works
2013-11-09 08:44:06real life Chopper
2013-11-09 08:22:47Did Luffy know haki in any of the movies?
2013-11-09 07:20:52Why, in the subbed anime, do people yell out there attacks in English?
2013-11-09 07:12:58One Piece Prequel ?
2013-11-09 07:00:00Themed Cafe Inspired by Vocaloid Producer Pinocchio-P
2013-11-09 05:54:30I drew a Sanji in pen while bored, it came out better than expected, figured I would share here, hope you enjoy :D
2013-11-09 05:08:13The first thing I bought when I got to Japan
2013-11-09 04:35:50He just finished the latest volume.
2013-11-09 04:22:00New "Battle of Z" Scan
2013-11-09 04:11:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 792
2013-11-09 03:27:50anyone else think shanks and luffy are going to team up soon?
2013-11-09 01:47:02Is Haki effective only against Logias, or all Devil Fruits?
2013-11-09 00:08:56Suuuper Creep
2013-11-08 23:59:40Gomu Gomu NO ****
2013-11-08 23:50:15Dunno how you all feel about One Piece fan fiction, but....
2013-11-08 23:45:32Suuuuper Creep
2013-11-08 23:30:09How I Wish (Luffy X Nami Forever!)
2013-11-08 20:14:25Nana Mizuki, Hiroshi Kamiya Return for Hunger Games: Catching Fire Dub
2013-11-08 19:57:24Funny Moments from One Piece. I recommend watching them all.
2013-11-08 18:18:49Imagine? Lol
2013-11-08 17:13:53Toriko X One Piece X Dragon Ball Z - Toriko VS Luffy VS Goku
2013-11-08 16:31:57Favorite fan art of Law and Chopper - Props goes to zzyzzyy on deviant art
2013-11-08 16:19:07Can we take a moment to appreciate Going Merry?
2013-11-08 15:57:56Random Episode of the Day! #419
2013-11-08 15:00:00More Oldboy Remake Film Images Unveiled
2013-11-08 15:00:00Anime Fashion Inspiration: Dear Brother
2013-11-08 13:29:32A sad day for a swede.
2013-11-08 13:00:00New Sailor Moon Stationary Includes Pens, Pointers, Notebooks
2013-11-08 12:45:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 27-November 2
2013-11-08 12:28:01Zoro -> Zorro °O°
2013-11-08 12:18:15The Strawhats and underwater pressure....
2013-11-08 12:00:13One Piece Celebrates 300 Million Copies with Special Prefecture Posters
2013-11-08 11:29:44Found some new hats for my collection
2013-11-08 11:18:52All One Piece episodes streamed in full HD
2013-11-08 09:46:00Skypiea Amv!!
2013-11-08 08:10:29The guy in the back reminded me of someone... (X-post of r/Funny)
2013-11-08 07:07:36(•0•)/
2013-11-08 07:00:00Create 3D Figures from Your 2D Illustrations With Okuyuki
2013-11-08 06:55:57Mmmmmm..
2013-11-08 06:55:50Straw Hat Jolly Rodger tattoo. More to come once I have the money
2013-11-08 06:44:10The Will Of D.
2013-11-08 06:29:37D:
2013-11-08 06:17:40Most hated character?
2013-11-08 04:57:00Saikyo Jump December 2013 - Review
2013-11-08 04:12:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 791
2013-11-08 00:57:27The Feels ..
2013-11-08 00:55:003rd Madoka Magica Film Tops 1 Billion Yen/US$10 Million
2013-11-08 00:46:15Wanted to tell a COOOL story
2013-11-08 00:35:25What in the name of sweet jesus is that straw hat made out of?
2013-11-08 00:33:58How It All Began
2013-11-08 00:00:17The landscape of Dressrosa
2013-11-07 23:35:23I think I found my new wallpaper (Attack on Titan crossover)
2013-11-07 23:04:11Alabasta friendship mark as tattoo, good or bad idea?
2013-11-07 22:53:44It Never Fails To Make Me Laugh
2013-11-07 21:59:40Genderbent Supernovas
2013-11-07 21:00:36Has Oda ever confirmed or denied that Dagama is based on Dr. Eggman?
2013-11-07 19:00:00FuRyu Displays New Cardcaptor Sakura Prize Figure
2013-11-07 18:35:10Sword Art Online: Extra Edition to Stream Worldwide
2013-11-07 17:32:55One Piece Characters As Animals Return with New Figures
2013-11-07 16:56:35The Strawhat.
2013-11-07 16:45:26When to read the manga?
2013-11-07 16:35:10Most heart breaking moment in One Piece? (possible spoilers)
2013-11-07 16:19:47I thought r/onepiece might like my class notes for today (spoiler)
2013-11-07 15:46:24Currently in the Process of Downloading Pirate Warriors 2 - Would Anyone Care to Speak to its Quality?
2013-11-07 14:38:36Random Episode of the Day! #443
2013-11-07 14:33:03Shoot to Thrill
2013-11-07 14:31:33About Cover Stories
2013-11-07 14:25:30Official Monet Fan Club (Hold off on the DV) (Spoilers)
2013-11-07 12:48:21Funimation to Release Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Discs Again
2013-11-07 12:17:34FUNimation DBZ Blu-ray Info & Call For Community Questions!
2013-11-07 12:14:59Where do you guys get your figurines?
2013-11-07 11:50:00Microsoft Singapore Creates Anime-Inspired Mascot for Internet Explorer
2013-11-07 10:46:06A little late for this, but my boyfriend wants to share his One Piece themed pumpkin with you all :)
2013-11-07 10:21:03Luffy and Zoro
2013-11-07 10:18:27Misunderstood Donflamingo?
2013-11-07 09:41:46When you first watched Water 7, did you side with Usopp or Luffy? [Water 7 Spoilers inside]
2013-11-07 09:27:42What do you think the obstacle is that has been keeping people from reaching Raftel for so long?
2013-11-07 09:15:00Attack on Titan Tops Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores in October
2013-11-07 07:56:20“Saikyō Jump” December 2013 Issue Overview
2013-11-07 07:00:00Miss USA Rocked an Optimus Prime Outfit at the Miss Universe National Costume Show
2013-11-07 06:04:30Weekly anime and manga discussion thread archive moved to r/onepiece wiki. An ongoing experiment!
2013-11-07 05:49:33Admiring Black Beard
2013-11-07 04:21:26Alien Blue subreddit snoo icon design! What would you like to see?
2013-11-07 02:54:13Is Gekko Moriah actually fat or is he just wearing really baggy clothes?
2013-11-07 00:00:00Super Mario 3D World Ads Introduce Cat Forms With Puppets
2013-11-06 23:00:00Dr. DMAT Manga Gets Live-Action Series Starring Tadayoshi Ōkura
2013-11-06 22:00:00Waterloo Festival to Host Evangelion 3.0, Berserk, Re:Cyborg 009 Films
2013-11-06 20:59:47One Piece MMV Fight at Green Bit
2013-11-06 20:03:29So Franky was going to be the Terminator in the 4kids dub..?
2013-11-06 19:00:29When One Piece got good.
2013-11-06 19:00:00Mystery Meat Revealed for Gintama Elizabeth-Shaped Bun
2013-11-06 18:40:27“Reborn!” & “Beelzebub” Characters Join “J-Stars Victory Vs”
2013-11-06 17:55:16Picked these up in preparation for Strong Worlds English release!
2013-11-06 17:20:00Toonami to Run Naruto Shippūden in January in U.S.
2013-11-06 16:44:00Chapter 727 Released
2013-11-06 16:30:00Broly, Cooler, Metal Cooler, Final Form Cooler Join Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Game
2013-11-06 16:21:37One Piece movie Strong world English dub release is November 19th!
2013-11-06 16:15:37Random Episode of the Day! #415
2013-11-06 16:12:48PR: Viz Media Gets In the Holiday Spirit with Launch of Sweet Rein
2013-11-06 15:38:17Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 6
2013-11-06 15:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, October 28-November 3
2013-11-06 15:19:36How BB is stealing DF powers?
2013-11-06 15:00:00ONE PIECE #619 Gets Away with Breaking the Rules of Good Plotting
2013-11-06 14:52:38One Piece Season 5 Voyage 5 trailer-
2013-11-06 13:41:34Zoan type.
2013-11-06 12:53:42Possible foreshadowing of a fight between Zoro and X Drake?
2013-11-06 12:53:30Question about dub release timing
2013-11-06 11:24:35Playing the guitar
2013-11-06 11:15:51Two Questions
2013-11-06 10:54:01Sega America to Release Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for PS Vita in 2014
2013-11-06 10:29:59WTF ? (Maybe Spoiler)
2013-11-06 10:00:00Japan Gives Cosplay Experience to Foreign Travelers at Narita Airport
2013-11-06 09:53:54Theory On Hack (Manga Spoiler)
2013-11-06 08:55:20(Spoilers) Something i noticed while i was watching the Alabasta arc
2013-11-06 08:00:00Pocky Maker Glico Goes Moe with New Characters in Ad Campaign
2013-11-06 07:52:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 727
2013-11-06 07:23:45Im an anime watcher only, how is dressrosa and should be looking forward to it? ( I mean the arc after punk hazard)
2013-11-06 07:00:00What Does ESCAFLOWNE Say About Masculinity in Anime?
2013-11-06 06:42:24Dragon in Loguetown
2013-11-06 06:26:42“Battle of Gods” Hong Kong Home Release Coming Soon
2013-11-06 06:02:08Bleach Vol TBD Ch 556
2013-11-06 04:43:24Reborn!, Beelzebub, Gintama Characters Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Game
2013-11-06 03:13:46What if: One Piece consisted of multiple series with different main characters?
2013-11-06 02:45:01One Piece - Chapter 727
2013-11-06 02:08:10Theory of deaths in the future
2013-11-05 23:29:10“Dragon Ball GT” Receiving “Anime Comics” Release
2013-11-05 21:19:48Where is Noah? (Theory/Discussion)
2013-11-05 21:04:53Can we just take a moment and admire this subreddit?
2013-11-05 20:44:41Timeline of the Straw Hats
2013-11-05 18:47:25How far do you think Oda has planned OP story
2013-11-05 18:38:01A review explaining why people dislike fishman island arc
2013-11-05 18:31:05Where did Second Gear come from?
2013-11-05 16:22:27How strong was Ace?
2013-11-05 16:18:56Portgas D. Ace Cosplay [Summit War Saga SPOILER]
2013-11-05 16:08:04Roger, Garp, Ace and Luffy theory. *spoilers*
2013-11-05 15:49:59Rogers Powers
2013-11-05 15:40:12Easily one of the best scenes
2013-11-05 15:25:31Meiji University to Host National Pokemon Summit
2013-11-05 13:20:16Random Episode of the Day! # 125
2013-11-05 13:11:43Your Favorite Arc ?
2013-11-05 12:28:51I might be a little late but i had a heart attack when I saw this today.
2013-11-05 12:01:55Wind Rises, Madoka Magica, Momo Submitted for Oscar Nominations
2013-11-05 10:00:00Glico Makes Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Cactuar Pretz
2013-11-05 09:35:00Nozomu Tamaki Ends Dance in the Vampire Bund: Sledge Hammer Manga, Starts Part II
2013-11-05 09:20:51Question about Vivre Cards.
2013-11-05 08:45:00Rock Band Man With A Mission to Perform in New York, Los Angeles
2013-11-05 08:44:35One Piece Theories
2013-11-05 08:35:54The hat is just a hat.
2013-11-05 08:21:55Misconception about haki
2013-11-05 08:12:48Do you think Luffy will give Shanks the straw hat back?
2013-11-05 08:00:00Learn to Draw from Kei Enue, Hajime Isayama, Hiro Mashima, and Others
2013-11-05 05:34:28PocketStation For PlayStation Vita Unveiled With Promo
2013-11-05 03:31:39The Story of One Piece (up until Fishman Island)
2013-11-05 01:20:36Rubber Fruit
2013-11-05 00:29:31Ordered a figure, need some help!
2013-11-04 23:50:50Episode of the Day #31!
2013-11-04 23:50:19Eleven Supernovas - A Dolan edition
2013-11-04 22:09:25Episode 293, “Trébol in Toyland”
2013-11-04 21:54:19One Piece 4Kids Opening Parody "Sponge Piece"
2013-11-04 21:49:50One Piece
2013-11-04 21:14:14Chapter 727 Spoilers (Warning: SPOILERS!)
2013-11-04 21:04:26What is with people not wearing sleeves?
2013-11-04 21:03:28I am confused about Laws power.
2013-11-04 18:41:31My made-up Devil Fruit ability
2013-11-04 18:36:11Favorite One Piece merch?
2013-11-04 18:09:38Official IRC channel:
2013-11-04 17:46:33One Piece, One Shot - AMV Parody
2013-11-04 17:45:57Am I the only one who thinks there is a DF ability which will never be shown, because of how broken it is?
2013-11-04 16:56:17One Piece Stream No Fillers
2013-11-04 16:01:12How strong do you think Monkey D. Dragon is and what are his powers?
2013-11-04 15:33:52[yibis]_One_Piece_618_[480p][776F439C].mp4
2013-11-04 14:28:13Why did Oda give Luffy the gum gum fruit?
2013-11-04 14:11:18Starwhat crew strength.
2013-11-04 14:07:21Sogeking-sama
2013-11-04 13:26:08Annoying Usopp?
2013-11-04 13:20:49New Deco Pierce Lets Tamagotchi Users Dress Up Characters in Disney Outfits
2013-11-04 13:14:30whattt
2013-11-04 12:58:30I thought it was cool last week how mangastream captured the big 3
2013-11-04 12:43:36Zoro prediction
2013-11-04 12:12:58Final Battle Speculation
2013-11-04 11:52:00Photo Feature: Madoka Magica Exhibit at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo
2013-11-04 11:42:52Viz Media Adds Shokugeki no Sōma Cooking Comedy Manga
2013-11-04 10:35:24One Piece on the cover of Shonen Jump! 300 million copies sold!
2013-11-04 10:23:06My theory of the final boss in One Piece
2013-11-04 10:16:00Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (PS3/X360/Vita) - European Trailer
2013-11-04 10:15:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 790
2013-11-04 10:04:12My Hancock cosplay at Lucca Comics :)
2013-11-04 10:00:08One Piece and the Marines
2013-11-04 09:41:53Truth Is...
2013-11-04 09:41:43So it CAN happen in real life
2013-11-04 08:32:57Chapter 727 Predictions (Spoilers)
2013-11-04 08:05:08Just a few of my One Piece pictures I took at Youmacon
2013-11-04 07:45:22Favorite Opening.
2013-11-04 07:35:28Is luffy really a pirate?
2013-11-04 07:26:58History repeats itself .
2013-11-04 07:02:36Luffy sneaking into the real world.
2013-11-04 06:19:43“Battle of Z” Receiving “Goku Edition” in Europe
2013-11-04 06:01:28Thoughts on One Piece Movies
2013-11-04 05:18:56Explosive Taste! A Look Inside One Piece Baratie Restaurant
2013-11-04 03:55:03Hello for my first post i thought i should share some art.
2013-11-03 23:45:40The Walking Dead
2013-11-03 22:28:48Zoro and his left eye
2013-11-03 22:00:00Japanese Box Office, October 26-27
2013-11-03 21:57:02Does anyone else want a prequel Anime?
2013-11-03 21:01:42IRC
2013-11-03 20:00:39Banda El Recodo- La Mejor De Todas
2013-11-03 18:56:10Pirate Warriors 2 - Trafalgar Law S Rank Walkthrough Part 2 (Super Hard)
2013-11-03 18:09:48[Manga Spoilers] What just happened at the end of Episode 619?
2013-11-03 18:00:17Too slow.
2013-11-03 15:37:59Does Anybody Else Think that Akainu and Kizaru are Friends?
2013-11-03 15:12:36Random Episode of the Day! #441
2013-11-03 14:56:49Carved wanted poster Version 2! (more info in commetns)
2013-11-03 14:25:27My char in Animal Crossing New Leaf :)
2013-11-03 14:00:00Fukushima Nuclear Worker Pens Manga About Experience
2013-11-03 13:32:14Question about bounties (Spoilers?)
2013-11-03 13:01:54[yibis]_One_Piece_618_[720p][7B7AA6B2].mkv
2013-11-03 12:00:00Rinkō no Rantse Gameplay Video With Moe Fighter Jet Girls Streamed
2013-11-03 11:37:36I thought you guys might like this
2013-11-03 11:07:16Zoro with Gorilla Gorilla fruit!!
2013-11-03 10:22:03New Crewmember?
2013-11-03 09:45:40The captain got lost again, and found his way to a makeshift dance club. [x-post from r/pics]
2013-11-03 09:25:03Question about the mr "numbers"
2013-11-03 08:45:10Hemo Hemo no Mi. Devil fruit idea.
2013-11-03 08:19:18Why Monet is still alive
2013-11-03 07:33:33Im currently downloading all One Piece Episodes... did i make a mistake!?
2013-11-03 05:46:25A theory on why Coby will play a much bigger role in the future
2013-11-03 02:23:15Manga Spoilers(Up Too 695) Clarification on a character.
2013-11-03 02:12:07One Piece is finally on Crunchyroll - 1080p Streams
2013-11-02 23:48:08Does anyone know when Crunchyroll will get the older episodes?
2013-11-02 22:08:20Not to say I agree with all of them but...
2013-11-02 20:26:24One Piece Episode 619
2013-11-02 20:06:46After forcing my friend to watch One Piece, it was so awesome to see her draw this XD
2013-11-02 19:14:39What song plays at the end of this fight? [Marineford spoilers]
2013-11-02 18:53:17Something I would want to see in the future of One Piece, what do you think of it? SPOILERS
2013-11-02 18:44:51Is there a subreddit for devil fruit ideas?
2013-11-02 18:37:50Sky god [Amv]
2013-11-02 17:54:49Reading "Tobaku Haouden Rei: Gyankihen" when this panel popped up.
2013-11-02 17:51:23Carved a Luffy wanted poster. (Working on the rest of the crew and more). If you are interested in one let me know.
2013-11-02 17:18:01How I got my friends into One Piece
2013-11-02 16:42:01My theory about the Four Emperors (Spoilers)
2013-11-02 15:00:00Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Boys Get 1/8-Scale Figures & figma Action Figures
2013-11-02 14:47:48New OP Promotion at 7-Eleven
2013-11-02 14:41:03Theory about the inheritance of the Straw Hat.
2013-11-02 14:27:17Random Episode of the Day! #287
2013-11-02 14:00:00Happy Halloween — Anime Style Part II
2013-11-02 13:55:45One Piece--Big Dreams--SPOILERS
2013-11-02 13:47:12Where could I watch OP in good quality but without hulu?
2013-11-02 13:31:29New Era in the Chinjao Family?
2013-11-02 12:42:47Another Will of D Theory [Manga Spoiler]
2013-11-02 12:16:30Filler arcs
2013-11-02 12:00:00Comedian: Voice Actress Ai Shimizu to Make Pro Wrestling Debut
2013-11-02 11:00:00My Melody Cafe Offers Sweet Treats and Pink Food
2013-11-02 10:48:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 789
2013-11-02 09:50:44Spotted him somewhere else this time!!
2013-11-02 08:43:57What do you think are some of the funniest One Piece moments? (Possible Spoilers)
2013-11-02 07:06:59Million Live Idols Appear in The IDOLM@STER Movie Promo
2013-11-02 06:24:14One Piece Filler Guide?
2013-11-02 04:59:38Arlong park walk
2013-11-02 02:04:38Badass DF.....F U !
2013-11-02 02:00:00Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Music Previewed in Video
2013-11-01 22:23:24Crocodile and Mr. 1 talking about Alabasta
2013-11-01 22:04:10Drawing of pre-devil fruit Chopper on Drum Island.
2013-11-01 21:43:17Trying to get a friend into One Piece, need some help
2013-11-01 21:00:00Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Artist Noizi Ito Draws Madoka Magica
2013-11-01 21:00:00Melancholoy of Haruhi Suzumiya Artist Noizi Ito Draws Madoka Magica
2013-11-01 20:04:32Hooray! Another Theory, this time on how Blackbeard managed to get Whitebeards fruit.
2013-11-01 19:33:37Mysterious Four Theory (Manga Spoilers)
2013-11-01 19:00:007-Eleven Offers One Piece Gum Gum Fruit Buns
2013-11-01 18:49:49Will Foxy ever be relevant again?
2013-11-01 18:21:17Franky Banner WINNER!
2013-11-01 17:53:02Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time/Steven Universe) just posted this!
2013-11-01 17:30:00Sengoku Basara 4 Game Gets Manga Adaptation
2013-11-01 16:35:03Premium Bandai to Release New 20th Anniversary Sailor Moon HGIF Figures
2013-11-01 16:34:08The Reverie
2013-11-01 16:00:00Katsuhiro Otomo Receives Japan Medal with Purple Ribbon
2013-11-01 15:00:00Fourth Gundam Cafe to Have 1/1 MS-06 Zaku II Head
2013-11-01 13:18:15Could it be possible.. Miley Cyrus is a One Piece fan...
2013-11-01 13:09:36Japanese Actors, Musicians Show Off Their Halloween Costumes
2013-11-01 12:45:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 20-26
2013-11-01 12:42:52Did chopper also obtain haki? Being an animal, it would make sense that this would be his speciality.
2013-11-01 12:42:18Why is OnePiece such a bloated, shitty excuse of an anime?
2013-11-01 11:49:11Zoro vs Vergo? [Punk Hazard]
2013-11-01 11:42:31Random Episode of the Day! # 214
2013-11-01 10:57:20Is Oda ever going to introduce insect-zoan fruits?
2013-11-01 10:23:49Think I just found my new favourite OP character (bottom left)
2013-11-01 09:00:00Retailer: Puchimas! Manga to Bundle Anime DVD
2013-11-01 08:26:10One Piece To Start Simulcasting on Crunchyroll This Saturday
2013-11-01 08:19:39Hoodie 1 of 9 complete
2013-11-01 08:11:32Zoro Coaster
2013-11-01 08:01:39Last minute costumes, about 4 people knew who we were.
2013-11-01 06:50:34Another Drawing of a Mugiwara
2013-11-01 06:25:00Dragon Ball GT TV Animation Comics Announced
2013-11-01 06:08:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 788
2013-11-01 05:56:44One piece collections post.
2013-11-01 04:41:08So what happens when a conjoined twin eats a DF? Can they eat two and use both of their effects?
2013-11-01 04:23:38Favorite East Blue arc (besides Arlong Park)?
2013-11-01 04:01:18Ace and Whitebeard
2013-11-01 01:00:39Bill Murray dressed up as Brook for Halloween!
2013-10-31 23:28:06Happy Halloween Everyone!
2013-10-31 23:05:34One Piece Exhibition To Be Held In Taiwan!
2013-10-31 22:34:56Colleen Clinkenbeard the voice of luffy is now voicing Momiji in the English dub of Binbō-gami ga! Making scenes like this even better!
2013-10-31 22:00:22The new has a page about One Piece Podcast cast member and V Jump columnist, Greg Werner!
2013-10-31 20:42:49Saddest Backstory
2013-10-31 20:40:38If/when Smoker becomes an admiral, what will his alias be?
2013-10-31 20:25:02[Current Chapter Spoiler] I think I may have figured out the DF powers of a member of the Donquixote family
2013-10-31 20:13:3820,000 Nakama Strong!
2013-10-31 20:04:34Got this fortune and thought of luffy
2013-10-31 20:00:35Japanese 7-11 chain introduces new Devil Fruit snacks
2013-10-31 19:51:47Can we watch One Piece on Crunchyroll for free?
2013-10-31 19:18:32Heat Fruit
2013-10-31 18:52:46I tried my best
2013-10-31 18:52:30Hoodie 1 of 9 Complete
2013-10-31 17:44:58The wildest theory of who will eat the DF.
2013-10-31 17:30:04Replica Sword from Record of Lodoss War Given Away as Raffle Prize
2013-10-31 16:35:11Make it happen One Piece..
2013-10-31 16:18:58Can someone please give me the names of the osts of these two scenes
2013-10-31 15:21:26The three saddest moments in One Piece?
2013-10-31 15:00:00Dress Up with Bishoujo-Lined Suit Jackets
2013-10-31 15:00:00ComicLoud English Digital Manga Magazine Suspends Publication
2013-10-31 13:58:12What happens if a pregnant woman eats a Devil fruit?
2013-10-31 13:22:03Hello Kitty Litter Box Is Long Overdue
2013-10-31 13:05:47Crunchyroll to Stream One Piece Anime
2013-10-31 13:04:07One Piece to be Simulcasted @ Crunchyroll
2013-10-31 13:01:05One Piece Halloween
2013-10-31 13:00:54Green Bull (Spoilers)
2013-10-31 11:30:00Happy Halloween — Anime Style
2013-10-31 11:30:00Happy Halloween — Anime Style
2013-10-31 11:04:47How did Sanji break the Kairoseki cage in Hand Island?
2013-10-31 09:28:18Random Episode of the Day! #336
2013-10-31 09:27:49When did the joke about zoro not being good with directions start?
2013-10-31 09:26:22Blackbeard is a phony? (possible spoiler)
2013-10-31 08:53:41The Colorkage did a Halloween release of the last chapter, thought you guys might appreciate a few of the pages.
2013-10-31 04:00:00Tokyo Shin Seiroku: Operation Abyss Game Opening Streamed
2013-10-31 03:52:13Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 5
2013-10-31 01:00:00Bandai Sells Hello Kitty Robot in Die-Cast Metal With Shooting Fists
2013-10-31 00:37:18one piece Amv! The Strawhat Pirates
2013-10-31 00:30:00Capsule R Warrior Race Saiya-jin Arc - Released
2013-10-31 00:30:00AquaPazza Introduces Team ToHeart 2 in Trailer
2013-10-30 23:32:05Is there a list of fight data anywhere?
2013-10-30 22:53:56Crunchyroll - "One Piece" Characters Featured on Heraldic Baccarat Tumblers
2013-10-30 21:56:02Dressrosa Turning Out to Be One of The Best, if Not THE BEST Arc in OP so Far: Agree?
2013-10-30 20:41:30Birthday present for the boyfiend what do you guys think?
2013-10-30 20:00:00Madoka Magica Movie Second Week Freebies for Japanese Theatergoers Revealed
2013-10-30 19:59:15In honor of Halloween, what do you think is the scariest or creepieest moment in the whole series? Possible spoilers
2013-10-30 19:58:29In honor of Halloween, what do you think was the scariest moment in the whole series? Possible spoilers
2013-10-30 19:45:02The Surgeon of Death
2013-10-30 19:37:31One Piece Volume 72 SBS Thread.
2013-10-30 17:00:00Japanese Illustrators Work Hard For The Money — Or For Free
2013-10-30 16:37:17Can ceaser absorb smoker?
2013-10-30 16:13:25Made a gif from a scene in episode 615
2013-10-30 15:48:11I drew my favorite character.
2013-10-30 15:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, October 21-27
2013-10-30 14:59:20Type-Moon Co-Founder Takashi Takeuchi Draws Fate x Record of Lodoss War Crossover
2013-10-30 14:25:06Representing my second favorite pirate crew in Battlefield 4.
2013-10-30 13:59:02The basis for One Piece characters
2013-10-30 13:54:04Sentai Filmworks Adds Fantasy Game Anime Log Horizon
2013-10-30 13:32:005 Neat Things to Pre-Order This Week (Oct. 30)
2013-10-30 13:28:41God bless Gildarts-Clive for posting all the psych One Piece wallpapers! (repost, better thumbnail)
2013-10-30 13:05:05Random Episode of the Day! # 12
2013-10-30 12:52:37Perona and Mihawk
2013-10-30 12:08:20Sharing a devil fruit
2013-10-30 11:11:07Straw hat Jolly Roger coaster made of Purple Heart I made for a friend. Zoro will be up tomorrow other to come later.
2013-10-30 09:41:02One Piece 2014 Calendar is out!
2013-10-30 07:31:19Where can I download the manga?
2013-10-30 07:10:54Beast Saga Franchise Gets 2nd Anime Series
2013-10-30 06:18:06Sky islands! They are real!
2013-10-30 05:22:55does anyone know where i can find a video interview with oda? i cant seem to find one on youtube
2013-10-30 01:09:21Can Fishmen use Devil Fruit?
2013-10-30 00:34:59Just another typical drawing of Luffy
2013-10-29 22:39:07Is shanks super strong or weak as hell?
2013-10-29 22:32:57Is anybody else excited for AC Black Flag?
2013-10-29 22:13:27Biggest online english One Piece community?
2013-10-29 21:55:53Long Lost Relative Theory (Manga Spoilers)
2013-10-29 20:49:50Regarding where the english dub is at right now...(spoilers I guess)
2013-10-29 20:03:13Digital drawing I did of pre-devil fruit Chopper.
2013-10-29 19:18:47God bless Gildarts-Clive for posting all the psych One Piece wallpapers!
2013-10-29 19:01:51“Dragon Ball RPG: Boyhood Arc” (Android/iOS) Now Available
2013-10-29 18:31:41How exactly did the One Piece ripoff in China end and what was the general plot of it?
2013-10-29 18:10:44Need Someone to Talk To? Rent a Friend
2013-10-29 17:46:57Franky banner VOTING thread!
2013-10-29 17:17:50Wooden Luffy wanted poster mock ups.
2013-10-29 17:13:45Where to watch One Piece episodes
2013-10-29 16:30:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 27-November 2
2013-10-29 15:30:00Bubblegum Crisis Blu-ray Kickstarter Meets Pledge Goal
2013-10-29 15:10:04Trafalgar Law Cosplay, Pandakon Croatia
2013-10-29 15:00:49One Piece X Monster Hunter 4 event quest lets you turn your Felyne Helper into Tony Tony Chopper
2013-10-29 15:00:00Punch Perverts with Punishment Punch Girl Smartphone Game
2013-10-29 14:51:48Devil Fruits are not that big of a deal
2013-10-29 14:24:38Does any one else feel like One Piece is similar to the reality we reside in?
2013-10-29 13:45:44Thank you Straw, but our Mera Mera is in another castle. (theory about the fruit in current ARC)
2013-10-29 13:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 13-19
2013-10-29 12:15:00Bakune Young Manga Creator Toyokazu Matsunaga Arrested for Alleged Threats
2013-10-29 12:00:00Live the Pirate Life with Bodacious Space Pirates Potato Shochu
2013-10-29 11:30:15Who is your favorite Side character?
2013-10-29 11:00:00Halloween Festivals Hit It Big in Shibuya and Kawasaki
2013-10-29 09:59:002014 Calendars Released
2013-10-29 09:51:00Banpresto Kame House and Tenkaichi Budokai Set
2013-10-29 09:46:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #347
2013-10-29 09:42:00Dragon Ball RPG: Shōnen-hen - Released on Android and iOS
2013-10-29 09:26:40Top 5 Dressarosa Characters (Spoilers)
2013-10-29 09:25:12One Piece Vol TBD Ch 726
2013-10-29 09:18:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 787
2013-10-29 09:03:10Random Episode of the Day! #241
2013-10-29 09:00:00Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL Variant Heads to N. America
2013-10-29 07:44:35One Piece Ch. 726 Theories and Discussion
2013-10-29 07:41:29Chapter 726 Discussion (Spoilers)
2013-10-29 07:34:08Bleach Vol TBD Ch 555
2013-10-29 07:08:03Manga UK Licenses “Dragon Ball GT” For Home Distribution
2013-10-29 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #14 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-29 06:27:22Shanks the great and powerful?
2013-10-29 04:24:21One piece chapter 726
2013-10-29 04:21:57One Piece - Chapter 726
2013-10-29 04:00:10Full Raw Manga chapter 726 is out.
2013-10-29 03:20:56Zorospride was on The One Piece Podcast promoting /r/OnePiece today. Check it out!
2013-10-29 01:27:28Celebrating Halloween with Thriller Bark
2013-10-29 01:14:23Chapter 726 Cover Page (Manga Spoilers)
2013-10-29 00:40:37The Unofficial One Piece Podcast has been nominated for the Best Entertainment Podcast for the fourth year in row!
2013-10-29 00:31:40Do we have a r/onepiece crew?
2013-10-29 00:28:04So I was watching Gintama when all of a sudden....
2013-10-29 00:25:00Love Riron Book Gets Adaptation on TV Tokyo in Winter
2013-10-28 23:23:07Cat from Longring Longland (x-post from r/wtf
2013-10-28 21:28:58Episode 292, “The SAD Boat” (Stephanie Young)
2013-10-28 18:13:34Podcast Episode #0347
2013-10-28 17:55:14Drawing of the strawhat symbol request
2013-10-28 17:51:12So is Daz Bones (Mr 1.) Screwed in New World? (Post Marineford Spoilers)
2013-10-28 17:43:28My new One Piece mouse pad came in the mail!
2013-10-28 17:03:37Check out my new Luffy canvas!
2013-10-28 16:38:07Sea battles.
2013-10-28 16:24:49Met another One Piece fan at Escape From Wonderland.
2013-10-28 15:41:32One piece age survey?
2013-10-28 15:37:32where can I DOWNLOAD the manga, not just read it?
2013-10-28 15:22:31Voice Cast Announced for Boyfriend (Beta) Game
2013-10-28 14:11:08Quick little Chopper costume I wore for a Twitch stream ^^
2013-10-28 14:00:23iPhone case I modeled to be 3D printed soon (it will be different colors)
2013-10-28 13:39:33When will the chapter come out this week?
2013-10-28 13:27:54Idol Group Combines Pop Tunes and Sushi Making
2013-10-28 12:10:19Being Luffy
2013-10-28 12:03:07One Piece parody video animation I did, enjoy!
2013-10-28 11:49:34One Piece Manga Has 300 Million Copies in Print
2013-10-28 11:30:00Musician and Voice Actor Daigo Rocks Attack on Titan Cosplay for Halloween
2013-10-28 10:31:07Question about Strawhat.
2013-10-28 09:31:26“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) Pre-Orders Now Available
2013-10-28 07:00:00VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE #5 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-28 05:14:56Seems familiar...Santoryu!:D
2013-10-28 03:57:17Trafalgar Law in real life
2013-10-28 03:56:37[Probably Manga Spoiler] (#s "spoiler-text") Could someone please explain the colosseum part of the current arc
2013-10-28 03:06:16My attempt at spraying Marco the Phoenix! Hope you like it.
2013-10-28 00:31:05Franky banner submission thread!
2013-10-28 00:08:43Drawing of my favourite charakter! Trafalgar Law!
2013-10-27 23:05:06Got this guy for $10!!
2013-10-27 22:37:55SPOILERS For Chapter 726 (next chapter)
2013-10-27 21:42:17So I had a Halloween party last night!
2013-10-27 20:50:29Can anyone help me find an episode?
2013-10-27 18:22:28Random Episode of the Day: #278
2013-10-27 17:47:34NYCC 2013: Yen Press Team-Ups and Dishes Out New Manga Licenses
2013-10-27 17:31:47I felt like painting Luffy
2013-10-27 16:00:00Japanese Box Office, October 19-20
2013-10-27 14:56:56Make Devil Fruit Pumpkins using caulk!
2013-10-27 14:41:43What are some things the anime does better than the manga?
2013-10-27 14:00:00Life-size Statues of Galilei Donna Sisters to Appear at NoitaminA Shop in Odaiba
2013-10-27 14:00:00I.G, WIT Studio Make Anime Sequences in Sengoku Basara 4 Game
2013-10-27 13:47:22Mugiwara Pumpkin! (From a couple of years ago.)
2013-10-27 13:09:38Question about Law (MANGA SPOILERS)
2013-10-27 13:08:23Have you ever seen a fierce animal you were sure would never bite?
2013-10-27 12:48:11Question about Luffy [Manga Spoilers]
2013-10-27 12:47:48I want to get into one piece but?
2013-10-27 12:19:55Another year and a new pumpkin
2013-10-27 11:38:21How to describe One Piece to someone?
2013-10-27 10:58:50Where is this from?
2013-10-27 10:05:17(Spoilers) possible one piece predictions (The 3 great mysteries)
2013-10-27 08:17:19intro music for one piece
2013-10-27 07:45:01So just how strong is Shanks?
2013-10-27 06:15:02Help for AMV
2013-10-27 04:51:00S.H.Figuarts Kuririn - Released
2013-10-27 04:08:03marine talk..
2013-10-26 23:10:02Smoke Bending (x-post /r/gifs)
2013-10-26 20:26:55One Piece Episode 618.
2013-10-26 18:31:21Temp Temp Fruit.
2013-10-26 18:10:17Looking for help with some photoshopping.
2013-10-26 17:32:44Sweet Adventures
2013-10-26 16:30:51Real Bounty suggestions (Spoiler)
2013-10-26 14:54:10Drew This Guy on My Name Tag at Work
2013-10-26 13:40:00Crunchyroll to Simultaneously Offer Kodansha Manga in 170 Countries
2013-10-26 12:00:00Taberemasen Manga Creator Yanwari Kazama Passes Away
2013-10-26 10:40:33My drawing of Zorro, hope you guys enjoy!
2013-10-26 08:28:08Do you think someone new will join the Strawhat crew?
2013-10-26 06:45:38I wanna get a OP Tat
2013-10-26 06:08:49my One piece fan art
2013-10-26 05:07:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 786
2013-10-26 03:05:00Last Precure All Stars New Stage Film to Open in March
2013-10-26 01:10:35Oi
2013-10-26 01:05:00Gatchaman Crowds Anime Gets 2nd Season
2013-10-26 00:50:16One piece 720p download
2013-10-25 23:18:18Best reason why Baby 5 should join the crew
2013-10-25 22:00:00Code Geass Pachinko Game Announced with Promo Video
2013-10-25 21:55:54One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 - S Rank Walkthrough Part 1 (Super Hard)
2013-10-25 21:48:43Epic Picture
2013-10-25 19:34:04Zoro VS.....
2013-10-25 19:00:00Saitama Governor Declares Prefecture a "Holy Anime Site"
2013-10-25 19:00:00Saitama Govenor Declares Prefecture a "Holy Anime Site"
2013-10-25 18:30:00AnimEigo Starts Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter Funding Campaign
2013-10-25 18:02:14Top 10 best anime quotes of all time One piece scores first!!!
2013-10-25 17:45:0014-Year-Old Girl to Make Her Professional Manga Debut
2013-10-25 16:50:08Was watching One Piece when I noticed something.
2013-10-25 16:38:26My Homemade Trafalgar Law Cosplay Sword
2013-10-25 16:34:47Fine. Do you think Nami could beat Arlong now?
2013-10-25 16:20:03So I just won this from a UFO machine here in Japan
2013-10-25 16:02:30New Logia possibilities
2013-10-25 15:46:28The future of One Piece in the West.
2013-10-25 15:42:50Do you think Usopp could take Arlong now
2013-10-25 15:00:00DJ Hello Kitty and Ayumi Hamasaki United at Last!
2013-10-25 14:10:52Favorite SBS questions/answers
2013-10-25 13:26:20Decorate Yourself with 30th Anniversary Creamy Mami Nail Decals
2013-10-25 13:22:55Mayumi Tanaka Confirms More Voice Recording in Blog Post
2013-10-25 13:17:00Rate the straw hat crew based.
2013-10-25 13:03:35Crunchyroll to Stream Kyousogiga Anime
2013-10-25 12:00:37“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) North American Release: 2014-01-28
2013-10-25 11:59:36Kaido Theory
2013-10-25 11:30:00Space Dandy to Air on Toonami Before it Airs in Japan
2013-10-25 11:13:27“J Legend Retsuden” (JP 3DS) Commercial & Promotional Video
2013-10-25 11:01:34don flamingo = miley cyrus
2013-10-25 10:02:04Random Episode of the Day #317
2013-10-25 09:30:00Hayao Miyazaki, Attack on Titan, Garden of Words Win Anime Kobe Awards
2013-10-25 08:40:36What styles/ look do you want each of the Strawhats to adapt?
2013-10-25 07:55:53Does anyone else think Whitebeard had Cancer?
2013-10-25 06:10:17Does anyone know of an archive of MangaStream scans?
2013-10-25 03:13:11I miss tiny luffy
2013-10-25 00:50:44Space Dandy to Run on TV in Japan, N. America, Asia in January
2013-10-24 22:07:04Usopp?
2013-10-24 20:11:19ace, luffy and sabo... (spoilers)
2013-10-24 19:20:10One Piece AMV
2013-10-24 18:33:05Can we just to take a moment to remember how awesome Whitebeard was?
2013-10-24 18:10:47I wish I had a Zoro latte.
2013-10-24 17:53:41Could this be Vegapunk?
2013-10-24 17:25:56Hey /r/onepiece, check out these exceptional One Piece shirts my girlfriend made in New Leaf!
2013-10-24 17:05:02Mugiwara kaizoku flag...
2013-10-24 16:58:45The stakes in every one piece arc
2013-10-24 16:52:05Episode of Merry. English subtitles. Where?
2013-10-24 16:50:20What would be the most practical use of a DF in real life?
2013-10-24 15:47:26If Luffy was ever captured by the Navy and was going to be executed, do you think Garp would do nothing like he did with Ace or would he do things differently the second time around?
2013-10-24 15:28:47Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto Episode: 1.1
2013-10-24 15:10:31Question about sanji
2013-10-24 15:00:00Test Drive a Love Live! School Idol Project Toyota
2013-10-24 14:21:45Has Sanji been training ever sinced he started smoking?
2013-10-24 14:03:08Does Sanji snort drugs?
2013-10-24 13:37:30This scene always breaks my heart D;
2013-10-24 12:15:00Mangapolo Site Hosts Manga Translation Battle
2013-10-24 12:07:30Having a really hard time finding a Luffy hat for adults
2013-10-24 11:52:13One Piece Blu-Ray/DVD Release schedule
2013-10-24 11:39:48Madoka Magica Crane Game Yields Figures and Corn Snacks
2013-10-24 11:09:14Random Episode of the Day! #354
2013-10-24 10:22:45there needs to be a GOOD one piece game
2013-10-24 10:00:00Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Launch Trailer Posted
2013-10-24 09:00:00Behind the Scenes with Yoshiki Classical
2013-10-24 08:34:00V-Jump December 2013 - Scans
2013-10-24 08:22:00Dragon Ball SD Special Chapter - Scans
2013-10-24 07:12:00Gundam Breaker Game Ad Showcase Bizarre Kitbashed Combos
2013-10-24 07:08:35“Dragon Ball RPG: Boyhood Arc” (Android/iOS) Website Opens
2013-10-24 07:00:00Yowamushi Pedal Heads to Cycling Expo
2013-10-24 06:21:40Do you think sanji would hit a woman ?
2013-10-24 06:00:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #346
2013-10-24 05:36:02Not your usual fan art: Straw Hat Pirates in the style of Indonesian wayang (shadow puppet)
2013-10-24 04:24:00New "Battle of Z" Trailer
2013-10-24 04:22:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 785
2013-10-24 03:47:57This might be obvious but I just realised Dressrosas meant to be a parallel to Italy, I guess that makes Doflamingo the Mafia crime lord...
2013-10-24 02:18:04One Piece Episode 619 Preview
2013-10-23 22:42:16Is there a break this week?
2013-10-23 22:00:00Shin Gundam Musou/Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Game Videos Showcase Strike Gundam, Big Zam
2013-10-23 19:45:00NISA to Release Hyperdimension Neptunia PP in N. America, Europe in 2014
2013-10-23 19:30:51New Side Story in Dragon Ball SD
2013-10-23 19:00:16Gomu Gomu no Mi? Where does it come from? (possible manga spoiler)
2013-10-23 18:10:50Podcast Episode #0346
2013-10-23 18:00:00Mikakunin de Shinkōkei Manga to Bundle Animated Music Video
2013-10-23 16:01:17Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 4
2013-10-23 15:50:31Any good merchandise websites?
2013-10-23 15:50:03Random Episode of the Day! #393
2013-10-23 15:34:40Would you have to eat the whole fruit?
2013-10-23 15:26:45A Nausicaa reference? In MY one piece?
2013-10-23 15:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, October 14-20
2013-10-23 15:00:00Hatsune Miku Gets Ethereal in Cloud-Projection Concert
2013-10-23 14:35:26Nico Robin: Thriller Bark
2013-10-23 14:07:33How do I become a mod
2013-10-23 14:00:54shanks end of east blue saga and at marineford.
2013-10-23 12:30:00Pachinko Machines Get Their Own Virtual Idols
2013-10-23 12:28:27Buggy has had Captain Johns treasure map and 2 full years to search for it! (spoilers)
2013-10-23 12:14:37Types of haki and SHs
2013-10-23 11:36:20is it possible that throughout one piece zoro has been stronger than luffy? has it ever been proved that one is stronger than the other?
2013-10-23 11:06:05Whos stronger, Caesar or Vergo?
2013-10-23 10:49:31Timeskip stories
2013-10-23 08:58:37One Piece Volume 72 Cover. [Small Image]
2013-10-23 07:59:30Guys i need your help
2013-10-23 07:37:28Regarding the future of the Mera Mera fruit
2013-10-23 07:00:00KILL LA KILL #3 -- Watch & Learn
2013-10-23 06:57:42Viz Dragon Ball “Full Color” Comics Cover Art Revealed
2013-10-23 06:15:01Who has Your Favorite Individual Character Arc/Development Over the Course of the Series? (NON-STRAW HATS ONLY!)
2013-10-23 06:10:40Started reading Nurarihyon no Mago again. Does this look familiar to anyone?
2013-10-23 05:59:06Bleach Vol TBD Ch 554
2013-10-23 04:42:31One Piece Toys Tony Tony Chopper Pillow For Sofa
2013-10-23 04:33:05One of my favourite scenes from the Water 7 arc.
2013-10-23 03:51:48Great Absalom Cosplay.
2013-10-23 03:01:58[yibis]_One_Piece_617_[480p][8829FF6E].mp4
2013-10-23 01:36:25Luffy visit Ace?
2013-10-23 00:00:00NISA to Release Mugen Souls Z in N. America, Europe in 2014
2013-10-22 23:34:24Regarding Whitebeards Crew
2013-10-22 22:59:43Sanji and Nami in action.
2013-10-22 22:49:13[yibis]_One_Piece_617_[720p][F00F3270].mkv
2013-10-22 22:11:36Your most anticipated fight of the series?
2013-10-22 22:05:11Now what if...
2013-10-22 21:45:07New idea for a devil fruit power
2013-10-22 19:00:00Hakusensha to Launch Lala Melody Online Magazine
2013-10-22 18:28:57What two characters in the anime/manga would you like to see battle?
2013-10-22 17:41:39One Piece NewEra Hats
2013-10-22 17:41:25FUNimation Posts & Removes Widescreen DBZ “Season One” Trailer
2013-10-22 17:31:24EverythingOnePiece (EOP) and I have made a youtube video discussing some theories.
2013-10-22 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 20-26
2013-10-22 15:36:45Anyone know where I can find painted stills from the anime?
2013-10-22 15:06:03Got my phone all ready for Halloween
2013-10-22 15:00:00Figure of Madoka Kaname Key Visual from ~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~
2013-10-22 14:27:44Aksys Games Adds Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi PS3 Game
2013-10-22 14:06:29Looking for an old post.
2013-10-22 13:55:33Spoilers-is anyone else hoping...
2013-10-22 13:51:49Just thinking what would happen when Luffy finds the One Piece and I find this.
2013-10-22 13:00:00Patema Inverted Anime Film Wins at Scotland Loves Animation Fest
2013-10-22 12:42:21Finally caught up. Lets talk favorite moments
2013-10-22 12:04:55Trafalgar Law
2013-10-22 12:04:23Diamanté, Trebol and Pica (Manga Spoilers)
2013-10-22 11:23:37Sailor Moon Bag Charms, Hoodies, and More from Premium Bandai
2013-10-22 11:18:14Why would chopper change his hat?
2013-10-22 11:11:06Random Episode of the Day! #508
2013-10-22 10:06:22NYCC 2013: Viz Media Announces Shoujo, Seinen and Shorts
2013-10-22 09:24:00J Legend Retsuden (Nintendo 3DS) - New Trailers
2013-10-22 09:00:00Nintendo Pokemon Hanafuda Cards Ready for Pre-Order
2013-10-22 06:53:18Bonus “Dragon Ball SD” Chapter in December 2013 V-Jump
2013-10-22 06:51:06Saw this while walking down the street!
2013-10-22 06:18:52What is your favorite Arc (Anime Question)
2013-10-22 01:28:01This deserves to be a new opening
2013-10-21 23:36:05New phone home screen
2013-10-21 23:34:57Z.
2013-10-21 21:08:19thoughts on Gol D rogers and Shanks
2013-10-21 20:40:00Dokidoki! Precure Head Writer: Anime Will Be 49 Episodes Long
2013-10-21 20:35:21Episode 291, “Caribou’s Lost World”
2013-10-21 20:24:45Luffy is my biggest hero of all time (episode 607 to 617 if that is a spoiler)
2013-10-21 20:20:55“Victory Mission” Chapter 14 in December 2013 V-Jump
2013-10-21 20:10:48Where to find Dubs
2013-10-21 19:46:18How does One Piece make you feel?
2013-10-21 19:15:10Just ordered a custom printed mousepad. Results look amazing!
2013-10-21 18:41:37I love fillers in One Piece
2013-10-21 18:00:00German Artist Gets Manga Published by Shueisha
2013-10-21 17:11:47Just call me Blueno
2013-10-21 17:00:00Period Cramps? This 5-Panel Comic Gets It
2013-10-21 16:30:00Production I.G Produces Anime Segments for Live-Action Film
2013-10-21 16:18:36Talk my friends into watching One Piece
2013-10-21 16:18:35Where to watch One Piece in HD?
2013-10-21 15:30:00Hiro Fujiwara to Publish Maid Sama! 1-Shot Next Month
2013-10-21 15:22:36Chopper Cosplay
2013-10-21 15:00:00Cafe & Bar Characro in Ikebukuro Serves Up Tiger & Bunny Food, Booze, and Interactive Features
2013-10-21 14:56:15Random Episode of the Day! #550
2013-10-21 14:31:53One Piece game that i have been brainstorming ideas of.
2013-10-21 13:43:25One Weed - OverHigh
2013-10-21 13:00:00Attack on Titan + Cat Videos Together At Last
2013-10-21 12:46:00Bardock & Coora Announced For "Zenkai Battle Royal"
2013-10-21 12:30:00New Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Video Highlights Ways to Kill Enemies
2013-10-21 12:15:54Does anyone know how to make hoodies, preferably with a zipper?
2013-10-21 11:55:38Donquixote Theory (Manga Spoiler)
2013-10-21 11:41:02Thoughts on Yonkou Takeover (Potential Spoilers?)
2013-10-21 11:00:0030 Evangelion-Branded Things That Have No Reason to Be Evangelion-Branded
2013-10-21 10:25:00"Dragon Ball RPG" Announced for Android & iOS in Japan
2013-10-21 10:18:00Selecta Visión Acquires "Battle of Gods" License
2013-10-21 10:08:00S.H. Figuarts Special Color Edition Piccolo - Review
2013-10-21 10:05:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 784
2013-10-21 10:00:00Producer: Dokidoki! Precure Anime to End by the End of the Year
2013-10-21 09:47:44Religion in the world of One Piece
2013-10-21 09:47:25The AMV that makes you "feel" the most.
2013-10-21 09:05:52Bardock & Coola Coming to Arcades in “Zenkai Battle Royale”
2013-10-21 09:00:00Slice Open Your Letters with a Kill la Kill Scissor Letter Opener
2013-10-21 08:52:35“Battle of Z” Japanese Release Date: 2014-01-23
2013-10-21 08:48:16Luffy defeats caesar
2013-10-21 08:47:37“Dragon Ball RPG” Coming Soon to Android & iOS in Japan
2013-10-21 07:32:44Theory about reaching Raftel
2013-10-21 07:31:09question about the will/family of the D
2013-10-21 07:26:46Zoro and Tony
2013-10-21 07:12:47Favorite Devil Fruits
2013-10-21 07:00:00Japanese Theater-Exclusive Third Madoka Magica Film Goods Revealed
2013-10-21 06:50:167th Shichibukai theory (Spoilers)
2013-10-21 04:50:12One piece pc games?
2013-10-21 04:16:58What music genre would appeal to each strawhat?
2013-10-20 23:10:24Question regarding Blackbeard
2013-10-20 22:01:00Japanese Box Office, October 12-13
2013-10-20 21:15:46Ever wondered how much power a kick at the speed of light has?
2013-10-20 19:19:57If you could join any crew other than the Straw Hats, which would it be and why?
2013-10-20 19:13:55What other color of armaments do? (Spoilers possibly inside)
2013-10-20 17:07:16If you could change anything about One Piece, what would it be?
2013-10-20 14:58:21Is Shirahoshi the strongest character in One Piece right now?
2013-10-20 14:45:36When do you think OP will end?
2013-10-20 14:41:08One Piece Volume 72 Predictions (Spoilers)
2013-10-20 14:00:006HP Christmas Cosmetics Get Tie-In Anime Short With Hatsune Miku
2013-10-20 13:56:24What do you think is the most nonsensical thing that happened in One Piece?
2013-10-20 13:41:59My friend got this for my kid. She made her take it off once she found out it was from one piece.
2013-10-20 12:58:56Random Episode of the Day! #483
2013-10-20 12:19:42An argument I had with a friend
2013-10-20 12:04:33Unexplained Parents in One Piece?
2013-10-20 10:32:49Who do you think is the 7th Shichibukai? (may contain spoilers)
2013-10-20 09:32:062 Different Jolly Rogers for the Straw Hats?
2013-10-20 08:28:28I have an important question pls help,its about the manga and the anime (no spoilers )
2013-10-20 07:52:46This is our Nami
2013-10-20 07:12:35Selecta Visión Acquires “Battle of Gods” License For Spain
2013-10-20 06:33:38Question about the BB Pirates
2013-10-20 05:34:53Where is Franky atm(Anime)
2013-10-20 03:52:21Where can I watch Episode of Merry: The Tale of One More Friend?
2013-10-20 03:43:27My new phone case came today
2013-10-20 02:08:58Zoro being lost, Tagashi being helpless and Sanji in a fit of jealousy... just another day of one piece really
2013-10-19 22:53:08Zombie Sabo Theory
2013-10-19 22:51:02Just started watching One Piece, absolutely love it. Few questions :)
2013-10-19 22:36:14I know trying to make One Piece logical never works but..
2013-10-19 22:20:21Discussion: The 10th Straw Hat Member (spoilers)
2013-10-19 20:58:26Time for a SUUUUPER New Banner Contest!
2013-10-19 20:20:50Theory on Vegapunk (Spoilers)
2013-10-19 20:05:59One Piece Episode 617
2013-10-19 18:04:02Totally Had to think about Trafalgar Law :D
2013-10-19 17:58:17Will one piece ever get the DBZ Kai treatment?
2013-10-19 15:49:00Random Episode of the Day! #18
2013-10-19 14:58:47Was Ace involved with Doflamingo? (Prediction)
2013-10-19 14:00:00Make Your Phone Magical With Madoka Magica Customization App
2013-10-19 13:38:12Chopper and Bepo
2013-10-19 12:21:08Stray Impel Down Thoughts - How Did Magellan Imprison Shiliew?
2013-10-19 12:09:32Why is the subreddit theme only about Nico Robin?
2013-10-19 11:00:00Documentary Series on Competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee on Youtube
2013-10-19 10:49:42This scene is what made me change my opinion on who was the best of the mugiwara crew from luffy to zoro
2013-10-19 10:29:53Ducks. The *almost* Strongest Beasts in One Peice
2013-10-19 10:16:03Favorite Fighting Style
2013-10-19 09:49:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 783
2013-10-19 03:17:23Custom Skull Violin (x-post from r/pics) All I could think was "Yo-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ho!"
2013-10-19 01:31:52Kaido Devil Fruit Prediction (SPOILERS)
2013-10-19 01:15:01[yibis]_One_Piece_616_[480p][72D7A218].mp4
2013-10-19 01:00:00Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Gameplay Promo Streamed
2013-10-19 00:17:42Random Episode of the Day! (a bit late)
2013-10-18 23:17:20Captain Buggy
2013-10-18 23:07:21How far am I from the current chapter?
2013-10-18 20:19:31A collage of my favourite moments, stuck to my bedroom door
2013-10-18 19:42:26I found this amv, not my favorite song but i think the editing of the video was cool, thought you guys would enjoy
2013-10-18 18:26:57[chapter 724 spoiler] No matter what, this was an epic scene.
2013-10-18 18:02:38My MV + Piano Cover of my Favourite Arc - CP9
2013-10-18 17:17:54Famima Serves Up Black Curry Kinnikuman Steamed Buns
2013-10-18 16:41:40Zoan Speculation
2013-10-18 16:40:19This would be the perfect violin for Brook! (x-post from r/pics the u/Proteon)
2013-10-18 16:36:02[yibis]_One_Piece_616_[720p][7BB81568].mkv
2013-10-18 15:17:21What Straw Hat relationships would you want to be explored more?
2013-10-18 15:08:12Honestly, I think they found a good VA for Brook.
2013-10-18 15:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, October 6-12
2013-10-18 14:24:05Caribou and the Revolutionaries.
2013-10-18 13:45:00NouCome Light Novel to Bundle Unaired Anime on Blu-ray
2013-10-18 13:08:00Dragon Ball Heroes Teaser - Adult Gotenks
2013-10-18 13:02:46Gengar has been pulling the strings all along guys
2013-10-18 13:00:00Kantai Collection Cafe has Themed Foods and Battle-Damaged Tapestries
2013-10-18 12:23:09Was Luffy more interesting in early episodes?
2013-10-18 12:20:25The Revolutionaries.
2013-10-18 10:31:31What if Luffy Fails?
2013-10-18 10:26:00Son Goku VS. Superman Flipbook Part 2
2013-10-18 10:23:00Law Vs Vergo
2013-10-18 10:08:50How strong is kong ?
2013-10-18 09:00:00"Fighting Scarf Girls" Posters Mix Attack on Titan, Yozakura Quartet
2013-10-18 06:16:53Question about shanks and buggy
2013-10-18 05:03:04PR: Spiral Into Madness With Deluxe Complete Edition of UZUMAKI from VIZ Media!
2013-10-17 23:40:36Trafalgar Law at a restaurant
2013-10-17 23:38:43My Usopp keychain lost its nose :(
2013-10-17 23:14:45An question about Yasopp and Vista.
2013-10-17 22:29:39How are Sanji and Zoro so strong?
2013-10-17 22:17:42(Manga Spoilers) Probably...what Bellamy saw at Skypiea....
2013-10-17 21:48:32In honour of the latest episode, I dedicate this song to Vergo
2013-10-17 21:31:34Mysterious character in Ch.631 cover page!
2013-10-17 20:47:31Embrace it
2013-10-17 19:42:35Usopp.
2013-10-17 18:27:04Are Logias still the strongest?
2013-10-17 17:27:29Luffy vs Monet (Awake) [ep609]
2013-10-17 17:15:00Pacific Rim Fighting Game Coming to PS3
2013-10-17 16:51:17Why law hates Dolf.
2013-10-17 16:00:00Hori-san & Miyamura-kun School Manga Gets 2nd Video Anime
2013-10-17 15:53:23The not so subtle personality trait about DoF that I missed
2013-10-17 15:13:09“Battle of Gods” Home Release Information Pages & Translation
2013-10-17 14:43:43One Piece Theory. Must Read.
2013-10-17 14:30:56Ace, Luffy, and Sabo at the beach
2013-10-17 13:47:11The Top 10 Fights of Luffy!
2013-10-17 13:30:17Chapter 726 Predictions (Spoilers)
2013-10-17 13:29:34Sentai Filmworks Adds Time Bokan: Royal Revival Video Anime
2013-10-17 12:00:00Harmony Gold USA v. Hasbro Case Dismissed
2013-10-17 10:43:37"If you were to go on a trip, where would you go?"
2013-10-17 09:51:37Random Episode of the Day! #253
2013-10-17 09:40:00 Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 782
2013-10-17 09:26:32“Dragon Ball Heroes: Special Binder Box Set 2″ Coming in Japan
2013-10-17 08:57:21/r/OnePiece are any of you attending Youmacon?
2013-10-17 08:56:00kaidou ladies
2013-10-17 08:13:29NYCC 2013: Vertical Inc Deals in Fat and Falls With Manga and Light Novel Licenses
2013-10-17 07:39:39One Piece Episode 618 Preview
2013-10-17 07:00:00Elizabeth-shaped Bun from Gintama is Full of Mystery Meat
2013-10-17 04:23:34Finally got a chance to pick up these SUPER items.
2013-10-17 04:00:00Cop Injures Man While Drifting, Cites Anime and Video Games as Inspiration
2013-10-17 00:48:53Eneru and the Automata in the New World
2013-10-16 22:30:00Steins;Gate Stage Play Presented in Digest Video
2013-10-16 21:32:03Really in depth video analysis on who the is the strong character in One Piece thus far.
2013-10-16 21:27:22Drew and colored young Iceburg on Manga Studio 5
2013-10-16 20:39:53Really in depth analysis video on who is the strongest one piece character thus far
2013-10-16 18:58:42Chinese restaurant near my house!
2013-10-16 18:18:52Mysterious Plot hole in the "Admiral" role.
2013-10-16 17:35:31LiSA Has a Message For Her Fans
2013-10-16 16:15:29Job Openings at Anime News Network
2013-10-16 16:03:20Eiichiro Oda and his foreshadowing.
2013-10-16 15:00:00Stop-Motion Figures Are Latest Attack on Titan Parody
2013-10-16 14:38:37Sanji physical strength [spoilers]
2013-10-16 14:38:32Strange question I know, but does anyone here know of a good Russian dub of the anime?
2013-10-16 13:18:36Random Episode of the Day! #229
2013-10-16 12:25:59To the cute brunette girl on the Northern Line with the One Piece key chain!
2013-10-16 12:17:51I would really like to see Luffy, Jinbei and Crocodile team up again.
2013-10-16 12:14:20NYCC 2013: Kodansha Comics Maneveurs Multiple Attack on Titan Spin-Offs
2013-10-16 11:32:28Voice Actresses Form Virtual Cosplay Idol Group "Smile Shooter"
2013-10-16 11:30:00BlazBlue Chronophantasma Promo Video Profiles 25 Playable Characters
2013-10-16 11:28:22Striking Similarities
2013-10-16 11:22:03onepiece will it ever end?
2013-10-16 11:05:13Franky is the Perhaps Least Popular of All the Straw Hats - Why is That?
2013-10-16 10:35:22“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) Release Date & Price Announced
2013-10-16 10:07:00Bandai Keychains - Reviews
2013-10-16 10:01:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 781
2013-10-16 09:40:00Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Trailer Presents Shion Bonus
2013-10-16 09:36:51“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) Vegeta Updates
2013-10-16 09:19:22Boa Hancock, Luffy are playable in J-Stars Victory VS (PS3 anime crossover game)
2013-10-16 09:03:56Bartolomeo Fan Fiction
2013-10-16 07:55:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 725
2013-10-16 07:13:46Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 3
2013-10-16 06:43:07Bleach Vol TBD Ch 553
2013-10-16 05:40:32Violet (Spoilers)
2013-10-16 05:37:26Go Nagai Ends Cutey Honey vs Devilman Lady Manga
2013-10-16 05:15:40One toy seemed familiar...
2013-10-16 05:04:40One Piece, Bleach, Nisekoi, To Love-Ru Girls Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Game
2013-10-16 05:04:40One Piece, Bleach, Nisekoi, To Love-Ru Girls Join J-Stars Vs. Game
2013-10-16 03:02:13One Piece Ch. 725 Theories and Discussion
2013-10-16 02:39:21One Piece - Chapter 725
2013-10-16 02:39:15One Piece Chapter 725
2013-10-16 02:38:48Why do you like Sabo?
2013-10-16 02:37:55Luffy next level of abilities
2013-10-16 00:54:55Can we get an X Drake flair?
2013-10-16 00:33:18sub vs dub
2013-10-15 23:17:43Question on Thousand Sunny (SPOILERS!)
2013-10-15 21:20:03What does Cipher Pol do?
2013-10-15 20:38:00Success sounds a lot like One Piece.
2013-10-15 19:56:35Why was Shanks in East blue in chapter 1?
2013-10-15 19:03:05Literally and figuratively.
2013-10-15 18:41:55where to request to have a frame coloured?
2013-10-15 17:00:00Oreimo Body Pillows Smell So Fresh and So(ap) Clean
2013-10-15 15:35:20Had some scrubs join my crew.
2013-10-15 15:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 13-19
2013-10-15 14:25:57[Spoiler?] On Little Garden, why not just find a log pose from one of the many dead people?
2013-10-15 14:23:52BAD DUBS with Markiplier and Jesse Cox Ft. One Piece - Polaris
2013-10-15 13:38:51My One Piece Sculptures (so far, Usopp + Brook + Chopper)
2013-10-15 13:21:13Sentai Filmworks Adds Outbreak Company Fantasy Anime
2013-10-15 13:16:54Crew fighting abilities.
2013-10-15 13:04:16you just gotta loveeee zoros sense of direction <3
2013-10-15 13:00:00Town of Iwami Offers Exclusive Free! Merchandise and Iwatobi-chan Scarecrow
2013-10-15 12:44:54Will Toei ever animate the cover stories in the manga?
2013-10-15 12:38:42Who wins? (sorry for bad paint skills)
2013-10-15 12:14:49One Piece meme compilation
2013-10-15 11:41:26strongest non-devil fruit users in?
2013-10-15 11:09:17Hello Kitty to Collaborate with... The Simpsons?
2013-10-15 10:57:48“Super Butōden 2″ Coming to “J Legend Retsuden” (JP 3DS)
2013-10-15 10:42:58Why Was/Is Ace Such a Popular Character?
2013-10-15 10:10:14Random Episode of the Day! #357
2013-10-15 06:31:34Upcoming Flashback (Manga Spoilers)
2013-10-15 06:17:25A Beatles style one piece T-shirt
2013-10-15 06:12:23Jean-Ango (Spoilers)
2013-10-15 02:56:08My friend and I attempt at diable jambe
2013-10-15 00:47:27Anpanman Manga/Anime Creator Takashi Yanase Passes Away
2013-10-15 00:40:36Why is Ace Such a Popular Character
2013-10-14 23:19:08SPOILERS For Chapter 725 (next chapter)
2013-10-14 21:18:26Episode 290, “Trafalgar Law’s Log Blog”
2013-10-14 19:22:29What are your favorite One Piece AMVs/ASMVs?
2013-10-14 18:13:38What I like to call "The Awakening" [ep609]
2013-10-14 18:12:10Top 5 Favorite Characters [NO STRAWHATS]
2013-10-14 18:10:08Is Zoro a samurai, and why/why not?
2013-10-14 17:02:26Just how strong is Luffy? *Spoilers up to recent chapters*
2013-10-14 16:13:31Found Robin in the latest LORE video
2013-10-14 16:12:58So is there anyone....?
2013-10-14 14:29:05Is Poseidon over-rated? (Fishman Island spoilers)
2013-10-14 14:01:50I love it when other parts of reddit become One Piece related!
2013-10-14 14:01:06(Manga Spoilers) IMPORTANT VERGO DISCUSSION
2013-10-14 13:44:25One Piece Chapter 702 Colored
2013-10-14 13:41:29Are there any good Onepiece games for the computer?
2013-10-14 13:05:11Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibit to Travel Through Europe in 2014
2013-10-14 12:24:04A theory about Dracule Mihawk
2013-10-14 12:14:23My Usopp sculpture (shown in stages of completion)
2013-10-14 11:56:47onepiece where is sabo? contain spoiler of episode 500+
2013-10-14 11:24:09Gekko Moriah Vs Vulkan - Who wins this match?
2013-10-14 11:00:00Snuggle Up Closer To Your Sister With Official Hugging Pillows
2013-10-14 10:48:50Luffy and Law
2013-10-14 10:34:40What do you think of the Dub
2013-10-14 10:33:16How do you like my recent drawing of Chopper?
2013-10-14 10:06:15Saw some familiar faces while watching T.V.
2013-10-14 09:00:00World Order Band Welcomes The Olympics to Tokyo
2013-10-14 08:51:24Donquixote Doflamingo Fruit foreshadowing
2013-10-14 07:56:08Random Episode of the Day! #184
2013-10-14 07:51:37Logia users and Busoshoku Haki
2013-10-14 07:45:34Who do you guys think is/was stronger
2013-10-14 06:39:06Third Samurai (Spoiler)
2013-10-14 05:48:59Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX PS3 Game Coming in 2014
2013-10-14 05:40:48What is the difference between Pirate Warriors and Pirate Warriors 2?
2013-10-14 05:05:52The avengers.
2013-10-14 04:03:36That Episode 616 "Cliffhanger"
2013-10-14 01:36:17Uranus Theory--
2013-10-14 00:01:08Once Upon A Time Someone I Knew Asked if She Could Draw Anybody Something, Her Being A Anime Nut I Asked For Trafalgar Law. Here Was The Result!
2013-10-13 22:35:00Mai Goto, Mami Ozaki, Ryota Takeuchi Lead Super Sonico Anime Cast
2013-10-13 20:39:59Who/What will take down the strongest people in One Piece?
2013-10-13 20:22:54What do you guys think a Sanji vs Sadi-chan would be like?
2013-10-13 20:00:45Really Creative Going Merry Cosplay
2013-10-13 20:00:40Where can I watch Episodes 84-111?
2013-10-13 19:45:35A question about the latest chapter
2013-10-13 18:34:06A Thing
2013-10-13 18:20:00Japanese Box Office, October 5-6
2013-10-13 16:57:15New Devil Fruit user.
2013-10-13 16:07:42Types of Devil Fruits
2013-10-13 15:49:21What are your favourite not so epic moments?
2013-10-13 15:48:44One Piece and the Post-Apocalypse
2013-10-13 14:51:03Who do you think would win in a free-for-all fight between every logia user in the show, WITHOUT their DF powers?
2013-10-13 13:37:24[Manga Spoiler] Sanji and the Monster Trio
2013-10-13 13:11:20Not really a spoiler just something about the latest Episode!!
2013-10-13 12:59:02Dragon Slayer Natsu vs Fire Fist Ace
2013-10-13 12:13:29Random Episode of the Day! #434
2013-10-13 11:20:00Former Morning Musume Idol Mari Yaguchi Formally Retires
2013-10-13 10:20:00Attack on Titan Wins Top Prizes in Newtype Anime Awards
2013-10-13 09:18:48What if Sanji Had a Zoan Devil Fruit? (Rabbit-Rabbit?)
2013-10-13 08:45:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 780
2013-10-13 08:39:11Where to view One Piece Raw Anime?
2013-10-13 08:10:03Future DF Wish List (Spoiler)
2013-10-13 07:27:32Strike Witches Gets 3rd TV Anime Series, OVA
2013-10-13 06:54:47Little help with starting watching (Spoiler)
2013-10-13 03:22:13Will Aokiji join the Straw-Hats?
2013-10-13 01:57:59Buggy D Clown
2013-10-13 01:19:20Another anime to really get invested into, much like One Piece?
2013-10-12 21:41:27Will Luffy Kill Akainu?
2013-10-12 21:23:02“J-Stars Victory Vs” TGS 2013 Updates & More
2013-10-12 21:20:00Good Smile Company Teases Monster Hunter Nendoroid Urukusu Armor Ver.
2013-10-12 20:39:24What fights/events do you think we will see flashbacks of before the end of one piece?
2013-10-12 20:20:00Hatsune Miku Sings When You Hum and Type
2013-10-12 20:12:38Strawhats 1-9 glasses
2013-10-12 19:59:17One Piece Episode 616
2013-10-12 17:30:36Random attack idea for Luffy
2013-10-12 17:08:00Episode of the Day! #208
2013-10-12 16:34:51What if...
2013-10-12 16:06:503rd Madoka Magica Film to Open in U.S., Canada on December 6
2013-10-12 16:05:59Aniplex to Release 1st Magi Season in 2 DVD Box Sets
2013-10-12 15:44:07Diable jambes
2013-10-12 14:20:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 29-October 5
2013-10-12 13:20:002nd Tiger & Bunny Film to Have Katsura Cameo, Unison Square Garden Song
2013-10-12 12:20:00Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds NYCC Trailer Posted
2013-10-12 12:18:00Uniqlo? Choppa Shirt - Pink Super Kawaii Desu!! >.<
2013-10-12 10:53:48One Piece 2014 Calender
2013-10-12 10:10:03Saw this on my new 2DS and it instantly made me think of Kuma..
2013-10-12 09:45:42ONEPIECE goes BLEACH
2013-10-12 09:29:15The best Strawhat fighting combos?
2013-10-12 09:20:00A Certain Magical Index, Scientific Railgun Unite for New Puzzle-Action Game
2013-10-12 09:08:23Vertical Inc Plays With Fire With Tetsuya Tsutui’s Prophecy
2013-10-12 03:26:27What happened to the animation?!!
2013-10-12 02:58:23Can you help me where this episode is?
2013-10-12 00:55:27why have you stuck with the series?
2013-10-11 23:30:00Nintendo Streams Pokemon X & Y Launch Trailers, Ads
2013-10-11 22:45:39Dubbed episodes 288-299 added on anime ratio!
2013-10-11 22:30:37Gakken to Launch English/Japanese Site for Samurai Manga
2013-10-11 22:30:37Gakken to Launch English/Japanese Digital Manga Site
2013-10-11 18:01:58Favourite character intro?
2013-10-11 16:37:16Black Leg Sanji Tribute - Unattainable Paradise [FoxTamerMGO]
2013-10-11 15:42:52[Manga Spoliers] What I suspect happened 13 years ago
2013-10-11 13:17:45Kodansha Comics Adds Attack on Titan: Before the Fall, No Regrets Spinoff Manga
2013-10-11 13:15:00Kodansha USA Adds Attack on Titan: Junior High Manga, Guidebooks
2013-10-11 12:57:14Upcoming Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Season Sets to Still Be Widescreen?
2013-10-11 12:00:00Bandai Offers Undressable Free! Character Plushes
2013-10-11 11:30:00Funimation Unveils Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Cast, Trailer
2013-10-11 09:40:00After The Future Volume 1 - Reworked Pages
2013-10-11 09:30:02Random Episode of the Day! #488
2013-10-11 09:00:00Hello Kitty-shaped Donuts for Halloween
2013-10-11 08:50:30What is your favorite episode?
2013-10-11 05:22:41Capone Bege?
2013-10-11 04:50:12Bartolomeo ability interesting use
2013-10-11 04:45:37Comedians Play as Seiya, Thanatos in Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers PS3 Game
2013-10-11 01:35:19Anywhere I can watch Episode 0?
2013-10-11 00:49:21I like Chopper, check my small desk collection!
2013-10-10 22:05:21Information Pages For Dragon Ball Z Movies 1-3 Now Available
2013-10-10 19:53:12So far, what was the reveal that had most buildup?
2013-10-10 18:50:008 Man Theme Singer Shigeru Katsumi Passes Away
2013-10-10 18:32:01Trick or Treat at the Evangelion Store!
2013-10-10 17:53:07Question about Moria
2013-10-10 16:15:03Question about Whitebeards mark!
2013-10-10 16:00:09miley doflamingo
2013-10-10 15:24:43Theory On Bepo (Spoilers)
2013-10-10 14:54:19A question about the end of the Alabasta arc.
2013-10-10 14:50:00AquaPazza Introduces Team Utawarerumono in Trailer
2013-10-10 14:23:14“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Character Customization Screens
2013-10-10 13:50:00Seitokai Yakuindomo Anime Gets 2nd TV Season, New OAD
2013-10-10 13:00:00Seattle Supermarket Displays Meaty Anime Sculptures
2013-10-10 11:42:31Random Episode of the Day! # 558
2013-10-10 11:30:00Madoka Magica Gets Tie-In Popcorn, Drinks
2013-10-10 10:57:20More Blackbeard Discussion - The Yami Yami no Mi and Absorption
2013-10-10 10:50:00Shin Gundam Musou/Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Game Teased in Promo, Ad
2013-10-10 10:16:59(SLIGHT manga spoilers) Is Trafalagar doomed to only one outcome?
2013-10-10 10:15:17Newbie getting back into one piece
2013-10-10 09:45:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 779
2013-10-10 08:56:24Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet Gets Sequel Green-Lit
2013-10-10 08:36:07New Nakama Candidate? (SPOILERS!!!!)
2013-10-10 07:54:44[yibis]_One_Piece_615_[480p][ADF4CAFE].mp4
2013-10-10 06:48:20Zoro as Akainu
2013-10-10 05:06:59What non One Piece do you think will get along with the crew?
2013-10-10 03:45:49Latest chapter theories and discussion
2013-10-10 01:50:00The Tyrant Falls In Love Spinoff Manga Gets New Chapter
2013-10-10 00:59:01[spoiler](How I feel about Doflamingo right now)
2013-10-10 00:20:57So I started watching one piece from the beginning..
2013-10-09 23:00:33Was helping a friend catch up in the anime and saw someone who looked familiar (Episode 511)
2013-10-09 22:35:00Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Confirmed With Eternal Calm, Last Mission
2013-10-09 22:11:45Something I really hope happens to Zoro
2013-10-09 22:05:36Why One Piece is better than Naruto and Bleach
2013-10-09 21:43:44What are all the endings to the name and what do they mean?
2013-10-09 19:41:27What are the most obscure and little known One Piece characters that you feel too few people know about?
2013-10-09 17:41:27Future match ups...
2013-10-09 17:00:00Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ Invades Famima... Again
2013-10-09 16:09:18[yibis]_One_Piece_615_[720p][3586C052].mkv
2013-10-09 15:51:36Ussop nose crack
2013-10-09 15:26:42One Piece Movie
2013-10-09 15:00:00Sing Your Heart Out in a Special Diabolik Lovers Karaoke Room
2013-10-09 14:56:01PR: SuBLime Debuts est em’s Passionate Art Romance TABLEAU NUMERO 20!
2013-10-09 14:20:20Look what i Picked up at the arcade in Dublin
2013-10-09 13:30:18Funny Luffy/Mr. 3 Scene
2013-10-09 13:22:59How can I watch One Piece Episode 0: Strong World (OVA)
2013-10-09 12:54:05Something I noticed about the big three.
2013-10-09 12:45:49Real life Kenbunshoku Haki
2013-10-09 12:21:00Picked up 54 vols of manga for 50 dollars last night, 13 of them were One Piece
2013-10-09 12:10:11Got 54 vols of manga for $50 last night, 13 of them One Piece!
2013-10-09 11:54:02Random Episode of the Day! [New post series]
2013-10-09 10:56:35Is it possible for Luffy to become strong enough to be the Pirate King (basically the Strongest person) within this Timeskip?
2013-10-09 09:27:00Dragon Ball Z Movies Ani-manga #5 Released in France
2013-10-09 09:25:00Miracle Battle Carddass DB14 - Review
2013-10-09 09:00:00Make a 5 cm Rick Dias Mobile Suit from Paper
2013-10-09 08:29:01One Piece Chapter 724 ワンピース Review
2013-10-09 08:28:39Question about Laws Plan and Caesar(Spoilers)
2013-10-09 07:31:55[Manga Spoiler](#s "So after reading the latest chapter...")
2013-10-09 07:00:00VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE #4 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-09 06:58:56Dressrosa and Zou (Spoilers)
2013-10-09 06:54:58One Piece Chapter 724 ワンピース Review: WE FINALLY GET A NAME!!!
2013-10-09 06:52:00New Harvest Moon 3DS Game to Release in Japan in February
2013-10-09 06:25:59On Mihawk being the strongest swordsman.
2013-10-09 06:05:38(meta) How about creating a chapter discussion archive?
2013-10-09 04:17:42Mihawk vs. Zoro
2013-10-09 03:25:57Ever wondered what a bearded Super Saiyan looks like?
2013-10-09 03:05:10New Type One Piece Models 6Characters Luffy Doll
2013-10-09 00:00:45NHK TV Program: New Pikachu Game Is in the Works
2013-10-08 23:53:51Characters with horns (Magellan, Caesar Clown) a distinct race? Much like wings for Shandians, Birkand, and Skypians?
2013-10-08 23:21:14One of my friends predicted what Law would do over a year ago.... amazing theory in the past, interesting to look back at now
2013-10-08 21:39:20Noticed something interesting during the battle against the Flying Fish Riders...
2013-10-08 20:19:20Ito Ito no Mi (Spoilers!!!!!!)
2013-10-08 19:53:54Wow
2013-10-08 19:53:45after reading the latest chapter I had a sudden urge to draw Doflamingo. What do do you guys think?
2013-10-08 19:47:01One Piece - Will of D. | AMV/ASMV
2013-10-08 19:07:41"Directionally Challenged Swordsmen" (ACT)
2013-10-08 17:53:16Who is more powerful, Blackbeard or Magellan?
2013-10-08 16:57:50Can someone explain to me what fujitora is doing in this scene?
2013-10-08 16:50:08[Manga Spoiler]How I imagine the coming fight will play out
2013-10-08 16:39:46The Identity of Ryokugyu
2013-10-08 16:08:24[Manga Spoilers] As one of the Supernovas, why was Law on Sabaody Archipelago?
2013-10-08 16:06:51Something I noticed in the new chapter
2013-10-08 15:23:57Question About Current Chapter
2013-10-08 15:00:00Attack on Titan Makeup Tutorials for Halloween
2013-10-08 14:24:28My drawing of Doffy.
2013-10-08 14:14:28Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 2
2013-10-08 13:57:40Exactly how popular is One Piece?
2013-10-08 13:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 6-12 (Updated)
2013-10-08 13:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, October 6-12
2013-10-08 12:14:29So beautiful.. Right in the feels..
2013-10-08 11:34:01One Piece POP Review: Neo DX Shiliew of the Rain
2013-10-08 10:43:10One Piece Ch. 724 Theories and Discussion
2013-10-08 10:02:22Lets discuss the possibility of the 9th [Dessarosa Spoilers]
2013-10-08 09:40:33Look what i got.
2013-10-08 09:19:08Kaido Speculation - What IS He?
2013-10-08 09:00:00Light Novel Author Pens "Anti-Haruhi" Novel
2013-10-08 08:38:48Why, when Luffy gives his hat to someone to hold while he fights, does he usually give it to Nami?
2013-10-08 08:33:57Question about Shanks and Whitebeard encounter.
2013-10-08 08:00:00Weird News Japan: Two Streakers Arrested For Showing Their "Dumplings"
2013-10-08 07:48:04Thoughts About The Direction of the Current Arc.
2013-10-08 07:11:06One Piece Vol TBD Ch 724
2013-10-08 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #12 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-08 06:44:43Luffy+law theory
2013-10-08 06:22:06Bleach Vol TBD Ch 552
2013-10-08 04:03:18Was watching OP on my mobile. Accidentally paused and got this.
2013-10-08 03:05:03Do you think Usopp will get Haki throughout One Piece?
2013-10-08 02:06:46[MANGA SPOILERS] 2 questions about the admirals.
2013-10-08 02:03:16One Piece - Chapter 724
2013-10-08 00:38:02Oh Luffy...
2013-10-07 23:40:00Dragon Quest Games Get Ports, New Monsters RPG on Smartphones
2013-10-07 23:39:31Surprisingly Fitting
2013-10-07 22:01:54Episode 289, “Bones and Beer” (Ian Sinclair)
2013-10-07 21:28:37Opinion: One Piece villains who turn into allies are forgiven FAR too easily
2013-10-07 21:19:53rewatching one piece and just wondering...
2013-10-07 20:39:52My SUUUPER Coffee Tumbler!
2013-10-07 20:05:19akainu needs to die!
2013-10-07 20:03:50Hey r/OnePiece what episodes of One Piece should I have on my phone.
2013-10-07 19:32:55An unintentionally funny moment from Chapter 12
2013-10-07 19:14:03OnePiece:Ship Model Thousand Sunny Model One Piece Theme
2013-10-07 19:03:29One Piece: Grand Line 3.5, like DM of the rings but one piece!
2013-10-07 17:15:15Podcast Episode #0345
2013-10-07 16:57:52Ian Sinclair, the English VA for Brook, interview! By The One Piece Podcast [38:00]
2013-10-07 15:23:42Do you think One Piece will ever become really popular in the West?
2013-10-07 15:00:00Real Life Recipes for Anime Food
2013-10-07 14:30:00Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Anime Short to Screen Alongside New Film
2013-10-07 14:04:54Had some extra time in class today
2013-10-07 13:04:26Sentai Filmworks Adds Infinite Stratos 2 Anime
2013-10-07 12:59:13Best story arc to start?
2013-10-07 12:53:30Dream Battles (Probable Spoilers)
2013-10-07 12:13:23So is there a talented individual who can make a particular Bon Clay wallpaper?
2013-10-07 11:41:56Omg Sanji is such an idiot!!!
2013-10-07 11:23:32Ultimate Fan Fights One Piece vs Naruto: Episode 1
2013-10-07 11:04:29Halloween is near my nakama!
2013-10-07 11:00:00Evangelion Store Updates with Slips, Shorts, and Other Accessories for Women
2013-10-07 10:59:30Crunchyroll to Stream NouCome TV Anime
2013-10-07 10:00:00V-Jump November 2013 Review
2013-10-07 09:57:00Master Star Piece Son Goku: Review
2013-10-07 09:56:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 778
2013-10-07 09:46:01Funimation to Stream Freezing Vibration, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, Tokyo Ravens, BlazBlue
2013-10-07 08:31:37This weekend Oda will be collaborating with popular fashion designer Asami Kiyookawa on the next cover of Jump.
2013-10-07 08:30:00Behind-the-Scenes at a Hatsune Miku Cosplay Shoot
2013-10-07 05:09:42Chapter 724 spoilers.
2013-10-07 04:51:03Devi fruit Weapons
2013-10-07 02:20:10Thoughts about Shanks and BB (spoilers)
2013-10-06 23:29:40[Self Cosplay] Trafalgar law Vs Modern Day Marines
2013-10-06 22:54:16Roger Pirates arc?
2013-10-06 21:36:55anyone else think that shanks would be a good ending enemy
2013-10-06 21:00:00Japanese Box Office, September 28-29
2013-10-06 19:10:42The Imperial Riku Forces (Spoiler)
2013-10-06 18:49:20Picture of Luffy I drew... hope you like it
2013-10-06 18:21:39i"m not an artist.. just bored
2013-10-06 17:59:15LoLkk
2013-10-06 17:47:41Has anyone made a decent sub for Episode of Merry yet? Also, how long until it gets dubbed?
2013-10-06 16:35:55Re-reading the series. This page gives me chills
2013-10-06 16:25:00Sword Art Online: Extra Edition Special Key Visual, Story Revealed
2013-10-06 15:00:00Maaya Uchida, Sarah Emi Bridcutt Join Date A Live Cast
2013-10-06 15:00:00Maaya Uchida, Emi Sarah Bridcut Join Date A Live Cast
2013-10-06 14:00:00Get Your Hot Dudes of BlazBlue Merch at Animate Girls Festival
2013-10-06 11:50:00Durarara, Accel World Casts Join Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Game
2013-10-06 11:22:17Can someone translate this?
2013-10-06 10:52:05How different do you think the Marineford war would have been if the whole Strawhat crew was there?
2013-10-06 10:38:19Can a character have multiple DevilFruit powers?
2013-10-06 10:28:47New Dragon Ball Manga Coming?
2013-10-06 10:03:22Fujitora and Blackbeard (Spoilers)
2013-10-06 10:00:52Gundam Build Fighters Anime to Stream in N. America
2013-10-06 10:00:00Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Roll Cakes
2013-10-06 09:21:42My favourite One Piece couple as a wallpaper
2013-10-06 08:32:55I love One Piece But,
2013-10-06 06:14:02Black Bullet Light Novels Get Anime by Kinema Citrus
2013-10-06 05:10:58Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei Novels Gets Anime With Yūichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami
2013-10-06 05:10:58Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei Anime Gets Anime With Yūichi Nakamura, Saori Hayami
2013-10-06 03:50:00New Dragon Ball Heroes Chapter Announced
2013-10-06 03:44:00Bandai 2004 Keychain Figures
2013-10-06 03:40:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 777
2013-10-05 22:24:24One Piece Episode 615 Subbed is getting so close to the manga what is gonna happened when it catch up?
2013-10-05 21:49:30Nice songs that you would like to see in an AMV?
2013-10-05 20:54:12One Piece Episode 615.
2013-10-05 20:50:18Can someone help me make an AMV with this song i feel like it would be perfect?
2013-10-05 20:39:47When do you think will be the next epic Strawhat Crew Battle?
2013-10-05 19:56:46Can someone please explain Haki to me?
2013-10-05 17:39:25Prediction: The Law/Luffy alliance will gain a third member and it will be Jewelry Bonney.
2013-10-05 17:30:26how have you guys been watching for so long?
2013-10-05 17:26:56Question about Fishman Island Arc
2013-10-05 15:21:11What is the next step to conqueror haki?
2013-10-05 15:02:43Zoros Past - Kuina
2013-10-05 14:37:42Rewatching the FI arc and had a thought/question.
2013-10-05 11:00:00Long-lost Animation Sequences from Defunct Gatchaman Movie
2013-10-05 10:50:49[Spoiler]How would you continue the current manga arc to make it as epic as possible?
2013-10-05 09:00:00Sleep-Inducing CD Invites You To Snuggle Up With Your Sister
2013-10-05 07:50:05War arc
2013-10-05 07:40:26look who got their own bus company
2013-10-05 07:12:44[SPOILERS] Epic Moment(s) in One Piece [SPOILERS]
2013-10-05 07:00:00Nintendo Teases Pokemon Hanafuda Cards
2013-10-05 06:53:53who would win in a fight...
2013-10-05 05:39:23Pretty sweet wallpaper
2013-10-05 05:00:09OST Help
2013-10-05 04:36:49Spoilers Inside. Naruto vs One Piece
2013-10-05 01:00:00Houston to Screen Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Film Trilogy
2013-10-05 00:52:52Question about Fujitora
2013-10-05 00:42:43Favorite song?
2013-10-04 23:34:49One Piece Motion Manga - Chapters 686-687
2013-10-04 23:20:13a sea stone devil fruit what would happen
2013-10-04 23:08:42something that bothered me about Enel
2013-10-04 22:56:59Cute One piece figurines, bags, key caps and rarely find project torch! pls support~
2013-10-04 20:44:07Ace wallpaper for phone.
2013-10-04 18:07:09One Piece Episode 617 Preview
2013-10-04 17:50:20The world of One Piece is really weird.
2013-10-04 17:31:32What is on the Red Line?
2013-10-04 17:18:24I has question
2013-10-04 17:03:30Crunchyroll to Stream Fantasy Game Anime Log Horizon
2013-10-04 15:16:44Favorite DF (Possible Spoilers
2013-10-04 15:00:00Attack on Titan X Crossovers We Love
2013-10-04 14:57:51Discussion on possible filler arc after Punk Hazard and the current arc in the manga.
2013-10-04 14:30:19Real life Wapolmetal
2013-10-04 13:54:50Where in the series should I start watching??
2013-10-04 13:48:50Speculations, White Beard and Aokiji? (Possible spoilers)
2013-10-04 13:44:45Where in the show should I start watching??
2013-10-04 13:12:53An odd statement coming from Zoro. Spoiler heavy.
2013-10-04 12:53:52maps of grand line
2013-10-04 11:53:33Help Finding Some Quotes
2013-10-04 11:43:26If you were Oda...
2013-10-04 11:26:15if one piece characters where to play sports what sport would they be best at
2013-10-04 11:05:00Dragon Ball SD Chapter #19 & Battle of Gods Chapter
2013-10-04 11:00:00Masked Superhero Delivers Toys to Kids in Thailand
2013-10-04 10:54:00Daisuke Nishio Attending “Salon del Manga”
2013-10-04 10:48:00Dragon Ball SCultures Series 3 - Son Goku: Review
2013-10-04 10:03:12“Dragon Ball Heroes” New Chapter Teased in Promotional Video
2013-10-04 09:25:00Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Upgrade Shown in Comparison Video
2013-10-04 08:43:03How far ahead is the Manga?
2013-10-04 08:30:27Someone explain why this is done.
2013-10-04 08:08:57Question about Raftel (speculation is welcome)
2013-10-04 08:00:00New Strike Witches The World Witches Art Book
2013-10-04 07:47:54What is the difference between One Piece: Pirate Warriors and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2
2013-10-04 07:25:00Demon Gaze PS VIta Dungeon RPG Gets Manga Series
2013-10-04 07:00:00VISION OF ESCAFLOWNE #3 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-04 06:26:51Daisuke Nishio to Attend Spain’s 2013 “Salon del Manga”
2013-10-04 04:48:28Blind Justice by Nain-SS on deviantART
2013-10-03 22:15:14Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Game Demoed by Comedians in Video
2013-10-03 21:46:10How did Blackbeard get into impel down?
2013-10-03 21:33:49Roronoa....Zoro.
2013-10-03 21:08:21Did Ni No Kuni just spoil a part of One Piece for me?
2013-10-03 18:53:24Should Zoro get a new nickname?
2013-10-03 18:44:49The switch from Naruto to One Piece
2013-10-03 17:43:39Mugiwara Pirates Poster
2013-10-03 17:04:04Thoughts on Sabo appearing again in One Piece
2013-10-03 17:00:00Sega Streams 2nd Promo Video with Mikudayo
2013-10-03 16:10:32What is your favorite emotional scene in the Anime?
2013-10-03 15:37:59Norland never lied! (Chapter 292)
2013-10-03 15:32:29I always enjoyed the One Piece GBA game but this irked me to no end
2013-10-03 15:01:38Crunchyroll to Stream 3rd Season of Phi-Brain Anime
2013-10-03 15:00:00ONE PIECE #614 - - Special Review
2013-10-03 15:00:00Smell Grilled Meats... On Your Phone!
2013-10-03 13:46:00Does anyone have a coloured version of this last panel
2013-10-03 13:02:29Pretty in Pleats – Project H Licenses New Crossdresser Hentai
2013-10-03 13:00:00Evangelion Accessories and Hoodies for the Winter
2013-10-03 12:20:59Crunchyroll to Stream White Album 2, 3rd Season of Teekyū Anime
2013-10-03 11:00:00Propose with an (Unofficial) Pokemon Ring
2013-10-03 09:35:00"Battle of Gods" DVD "Limited Edition" - Review
2013-10-03 09:32:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 776
2013-10-03 07:53:38[yibis]_One_Piece_614_[480p][47E4599A].mp4
2013-10-03 06:00:00Party Down With Pokemon in New York City
2013-10-03 04:23:01You are Bartholomeo. What crazy legends did the Strawhats leave in their wake?
2013-10-03 02:15:19[Manga Spoilers] Luffy VS Dolfa will not happen.
2013-10-03 01:40:00Japanese Comic Ranking, September 23-29
2013-10-03 00:45:22Question about marinefold
2013-10-03 00:40:00Funimation Streams Wolf Children Dub Trailer
2013-10-02 21:25:41Bitches please.
2013-10-02 21:20:39[yibis]_One_Piece_614_[720p][92E2A56B].mkv
2013-10-02 21:18:48Any way I can buy this hat?
2013-10-02 20:26:11Hight hopes for Luffy vs Dolfy
2013-10-02 17:02:23Not a very serious amv but i made one :P
2013-10-02 16:55:24[Spoilers] I CANNOT be the only one...
2013-10-02 13:59:09Fanboy Symbolism Theory (Manga Spoilers)
2013-10-02 13:22:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 723
2013-10-02 13:17:06“Official Manga Spin-Offs” Guide Overhaul
2013-10-02 13:00:00Crunchyroll to Stream Infinite Stratos 2 Anime
2013-10-02 12:27:05Bleach Vol TBD Ch 551
2013-10-02 12:15:21A few Pirate Facts (x-post from r/TIL)
2013-10-02 12:09:00Madoka Magica Taxis in Sapporo
2013-10-02 11:35:00Crunchyroll to Stream Fantasy Anime Outbreak Company
2013-10-02 11:29:12Sanji in Dressrosa: a theory (Manga spoilers)
2013-10-02 10:52:46Strong World
2013-10-02 10:51:37Diagram: Donquixote Family
2013-10-02 10:37:15Possible chapter 724 spoiler.
2013-10-02 10:01:39Would you like Perona as 10th member?
2013-10-02 09:37:50One Piece Chapter 723 Theories and Discussion
2013-10-02 09:35:30If you could re-name Killer, what name would you give him?
2013-10-02 09:26:26Phone Cases
2013-10-02 09:25:09Chapter spoilers theory.
2013-10-02 09:00:49Chapter 723 is up!
2013-10-02 09:00:00Ring in 2014 With A Evangelion Calendar
2013-10-02 08:45:00Mega Charizard Y, X & Opening Sequences Revealed For Pokémon X/Y Games
2013-10-02 08:15:46Scotch Squared
2013-10-02 08:09:42Question about Bonney
2013-10-02 08:08:10One Piece Chapter 723
2013-10-02 08:08:00One Piece - Chapter 723
2013-10-02 07:31:23Occupation check in
2013-10-02 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #11 - - Watch & Learn
2013-10-02 07:00:00Stella Girls Academy C3-bu Voice Actress Tries Her Hand at Airsoft
2013-10-02 06:41:42Where is the new chapter?
2013-10-02 06:40:49One Peace Expands Genres with License of Yuri Series, Whispered Words
2013-10-02 06:29:31What devil fruit would you use for day to day use?
2013-10-02 06:27:01The Observers and Other Nameless People (Manga Spoiler)
2013-10-02 05:39:19[yibis]_One_Piece_613_[480p][B0141051].mp4
2013-10-02 04:46:28Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Anime Gets New OVA
2013-10-02 04:46:28Twin Angel: Twinkle Paradise Franchise Gets New OVA
2013-10-01 23:19:54My drawing of Emporio Ivankov :D what do you guys think?
2013-10-01 23:00:00Manga Creators Celebrate Kadokawa Merger with Art & Messages
2013-10-01 22:22:06[yibis]_One_Piece_613_[720p][0C51598F].mkv
2013-10-01 22:00:00K: Days of Blue Spinoff Manga Launches Next Month
2013-10-01 19:57:47So Blackbeard... [SPOILERS]
2013-10-01 19:31:40One Piece raw scan
2013-10-01 19:06:16[Spoilers] White beards Devil Fruit
2013-10-01 18:15:57New to One Piece
2013-10-01 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 29-October 5 (Updated)
2013-10-01 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 29-October 5
2013-10-01 16:51:55That Nami cosplay tho
2013-10-01 16:26:50Age check in.
2013-10-01 15:00:00Top 5 Greatest Anime Studios? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-10-01 15:00:00New Kantai Collection Nendoroid from Good Smile Company
2013-10-01 14:40:30Something i noticed (Spoilers)
2013-10-01 13:08:48Season 5 Voyage 4 - English Trailer
2013-10-01 13:03:45Aurora-Aurora Devil Fruit (Brainstorm)
2013-10-01 13:00:00London Ukiyo-E Japanese Art Exhibit Features 400-Year-Old Erotica
2013-10-01 12:48:34I decided to draw pre-time skip Franky because in my opinion Franky looked alot cooler before time skip. What do you guys think?
2013-10-01 12:39:46The dark killer reindeer
2013-10-01 12:00:00Enjoy a Hatsune Miku Christmas Cake from FamilyMart
2013-10-01 11:34:37Crunchyroll to Stream Miss Monochrome Idol Anime
2013-10-01 11:22:42Goro Goro no mi VS Pika Pika no mi
2013-10-01 10:23:12Manga Artists Doodle On Retired Shogakukan Publishing Building
2013-10-01 09:38:26Anime Comics Cover Art Updates: “Battle of Gods” & DBZ Movie 8
2013-10-01 09:32:53Yuki Yuki no mi V.S. Hie Hie no mi
2013-10-01 09:00:00Kirby: Triple Deluxe Game Arrives on 3DS in 2014
2013-10-01 07:55:41The final fight.
2013-10-01 07:04:41Came across this guy at AWA, he looked very familiar, but the beard threw me off.
2013-10-01 06:00:00Media Blasters to Dub Koe de Oshigoto! in English
2013-10-01 02:41:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #344
2013-10-01 02:36:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 775
2013-10-01 01:21:57Does anyone remember the tv show Heroes? Could a Peter Petrelli Devil Fruit User exist? Too overpowered?
2013-10-01 01:19:41Who takes on which Yonko? (Manga spoilers)
2013-10-01 00:15:00Mega Man Creators Bring Mighty No. 9 to PS4, Xbox One
2013-10-01 00:09:47Chapter 723 Spoilers
2013-09-30 22:32:08Check out this guy! Artist draws himself with his favourite characters. I love the one with Law and smoker.
2013-09-30 22:22:36Found this guy on youtube doing One Piece drawing videos
2013-09-30 21:42:12A question about Rayleigh (Marineford Spoilers)
2013-09-30 21:20:34Big Mom Theory - spoilerish
2013-09-30 21:03:16Episode 288, “We Are on the Booze”
2013-09-30 20:46:09Found this guy on youtube starting to do One Piece drawings
2013-09-30 20:45:55One Piece: Chapter 700 - Colored
2013-09-30 20:18:08Return of old charaters
2013-09-30 19:54:05Any theories on that one government organization that is on Dressrosa?
2013-09-30 19:38:55Their chances of survival [Punk Hazard]
2013-09-30 19:33:50I love how the color pages get incorporated into the intros
2013-09-30 18:56:53Podcast Episode #0344
2013-09-30 18:49:54The Florian Triangle
2013-09-30 18:26:58How does magma/lava beat fire
2013-09-30 16:38:47Death
2013-09-30 16:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #24 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-30 14:45:20Crocodile could get hit when wet and Enel could get hit with rubber. Do you think any other logias have weaknesses like this besides haki?
2013-09-30 14:28:16Me with the powers of Ace, Blackbeard, and a Hybrid
2013-09-30 14:27:52(Punk Hazard Spoilers) New Filler Arc
2013-09-30 13:18:55Found this on a stall at my school. Been trying to figure out who wrote it
2013-09-30 12:00:00Good Smile Company Teases New Watamote Nendoroid
2013-09-30 11:08:08should i watch onepiece?
2013-09-30 11:03:06Behold! Attack on Titan Shiganshina District Almost Complete in Minecraft
2013-09-30 07:00:00Should You Ever Root for the Bad Guys? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-30 07:00:00TV Spot Shows the PS Vita... Evolved
2013-09-30 05:00:00Miss World 2013 is a Total Gamer
2013-09-30 04:37:34Avengers Mugiwara
2013-09-30 03:48:17Question about Coby in the manga vs the anime
2013-09-29 21:42:16Luffy vs Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp. Who would win?
2013-09-29 21:37:01What Does r/onepiece think of my drawing of Smoker?
2013-09-29 21:22:42With Breaking Bad just ending...
2013-09-29 21:05:00Japanese Box Office, September 21-22
2013-09-29 20:33:51Possible devil fruit.
2013-09-29 18:05:00Fight Ippatsu! Jūden-chan!! Manga Ends Next Month
2013-09-29 15:27:41My friend went to Hawaii and brought me back this
2013-09-29 14:22:12Which do you prefer?
2013-09-29 12:45:50Attack on Titan Face-Swapping Phone Accessory
2013-09-29 12:05:31Fleet admiral Sengoku: Powers and theories?
2013-09-29 11:05:00Kamen Rider Wizard & Gaim Crossover for December Film
2013-09-29 08:18:01Who do you think is gonna die by the end of the series?
2013-09-29 06:59:40re-watching the series and this is still one of my favorite moments (sorry for bad quality)
2013-09-29 06:46:44Question: Soundtrack for "One Piece Movie 3D Mugiwara Chase"?
2013-09-29 05:52:48Digital Manga Tweets Tateno with Two New Boys’ Love Titles
2013-09-29 04:18:00Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13
2013-09-28 21:51:31Question about the sountrack/music
2013-09-28 21:07:30Question about the characters
2013-09-28 20:41:14Question about One Piece Pirate Warriors 1
2013-09-28 20:36:58Zoro was here. {X/Post from r/mildlyinteresting}
2013-09-28 20:00:46One Piece Episode 614
2013-09-28 17:41:58Do you think Tashigi would/will become a man if she meets Ivankov?
2013-09-28 13:30:07Aniplex USA Announces Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic Dub Cast
2013-09-28 13:29:34Blue Exorcist Film Slated for December 17 in North America
2013-09-28 13:24:11New digital One Piece watch that displays scenes from the series!
2013-09-28 12:30:00Gatchaman Crowds Art Contest
2013-09-28 12:11:30Sentai Filmworks To Dub Maria Holic for Blu-ray
2013-09-28 11:34:23The power to hear the voice of all things.
2013-09-28 08:38:34Last laugh.
2013-09-28 07:41:47Is this Anime meat a real thing?
2013-09-28 06:03:00 Custom S.H. Figuarts Majin Boo-Son Gohan
2013-09-28 06:00:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 774
2013-09-28 05:59:00Hole in Your Trunks
2013-09-27 21:57:38One Piece lessons
2013-09-27 21:39:33The heads of the Donquixote Pirates theories NSFW
2013-09-27 20:28:59About The Yonkou Law And Luffy Are After. Obvious Manga Spoilers.
2013-09-27 18:04:21"Bwah! I sure ate a lot!" -Hancock
2013-09-27 17:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 15-21
2013-09-27 17:25:28Trafalgar Law Den Den Mushi Sculpture!
2013-09-27 16:45:30Greatest One Piece Battle
2013-09-27 15:00:00Anime Questions Answered!!! -- 9/27/13 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-27 15:00:00Official Instructions for a Hello Kitty Stew!
2013-09-27 14:14:52An explanation of Chopper
2013-09-27 14:00:00One Piece Digital Watch Displays Artwork from Series
2013-09-27 13:55:26My recent pen doodles of Luffy :)
2013-09-27 12:35:57[Spoiler] About the Devil fruit theory on this subreddit!
2013-09-27 12:15:00Anipopo Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Give My Regards to Black Jack Anime
2013-09-27 12:13:00Chapter 722 Released
2013-09-27 12:00:17The Three Admirals
2013-09-27 12:00:00Lawson Launches Monogatari Campaign
2013-09-27 11:51:54Is it worth to read the manga?
2013-09-27 10:53:15Zoro after Timeskip!
2013-09-27 09:59:00Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Tankobon Announced
2013-09-27 09:30:50“Jaco the Galactic Patrolman” Tankōbon Coming January 2014
2013-09-27 09:20:33Law cosplay?
2013-09-27 07:58:25Is mangastream not being serious about translations?
2013-09-27 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #10 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-27 06:36:35Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen 4-Koma Manga Gets Anime Green-Lit
2013-09-27 06:25:00Last TV Anime With Physical Cels Makes Digital Transition
2013-09-27 02:14:15Awesome One Piece Stuffs
2013-09-27 00:33:24I wanted to share my pen doodles as well ^^
2013-09-26 23:36:38Meeting with Shanks (Possible Spoilers)
2013-09-26 23:23:30Devil Fruit Regeneration, My Old Theory
2013-09-26 21:50:48Sara Takatsuki, Mao Kanjō Join Live-Action Haganai Cast
2013-09-26 20:48:52Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji 10 years later
2013-09-26 20:14:13Latest One Piece game for Nintendo 3DS looks awesome.
2013-09-26 18:28:35Chopper has decided to administer a physical for all the members of the Strawhat Pirates. What could possibly go wrong?
2013-09-26 17:44:04I made a Strawhat duct tape wallet. What do you guys think.
2013-09-26 17:14:34An idea about devil fruit regeneration [Spoilers]
2013-09-26 17:08:0510/10 would bang Ace
2013-09-26 16:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, September 16-22
2013-09-26 15:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN Spoilers! -- 9/26/13 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-26 14:54:06Thoughts on what One Piece will be?
2013-09-26 14:00:00Housecleaning Levi Figure from Attack on Titan
2013-09-26 13:14:05AKB48 Gals Dance with Robin Thicke
2013-09-26 12:40:04Whiskey Peak
2013-09-26 12:35:14Similarities between Chapters 705 & 722? (Manga Spoilers)
2013-09-26 12:21:29Fan-created Live-Action Princess Mononoke Film Ending Soon on Kickstarter
2013-09-26 11:32:13The best One Piece Collection Torrent I found during my adventure
2013-09-26 11:00:00New Sailor Moon Eyeliner and Lipstick
2013-09-26 10:43:12One Piece Announcements
2013-09-26 10:33:24A theory on the "treasure" One Piece
2013-09-26 09:36:47PR: Viz Media Announces North American Blu-Ray and Manga Release of Tiger & Bunny The Beginning
2013-09-26 09:30:00Pokémon Origins Anime to Be Streamed in N. America
2013-09-26 09:30:00Pokemon Origins Anime to Be Streamed in N. America
2013-09-26 09:17:07One Piece Outfits!
2013-09-26 09:06:09“J Legend Retsuden” (JP 3DS) Bonus Download Game Revealed
2013-09-26 08:33:45Something from the recent chapter that seems to have gone unobserved
2013-09-26 08:20:55The Mafia?
2013-09-26 07:40:00Hatsune Miku & Maaya Sakamoto Enter Monster Hunter Frontier G
2013-09-26 07:00:00Gene Simmons Graces Cover of Big Comic Magazine
2013-09-26 06:09:40I liked this hood very Much!
2013-09-26 06:06:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 773
2013-09-26 05:30:00Sign your Documents with Girls und Panzer Seals
2013-09-26 04:42:42Why is Brook affected by gas?
2013-09-26 03:27:24[yibis]_One_Piece_612_[480p][58D3DDD2].mp4
2013-09-26 02:55:53One Piece Episode 615 Preview
2013-09-26 02:05:30(Graphite) Sketch 2 of 100! Portgas D. Ace
2013-09-26 00:00:56This is the Serious Sanji I Miss.
2013-09-25 22:25:08Rebecca Theory
2013-09-25 22:21:58Looks like Zoro found his new favorite Pokemon! (X and Y spoilers and sorry for quality I no Photoshop)
2013-09-25 21:36:40Just before starting Marineford in the anime for the third time, look who came knocking on my door
2013-09-25 20:22:38On a scale of 1 to 10... (Possible spoilers)
2013-09-25 19:42:30Pata Manga Portable - Free Manga Downloader
2013-09-25 18:22:17Is Episode of Luffy (OVA) canon?
2013-09-25 18:16:46Toybeard the Pirate
2013-09-25 16:10:07Dressrosa Final Battles
2013-09-25 15:00:00Ghost in the Shell: Arise Glasses for the Hacker in Everyone
2013-09-25 14:36:06Where can I read or purchase this parody of One Piece called "Two Pieces"?
2013-09-25 13:54:12Captain Morgan?
2013-09-25 13:47:33Luffy & Ace
2013-09-25 13:40:50Goodbye18000 comments on XY POKEMON SPOILER new honedge evolution revealed!
2013-09-25 13:27:21Attack on Titan Roll Cakes
2013-09-25 12:56:27Nail Art
2013-09-25 12:41:05Manga arc match ups.
2013-09-25 11:42:55This picture really hits me
2013-09-25 11:00:005 Things to Pre-Order This Week (Sept. 25)
2013-09-25 10:28:17New crew member theory. (Manga Spoiler)
2013-09-25 10:15:17One Piece - Fury unleashed AMV
2013-09-25 10:13:14Evangelion Christmas Cakes for December 2013
2013-09-25 09:51:26Preview for Last Chapter of Jaco – Goku and Bulma Seen
2013-09-25 09:38:38“Jaco the Galactic Patrolman” & “Dragon Ball” Tie-In Confirmed
2013-09-25 09:37:40Who do you think were most powerful between Luffy and Zoro back when they met?
2013-09-25 09:17:57One Piece Chapter 722 Theories and Discussion
2013-09-25 08:53:38Confirmation of Fan “Toyble” as “Victory Mission” Artist “Toyotarō”…?
2013-09-25 08:44:12One Piece: Unlimited World Red Trailer 4
2013-09-25 08:40:33Final Throwdown between Naruto and Sasuke
2013-09-25 08:22:22[yibis]_One_Piece_612_[720p][072D80D7].mkv
2013-09-25 07:56:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 722
2013-09-25 07:45:00Tomokazu Seki Leads Assassination Classroom Anime Cast
2013-09-25 06:54:06Bleach Vol TBD Ch 550
2013-09-25 05:52:02Boa Hancock Cosplay
2013-09-25 04:52:00Dragon Ball Z Movies Ani-manga #4 Released in France
2013-09-25 04:48:27Theory on the Ancient Kingdom [spoilers]
2013-09-25 04:27:00 Magnet figures 1-3 & J-World Keychains
2013-09-25 02:47:45One Piece 722
2013-09-25 02:45:23One Piece - Chapter 722
2013-09-25 02:43:31What I want for the Dressrosa climax [Manga Spoilers]
2013-09-25 02:00:00Compile Heart: Brand-New Neptunia Work in Production
2013-09-25 01:00:002 More Pokémon X & Y TV Ads Promote October 12 Debut
2013-09-25 00:00:00One Piece Unlimited World R Game Previewed in 4-Minute Video
2013-09-24 23:56:34I recently finished reading the manga and decided to color one of my favorite pages.
2013-09-24 23:40:56Short cover of We are and We Go done by a YouTube singer.
2013-09-24 22:09:31Powers that are not Rokushiki, Haki, or DF (Spoilers probably)
2013-09-24 22:00:00Metal Gear Solid V Prologue Chapter Previewed at TGS
2013-09-24 20:31:04“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Day 1 & Pre-Order Bonuses
2013-09-24 18:38:43New intro?
2013-09-24 18:28:29Got these guys on my 2007 trip to Tokyo, I thought you guys might appreciate them.
2013-09-24 18:08:50I have a semester project where I have to get in 100 sketches. Here is a kickstarter to my very first sketchbook sketch!
2013-09-24 17:21:34Who would win in a fight, luffy or ace?
2013-09-24 17:18:42“Battle of Gods” Home Video Week #2 Sales Updates
2013-09-24 17:12:32Post all your crazy theories and ideas here! [Manga Spoilers]
2013-09-24 17:00:30So, am I the only person who cries everytime they see this scene?
2013-09-24 16:57:12Quick question will there be a new chapter this week?
2013-09-24 15:30:00Get Ready for Techno Udon
2013-09-24 15:30:00Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2 Game Introduced in Promo Video
2013-09-24 14:28:48Some Questions or Fun
2013-09-24 14:01:36Question regarding zoro
2013-09-24 13:59:55Can anyone tell me the name of the characters/anime of the 2 people on the left of this website background?
2013-09-24 13:30:00Kaiyodo to Release Eva Unit 08+02 from Final Eva Film
2013-09-24 13:13:58Eddie D. Luffy!
2013-09-24 12:30:29Akuma no Mi Theory
2013-09-24 11:38:43Was searching for Mellorine these search Results where ordered perfectly
2013-09-24 11:28:11Cospa Taking Pre-orders for Iwatobi High School Winter Uniforms
2013-09-24 11:25:26Expanding On My Ancient Weapon Theory (Spoilers)
2013-09-24 11:17:28Ace Genderbend
2013-09-24 10:29:13I dropped the show after Luffy crew found mermaids. Does it get any better after that?
2013-09-24 09:34:05The One Piece Cosplay Family!
2013-09-24 08:36:22I found something you will like on cod
2013-09-24 05:33:49Amazon Lily (Spoilers)
2013-09-24 04:55:00Yuzu, Hyadain Make Their 2nd Hunter x Hunter Film Theme Song
2013-09-24 03:21:00S.H. Figuarts Son Goku - New Pictures
2013-09-24 01:24:35OK... Zoro vs Luffy. Who wins?
2013-09-24 01:02:43I wonder how it would feel for robin to have hundreds of orgasms simultaneously.
2013-09-24 00:36:24I just watched the Mugiwara Chase movie (the 3D one). Thoughts?
2013-09-24 00:16:02Manga Spoilers, Predictions
2013-09-23 23:45:00Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Promo Compares Remake to Original
2013-09-23 22:30:56Hideo Azuma to Publish Disappearance Diary Sequel Manga
2013-09-23 22:25:39Episode 287, “Spandam: It’s Not a Metaphor” (Christopher Smith)
2013-09-23 21:19:52I found this...interesting.
2013-09-23 21:15:03Spoilers for chapter 722 (next chapter)
2013-09-23 19:02:36New mugiwara wanted posters?
2013-09-23 18:36:55Kuzan and Blackbeard
2013-09-23 18:31:41I was just watching episode 504
2013-09-23 17:46:36Vegapunk Theory
2013-09-23 17:41:47This moment is one of the reasons the Alabasta Arc is so great.
2013-09-23 16:16:27Some advice please.
2013-09-23 16:16:13Attack on Titan Creator Reveals Secrets on Japanese TV Show
2013-09-23 14:38:18Well, i just now got around to Film Z, and i got to say it was way better than Strong world. In my opinion.
2013-09-23 14:34:36Shirahoshi Hime
2013-09-23 13:00:00Strange Fan Recreation of 2009 Viral Video with Attack on Titan
2013-09-23 11:15:00Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 PS3 Game Gets Remake For PS Vita
2013-09-23 11:00:12Question about chapter 693 cover
2013-09-23 11:00:00Play Karuta with Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hyakunin Isshu Cards
2013-09-23 09:46:08Looks like this guy has been practicing Shigan
2013-09-23 09:00:00Limited Edition Madoka Magica Messenger Bags, Backpacks
2013-09-23 08:49:48POP Chopper Mugiwara Store 1st Anniversary Edition
2013-09-23 06:46:25Zoro- From a Kid to Now! !
2013-09-23 05:43:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 772
2013-09-23 05:41:00Talismoon Console Pouch - Review
2013-09-23 04:25:14One Piece names...
2013-09-23 04:15:41Is there still no subbed version of Merry Special?
2013-09-23 00:00:00Japanese Box Office, September 14-15
2013-09-22 19:26:53Dad came home from japan with this badass yesterday.
2013-09-22 17:58:07My friends birthday cake, was difficult keeping it in One Piece.
2013-09-22 17:45:45Battle of Gods Coming to New Zealand
2013-09-22 16:45:30Unanswered Punk Hazard Questions.
2013-09-22 15:07:56Vegapunk theory(spoilers)
2013-09-22 13:50:06question about enterring the grand line?
2013-09-22 13:26:16Theory about Tashigi
2013-09-22 13:26:06My personal time skip
2013-09-22 12:00:00Girls & Panzer Meets World of Tanks Game in Video
2013-09-22 11:36:11If Luffy had never gotten his first bounty...
2013-09-22 11:11:20My brother made me a tiny yarn Luffy!
2013-09-22 11:00:26Madman Announces “Battle of Gods” License For Australia
2013-09-22 09:50:00Maaya Sakamoto, Kana Asumi Join 2nd Magi Season Cast
2013-09-22 09:17:47Zoro & Tashigi vs Monet FULL FIGHT EPICNESS HD
2013-09-22 05:33:26(Ep 613) Zoro & Tashigi together are just awesome
2013-09-22 04:14:19Our city Mayor (sort of) cosplaying Sanji! (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2013-09-22 04:02:23Law is brutal..
2013-09-22 03:19:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 771
2013-09-22 00:56:42Haki(White Beard) question- Spoilers
2013-09-21 22:31:30In approximately how many episodes will the new arc begin?
2013-09-21 22:19:52The Spade Pirate Theory
2013-09-21 21:49:54A question about Hancock (Post-Timeskip Spoilers)
2013-09-21 21:38:25Bon kurei-sama de suka?
2013-09-21 21:31:20Question: Can you get in trouble for download torrent files on yibis?
2013-09-21 21:01:45Luffy wallpaper! Phone only sorry.
2013-09-21 20:46:30One Piece ice cream from Sunshine City Ikebukuro
2013-09-21 20:03:21One Piece Episode 613
2013-09-21 19:34:52Portas D Ace tattoo theory.
2013-09-21 19:34:00Got this at Japanfest today
2013-09-21 19:33:19I thought I would share my two favorite shirts with my favorite subreddit!
2013-09-21 18:17:17The most important question in all of One Piece
2013-09-21 18:11:46one piece nazi flag???
2013-09-21 16:44:02Luffy!
2013-09-21 16:23:20Name a character that you wanted to join but has no chance of getting in
2013-09-21 15:31:36Had to put the flagpole to good use.
2013-09-21 15:15:00Final Fantasy Agito Mobile Game Trailer Streamed
2013-09-21 14:37:55My allegiance to the Heart pirates!
2013-09-21 14:15:20What Makes a Strawhat?
2013-09-21 13:46:00Leaving the Grand Line
2013-09-21 11:43:39my new phone case
2013-09-21 11:35:00Lightning Gets Yuna Costume in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
2013-09-21 09:55:58The IDOLM@STER Has New Idol-Producing PS3 Game in Production
2013-09-21 07:06:55What are your thoughts on Luffy and Big Mam not fighting each other..?
2013-09-21 02:30:31Question about Choppers Rumble Balls (Possible Spoiler)
2013-09-21 00:40:00Next Gundam Extreme Vs. Arcade Game in Development
2013-09-20 23:00:00Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer Streamed
2013-09-20 23:00:00Lightning Returns: Final Fantaxy XIII TGS Trailer Streamed
2013-09-20 22:00:00Fighting Comedy Manga Sakigake!! Otoko Juku Gets PS3 Game
2013-09-20 21:55:41Unbreakable Machine-Doll TV Anime Previewed in Ad
2013-09-20 21:00:56What is your favorite One Piece character unique speech pattern.
2013-09-20 20:01:38[Manga Spoiler] Dressrosa and the Void Century
2013-09-20 18:50:42Rereading Punk Hazard, quick question about Zoro
2013-09-20 16:05:57New Nakama Theory
2013-09-20 16:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 8-14
2013-09-20 15:00:00Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Luxury Fashion Accessories
2013-09-20 14:40:57What did Nico Robin do during the timeskip?
2013-09-20 13:00:09Madman Gets Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods
2013-09-20 11:52:32Level Up Your Hair with Dragon Ball Z Hair Wax
2013-09-20 11:04:12Some awesome art with OP characters
2013-09-20 10:29:00SCultures BIG #3 Son Goku (Capsule Corporation) - Released
2013-09-20 10:17:40What is your single most favorite moment of One Piece?
2013-09-20 09:42:13J-Stars Victory Vs Gameplay! Luffy and Goku tag-team vs Naruto and Ichigo tag-team
2013-09-20 09:41:05First North American Trailer for “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z”
2013-09-20 08:50:00Buy Madoka Magica for Vita, Chat With Homura & Mami on Phone Hotline
2013-09-20 08:33:32Just found a One Piece reference in another favorite manga, Rurouni Kenshin
2013-09-20 07:00:00BATTLE OF THE PLANETS #1 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-20 05:35:44JUMP Festa 2008 - Eiichiro Oda himself!(and the cast)
2013-09-20 05:32:35A theory about Gecko Moria (barely spoilers)
2013-09-20 01:37:41Sorry Messege!
2013-09-20 01:15:31Poor Buggy! :(
2013-09-20 00:56:22When Chopper gets older will be eventually get taller and go though puberty, maybe even becoming as tall as the rest of the crew when in hybrid form?
2013-09-20 00:42:26Youngest mugiwara
2013-09-19 20:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, September 9-15
2013-09-19 19:45:23So Lucci and Haki..
2013-09-19 19:36:22Luffy And Shanks Theory
2013-09-19 18:58:46Water 7 Arc
2013-09-19 18:58:03Liked this one Very Much <3
2013-09-19 18:30:00Pokémon XY Anime Trailer Features Mega Blaziken
2013-09-19 18:30:00Pokémon XY Anime Trailer Features Mega Blazekin
2013-09-19 18:19:39What are the most popular/plausible theories as to what is One Piece?
2013-09-19 18:00:00Atelier Escha & Logy PS3 RPG Also Heads to N. America
2013-09-19 17:52:08New to OP, Question about Manga vs. Anime
2013-09-19 17:29:09ColorYonko Chapter 1 : Romance Dawn
2013-09-19 16:30:00Tecmo Koei to Release Atelier Escha & Logy PS3 Game in Europe
2013-09-19 15:45:00Phantasy Star 2 Online Adds Madoka Magica Costumes, Kyubey
2013-09-19 15:44:49Do you think ussop could actually lift a 10 ton hammer now?
2013-09-19 15:04:19New Battle of Z Trailer from TGS – Features Battle of Gods Dubbed Voices
2013-09-19 13:19:50Ponponpon Chopper
2013-09-19 13:02:26If their single goal is to kill their opponents, who is the most dangerous person in OP?
2013-09-19 13:00:00Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Designers Talk Toon Link
2013-09-19 13:00:00Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker designers talk Toon Link
2013-09-19 12:56:50Romance Dawn to be released in the North America and Europe.
2013-09-19 12:54:18So I got into OP about a month ago, and I made a comic describing my feelings to a friend.
2013-09-19 12:50:42The Seventh Warlord (Post-Time Skip).
2013-09-19 12:11:45Saw this guy on the tram today in Italy
2013-09-19 12:05:16If there would be another movie that retells a previous arc just like Movies 8 and 9, what arc would you want it to feature?
2013-09-19 11:48:59Next Year
2013-09-19 11:00:00Make Your Own Attack on Titan Potato Salad
2013-09-19 10:26:00YoungJiji "After the Future" Backcover Art
2013-09-19 10:24:00SCultures Kame-Sennin Review
2013-09-19 10:21:00Irwin Toys Broly - Review
2013-09-19 10:19:00Battle of Gods Spoiler-Free Review
2013-09-19 10:17:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 770
2013-09-19 09:00:00Majestic Prince Anime Inspires Mecha 3D CG Game
2013-09-19 09:00:00Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman Have a Dance-Off
2013-09-19 08:22:12Usopp owns Luffy in Water 7
2013-09-19 08:20:00Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi Passes Away
2013-09-19 08:16:05One Piece Episode 614 Preview
2013-09-19 07:50:58Today is international talk like a pirate day
2013-09-19 07:22:40How do you think Chopper obtained his Devil Fruit?
2013-09-19 07:00:00ONE PIECE #612 - - Special Review
2013-09-19 05:07:36Romance Dawn is Coming to NA
2013-09-18 23:30:00Straw Hat Pirates Hit the Dance Floor in One Piece Dance Battle Smartphone Game
2013-09-18 22:35:182 New Pokémon X & Y Videos Preview Battles, Transformations
2013-09-18 21:47:35Amazing One Piece figures... Cancelled!?
2013-09-18 21:35:15Theory about current arc Doflamingo and the Emperor Law wants to challenge.(manga spoilers)
2013-09-18 21:09:45Awesome wallpaper I found.
2013-09-18 20:59:43Next Chapter Series. (Manga Spoilers)
2013-09-18 20:55:37One Piece Dance Battle Game Confirmed! Dat Nami-swaaan!
2013-09-18 20:54:55How do objects eat devil fruit?
2013-09-18 20:51:32Trailer for One Piece Dance Battle, one in a new line of One Piece smartphone games.
2013-09-18 20:37:59A dumb theory about Zoro and Mihawk that I have.
2013-09-18 19:51:29Top 50 Master Grade Gunpla Models Ever
2013-09-18 19:44:30Minimalistic Chopper Wallpaper [2125x1200]
2013-09-18 17:17:52Not who, but what
2013-09-18 17:00:00Aniplex USA Posts Subtitled Valvrave 2nd Season, Kill la Kill Trailers
2013-09-18 15:29:28Beckman vs Kizaru, and New World Gear 3 (Possible War of the Best spoilers)
2013-09-18 15:00:00Add a Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Window To Any Room
2013-09-18 14:43:43Just caught up to One Piece anime, what extra content should I prioritize?
2013-09-18 14:00:00Aniplex USA to Stream Magi & Valvrave 2nd Seasons, Kill la Kill on 4 Sites
2013-09-18 13:00:00Ramen Burgers and Pizzas in Your Own Kitchen
2013-09-18 13:00:00T.M. Revolution, SCANDAL to Perform Theme Songs for Sengoku Basara 4 Game
2013-09-18 12:44:47Luffy and Roger resemblance?
2013-09-18 11:30:00Yūsha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shūshoku o Ketsui Shimashita Novel to Bundle Anime Blu-ray
2013-09-18 11:19:07One Piece- Luffy Cosplays
2013-09-18 11:03:21Awesome Luffy Cosplays
2013-09-18 11:00:005 Things to Pre-Order This Week (Sept. 18)
2013-09-18 10:34:42Possible future power bust for Zoro.(possible spoilers in comments)
2013-09-18 10:27:00Question about Enies Lobby Arc (Kinda Spoiler)
2013-09-18 09:51:00Dragon Ball SD Chapters #17 and 18
2013-09-18 09:46:04Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Season Sets Coming
2013-09-18 07:25:00Mikakunin de Shinkōkei Comedy 4-Panel Manga Gets Anime
2013-09-18 07:00:00Female Photographer Launches Successful Cosplay Studio in Japan
2013-09-18 05:00:00Limited Edition Puella Magi Madoka Magica Walkman from Sony
2013-09-18 04:48:49Fun Fact: The Going Merry masthead in the manga is actually brown, not white as shown by Toei in the One Piece anime
2013-09-18 02:49:15Who would zoro most likely get with? Robin, Nami, Perona, the marine swords woman under smoker, or maybe someone else?
2013-09-18 02:35:00Nameko/Mushroom Garden Game Apps Get Anime
2013-09-17 23:46:30Shirt request from any One Piece Artists.
2013-09-17 22:52:07What setting have we yet to see? What would be SUPERRRRR cool? SPOILERS
2013-09-17 22:49:10Just sharing someones awesome work!
2013-09-17 22:16:00Luffy really hates Explorer... (Desktop Background)
2013-09-17 21:29:48Saki Episode of Side A Hugging Pillow Comes With 2 Silicone Pads
2013-09-17 20:43:03“Dragon Ball Z: Season 1″ Blu-ray Set Coming, In Widescreen
2013-09-17 17:17:41Amazing Hancock cosplay
2013-09-17 17:08:50One Piece AMV - Welcome to the Black Parade An AMV I found
2013-09-17 16:52:24Any chance that Zoro might also have haoshoku haki?
2013-09-17 16:39:23Dragon Ball Online Closes All Servers
2013-09-17 16:30:58Who used Haki first?
2013-09-17 16:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 15-21
2013-09-17 15:13:25We did it! Luffy won!
2013-09-17 15:03:15Minor detail about Patty from the Baratie
2013-09-17 14:49:14Just add salt? (Manga spoilers)
2013-09-17 14:37:19Battle of Gods First Week Home Release Sales
2013-09-17 14:35:33Japanese Government Releases 90-page Study on Robot Anime
2013-09-17 12:56:29Nami chibi vector
2013-09-17 12:15:47Nami Cosplay
2013-09-17 11:06:25Are devil fruits obsolete since the introduction of haki?
2013-09-17 11:02:47Want to Be A Vocaloid?
2013-09-17 10:56:27Does everyone here watch Filler episodes?
2013-09-17 09:19:02Are there english fansubs that are up to date with the anime that use the raw japanese feed?
2013-09-17 09:00:00Square Enix to Localize Final Fantasy Agito
2013-09-17 08:38:08Bleach Vol TBD Ch 549
2013-09-17 07:36:11Hancock Cosplay
2013-09-17 07:29:19Seems like Oda kept some of his original Blackbeard ideas intact.
2013-09-17 07:24:15My new shirt arrived today :D
2013-09-17 07:05:53Some of the best quotes in One Piece put together
2013-09-17 07:00:00GATCHAMAN CROWDS #5 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-17 07:00:00Fan Video Parodies Watamote ending
2013-09-17 06:27:05What would happen if Shanks found out that Buggy damaged his precious straw hat once?
2013-09-17 05:00:00Majestic Prince Heroines Want You to Buy Grapes
2013-09-17 03:46:29Note: No new One Piece chapter this week
2013-09-17 00:47:51Right in the feels [Timeskip Spoiler]
2013-09-16 23:35:00Mega Man Creators Bring Mighty No. 9 to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U
2013-09-16 23:16:15I think Zoro was the first Straw Hat to use Haki. What do you think?
2013-09-16 22:13:47Name one character you wish had joined the Strawhat crew.
2013-09-16 21:57:00Unbreakable Machine-Doll Blu-rays/DVDs to Add Original Video Anime
2013-09-16 21:43:18Do you think we will see past enemies/allies meet up with the Straw Hats?
2013-09-16 21:25:11Episode 286, “Toy Story”
2013-09-16 20:29:02I need help cosplaying as a one piece character.
2013-09-16 19:27:08where is a good website to buy one piece figures?
2013-09-16 18:45:17How to watch One Piece episode 312
2013-09-16 18:34:57Pixiv Art Site Gets Its Own Reality Competition Show
2013-09-16 17:00:00Japanese Box Office, September 7-8
2013-09-16 16:44:38None Piece - Episode 7
2013-09-16 16:00:00Aniplex USA to Release Superhero Anime Samurai Flamenco
2013-09-16 15:44:35Was looking through my old Team Fortress 2 screenshots, and I found the kill feed to be a little interesting in this picture.
2013-09-16 15:30:00Does SPACE DANDY Look Any Good? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-16 15:04:58[yibis]_One_Piece_611_[480p][48011F79].mp4
2013-09-16 14:58:24Made a gif of one of my favorite crowd reactions
2013-09-16 14:46:08Need some help find what episode to watch.
2013-09-16 14:28:42Who Should Dub Battle of Gods?
2013-09-16 14:05:38Discussion: Since 2 of the big 3 are ending, who do you think will be considered to take their place and can they up to par with one piece
2013-09-16 13:55:19My hand at drawing the 11 Supernovas.
2013-09-16 13:20:06Are movies worth watching?
2013-09-16 13:18:13I sketched the Supernovas post timeskip. (Killer is inaccurate though)
2013-09-16 12:30:42[yibis]_One_Piece_611_[720p][D673EDFD].mkv
2013-09-16 12:16:38One Piece Film: Strong World - English Trailer
2013-09-16 12:13:22Looking for English opening songs mash up
2013-09-16 12:00:00Good Smile Company Making "Heroines of Macross" Nendoroid Petites
2013-09-16 10:25:58How ace will come back
2013-09-16 09:48:00SCultures Majin Boo - Review
2013-09-16 09:44:00Custom S.H. Figuarts Yardrat Son Goku
2013-09-16 09:43:33Ultraman Monster Eleking Gets a Sexy Makeover
2013-09-16 09:41:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 769
2013-09-16 09:12:24One Piece Commercial for UHA (aired during the new episode)
2013-09-16 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #22 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-16 06:27:39Little Busters! EX Anime Green-Lit
2013-09-16 05:39:47How do you think One Piece will end?
2013-09-16 05:06:43One Piece art
2013-09-15 23:34:37Phone wallpaper question
2013-09-15 20:42:44Traveling to Japan, must see One Piece stops?
2013-09-15 19:48:21Torrent?
2013-09-15 19:40:26Wallpaper, if you guys like I have a few more.
2013-09-15 19:37:04what is Usopp wearing around his ears?
2013-09-15 18:42:13(Spoiler) I just realized the current manga arc is about..
2013-09-15 17:47:02Just how strong is Coby right now?
2013-09-15 16:25:09Anyone know some Canadian websites that sell One piece/Anime hoodies?
2013-09-15 15:43:30Lelouch Voice Actor Jun Fukuyama Joins Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Cast
2013-09-15 15:17:33Your favourite villain, marine and pirate/rebel (spoilers)
2013-09-15 14:58:33Anime Revolution 2013 Pictures
2013-09-15 14:45:00Premium Bandai Selling Luffy Hat Replicas By Famous Hat Shop
2013-09-15 14:43:09English Dubbed 276-287 not released yet?
2013-09-15 13:04:52Question about Monet (LATEST EPISODE ANIME SPOILERS!)
2013-09-15 12:35:10Is buggy doomed to be only comic relief?
2013-09-15 12:00:46what Ep or movie is this from?
2013-09-15 11:58:55Nami and Robin
2013-09-15 11:10:00Rune Factory 4 Tutorial Videos Teach Fighting, Farming, Cooking
2013-09-15 11:09:02Does anyone know where I can buy this set of figures?
2013-09-15 10:34:15Where can I read all the cover stories?
2013-09-15 10:13:52Found this in little tokyo.
2013-09-15 08:46:31I was browsing and found this. Can someone tell me if this is real? (Possible spoiler)
2013-09-15 07:46:00Bandai Hybrid Grade Gashapon: Review
2013-09-15 04:21:34Special Podcast Episode: DBZ Video Game Music #2
2013-09-15 03:44:53“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Naruto Costume & Opening Theme News
2013-09-15 01:46:35My theory on the void century
2013-09-15 01:26:22(Soilers)I coloured the end of the Punk Hazard arc...
2013-09-14 23:28:01Why Robin is my Home girl
2013-09-14 23:15:00One Piece Unlimited World R Game Videos Tease New Characters
2013-09-14 21:21:41Void century theory
2013-09-14 20:48:43Next big "War" -Manga Spoilers
2013-09-14 20:04:08One Piece Episode 612
2013-09-14 18:11:20Custom One Piece shirts and hoody from RedBubble
2013-09-14 18:11:01Dragon and Rogers power
2013-09-14 17:20:51Pirate Warriors 2 question!
2013-09-14 17:00:00Fairy Tail the Movie Trailer Previews English Dub
2013-09-14 15:15:53Watch Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Movie Online Here
2013-09-14 14:35:00Aniplex USA Picks Up Vividred Operation, Oreshura
2013-09-14 14:25:18As someone who never reads manga, why do people think the manga is simply better than the anime?
2013-09-14 13:46:20If you could eat any devil fruit, which one would it be and why?
2013-09-14 13:18:35A variation of the Kuma theory [Spoilers]
2013-09-14 13:00:35Just a quick question
2013-09-14 12:52:51This may be a dumb question, but are there no more one piece endings?
2013-09-14 12:37:21Time-skip?
2013-09-14 12:34:20Regarding the One Piece Movies
2013-09-14 11:54:14[yibis]_One_Piece_610_[480p][A2C0F83D].mp4
2013-09-14 11:31:44Theory On Awakened Zoans (Impel Down Spoilers)
2013-09-14 09:51:47What would be your ideal ending to One Piece?
2013-09-14 09:45:41One Piece collection 9?
2013-09-14 08:48:26((((SPOILER FROM MANGA)))) luffy eating a second df
2013-09-14 08:36:23Have marines been to Raftel?
2013-09-14 06:10:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 768
2013-09-14 01:04:16One Piece Season 5 Voyage 4 Cover Art
2013-09-14 00:04:34uhhh.. WTF Robin? I think he can bathe himself
2013-09-13 21:53:05My first attempt at drawing One Piece characters. I chose child Luffy to start.
2013-09-13 21:00:05The Strongest One Piece Characters of All Time!
2013-09-13 20:00:13Am I the only one... (Potential manga spoiler)
2013-09-13 19:48:35[yibis]_One_Piece_610_[720p][2A1E89CF].mkv
2013-09-13 16:00:00Puella Magi Madoka Magica Art Exhibit Travels Through Japan
2013-09-13 15:21:16Kuzan remembers Nami the same way a lot of people do *Film Z spoilers*
2013-09-13 15:14:05Kuzan remembers Nami the same way a lot people do
2013-09-13 15:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 1-7
2013-09-13 14:24:43The original four
2013-09-13 14:00:00Toei, Namco to Open Tokusatsu Museum in December
2013-09-13 13:48:15FUNimation Blu-ray DBZ “Season One” Listed For January 2014
2013-09-13 13:36:56One Piece characters are real life people
2013-09-13 13:25:09After watching the 613 preview I felt the need to make this for a small taste on how "that scene" might look. WARNING: Do not click anime only watchers, MASSIVE Spoilers for Episode 613.
2013-09-13 12:41:13Saw an AskReddit earlier and it got me thinking, what is your favorite One Piece quote?
2013-09-13 11:57:16Stumbled upon this guy at a local shop, and I HAD to buy him
2013-09-13 11:55:47Fantasista Doll Cafe Opens in Akihabara
2013-09-13 11:55:47Fantasista Doll Cafe opens in Akihabara
2013-09-13 11:33:18An upcoming fight
2013-09-13 11:22:362nd Season of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Anime Green-lit
2013-09-13 07:19:22up to episode 205 and I cant find any english downloads of the next episodes, can someone help?
2013-09-13 07:15:00Kyousougiga TV Ads Introduce Mirror Version of Kyoto
2013-09-13 03:15:28One Piece Episode 613 Preview
2013-09-13 02:06:50Blazing Ace Gif <3
2013-09-12 20:38:14One Piece DVDs ?
2013-09-12 19:36:17Zoro used CoA and CoO in the fight with Daz Bones
2013-09-12 18:49:12Custom Devil Fruit Help - Cactus-Cactus and Chain-Chain
2013-09-12 18:38:42Quick random question that has been bugging me: Has it ever been stated how much time passes in the series before the timeskip?
2013-09-12 16:15:00Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2 Video Previews New Songs
2013-09-12 16:04:13If seven year old Luffy wanted to be a marine and Garp took Luffy to work with him one day, how do you think the marines would act?
2013-09-12 16:00:00Shu Uemura and Takashi Murakami Collaborate on 6HP Christmas Cosmetics Collection
2013-09-12 15:55:30Theory: Sanjis eye post time skip
2013-09-12 15:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #7 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-12 15:00:00Final Fantasy Agito Is Free-to-Play Mobile RPG
2013-09-12 14:48:31I thought this would be enjoyed here(xpost from r/cringepics)
2013-09-12 14:07:32Girls und Panzer Manga Teaches You How to Play World of Tanks Game
2013-09-12 13:24:21Luffy Endgame
2013-09-12 12:30:00Meganebu Anime Promo Highlights Spacey, Glasses-Wearing Takuma
2013-09-12 12:28:21Ultimate Fan Fights No.1 (new segment) (possible anime spoilers)
2013-09-12 11:30:32Theory about the re-growing of devil fruits
2013-09-12 11:09:14How far is there for dubbed episodes before you have to switch to subbed?
2013-09-12 10:02:00More "After the Future" Covers
2013-09-12 09:56:38One Piece Soap!!
2013-09-12 09:43:12Help Finding A Song Name
2013-09-12 09:34:00 Capsule Station and Ultimate Spark - Review
2013-09-12 09:32:54PR: Yaoi Manga Publisher SuBLime Debuts New Release The Man of Tango
2013-09-12 08:26:31Nami x Luffy?
2013-09-12 06:41:06One Piece-The Shirohige Pirates
2013-09-12 06:38:26is there any villain in one piece who is beyond redemption?
2013-09-12 06:04:15Straw Hats surfing by pardoart
2013-09-12 05:32:36Tried coloring a page for the first time, thoughts on my first panel completed?
2013-09-12 04:08:50“Battle of Gods” Home Release Packaging First Look
2013-09-12 02:05:00Disgaea 4 Return PS Vita Game Teaser Streamed
2013-09-12 00:15:19Some Pirate Warriors 2 DLC already out?
2013-09-12 00:06:32Introducing a project for /r/OnePiece : Coloring the Manga
2013-09-12 00:05:00Japanese Comic Ranking, September 2-8
2013-09-12 00:01:09Cooking With Sanji Episode 6 Takoyaki
2013-09-11 23:08:53When is the issue of WSJ w/ chapter 0 supposed to be released?
2013-09-11 22:03:15Is it possible that Oda Eiichiro is related to Oda Nobunaga?
2013-09-11 22:00:09Ace Vs. Blackbeard full fight
2013-09-11 20:20:13This speech could apply to several One Piece characters...
2013-09-11 18:22:25Looking for people to play Pirate Warriors 2
2013-09-11 16:21:28Theory about Jesus Burgess. (spoilers)
2013-09-11 16:15:26[Current Arc Spoiler](#s "Burgess eating the Mera Mera No Mi")
2013-09-11 16:00:00Attack on Titan... Perfume?
2013-09-11 15:21:24Attack on Titan Cosplay Gathering at Ooyama Dam
2013-09-11 15:21:24One Piece Motion Manga - Chapters 683-384
2013-09-11 15:00:00The Greatest STREET FIGHTER Character? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-11 14:40:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 767
2013-09-11 14:01:59ANIME WOLRD CROSS-OVER
2013-09-11 14:00:00Tales of Symphonia Collaborates With Gothic Clothing Brand Putumayo
2013-09-11 13:57:17Watching anime from the beginning and have a question about the poneglyphs.
2013-09-11 12:46:23My favorite three chracters
2013-09-11 12:26:26Pirate Warriors 2 Giveaway for PS3! Just leave a comment stating your favorite character. (ends 9/12)
2013-09-11 12:14:41One Piece- ZoRobin Moments!
2013-09-11 12:00:005 Things to Pre-Order This Week (Sept. 11)
2013-09-11 08:55:36I was just curious, how many of you guys only watch the anime?
2013-09-11 08:50:00Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost Game Heads to PS3
2013-09-11 08:29:37[FINAL] Luffy vs Wild Tiger, help him!
2013-09-11 08:19:16Summary fanmade episodes or something...
2013-09-11 06:17:56One Piece Pirate Warriors 1 or 2
2013-09-11 05:46:44Hiro Shimono, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yumi Uchiyama Join Ace of Diamond Cast
2013-09-11 05:46:44Hiro Shimono, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Yumi Uchiyama Join Ace of Diamond
2013-09-11 05:21:30There Today, Hopefully Here Tomorrow – New Higuri, Titan and Tateno Manga Series Debut in Japan
2013-09-11 04:50:39Help me out with this: name/identify them
2013-09-11 04:45:32The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Previewed in 2 Commercials
2013-09-11 01:49:01Makes a lot of sense if you think about it
2013-09-11 00:50:38Convince me to like Robin
2013-09-11 00:40:00Pokémon the Series: XY Anime Previewed in Latest Promo Video
2013-09-11 00:15:00Madoka Magica Gets Vita Action Game This Winter (Updated)
2013-09-11 00:15:00Madoka Magica Gets Vita Action Game This Winter
2013-09-10 23:20:45Nobunaga Shimazaki, Koji Yusa, Kyōko Narumi Join Pupa Anime Cast
2013-09-10 23:20:07Bleach Vol TBD Ch 548
2013-09-10 22:29:02Bad luck Ace
2013-09-10 22:16:50Monkey D Dragon and the Revolutionaries.
2013-09-10 21:40:00Funimation Reveals Binbogami ga! English Dub Cast
2013-09-10 20:36:34Eiichiro Oda Designs New, Original Characters for One Piece: Unlimited World Red
2013-09-10 18:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 8-14
2013-09-10 17:05:33Another OnePiece Avengers crossover
2013-09-10 15:45:00Genki Okawa, Yuuki Fujiwara Join Persona 3 Stage Play Cast
2013-09-10 15:00:00Why is STREET FIGHTER Still Popular? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-10 12:45:00One Piece Unlimited World Red Game Gets Original Characters
2013-09-10 12:28:35One Piece Chapter 721 Theories and Discussion
2013-09-10 12:07:09One Piece Vol 72 Ch 721
2013-09-10 12:07:09One Piece Vol TBD Ch 721
2013-09-10 11:45:00Goku Gets Naruto Costume in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Game
2013-09-10 11:11:28Quick Tribute i made for Whitebeard.
2013-09-10 11:00:003rd This Boy/Kono Danshi Project Launches as a Drama CD
2013-09-10 10:00:00Samuel L. Jackson, Callan McAuliffe Appear in Live-Action Kite Film Still
2013-09-10 09:23:34Battle of Gods Coming to Australia
2013-09-10 09:18:07One Piece Vol 70 Ch 721
2013-09-10 07:54:06Bleach Vol 60 Ch 548
2013-09-10 07:00:00GATCHAMAN CROWDS #3 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-10 06:23:29“Battle of Gods” Screening at Japanese Film Festival in Australia
2013-09-10 06:23:00Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 37 - Released
2013-09-10 06:20:00Senzu Explained
2013-09-10 06:17:00Ichiban Kuji - Select Machines: Review
2013-09-10 06:08:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 766
2013-09-10 04:13:27One Piece - Chapter 721
2013-09-10 04:13:09One Piece 721
2013-09-10 03:53:17One Piece- Luffy and Hancock Moments
2013-09-10 03:10:31Nico Robin - Roy Lichtenstein style
2013-09-10 02:31:50[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 720
2013-09-10 00:32:38One Piece - Chapter 721 Spoilers/Picture
2013-09-09 22:04:15What would happen if 2 people shared a devil fruit?
2013-09-09 21:57:00Final Fantasy X/X-2, Gundam Breaker, God Eater 2 Vitas Offered
2013-09-09 20:44:49An observation and theory about Devil Fruits (not Devil Fruit Users) [Spoilers inside]
2013-09-09 20:00:00Earth Defense Force, Dream Club Head to PlayStation 4
2013-09-09 19:52:30Manga Spoiler Hancock and Bartolomeo
2013-09-09 19:31:57Cooking With Sanji - Takoyaki
2013-09-09 19:25:24Episode 285, “Bartolomendish”
2013-09-09 19:21:04Leave the Mera Mera no Mi, Take the Cannoli.
2013-09-09 18:20:57I hope Coby fights Alvida
2013-09-09 18:15:04Osamu Mukai to Star in S -Saigo no Keikan- Police Show
2013-09-09 15:43:58Not much of an artist, but I enjoy coloring manga. I colored Nami-SWAAAN!!! yesterday night.
2013-09-09 15:38:16So I stumbled across an article about a pirate...
2013-09-09 15:30:00Sony Unveils PlayStation Vita TV Game Entertainment Machine
2013-09-09 15:00:00Anime Questions Answered!!! -- 9/9/13 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-09 14:50:44I wanna live - a homage to R. Lichtenstein
2013-09-09 14:00:00Kyoto Anime Fair Offers Attack on Titan Face Oil Wipes and More
2013-09-09 13:36:21Super Saiyan God Goku 3D Frame
2013-09-09 13:26:35Pre-order Battle of Gods Movie Manga
2013-09-09 13:11:45Episode titles for the next four anime episodes
2013-09-09 13:00:00Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- PS3, PS4 Game Previewed in Video
2013-09-09 12:11:38Is there a place to read the Databooks online?
2013-09-09 12:00:00Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie Orchestral Concert to be Held in October
2013-09-09 11:51:39One Piece Amv (SPOILER)
2013-09-09 10:45:00Cartoon Network to Run Pokémon the Movie: Genesect, XY Anime Sneak Peek
2013-09-09 10:06:30Costumed "Tiger Mask" Hero Donates 100,000 Yen to Tornado Victims
2013-09-09 09:27:07Character with hidden face in One piece
2013-09-09 08:24:42Would Sanji use this?
2013-09-09 07:45:00Gundam, The IDOLM@STER Get Games on PlayStation 4
2013-09-09 06:17:26If Zoro ate the neko neko no mi...
2013-09-09 05:53:58Flaw in the marine ranks
2013-09-09 00:17:12"Baratie" a One Piece themed restaurant in Japan!
2013-09-08 23:06:53Why did Shanks never got an artificial hand like Eusstass Kidd.
2013-09-08 22:44:02Gomu Gomu no Gatling Gun... x40
2013-09-08 22:05:11What scares you in One Piece?
2013-09-08 21:57:00Ghost in the Shell Director Oshii Praises Kick-Heart in Ad
2013-09-08 21:00:00Japanese Box Office, August 31-September 1
2013-09-08 15:40:28Question about Eustass Kid
2013-09-08 15:11:01I made a few more fanart for my favourite series.
2013-09-08 14:36:58Real Life Going Merry
2013-09-08 14:31:28I went to the first SLC Comic Con as Franky!
2013-09-08 14:05:48Master Roshi made a wish on the dragon Balls
2013-09-08 14:00:00Adorable Puella Magi Madoka Magica Outfits for Your Dog
2013-09-08 12:20:58Meganebu Anime Promo Highlights Glasses-Wearing Mitsuki
2013-09-08 09:35:15Origin of Devil Fruits?
2013-09-08 09:25:30One Piece Strong World Wallpaper
2013-09-08 09:17:23need help determining the value of a figure
2013-09-08 09:00:12Awesome One Piece and Toriko Snow Sculpture
2013-09-08 07:17:16Anime Only! New episode and Zoro.
2013-09-08 06:23:31A thought on how devil fruits may function
2013-09-08 04:26:18Does anyone think Luffy will make an appearance in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?
2013-09-08 03:56:35Quick refresher on the rules of /r/OnePiece
2013-09-08 03:15:35How do you use split screen on Pirate Warriors 2?
2013-09-07 23:52:13[yibis]_One_Piece_609_[480p][7179039D].mp4
2013-09-07 22:12:53Nami from One piece ecchi
2013-09-07 21:22:57An original pic I drew tonight in honor of my favorite trio. :) (Anime spoilers possibly?)
2013-09-07 20:44:31One Piece - Zoro and Sanji
2013-09-07 20:31:00One Piece Episode 611
2013-09-07 20:04:28[Anime Spoilers] Anyone else think it is made a little too obvious...
2013-09-07 19:45:51Mr. 2 Bon Kurei (I am getting better at this...)
2013-09-07 18:39:39Battle of Gods Foreign Earnings
2013-09-07 18:00:00Alien Tommy Lee Jones is Confused by SMAP
2013-09-07 17:14:33Vice admiral Trafalgar Law
2013-09-07 15:34:37All hail Luffy-Senpai!
2013-09-07 15:14:17Crocodile
2013-09-07 14:54:34What move would Luffy use to destroy a battleship in the quickest amount of time?
2013-09-07 14:24:02"One Piece" Figures Get Halloween Makeover
2013-09-07 13:44:44So, who has purchased Pirate Warriors 2 on PSN?
2013-09-07 13:26:24Battle of Gods Featured in Cine Premiere
2013-09-07 13:08:06What an amount of haki this is
2013-09-07 12:38:01One reason why Rebecca will never join the crew
2013-09-07 12:30:00Garden of Sinners Epilogue Filmgoers to Get Exclusive Text Story
2013-09-07 11:53:36The Voice Of All Things (possible spoilers)
2013-09-07 11:30:00Mysterious Cities of Gold Game Tops Kickstarter Goal for English Release
2013-09-07 10:30:00Toei Launches Streaming Channel for Tokusatsu Programming
2013-09-07 10:16:22Ultimate Fan Fights "Naruto vs Luffy"
2013-09-07 09:00:14The Newest Super Nova (X-post from r/SpideyMeme)
2013-09-07 08:53:14Would anyone else like to see this happen?
2013-09-07 07:48:01When was it revealed that Buggy joined the Skichibukai?
2013-09-07 07:44:37Seems legit! (Manga Spoilers)
2013-09-07 06:25:55A question about Blackbeard (Possible Spoilers)
2013-09-07 03:57:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 764
2013-09-07 01:10:25Too Powerful
2013-09-07 01:07:03X-post from r/spideymeme
2013-09-06 23:41:19How do you guys say the name of the currency in One Piece?
2013-09-06 23:20:03Favorite couples
2013-09-06 22:47:06These sorts of things are why I love Zoro so much
2013-09-06 19:42:22So many feels.
2013-09-06 17:59:28How much will the entire One Piece series cost to buy once it ends?
2013-09-06 17:32:34theory: one piece is the strawhat
2013-09-06 17:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 25-31
2013-09-06 16:30:00New & Improved Lucky Star Portable Shrine Welcomed by 1,200 Cosplayers
2013-09-06 15:58:33Easter eggs on the pirate warriors 2 game?
2013-09-06 15:25:24[yibis]_One_Piece_609_[720p][F1F0BE49].mkv
2013-09-06 14:00:00New Makai Ōji 3DS Game Ad Highlights William & Dantalion
2013-09-06 14:00:00New Kyoto Animation Calendars for 2014
2013-09-06 13:02:17A different kind of Crew member discussion. @@@!!!SPOILERS!!!@@@
2013-09-06 13:00:00Log Horizon Anime Promo Video Introduces Main Cast
2013-09-06 12:50:18Do you ever just sit and think about One Piece and realize how amazing it is?
2013-09-06 11:25:00XSEED to Release Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Game on PC/PSP in 2014 (Updated)
2013-09-06 11:25:00XSEED to Release Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC Game on PC/PSP in 2014
2013-09-06 10:30:00Star Driver Team Makes Robot TV Anime Captain Earth
2013-09-06 09:55:47Review: Kaze Hikaru (Vol. 21)
2013-09-06 09:48:58Korean “Dragon Ball Online” Closing This Month
2013-09-06 09:30:00Fateful Anohana Pilgrimage Encounter Leads to Love & Marriage
2013-09-06 08:47:22Indiana Jones sometimes risked his life to make sure he retained his fedora. Reminds me of Luffy...
2013-09-06 08:30:00Anime Sols Streams Hurricane Polymar Superhero TV Anime
2013-09-06 07:06:25Link between Bartolomeo and Bartholomew Kuma?
2013-09-06 07:01:23What were your impressions of the Grand Line and New World? and how did they differ from reality?
2013-09-06 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER: Most Underrated Shonen? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-09-06 06:24:02Not Mine But Fan Boy Bartolomeo was a Hit!
2013-09-06 02:16:51[Just a theory about the revolutionaries]
2013-09-06 00:21:51Alliance discussion [SPOILERS]
2013-09-05 23:43:21Scary Zoro
2013-09-05 22:00:00Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Returns in Rerun (Updated)
2013-09-05 22:00:00Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Returns in New Anime
2013-09-05 21:38:43Alliance arc/ future arc theory
2013-09-05 20:53:54One piece iPad cases
2013-09-05 20:17:56Do you think Eustass Kid will be a friend or a foe?
2013-09-05 19:30:00Meganebu Anime Promo Highlights Eyeglasses Club President
2013-09-05 19:22:49(Theory) One Piece
2013-09-05 15:36:59One Piece Wallpaper Title Cards
2013-09-05 15:32:20[possible Manga spoilers] theorys about the current arc
2013-09-05 15:27:21Play time
2013-09-05 14:36:56I made yet another thing in art class.
2013-09-05 14:36:49Sudden realisation while rewatching thriller bark arc.
2013-09-05 14:34:30What would happen...
2013-09-05 14:30:002 Set Photos for Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Sequel Films Posted
2013-09-05 14:20:26Just some thoughts about Zoro (manga spoilers)
2013-09-05 13:30:15Luffy Gear 2nd SwapNote!
2013-09-05 13:00:19One Piece 612 Preview[Spoiler]
2013-09-05 13:00:00Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Documentary Free to Watch Online
2013-09-05 12:30:43Admiral Counter-Haki
2013-09-05 12:00:00ONE PIECE #610 - - Special Review
2013-09-05 12:00:00Tower of AION MMORPG Lets Gamers Play as Captain Harlock
2013-09-05 11:53:30Luffy Cosplay Help
2013-09-05 11:46:51When new One piece episodes come online?
2013-09-05 10:51:24I forgot to post my Luffy drawing here!
2013-09-05 10:51:07The Mystery of the Void Century
2013-09-05 10:05:11New Super Saiyan God Goku Figure
2013-09-05 10:00:00Kyoto Opens A "Tokiwa-so" for Aspiring Young Manga Artists
2013-09-05 08:49:24Two quick questions
2013-09-05 08:44:08I made a few more One Piece art. Hope you enjoy them.
2013-09-05 07:54:00Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12
2013-09-05 07:44:00"Cell Arc" Full Color Comics Released (Digital)
2013-09-05 06:56:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 763
2013-09-05 06:41:27We can only hope..
2013-09-05 02:58:58If the Mythbusters were to do a One Piece episode, what "myths" would you want them to cover?
2013-09-05 02:31:39Who will join the Strawhat crew next? (Spoilers)
2013-09-04 22:55:32Do you think we will see the return of some older bad guys?
2013-09-04 22:48:09One Piece Vol 72 Ch 720
2013-09-04 22:48:09One Piece Vol TBD Ch 720
2013-09-04 21:08:07To manga readers : how is the current arc?
2013-09-04 20:18:24[Manga Spoilers] Newest crew member
2013-09-04 20:02:42I think I know why Zoro let Tashigi live at Logue Town..
2013-09-04 19:48:11x-post from r/gifs - look familiar?
2013-09-04 18:20:53New crew member (spoilers)
2013-09-04 18:13:52How Powerful are The Red Hair Pirates?
2013-09-04 18:00:00Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai! Film Holds Contest with Eyepatch/Bandage Maker
2013-09-04 17:22:54Bartolomeo - Andy Warhol style
2013-09-04 17:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, August 26-September 1
2013-09-04 15:55:55It came!
2013-09-04 15:42:38Official Pirate Warriors 2 Multiplayer Thread
2013-09-04 15:21:06Looking for a badass Zoro picture that would make a cool phone case
2013-09-04 14:56:07Next strawhat member?
2013-09-04 14:00:35Traditional Kyoto Sake and Sweets Get an Anime Facelift
2013-09-04 13:14:49One Piece Wallpaper - Time Skip OC
2013-09-04 13:14:16Vibrant Luffy
2013-09-04 13:03:32Rebecca is too sexy
2013-09-04 12:45:00Manga Reborn Website Launches Kickstarter to Translate 10 Manga Titles
2013-09-04 12:35:05A thought about the new chapter. (720)
2013-09-04 11:13:57[Manga Spoilers] I tried to color ( for the first time ) a badass moment of the latest chapter ( 720 )
2013-09-04 10:15:07Bleach Vol TBD Ch 547
2013-09-04 10:02:36One Piece Chapter 720
2013-09-04 09:50:00Shin Gundam Musou/Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Debuts on December 19
2013-09-04 09:45:09One Piece Vol 70 Ch 720
2013-09-04 09:18:56How far is the manga usually ahead from the anime (in terms of anime episodes)?
2013-09-04 09:00:00Manga About Entrance Exams Gets an Indonesian Reboot
2013-09-04 08:54:21This Albert Camus (Nobel prize winner and philosopher) quote reminds me of Luffy
2013-09-04 08:07:11Bleach Vol 60 Ch 547
2013-09-04 08:00:00Free-to-Play Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Trailer Streamed
2013-09-04 07:30:01Luffy is in trouble everyone. help him out please
2013-09-04 07:17:48I got bored, so here is a drawing of Nami I made!
2013-09-04 06:51:21One Piece Flag!?
2013-09-04 06:29:36Current manga spoilers
2013-09-04 06:01:46One Piece Chapter 720 Theories and Discussion
2013-09-04 05:34:24Bartolomeo
2013-09-04 04:44:34One Piece 720
2013-09-04 04:42:41One Piece - Chapter 720
2013-09-04 04:19:18Haki in the real world - Example 1
2013-09-04 00:50:08General question from a newbie on episode 98
2013-09-04 00:28:45One Piece 720 Preview.
2013-09-03 23:57:58Wait, so Zoro can use Haki?
2013-09-03 23:42:08So I graduated a few months ago...
2013-09-03 23:32:54Lets Bring One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 to US Vitas
2013-09-03 22:05:23First impressions of One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 [Spoilers?]
2013-09-03 21:47:17The Best Arc to Watch Again?
2013-09-03 18:16:16Just a thought/question about Sabo (possible spoilers)
2013-09-03 18:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, September 1-7
2013-09-03 16:04:02Sanji and old age problems?
2013-09-03 15:57:27Sanji and old age
2013-09-03 15:09:10Legendary Moments Compilation
2013-09-03 14:00:00Hakuba no Ōji-sama Manga Series Gets Live-Action Drama
2013-09-03 13:59:08What happened to Franky in Punk Hazard?
2013-09-03 13:42:54This is What a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Manga Looks Like
2013-09-03 13:08:04Pirate Warriors 2 is officially on the PSN!
2013-09-03 12:58:20The power of Zoro
2013-09-03 12:45:52Just got all of these in the mail! Let the collection begin!
2013-09-03 12:45:00Science Writer Ryuichi Kaneko Passes Away
2013-09-03 12:16:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #343
2013-09-03 12:13:00Battle of Gods Jumbo Carddass - Review
2013-09-03 11:42:13Awesome one piece fan page. Color spreads, foreshadowing, mysteries and more!
2013-09-03 11:42:10a question about post-marineford marines
2013-09-03 10:33:34Question about one piece pirate warriors 2/
2013-09-03 10:30:00Sentai Filmworks Adds Magical Girl Comedy Anime Magical Play
2013-09-03 10:20:36I heard about the English dub of Strong World premiering at some con recently
2013-09-03 10:11:29One of my Favourite Parts in One Piece.
2013-09-03 09:05:56One Piece Decoupage Desk (x-post /r/anime)
2013-09-03 08:47:07Review: Bakuman (Vol. 20)
2013-09-03 08:21:22what is your favorit quote in OP ??
2013-09-03 07:37:03Does anyone know in Water 7, which EXACT scene did "Gold and Oden" play?
2013-09-03 07:05:17What is the funniest OnePiece joke you can come up with?
2013-09-03 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #20 - - Watch & Learn
2013-09-03 05:51:25Could one of you fabulous people please tell me the name of the song that starts at the beginning of this episode?
2013-09-03 05:36:27Overloaded moments
2013-09-03 04:31:30Awesome blackboard art i just found in a picdump
2013-09-03 03:16:49No Whitebeard! No!
2013-09-03 02:50:44[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 719 and Strong World Chapter 0
2013-09-03 00:48:15Have you guys heard of this game yet?
2013-09-02 23:46:46Question on the Animated Series!
2013-09-02 22:01:41Friendly reminder: Pirate Warriors 2 should be released today.
2013-09-02 21:24:59Spoilers for Chapter 720 (next chapter)
2013-09-02 21:04:44Just a thought/question about Boa Hancock.
2013-09-02 20:40:50Is the 37 in BF-37 explained ?
2013-09-02 20:33:43Episode 284, “The Conehead Tribe”
2013-09-02 19:50:23Does anyone know what time specifically tomorrow the new game will be on the PSN store in the US?
2013-09-02 19:49:16Anyone know what time tomorrow the new game will be on the PSN store in the US?
2013-09-02 19:29:55Supplemental “J-Stars” Character Reveals: Vegeta, Sasuke, Zebra
2013-09-02 18:26:15September Dragon Ball Releases
2013-09-02 17:48:49Podcast Episode #0343
2013-09-02 17:44:33What if the Pirates won the War of the Best?
2013-09-02 15:30:00Momoko Sakura Draws Chibi Maruko-chan 1-Shot in Ribon Magazine
2013-09-02 15:27:29What if: The Strawhats enter a fighting competition
2013-09-02 15:03:05My beloved Nakamas i need your assistance
2013-09-02 14:42:56[REQUEST]Trafalgar law HD wallpaper 1920x1080
2013-09-02 14:36:39I drew Luffy, I figured why not share it with you guys, hope you like it ^-^
2013-09-02 14:30:07Anyone else want to know his back story?
2013-09-02 13:30:00Lightning Returns Samurai Costume Set Previewed in Videos
2013-09-02 12:30:00Naoko Iijima Joins New Live-Action Chibi Maruko-chan Cast
2013-09-02 11:55:00Bandai 2009 Keychain Figures
2013-09-02 11:52:53Question about Raffit
2013-09-02 11:52:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 762
2013-09-02 11:30:00Rakuten Internet Services Company Acquires Viki Streaming Site
2013-09-02 11:07:13Least favorite arc?
2013-09-02 10:10:29One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Walkthrough
2013-09-02 09:24:51Anyone know what colorspread this is from
2013-09-02 09:20:24Mighty No. 9 by Mega Man Creators Meets Kickstarter Goal
2013-09-02 07:45:00Keiji Inafune, Other Mega Man Staff Hold Kickstarter for Mighty No. 9 Game
2013-09-02 07:02:00Something that has been bothering me about smoker
2013-09-02 05:06:13Can anyone confirm if this is real?
2013-09-02 02:03:41Franky Vs Kuma by Megwin
2013-09-02 00:12:25Where can i watch One Piece?
2013-09-01 22:33:05Decided to paint another pair of shoes, went much simpler this time.
2013-09-01 22:16:29Crunchyroll - English "Shonen Jump" to Feature "One Piece: Strong World" One Shot
2013-09-01 20:24:23Is this clip not clear evidence that Sabo was saved by Dragon?
2013-09-01 19:30:00Japanese Box Office, August 24-25
2013-09-01 18:25:28Need friend coins in Kaizoku Musou (the first one)
2013-09-01 18:05:40Dragon Ball Color Manga might use Kanzenban Ending
2013-09-01 17:36:07How often do you pray to our Lord and Savior Buggy the Clown?
2013-09-01 17:30:00Attack on Titan Nendoroid Playset Coming Soon
2013-09-01 17:06:23What would be the best Devil Fruit for each Straw Hat to have?
2013-09-01 17:01:17Vegeta Joins J Stars Victory Vs
2013-09-01 16:32:14Chances of getting a filler-free One Piece?
2013-09-01 16:30:00Autobacs Starts Squid Girl Car-Wraps
2013-09-01 15:30:00The Mysterious Cities of Gold Game Gets Kickstarter for English Release
2013-09-01 14:20:43Two More Dragon Ball Games Added to J Legend
2013-09-01 14:14:13Who would win Mihawk vs Kuzan
2013-09-01 14:09:25So you find that disturbing?
2013-09-01 14:01:58Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission 10 Trailer
2013-09-01 13:43:06My first piece of digital art and I would like to dedicate it to my favorite series!
2013-09-01 13:30:00SD Battle Spirits Manga to Begin in October
2013-09-01 13:10:02Why is this show popular
2013-09-01 13:08:17What is this song?
2013-09-01 12:59:33New Battle of Gods Poster
2013-09-01 12:59:28So I was talking to a few friends today at lunch about OP. Now during our conversation the subject of Sabo came up. (Spoiler)
2013-09-01 12:44:08Battle of Gods Shown on Korean TV
2013-09-01 12:27:11An incredible art piece of Shanks and Ace (Not sure but could be an awesome wallpaper for your iPhone)
2013-09-01 11:51:08Music of Dragon Ball – Hikari No Will Power
2013-09-01 11:30:11“J Legend Retsuden” (JP 3DS) Bonus Downloadable Game
2013-09-01 11:30:00MacrossWorld Con Hosts Singer Mari Iijima, Artist Hidetaka Tenjin
2013-09-01 08:59:07The ultimate fusion supersaiyan 4 + gear second = OVERPOWERED
2013-09-01 05:59:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission 10 - Teaser
2013-09-01 03:09:59Emotions in One Piece
2013-09-01 02:13:15Two legends on Sabaody?
2013-09-01 01:41:59Any thoughts on who Luffys mother is?
2013-09-01 00:34:21Logia DF users using armament haki?
2013-09-01 00:07:13Showing off my Chopper cap I got at PAX Prime today!
2013-08-31 22:52:15Is fishman island really worth watching
2013-08-31 21:38:01Hope you guys get this
2013-08-31 20:38:02Can anybody help me find a certain AMV?
2013-08-31 19:55:00The Stronger Swordsman
2013-08-31 18:19:04Someone please tell me they know where I could find this to purchase!
2013-08-31 17:52:09One piece ep 1 question?
2013-08-31 15:37:37This is too much of a coincidence (facebook page)
2013-08-31 13:43:38Whats the biggest plot hole in One Piece?
2013-08-31 12:40:42Need some help finding a video
2013-08-31 12:17:06Friendship at last
2013-08-31 12:13:56Luffy is secretly the red power ranger
2013-08-31 12:11:03Kuriousity on Instagram, Capturing Manga Moments
2013-08-31 10:58:24Scary face D:
2013-08-31 10:45:07So I found Gecko Moria...
2013-08-31 10:17:03Color Manga Likely to Use Updated Kanzenban Ending
2013-08-31 09:04:34Watch "One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 - Gameplay Trailer [HD]" on YouTube
2013-08-31 09:02:24Silly One Piece Ending theory
2013-08-31 06:38:59What historical person would you like to see in the One Piece universe?
2013-08-31 04:54:41New Ichiban Kuji "Art of Chopper"
2013-08-31 04:11:00S.H. Figuarts Custom Parts - Review
2013-08-31 04:08:00Ultimate Deformed Mascot: "The Best 2" - Released
2013-08-31 04:02:00Pez DBZ Candy Toys
2013-08-31 03:58:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 761
2013-08-31 03:12:39New One Piece Ichibon Kuji " Art Of Chopper" Two prizes
2013-08-31 02:36:18Your future in the One Piece world
2013-08-31 01:46:09One Piece Chapter 719 Review - Lol, Funny Stuff
2013-08-30 23:17:17I know it is very unlikely to happen but it would be funny if Zoro got a sword that ate a Devil Fruit
2013-08-30 22:00:58Minor Cover Story Error between for Chapter 714 and Chapter 718
2013-08-30 21:50:55My gf collected the first half. I helped by finishing the collection!
2013-08-30 21:10:40Is there a chance Sabo is alive?
2013-08-30 20:21:01Best subs?
2013-08-30 20:12:06Can I watch the Arlong Park TV special instead of the Arlong Park arc? Will I miss anything important?
2013-08-30 19:49:54Who is your favorite OnePiece Character.
2013-08-30 18:02:46Why did Sanji start smoking?
2013-08-30 16:56:15Anyone excited for One Piece pirate warriors 2
2013-08-30 16:00:27I made another thing in art class
2013-08-30 15:00:07Discussion: Who is the most overpowered DF user in One Piece?
2013-08-30 15:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 18-24
2013-08-30 14:00:00Back-On to Perform at Pacific Media Expo
2013-08-30 13:15:00Funimation Announces Maken-ki! Dub Cast, Streams Trailer
2013-08-30 13:14:27One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Giveaway! (PSN/PS3)
2013-08-30 13:09:02Been playing Pirate Warriors 2 all day! Some thoughts.
2013-08-30 12:53:36Does anybody else find these extremely disturbing?
2013-08-30 12:39:53Question about Pirate Warriors 2
2013-08-30 12:21:00One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 - Gameplay Trailer
2013-08-30 12:19:48Jewelry Bonney Theory
2013-08-30 10:15:47This will be an epic weekend
2013-08-30 10:03:39Just started One Piece, want to give my thoughts on it.
2013-08-30 09:25:00New Sailor Moon Plushie Cushions, Luna Tissue Box Offered
2013-08-30 09:06:09I think /r/WTF found Shiki
2013-08-30 07:27:24The Marineford war (spoilers)
2013-08-30 07:23:36Do you guys think Sanji will ever find someone who loves him back or will he just always be chasing after Nami and Robin?
2013-08-30 06:21:46Sanji
2013-08-30 05:12:02Made this Chopper Head Clay for Art Class..
2013-08-30 04:23:25“Dragon Ball Tap Battle” Now Available on iOS
2013-08-30 03:35:30If you were a one piece character what would be your devil fruit power or fight style?
2013-08-30 02:33:46Looking for One Piece Fan art?
2013-08-29 23:57:00Chapter 719 Released
2013-08-29 21:17:23Anyne knows how much Pirate Warriors 2 will cost on the american psn?
2013-08-29 21:04:58My favorite music from OP...I think of Robin at Enies Lobby and Dadan beating up Garp when it plays
2013-08-29 20:40:15A couple Thriller Bark questions
2013-08-29 20:19:11hi! can someone tell me how to get a jolly roger icon please?
2013-08-29 19:49:45High Admiral Aokiji
2013-08-29 18:00:00Morohe Yoshida Starts Robot no Momo-chan Manga
2013-08-29 17:41:15On episode 16, have a question.
2013-08-29 16:32:29One Piece - VIZ MANGA: Online Manga $3.99 each
2013-08-29 15:26:32Law is too smart for his own good. (Manga Spoilers)
2013-08-29 15:00:00Best Anime Theme Songs -- FIST OF THE NORTH STAR
2013-08-29 14:45:00New Strike Witches Spinoff Manga Begins Next Month
2013-08-29 13:40:00Media Blasters Licenses Ultimate Girls TV Anime
2013-08-29 13:12:52How powerful would luffy be with a Green Lantern ring
2013-08-29 12:54:48New Battle of Gods Footage in this 8 Minute Clip
2013-08-29 12:51:18The most satisfying punch in One Piece?
2013-08-29 11:08:51Shanks eye scar
2013-08-29 10:50:00Nobuhiko Okamoto Leads Hybrid Child Boys-Love Anime Cast
2013-08-29 10:28:21New Battle of Gods Movie Screenshots
2013-08-29 08:58:00Fist Of The North Star Explained by The Real Folkbluesman -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-29 07:25:52Review: Pretty Men Fighting Dirty
2013-08-29 07:00:00ONE PIECE #609 - - Special Review
2013-08-29 06:48:59[Older AMV] Welcome to the Black Parade (by Padengeg)
2013-08-29 04:39:39Odd Question/Possible Theory
2013-08-29 02:55:34Armament Haki Does Exist!
2013-08-29 00:50:37New to One Piece. Need some advice on watching the anime.
2013-08-28 20:50:00Discotek Licenses Ghost Stories TV Anime
2013-08-28 19:50:21Barbarossa Sand Pirates - small but oddly extremely foreshadows to what I believe will be part of the ending of One Piece
2013-08-28 19:06:50What one thing has made you laugh the most in one piece, be it in the anime or the manga?
2013-08-28 16:14:34How can you explain One Piece in a minute or two?
2013-08-28 15:49:10On The Shelf: August 28, 2013
2013-08-28 15:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, August 19-25
2013-08-28 15:25:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 760
2013-08-28 15:08:08Another Live Action Majin Buu
2013-08-28 15:00:005 Video Games That Must Become Anime! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-28 14:56:25My favourite bit from Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island
2013-08-28 14:46:24Boa Hancock cosplay... WOW!
2013-08-28 14:40:13want to watch marineford, what episodes are they and where can i watch it?
2013-08-28 13:06:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #342
2013-08-28 12:55:32All One Piece Colour Pages. Whaich one is your favourite?
2013-08-28 12:55:22Anyone else prefer pre-timeskip Nami and Robin?
2013-08-28 11:46:13Which One Piece opening made an impact for you? This one really hit me right in the chest.
2013-08-28 11:40:00Nintendo Reveals New 2DS Portable Console
2013-08-28 10:14:35[Colourpage] chapter 719: Open, Chinjao
2013-08-28 10:04:56Legitimate curiosity about a very sore subject
2013-08-28 10:03:15bye real life! Hello Grandline :D
2013-08-28 09:45:47Bye bye real life :D
2013-08-28 09:26:54One Piece Chapter 719 Theories and Discussion
2013-08-28 08:51:28I made a thing in art class
2013-08-28 08:47:19Colored manga chapters?
2013-08-28 08:43:07One Piece Vol 72 Ch 719
2013-08-28 08:43:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 719
2013-08-28 08:43:07One Piece Vol 70 Ch 719
2013-08-28 08:40:00Naruto/Dragon Ball/Toriko Rivals, Transformations in J-Stars Victory Vs. Game
2013-08-28 08:14:41Nintendo One Piece crossover (5 images)
2013-08-28 07:41:39One Piece - Memories (Piano Cover)
2013-08-28 07:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #4 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-28 06:31:19All I could think of when reading the latest chapter
2013-08-28 06:23:09DBZ Movie 8 Film Anime Comic Re-Release Announced
2013-08-28 06:12:09Why not Oda?
2013-08-28 05:53:04One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 comes out next week on the 3rd!
2013-08-28 05:40:00Mori no Asagao Creator Mamora Gōda Handed Suspended Sentence
2013-08-28 04:19:31Chapter 719
2013-08-28 03:42:52One Piece 719
2013-08-27 22:36:27I enjoy Fairy Tail, Bleach and Naruto...
2013-08-27 22:06:10Usopp and Sogeking
2013-08-27 21:35:01who do you think is going to eat the mera mera fruit?
2013-08-27 21:30:20Another follower of Ivankov
2013-08-27 19:22:14Another Haki question.
2013-08-27 19:00:00Phantom Breaker: Extra Promo Previews New Features
2013-08-27 18:34:05My first One Piece figures..
2013-08-27 18:18:15Podcast Episode #0342
2013-08-27 17:20:12Strong World English Debut at Anime Weekend Atlanta
2013-08-27 16:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 25-31
2013-08-27 15:58:40Cosplay Fire Fist Ace
2013-08-27 15:00:00Disappointing Manga Adaptation! -- Vice Pit
2013-08-27 14:48:17If you could pick an actor/actress to play any One Piece character in a live action film, who would it be?
2013-08-27 14:30:00PlayStation Streams Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Launch Trailer
2013-08-27 14:09:33I made a podcast based off one line in the Anime.
2013-08-27 12:42:37[SPOILER EP 503] My personal saddest moment in One Piece. Hard to keep my cool when I rewatch this..
2013-08-27 12:39:29No good deed goes unpunished
2013-08-27 12:08:28Dragon Ball Online Cancelled in Korea
2013-08-27 12:08:28Dragon Ball Online Cancelled
2013-08-27 10:15:00World Collectable Figures J-Stars Goku & Arale
2013-08-27 10:10:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 759
2013-08-27 09:40:003rd Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Promo Video Previews Story
2013-08-27 09:13:40I found some Sabo foreshadowing in chapter 558!
2013-08-27 08:47:55[yibis]_One_Piece_608_[480p][B9FC316E].mp4
2013-08-27 08:45:20Level-5 Unveils Layton 7 Puzzle Game with New Characters
2013-08-27 07:00:00FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #4 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-27 06:50:57Luffy Style
2013-08-27 06:01:00wanting help finding an image
2013-08-27 02:43:07Come on, nakama! Keep voting for our captain!
2013-08-27 01:19:34Number of One Piece chapters released by year
2013-08-27 01:03:10My battery life in honor of Ace
2013-08-26 22:51:06Can somebody tell me the name of the OST in this video?
2013-08-26 21:44:46[yibis]_One_Piece_608_[720p][33FE6DF3].mkv
2013-08-26 21:12:17[SPOILERS!!]Chapter 719 Spoilers (Courtesy of AP Forums)
2013-08-26 20:50:26New Battle of Gods Clip – Goku Becoming a Super Saiyan God
2013-08-26 20:13:07Pirate Warriors 2 discussion
2013-08-26 19:56:16Weekly Shonen Jump back issues now available for the last 3 months for $0.99 an issue
2013-08-26 18:59:36one piece cosplay suggestions?
2013-08-26 18:47:11[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 718
2013-08-26 18:37:32Next issue of WSJ to feature Strong World bonus chapter
2013-08-26 17:34:30One Piece AMV "Born 2 Run" - I loved it and maybe you guys will too.
2013-08-26 17:33:26A tree used for Shaolin finger punching : pics
2013-08-26 17:05:32Episode 283, “In Japan”
2013-08-26 17:01:36Viz Media Revives and Bewitches with Licenses at Japan Expo
2013-08-26 15:44:17My friend dropped One Piece because he caught up.
2013-08-26 15:43:34Can Someone help me find an old episode of one piece?
2013-08-26 15:38:59Does the funimation dub ever say zolo?
2013-08-26 15:30:00Top 3 Favorite Anime Tropes! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-26 14:30:00Matsue City Rescinds Order to Remove Barefoot Gen Manga from Schools
2013-08-26 11:52:12New Battle of Gods Screens and Home Release Stuff
2013-08-26 11:29:05Where Oda got his inspiration for Mr.2
2013-08-26 11:00:00Anime Sols Streams Magical Idol Pastel Yumi Anime
2013-08-26 10:30:43My Suuuuuuuuuperrrrrrrrrrr Birthday from my Girlfriend and Cousins!
2013-08-26 10:01:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 758
2013-08-26 07:40:27New wanted poster pictures?
2013-08-26 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #19 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-26 06:05:37What does it mean to be the Pirate King?
2013-08-26 05:46:38This is what I do at work.
2013-08-26 05:41:17The shichibukai
2013-08-26 04:35:28Wondering if there are any decent onepiece wallpapers for my HTC?
2013-08-26 02:43:55need help with one piece anime
2013-08-25 22:35:46Has there ever been a hint at a previous generation of Yonkou? Or are the current ones the originals.
2013-08-25 20:21:53How old do you think is Bonney?
2013-08-25 19:20:16How many times have you re-watched the series
2013-08-25 19:17:41... At least he wont have any more nosebleeds?
2013-08-25 19:12:57Did Funimation stop dubbing openings?
2013-08-25 18:00:00Japanese Box Office, August 17-18
2013-08-25 16:43:29My Nakama Theory
2013-08-25 14:40:33Law with Chopper
2013-08-25 14:16:35Brook
2013-08-25 14:08:39Crunchyroll to Stream Schoolgirl Anime Love Lab
2013-08-25 14:04:26I think Law broke his thumb...
2013-08-25 13:45:00Dark Horse to Publish 5th Art Book from Ghost in the Shell Creator Shirow Masamune
2013-08-25 13:24:46tried coloring a page from chapter 718
2013-08-25 13:09:25[Theory] Zoro murdered...
2013-08-25 13:05:21Vector I made of Luffy from one of my favourite scenes in the series :-)
2013-08-25 12:40:57One Piece Episode 610
2013-08-25 12:39:13One Piece Stream
2013-08-25 12:29:41Anyone else disappointed in Movie Z?
2013-08-25 12:25:19One Piece Valentines Day Card From My Wife
2013-08-25 09:41:26Has anyone seen Gekisou! Trap Coaster?
2013-08-25 07:39:25I want to have a discussion about the "inherited will" theory. post your opinions.
2013-08-25 04:44:55[yibis]_One_Piece_607_[480p][EA243708].mp4
2013-08-25 04:40:31[yibis]_One_Piece_607_[720p][F29ABEB8].mkv
2013-08-25 03:55:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 757
2013-08-25 03:20:08Where to read raws online?
2013-08-25 03:07:00Miracle Battle Carddass Starter Deck 2 - Review
2013-08-25 00:18:34What are some of the best thought-out and cool theories that you know of? (Potential Manga Spoilers)
2013-08-24 22:04:47Strawhats as kids
2013-08-24 22:01:13Question about the new opening
2013-08-24 20:33:51who do you think will be Straw Hat Pirates 10th crew member?
2013-08-24 19:22:54Just a question about the One Piece film Z
2013-08-24 17:46:24This is how I decided to decorate MY dorm this year!
2013-08-24 15:27:49Source of how One Piece came to be x-post from /r/TIL
2013-08-24 14:29:06Started watching one piece again from the start. Them feels.
2013-08-24 12:54:15One Does Not Simply
2013-08-24 12:17:39One Piece and more Streaming!
2013-08-24 12:05:52Zoro VS Mihawk, what would happen if Zoro won?
2013-08-24 11:24:56One of my friends looks like Sanji
2013-08-24 10:49:53I painted this mural of my personal favorite Onepiece characters...
2013-08-24 09:16:58Super Zoro Bros.
2013-08-24 08:39:35Started watching after the time skip and had some thought.
2013-08-24 08:29:31Just a theory.
2013-08-24 07:55:42My first gifs (Please forgive for small size due limited memory)
2013-08-24 04:39:51Live Discussion: One Piece Special: The Tale Of One More Friend .
2013-08-24 03:35:42Trafalgar Law - lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real).
2013-08-24 02:24:13One Piece Motion Manga Chapters 681-682. 2 for 1!
2013-08-24 02:20:40Spoilers inside, just a thought I had.
2013-08-24 01:40:29What moment in One Piece really made you feel something.
2013-08-23 21:26:35Zolo or Zoro?
2013-08-23 21:12:14Currently my little corner of our dorm room
2013-08-23 19:27:19Help finding a gif
2013-08-23 18:06:21Vote for Luffy for MTVs otaku battle!
2013-08-23 17:30:00New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Video Highlights Primals
2013-08-23 17:18:41Yen Press Makes Their Own Impact With Light Novels, Sword Art Online and New Madoka Magica Manga at Japan Expo
2013-08-23 17:04:19Episode Of Merry: The Tale Of One More Friend. Airs tonite here in Japan! Box of tissues already on stand by....
2013-08-23 17:03:42My thoughts and expectations on the Dressrosa Arc
2013-08-23 16:58:04I drew Franky, 2 different versions because I wanted to draw his cool hair!
2013-08-23 16:36:40Unpopular opinions
2013-08-23 14:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 11-17
2013-08-23 14:12:48Should I read it???
2013-08-23 13:50:46Alabasta saga pic
2013-08-23 12:59:34Yen Press Adds Sword Art Online, Accel World Light Novels, More Madoka Magica Manga
2013-08-23 12:54:57Disney One Piece. (Mostly drawing styles but a little bit of crossover as well, 8 images)
2013-08-23 11:57:17Does this look familiar to anyone else?
2013-08-23 11:31:27Anyone going to Saikou Con?
2013-08-23 11:06:14We should do a One Piece gift exchange!
2013-08-23 10:47:27Namco-Bandai Tokyo Game Show 2013 Lineup
2013-08-23 10:10:25Does anyone else miss those deadly 1v1?
2013-08-23 10:07:57One Piece super hero cross overs! (18 images)
2013-08-23 10:00:00Nobuhiko Okamoto, Yuuki Ono, Yōko Hikasa Join Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~ Cast
2013-08-23 08:30:00HUNTER X HUNTER #3 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-23 07:27:40I received this from an amazing gifter on reddit gifts.
2013-08-23 07:20:13Fear the almighty Eneru-chu!
2013-08-23 05:02:59Tales of Symphonia HD Remake Gets Xillia Crossover Costumes
2013-08-23 03:09:26What Garp wanted
2013-08-23 03:05:52One Piece - Chapter 718 Theories and Discussion
2013-08-23 02:31:33One Piece 718 Talk/Discussion- I love Usoppland
2013-08-23 01:52:51Unknown Wonders Throughout One Piece
2013-08-22 22:27:29Rumbleball Chopper IRL
2013-08-22 22:08:43doru doru no tokudai kyandoru sābisu setto!
2013-08-22 21:22:32One of the funniest Moments of One Piece
2013-08-22 19:40:00Josei/Boys-Love Manga Creator Yugi Yamada to Resume Work
2013-08-22 19:03:31Digital Color Manga Updates: Cell arc Pre-orders & Neko Majin
2013-08-22 17:53:37Manga Minis: CBLDF Defends, Places to Read and Doses of Nostalgia
2013-08-22 17:11:26If Naruto was drawn like One Piece (X-Post /r/Naruto)
2013-08-22 16:56:28One Piece (No Fillers) Stream
2013-08-22 15:12:24Starting out
2013-08-22 15:09:29The Nine Colours
2013-08-22 15:08:50Are any of the Supernovas going after Shanks?
2013-08-22 14:41:59Little by little... One Piece has taken over my office...
2013-08-22 14:36:25Something i really want to see again
2013-08-22 14:30:00Killzone Games Inspire Manga 1-Shot in Shōnen Ace Magazine
2013-08-22 11:49:27New Battle of Gods Clip – Goku vs Birus
2013-08-22 11:35:24Ancient Weapons
2013-08-22 10:16:37Went to the optometrist this morning and I think I figured out why Zoro has one of his eyes closed.
2013-08-22 10:11:40Am I the only one who thought Robin was most attractive when she was a villain
2013-08-22 10:06:00SCultures Series 3 - Majin Boo: Review
2013-08-22 09:52:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 756
2013-08-22 09:48:07One Piece Vol 72 Ch 718
2013-08-22 09:48:07One Piece Vol TBD Ch 718
2013-08-22 00:51:12This AMV gave me goosebumps. Enjoy.
2013-08-22 00:50:19Saw this dog on Tumblr and it reminded me of a certain Kuja princess
2013-08-22 00:24:19for any android users this is a must have
2013-08-22 00:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN Spoilers! -- 8/22/13 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-21 23:55:44One Piece d20 quests help
2013-08-21 22:09:05The most beautiful woman in One Piece
2013-08-21 21:30:00Sonic Lost World Gamescom Trailer Highlights Co-Op Modes
2013-08-21 20:27:12What is your favourite One Piece OST?
2013-08-21 20:13:45Can Blackbeard control the powers of other Devil Fruits he absorbs?
2013-08-21 19:21:40What are some of the best intense, sad, and inspirational quotes from One Piece.
2013-08-21 18:55:06Pokemon and One Piece crossover
2013-08-21 18:48:40On The Shelf: August 21, 2013
2013-08-21 18:35:00Hatsune Miku Sofas, Guitars Offered in Store Campaign
2013-08-21 18:20:57Skypiea
2013-08-21 17:16:49ONE PIECE - WE ARE! BY PELLEK AND YAMA-B Its a pretty good Cover
2013-08-21 17:02:45Skypiea (x-post /r/pics)
2013-08-21 16:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, August 12-18
2013-08-21 16:14:59Is Wapol the key to figuring out how Blackbeard can take more than one Devil Fruit? Also where is his timeskip storyline?
2013-08-21 15:30:00Shout! Factory to Release Danguard Ace: The Movie Collection
2013-08-21 14:38:25Ruffy Tattoo :D
2013-08-21 14:21:52Looking for a sanji figure
2013-08-21 13:38:50Further evidence of Kuma as the new strawhat
2013-08-21 13:04:35Battle of Z Character Selection Screen Video Plus More
2013-08-21 12:31:49Luffy makes a stop on Attack on titan.
2013-08-21 11:37:09“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 25th Week Sales
2013-08-21 11:14:33So it seems Gecko Moria has been up to no good X-post from /r/WTF
2013-08-21 11:10:00Atlus USA to Release AquaPazza PS3 Game in N. America
2013-08-21 11:01:27Yūsuke & Gon Join “J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita)
2013-08-21 11:01:00Chapter 718 Released
2013-08-21 10:43:01Did choppers voice change in episode 254?
2013-08-21 10:28:23“J Legend Retsuden” (3DS) Gains Two More DB Famicom Games
2013-08-21 10:12:23Making Gifs
2013-08-21 09:43:22Doflamingo (spoilers)
2013-08-21 09:00:00ONE PIECE #608 - - Special Review
2013-08-21 07:51:18Do the funky grampa
2013-08-21 07:23:27Upcoming Arc Theories
2013-08-21 06:14:31Theory: Law may have been planned and since he may have planned the events to come at Dressrosa he may have been deviced a plan to make it successfull
2013-08-21 04:47:21One Piece fanart I drew
2013-08-21 04:27:00Adult Gotenks Confirmed for Dragon Ball Heroes
2013-08-21 04:15:19One Piece - Chapter 718 *Updated*
2013-08-21 03:46:00Battle of Gods - Animanga Announced
2013-08-21 03:40:00San Diego Comic Con 2013 Red Saiya-jin Scouter - Review
2013-08-21 03:35:00Scultures Series 3: Majin Boo - Review
2013-08-21 03:28:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission - Starter Set 3: Review
2013-08-21 03:24:00Wrong Capsule
2013-08-21 03:19:00Battle of Gods - Korean Release Trailer
2013-08-21 03:18:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #341
2013-08-21 02:24:22Will the crew get huge? Like Shanks crew, the main crew + the weak guys working for them?
2013-08-21 01:54:56My pre-time skip Roronoa Zoro cosplay with other Nakamas ! Otakuthon 2013
2013-08-21 00:33:18What next?
2013-08-20 23:46:55What do you guys think of my new tattoo?
2013-08-20 22:34:52PR: Viz Media Offers An Office Romance With A Dark Twist in the Manga Launch of Midnight Secretary
2013-08-20 22:32:55PR: Viz Media Announces Happy Marriage?! Manga Debut
2013-08-20 22:29:03I found this, and agree with it completly.
2013-08-20 21:57:00Gundam Wing Picture Drama Bundled in 2nd Blu-ray Box
2013-08-20 21:16:21One Piece Mugiwara Store in Japan
2013-08-20 20:08:43Crocodile made this? (x-post from r/anime)
2013-08-20 20:01:223rd Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness U.S. Trailer Streamed
2013-08-20 20:01:223rd Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness US Trailer Streamed
2013-08-20 20:01:22Third Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness US Trailer Streamed
2013-08-20 20:00:53One Piece: Unlimited World Red Gameplay
2013-08-20 19:49:39GT-Style Adult Gotenks Coming to “Dragon Ball Heroes”
2013-08-20 19:45:05Super 17 Absorbing #16 in “Dragon Ball Heroes” GM9
2013-08-20 18:49:49I binged through the manga(form the anime) and then reread because I had no idea what was going on,
2013-08-20 18:03:15New Battle of Gods Trailer – With New Scenes!
2013-08-20 17:53:51Yen Press Returns to the Demon World with Spin-Off Series, Bloody Brat
2013-08-20 17:45:28Battle of Z: Birus, Broly and Majin Buu Confirmed
2013-08-20 16:55:46Who do you think has the best English voice? (Funimation dub)
2013-08-20 16:46:19Feels...
2013-08-20 16:36:01Which Straw Hat do you believe has the most tragic origin story, and why?
2013-08-20 16:30:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 18-24
2013-08-20 16:10:52Jessica Nigri and her ladyfriend cosplaying as Ace and Luffy, respectively
2013-08-20 15:42:16Dear One Piece lovers, which side character do you or did you find to be amazing.
2013-08-20 15:19:24Decided to make my laptop a little bit more personal
2013-08-20 13:55:00PS4 Launches in N. America on November 15
2013-08-20 13:00:33Whenever someone vaguely mentions One Piece near me
2013-08-20 12:27:39Funny One Piece Cosplay
2013-08-20 11:20:38Amazing Live Action Majin Buu Render
2013-08-20 09:44:03Finally finished my One Piece illustrations! If you like them, use coupon code "redditcrew" til 8/23 to get $1 off!
2013-08-20 09:40:39What if? Post-timeskip edition. Marineford
2013-08-20 09:00:00HUNTER X HUNTER #2 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-20 07:40:15Awesome Sanji Cosplay
2013-08-20 04:41:303rd Sailor Moon Cosmetic Is Eyeliner
2013-08-20 03:23:39Please help me identify an episode.
2013-08-20 01:49:32Looking for untranslated PDFs/epub to download, or links to read online
2013-08-19 21:58:17Dalton needs a horse... for what exactly???
2013-08-19 21:37:49One Piece Manga
2013-08-19 21:34:30Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Movie Comic
2013-08-19 21:19:21Something Monet said. (Spoilers)
2013-08-19 21:06:55Went to a local con and picked up this SUUUUUPER figure.
2013-08-19 18:52:27[Manga Spolers] Anyone else dissapointed at bartolomeos color scheme?
2013-08-19 18:45:23future devil fruit ideas
2013-08-19 18:15:00Japanese Box Office, August 10-11
2013-08-19 17:36:56Two navigators are better than one
2013-08-19 17:34:41Next chapter twist spoiler
2013-08-19 17:24:55Podcast Episode #0341
2013-08-19 17:21:12“Battle of Gods” Film Comic Slated for October Release
2013-08-19 16:15:00Monster Hunter 4 Gameplay Video Introduces New Monster
2013-08-19 15:48:03Episode 282, “Ayo Kiji”
2013-08-19 15:33:16One Piece Character Art progress done by Chamba! (DC Comic universe artist)
2013-08-19 13:37:04So I just read Teach @ Marineford...
2013-08-19 13:29:02DMP Deals in Body Guard Drama with Kou Yoneda’s Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
2013-08-19 13:00:00Takahiro Sakurai Stars in The Hired Gun/Koroshiya-san Anime
2013-08-19 12:10:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 755
2013-08-19 12:00:00Anime Questions Answered!!! -- 8/19/12 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-19 10:15:39Dressrosa
2013-08-19 08:24:52One Piece 718 Theories and Discussion
2013-08-19 03:54:09One Piece Vol 70 Ch 718
2013-08-19 03:01:40A twist/expansion on the "Strawhats as Marines" idea
2013-08-19 00:51:07My adventure has just begun!
2013-08-19 00:16:54Chapter 718
2013-08-18 23:38:54Translation trouble.
2013-08-18 23:31:54The World of One Piece
2013-08-18 23:07:58impel down inspiration
2013-08-18 22:49:27One Piece Chapter 718
2013-08-18 22:28:18The most surprisingly successful teams so far. (Minor Impel Downs spoiler)
2013-08-18 20:31:36Supernovas
2013-08-18 20:16:27Awesome One Piece Sand Sculpture
2013-08-18 19:24:11Jessica Nigri Crossplaying Ace possible NSFW
2013-08-18 18:20:45Chibi Maruko-chan Gets 1st Live-Action Remake in 5.5 Years
2013-08-18 17:44:31Laws Plans on the Dressrosa Arc?
2013-08-18 17:29:16[Spolier]Theory on Mera Mera
2013-08-18 16:04:52Who will eat the mera mera fruit?
2013-08-18 14:22:18A thing I thought about Law(Anime spoilers)
2013-08-18 14:03:12Looks like Luffy and Zoro had meaningful, consensual sex, and later adopted this guy. (young garp)
2013-08-18 13:40:29Evangelion Exhibition Opens in Tokyo
2013-08-18 12:09:27Why does the third intro have robin in it before she joins the strawhats?
2013-08-18 11:55:47Gomu Gomu no Fusen!
2013-08-18 11:25:21Good videos to introduce my friend to OP?
2013-08-18 10:40:00Ikimono-gakari Leader Yoshiki Mizuno Gets Married
2013-08-18 10:39:29Where is the best place to watch English dubbed episodes on TV?
2013-08-18 09:57:21If anyone knows where a full english translation for the crossover special with dbz and toriko is please let me know.
2013-08-18 09:37:37If one of the Strawhats were to die, who would it be? Make up your own storyline and make me cry.
2013-08-18 09:29:43Mangaspoiler! interesting pic from 718 raw
2013-08-18 08:00:12Uno! Girlfriend and I bought this today. She now hates my guts.......
2013-08-18 07:41:00Ultimate Deformed Mascot Burst Part 1 & 2
2013-08-18 07:40:00Latest Yakuza Game Teased in Video with Historical Figure
2013-08-18 06:13:02A question about sky island and Gol.D roger
2013-08-18 02:21:06Have You Pre-ordered DBZ Battle of Gods?
2013-08-18 01:19:39Does anyone else wish there to be more displays of Scratchmen Apoo fighting?
2013-08-18 01:05:10Dragon Ball Z “Rock the Dragon” Home Release
2013-08-17 23:01:45Favorite & Least Favorite Villain
2013-08-17 21:35:21Metapost-Logged in users need a different title in side bar. (More info inside)
2013-08-17 20:17:04One Piece Episode 608
2013-08-17 20:08:54Ace and Luffy picture
2013-08-17 19:33:21Incredible Portgas D. Ace art.
2013-08-17 19:00:00Full-Size Macross VF-25 Valkyrie Shown in Yokohama
2013-08-17 18:01:58Just a casual appreciation of the openings of One Piece
2013-08-17 17:21:58Saw this in suggested videos... [it changes near the middle]
2013-08-17 17:00:00Watch One Piece On Your PC with Themed Eyewear
2013-08-17 16:56:40Why is Chapter 718 not out yet even though spoilers have been released?
2013-08-17 15:13:13Come watch and enjoy One Piece with others!
2013-08-17 13:00:00Barefoot Gen Manga Removed From Matsue City School Libraries
2013-08-17 12:00:00Accel World Voice Actress Sachika Misawa Treated for Heatstroke
2013-08-17 10:49:33One Piece Season 5 Voyage 2 Review (and Unboxing)
2013-08-17 09:14:29[yibis]_One_Piece_Film_Z_[480p][8e98f246].mp4
2013-08-17 07:09:55reminds me of someone
2013-08-17 06:01:00Bandai Super Saiya-jin Son Goku Vinyl Figure
2013-08-17 05:58:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 754
2013-08-17 04:11:55Soul Eater Not! Manga to Resume Serialization in October
2013-08-17 04:11:55Soul Eater Not Manga to Resume Serialization in October
2013-08-17 02:20:53New night mode Blackbeard footer!
2013-08-17 01:14:34One Piece Quiz - Android
2013-08-16 22:50:35Because I am... BEAUTIFUL!
2013-08-16 21:35:10Super Savings: Viz Media Bids Farewell to Summer With Digital Deals
2013-08-16 21:20:03Aikatsu! Idol School TV Anime Gets 2nd Series in October
2013-08-16 20:47:49One Piece reference in Beelzebub. (bottom left corner)
2013-08-16 18:25:29Boa HanCat
2013-08-16 17:30:00Watch Attack on Titan Sand Sculpture Construction in Time-Lapse Video
2013-08-16 16:53:56In regards to the recent debate about CoC Haki
2013-08-16 14:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, August 4-10
2013-08-16 11:55:56[yibis]_One_Piece_606_[480p][CC041A14].mp4
2013-08-16 11:31:41Franky should turn the Thousand-Sunny into a bigger robot, which he controls with his mecha
2013-08-16 11:29:12Amazing shoe designs based on One Piece characters [source in comments]
2013-08-16 11:15:50When do you think the Straw Hats will get new bounties?
2013-08-16 10:19:00SCultures Bootlegs
2013-08-16 10:10:40SPOILERS For Chapter 718 (next chapter)
2013-08-16 09:33:19Location of the New World
2013-08-16 07:15:31[Cosplay] Would you like to join my crew?
2013-08-16 06:00:00FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Memories! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-16 02:44:54Just finished Enies Lobby for the first time, just some of my thoughts.
2013-08-16 02:16:00Yukari and Junpei Join Persona 4 Arena Sequel
2013-08-16 02:16:00Yukari & Junpei Join Persona 4 Arena Sequel
2013-08-16 01:16:24Da Capo Voice Actress Sakura Nogawa Goes on Hiatus Due to Poor Health
2013-08-16 00:00:00FIST OF THE NORTH STAR #2 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-15 23:24:30[yibis]_One_Piece_Film_Z_[720p][216312C1].mkv
2013-08-15 22:49:59Is there a berry to dollar ratio
2013-08-15 22:26:18Harry Styles Besa Un Hombre! Liam Payne Nueva Novia!
2013-08-15 21:36:36would you guys know where i can download this song?
2013-08-15 20:45:53Sabaody Archipelago (Spoilers)
2013-08-15 19:09:41Check out these new One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 images
2013-08-15 18:26:26Gear 2nd vs. Shave
2013-08-15 17:05:42One Piece - We Were! fake straw hat cover (x-post from /r/Wrongpiece)
2013-08-15 15:23:19PR: Viz Media Announces Release of Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology 2-in-1
2013-08-15 15:21:50PR: Viz Media Debuts The New Fantasy Adventure Manga Series: Magi The Labyrinth of Magic
2013-08-15 15:16:18[request] Minecraft Roronoa Zoro after timeskip
2013-08-15 14:47:15Review: Body Guard
2013-08-15 14:32:18Recently was rewatching Water 7 and something hit me regarding its name.
2013-08-15 14:09:57[yibis]_One_Piece_606_[720p][DCA3B868].mkv
2013-08-15 14:01:03The "Strawhats as Marines" idea is generally lived by r/OnePiece. What other spin-offs would be interesting?
2013-08-15 13:59:03... Sanji?
2013-08-15 13:51:28MangaRule has died?
2013-08-15 13:50:29Pirate Warriors 2 September 3rd!!!
2013-08-15 13:41:25Battle of Gods Storyboard Pictures
2013-08-15 13:37:16Caesar Has A Fetish
2013-08-15 13:27:16One Piece ending leaked on 4chan thread
2013-08-15 13:18:40Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Advanced Screening Photos – SM Cinema
2013-08-15 12:50:24Jolly Roger wall
2013-08-15 12:43:52Need help with costumes.
2013-08-15 12:31:58I found a website that gives lists of powers/abilities for characters. Does Caribous look right to you guys?
2013-08-15 12:29:32Read the One Piece manga a couple years back, can someone refresh my memory and tell me where to pick up?
2013-08-15 11:31:22Anime episode 207, not sure if filler....
2013-08-15 11:01:45Dragon Ball Z Returns to Toonami Asia
2013-08-15 10:36:10Battle of Gods Korean Dub Trailer
2013-08-15 10:32:36Sanji Style
2013-08-15 09:40:02Reminded me of a Devil Fruit.
2013-08-15 08:24:11Just noticed this when playing Tropico 2...
2013-08-15 05:07:16Awesome Sanji cosplay from the facebook page ^_^
2013-08-15 04:29:00Weekly Jump Dragon Ball x Blue Dragon Figures - Review (French)
2013-08-15 04:28:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 753
2013-08-15 00:04:00Anime: Guilty Pleasure? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-14 23:09:22What if One Piece on Raftel was...
2013-08-14 23:00:00New Live-Action Patlabor Visual Released
2013-08-14 22:33:26After timeskip Coby compared to CP-9 members.
2013-08-14 21:14:30For those who watched/read Water 7/Enies Lobby when it was current
2013-08-14 20:55:58Let the collection begin.
2013-08-14 20:12:50When will One Piece collection #9 come out?
2013-08-14 19:36:01How far do the english printed books go up to?
2013-08-14 19:13:50For those of you who also like Attack on Titan
2013-08-14 19:00:00Mori no Asagao Creator Mamora Gōda Arrested for Indecent Behavior
2013-08-14 17:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, August 5-11
2013-08-14 17:26:33Simple Chopper Bento!
2013-08-14 15:40:01What were your first thoughts about Zoro?; how Coby described him.
2013-08-14 15:35:19The Fruity Theory - explaining the mysterious Blackbeard-Whitebeard incident
2013-08-14 15:30:00Nintendo Taiwan to Give Away 5 Doraemon 3DS Consoles
2013-08-14 14:27:03Going to my first anime convention in a couple of days, need some advice.
2013-08-14 14:13:36Yibis has released their fansub of One Piece: Film Z (1080p)
2013-08-14 13:53:21Mountain Bandits
2013-08-14 13:45:00Azusa Tadokoro Leads Yūsha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shūshoku o Ketsui Shimashita Cast
2013-08-14 13:13:05Art request
2013-08-14 12:40:26Battle of Gods Brazilian Dub Videos
2013-08-14 12:17:22New Battle of Gods Preview Video
2013-08-14 11:10:06Is chapter 718 releasing this week????
2013-08-14 11:06:00[yibis]_One_Piece_Film_Z_[1080p][54a53480].mkv
2013-08-14 10:35:10Battle of Gods Releases in the Philippines – Plus More Info
2013-08-14 10:23:32On The Shelf: August 14, 2013
2013-08-14 09:10:41Trafalgar Law Cosplay <3
2013-08-14 08:56:23Enel Wallpaper
2013-08-14 08:20:00Shikatsushi - Joō no Hōigaku Josei Manga Gets Live-Action Special
2013-08-14 06:52:41Why do so many people like Enel?
2013-08-14 05:19:52Every time...
2013-08-14 03:29:46Where did I leave off?
2013-08-13 21:59:07Any one wanna be my watching buddy?
2013-08-13 21:41:59CP9 Question?( Water 7 Spoilers maybe)
2013-08-13 19:41:53When the Strawhats fight, how often do they kill? If so, how many main antagonists have died?
2013-08-13 19:37:19So, is there a possibility...
2013-08-13 19:33:51Caramelldansen One Piece Version
2013-08-13 18:25:02Is Smoker the main antagonist?
2013-08-13 18:05:34Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Previewed in 13-Minute Video
2013-08-13 17:11:38Dragon Ball Versus: Super Saiyan Vegeta vs Freeza
2013-08-13 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, August 11-17
2013-08-13 16:34:49How has One Piece changed how you live your life?
2013-08-13 16:00:03Like One Piece? Like Baseball? then check out retro game: One Piece Going Baseball
2013-08-13 15:18:43Does anyone else think Kumadori resembles Jiraya from Naruto?
2013-08-13 15:07:43Dat nami cosplay <3
2013-08-13 14:00:00Live-Action Usotsuki Paradox Film Trailer Streamed
2013-08-13 13:49:03Yonko question (spoilers)
2013-08-13 13:15:00DBZ Rock the Dragon Edition - Released
2013-08-13 13:15:00Amnesia/Hakuōki PS Vita Game Pack to Include Amnesia Anime Music Video
2013-08-13 13:13:00Son Goku VS. Superman Flipbook
2013-08-13 13:01:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 752
2013-08-13 12:06:31Luffy compared to Ace
2013-08-13 11:56:47One Piece Guitar Medley
2013-08-13 11:37:01Instead of marine ranks I rather see this
2013-08-13 11:21:06Ever had a weird OP dream?
2013-08-13 10:50:30Funny comparison I noticed.
2013-08-13 10:36:59Question about the manga on One Piece Bay.
2013-08-13 09:56:39On the badass things luffy does...
2013-08-13 03:34:31When is this going to be released?
2013-08-13 02:33:15Stansen (Giant from the Auction House)
2013-08-13 02:14:08Straw Hat Theater - Report Time (English Dub)
2013-08-13 02:13:45Straw Hat Theater - Obahan Time (English Dub)
2013-08-12 23:26:49Just finished Fishman Island arc- couple questions.
2013-08-12 20:46:34What is this video from?
2013-08-12 19:30:02Me and my buddy were trying to create a power list of the characters and we have reached an impasse, can you help us with some questions?
2013-08-12 18:53:08What if.. the next member of the straw hats is a female version of sanji?
2013-08-12 18:20:16Passing on the hat.
2013-08-12 18:10:25Episode 281, “Ora Ora Ora!”
2013-08-12 17:59:28Petition to bring One Piece: Romance Dawn 3DS to NA
2013-08-12 17:19:28SUUUUUUPPPER
2013-08-12 17:07:33such a great illusion...
2013-08-12 16:49:22Will Smoker stop being weak? [Manga Spoilers]
2013-08-12 15:49:27[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 717
2013-08-12 15:43:48Battle of Gods Mexican Dub Trailer
2013-08-12 15:38:27How do you think each of the Straw Hats matches up with up with the marine ranks?
2013-08-12 15:17:30What episodes do the animation quality get better.
2013-08-12 15:15:00Sword Art Online Extra Edition to Air With New Footage
2013-08-12 14:19:58Review: The Betrayal Knows My Name (Vol. 05)
2013-08-12 13:14:08Theories on a certain person (manga spoiler)
2013-08-12 13:10:51(Punk hazard spoilers) Gif request
2013-08-12 11:33:28In reference to my all time favorite character
2013-08-12 11:25:51I would like to see how a newer pirate crew views the Straw Hats.
2013-08-12 10:32:50Requirements next Crewmate (Possible Spoilers)
2013-08-12 10:07:422 Wild card theory. Manga only.
2013-08-12 09:39:55VIDEO: Stylish Ad and Celebrity Cosplay Promote "One Piece" Glasses
2013-08-12 09:37:20(Possible Spoilers)Question about the Movies
2013-08-12 09:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #17 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-12 05:31:00Bandai Hybrid Grade Gashapon - Review
2013-08-12 05:29:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 751
2013-08-12 05:25:00Ichiban Kuji Prize A Limited Edition Son Goku Super Saiya-jin 3 - Review
2013-08-12 02:38:42Stylized Zoro/Sanji Art - Badass!
2013-08-12 01:39:54Need help finding a song
2013-08-12 00:55:04i made this ill just leave it here please leave a comment
2013-08-12 00:13:31I require a little help...
2013-08-12 00:12:01Kuma the Tyrant : A character I truly wish we have gotten more of.
2013-08-11 22:44:44So I just started my adventure on the Grand Line.
2013-08-11 22:36:50One piece vs pokemon
2013-08-11 22:12:55New One Piece Lanyards I got today(sorry phone quality)
2013-08-11 21:26:55Need help not sure if I should put here.
2013-08-11 21:12:58Can anyone provide a MP3
2013-08-11 20:57:50AnimeSols to Stream Classic Shoujo Series Dear, Brother
2013-08-11 19:00:40I am rereading all of One Piece, and this page is the reason I love this series.
2013-08-11 18:32:24One piece opening Nichijou style!
2013-08-11 18:07:09Onepiece snapbacks
2013-08-11 18:06:26Do you guys like this kind of wallpaper because I have more of the crew
2013-08-11 17:51:30Best place to watch for new dubbed episodes?
2013-08-11 17:11:3430,446 likes and 1,162 shares? I like Luffy but this is honestly tragic.
2013-08-11 17:00:00Japanese Box Office, August 3-4
2013-08-11 16:05:37If you could give each of the Strawhats one aesthetic change what would it be?
2013-08-11 14:21:01Otakon to Move to Washington D.C. in 2017
2013-08-11 13:08:37made a luffy wallpaper, enjoy!
2013-08-11 10:56:40Anime Quality
2013-08-11 10:35:55Theory on the Will of D. (Some spoilers)
2013-08-11 10:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 28-August 3
2013-08-11 09:41:27Vertical Inc Dishes Out Fumi Yoshinaga’s What Did You Eat Yesterday
2013-08-11 04:23:45TIL the message icon in r/onepiece is a Den Den Mushi
2013-08-11 04:03:04Somebody please make an AMV centered around Ace and Blackbeard using "Your Betrayal"
2013-08-11 03:56:34A familiar flag spotted in a French gangsta rap video
2013-08-11 03:14:47Any tips on catching up with the anime?
2013-08-11 00:50:14Blackbeard Theory and why he attacked Drum Island
2013-08-10 23:41:23Long ring long land arc just finishes on toonami and I just learned that it ends different then the manga.
2013-08-10 22:40:27[Question] Where is the anime in relation to the manga?
2013-08-10 21:51:30Universal Studios Japan Limited Purple Chopperman
2013-08-10 21:21:57Does Franky get your vote as 4th strongest straw hat?
2013-08-10 20:34:43His Smile
2013-08-10 20:27:54One Piece Episode 607
2013-08-10 20:04:35Favourite Robin and Franky moments? Credit to: ~Urban-Ninja-Hana on deviantART
2013-08-10 18:42:03Just realized, Chopper has more control now, is he not "up there" power wise?
2013-08-10 18:22:04The fight for Going Merry discussion
2013-08-10 18:19:15One of my favorite wallpapers
2013-08-10 17:37:50Caught up on One Piece...
2013-08-10 17:34:29Patrick Seitz, the English voice actor for Franky, will be doing an AMA in /r/Naruto soon!
2013-08-10 16:45:45Blackbeard Theory (No spoilers on or past latest episodes)
2013-08-10 14:29:37Funimation Adds Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Outlaw Star, More
2013-08-10 14:25:04Question about Buggy
2013-08-10 14:10:43Funimation Adds Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Video Anime Series
2013-08-10 13:28:38Sentai Filmworks Adds Sacred Seven, Big O, Kurokami, More (Updated)
2013-08-10 13:28:38Sentai Filmworks Adds Sacred Seven, Big O, Kurokami, More
2013-08-10 13:20:04Funimation Adds Code Geass, Tales of the Abyss, Witch Hunter Robin, More
2013-08-10 13:00:13So not counting Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji where do the other Straw Hats rank against other pirates in terms of fighting skills? Would you guys say their bounties are accurate
2013-08-10 12:36:00When is too soon to reveal "spoilers"?
2013-08-10 11:53:28One Piece - The Legend [Fanmade video using the first german OP as song]
2013-08-10 11:49:16Seven Seas Is On the Yuri Case with Milk Morinaga’s Gakuen Polizi
2013-08-10 10:41:12Shinichiro Watanabe Reveals Space Dandy Comedy TV Anime (Updated)
2013-08-10 10:41:12Shinichiro Watanabe Reveals Space Dandy Comedy TV Anime
2013-08-10 08:30:16Infinite Stratos 2 Gets Original Blu-Ray/DVD Anime in October
2013-08-10 08:14:29Amazing rendition of most One Piece openings in English. Highly recommend listening to it!
2013-08-10 06:56:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 750
2013-08-10 01:50:00Kill Me Baby CD to Bundle New Half-Hour Bonus Anime
2013-08-09 23:55:41my 10 year old brother borrowed some art supplies after watching the alabasta arc with me I sure am proud of him for drawing this
2013-08-09 23:34:28Who first called luffy zoro and sanji the monster trio?
2013-08-09 22:43:22Pedo Kaku
2013-08-09 21:43:58Are my friends overselling Enies Lobby?
2013-08-09 21:26:21Marco the Phoenix by ~Nain-SS on deviantART
2013-08-09 21:13:16I am not a funny man
2013-08-09 20:57:04Manga cover-story question.
2013-08-09 20:11:45I just watched episode 337 (Spoilers)
2013-08-09 19:37:55Whats your Funniest Part?
2013-08-09 19:12:19[Older AMV] Brook, On My Own?
2013-08-09 18:08:32All the crew switching jobs?
2013-08-09 18:00:00Hatsune Miku Marks 6th Birthday With English Debut
2013-08-09 16:31:33I LOVE ONE PIECE. that is all
2013-08-09 15:48:23One Piece in Real Life?
2013-08-09 14:35:27Chapter 716 page colored by Lord-Nadjib
2013-08-09 14:12:54Was Noland the one who inspired Roger?
2013-08-09 13:09:12On The Shelf: August 7, 2013
2013-08-09 11:06:03Do you wait a week to read a new chapter, or read in volumes?
2013-08-09 10:08:00Brazilian Battle of Gods Trailer
2013-08-09 09:11:24My One Piece fan art. Any criticism is welcome. <3
2013-08-09 08:01:04Theory on crocodile.
2013-08-09 07:19:22Dragon Ball x One Piece x Toriko Merchandise Coming Sept. 2013
2013-08-09 01:40:27Kung-fu point Chopper VS. Bepo
2013-08-09 00:31:00Chapter 717 Released
2013-08-09 00:19:30New Nakama after so long...
2013-08-08 22:25:35Battle of Gods Brazilian Trailer
2013-08-08 22:05:35Good online stores that ship One Piece items to Canada?
2013-08-08 19:47:21one piece opening 13Xbleach opening 6
2013-08-08 19:10:21One of my absolute favourite bits in the entire series
2013-08-08 19:00:35Cross Post from /r GameOfThrones. No spoilers for either.
2013-08-08 16:15:00Newest Jam with the Band Game Turns You Into a Vocaloid
2013-08-08 15:23:10One Piece Volume 71 sells 1.5 million copies in 3 days
2013-08-08 15:15:00Japanese Comic Ranking, July 29-August 4
2013-08-08 14:15:00Final Sailor Moon Volume Tops Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores for July
2013-08-08 13:18:46So I just realized something about Crocodile...
2013-08-08 13:17:57Rewatching amazon lily
2013-08-08 13:15:00Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Trailer Features Updates on Final Mix
2013-08-08 13:07:08Beadsprite Borsalino (Kizaru)!
2013-08-08 11:47:32Namco-Bandai Q1 Fiscal 2014 Figures
2013-08-08 11:10:16"The Devil"
2013-08-08 10:29:00Battle of Gods - 3D Situation Clock
2013-08-08 10:26:00SCultures #3 Kame Sennin - Released
2013-08-08 10:25:00Neptunia Event Cancelled Due to Arrest at Earlier Event
2013-08-08 10:17:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 749
2013-08-08 08:50:10“Dragon Ball Capsule R” Saiyan Arc Figures in Late 2013
2013-08-08 07:57:19Follow up on the synchronized re watching I think we should start soon.Its a really good idea. but a stream sounds too hard lets just watch on our own then discuss,ya?
2013-08-08 06:26:27Happy Birthday to our legendary Buggy D. Clown!
2013-08-08 03:56:04got a new phone and was wondering if anyone has some awesome backgrounds for it one piece oriented
2013-08-08 03:05:45I think about how strong Luffy is now than I think how there is a lot more Onepiece left and how much stronger he will get and it puts a huge grin on my face
2013-08-08 01:16:37Idea: sanji uses haki for diable jumbe
2013-08-07 21:49:07manga books
2013-08-07 20:31:38[Theory] Blackbeard Is An Ancient Weapon (spoliers)
2013-08-07 19:14:58Absalom Devil Fruit(Invisible) and Observation Haki
2013-08-07 18:26:36Whats the name of the song in the beggining ?
2013-08-07 18:09:46Hilarious parts
2013-08-07 16:43:25Theory: Brook and Blackbeard
2013-08-07 15:39:05Finally started my collection
2013-08-07 14:34:28ONE PIECE MMORPG GAME IN THE WORKS!!!
2013-08-07 13:19:40What happens if you shoot luffy with seastone bullets?
2013-08-07 13:15:00Steins;Gate Senkei Kōsoku no Phenogram Gets PS Vita Port
2013-08-07 12:15:00Bandai Namco Games Offers One Piece-Themed 3DS XLs
2013-08-07 12:10:46Do you think Franky modified his wiener? In that case how, considering he already has nipple falshlights.
2013-08-07 12:07:06Gomu Gomu Red Hawk
2013-08-07 11:32:04Korean Voice Recording for Battle of Gods
2013-08-07 11:02:38ONE PIECE IN REAL LIFE!!!!! New Devil Fruit?!??!
2013-08-07 09:47:17Battle of Gods Coming to South Korea
2013-08-07 09:29:56One Piece Chapter 717 Theories and Discussion
2013-08-07 09:22:06Gaimon
2013-08-07 08:37:00One Piece 3DS Announced for Japan! Might Need to Import This...
2013-08-07 08:23:34I drew Brook this time.
2013-08-07 06:38:50total bounty?
2013-08-07 05:11:192nd Hunter x Hunter Film to Premiere on December 27
2013-08-07 05:11:19Second Hunter x Hunter Film to Premiere on December 27
2013-08-07 04:31:27looks like zoro took a trip to my minecraft server
2013-08-07 03:05:12We are BY PELLEK AND YAMA-B
2013-08-07 03:00:00Summer 2013 Anime Report Card -- The Good -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-07 02:55:30In honour of shark week
2013-08-07 01:02:35One Piece Chapter 717
2013-08-07 01:00:00Nisekoi, Ore Monogatari!! Get Crossover Shōnen/Shōjo Manga
2013-08-07 00:50:29Who are ranked 1 - 11?
2013-08-06 23:24:54While waiting for the next manga chapter, here are three questions to think about
2013-08-06 22:59:49Devil Fruit Switcheroo
2013-08-06 21:57:44[Game/Quiz/Challenge] Can you name the 200 OP characters who appear most in the manga?
2013-08-06 21:20:55Just saw this Ikea ad, remind you of someone?
2013-08-06 20:30:00New Atelier Rorona Remake Heads to PS3, PS Vita in November
2013-08-06 19:34:50Best and Worst devil fruits
2013-08-06 19:23:52Dragon Ball Versus: Dabura vs Perfect Cell
2013-08-06 19:11:13why is luffy the only person that con go gear second?
2013-08-06 15:58:24Just a quick anime question
2013-08-06 15:18:05Some one on /r/pics found a devil fruit at costco!
2013-08-06 14:04:29Are life vests OP in the OP world?
2013-08-06 13:36:25Selling Some One Piece Manga! Anyone Want?!
2013-08-06 13:06:53Synchronized Rewatching?
2013-08-06 13:00:00Eiyū Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki 2nd TV Ad Streamed
2013-08-06 12:42:00What do you think is the most satisfying punch?
2013-08-06 12:12:27XSEED Games to Release Senran Kagura Burst in N. America (Updated)
2013-08-06 12:12:27XSEED Games to Release Senran Kagura Burst in N. America
2013-08-06 11:18:00The Legend of Shen Long - Review
2013-08-06 11:14:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 748
2013-08-06 11:09:00I cried like a baby during this scene
2013-08-06 09:59:41Review: Blood-C (Vol. 01)
2013-08-06 09:50:00Attack on Titan Spawns Another Series in Shōnen Sirius Magazine
2013-08-06 09:38:14My drawing of Dracule Mihawk!
2013-08-06 09:21:50I would just like to say Thank You.
2013-08-06 09:21:21What does Oro Jackson mean?
2013-08-06 08:50:00Attack on Titan Gets 3DS Game from Spike Chunsoft in 2013
2013-08-06 08:44:06How long do you think crocodile would last in a fight versus a yonko?
2013-08-06 08:25:25Nightmare Luffy vs Post Time-Skip Luffy [Spoilers]
2013-08-06 07:22:10My Zippo finally arrived
2013-08-06 04:03:08Question about pre-ordering the digital release of Pirate Warriors 2.
2013-08-06 03:43:12Haki or Devilfruit?
2013-08-06 02:33:46One Piece Rain Photoshoot!
2013-08-06 02:25:55One Piece Theme Luffy and Boa Hankokku become Couples
2013-08-06 00:34:26One Piece 717 spoilers
2013-08-06 00:05:11Besides One Piece what other animes do you reccomend?
2013-08-06 00:00:00ONE PIECE #606 - - Special Review
2013-08-05 23:13:55Psychological Evaluation of Luffy do you agree with this assessment i found?
2013-08-05 22:28:13Spoilers One Piece 717
2013-08-05 21:35:00Yumi Hara, Ayahi Takagaki, Marina Inoue Join Log Horizon Cast
2013-08-05 21:15:30SPOILERS For Chapter 717
2013-08-05 21:13:40One Piece Weekly GIF Thread
2013-08-05 20:28:17[Spoilers] Question about Zoro during the Kuma battle in Thriller Bark
2013-08-05 20:01:58Trouble seeing the entire banner
2013-08-05 18:57:14Podcast Episode #0340
2013-08-05 18:25:31Schichibukai height chart
2013-08-05 18:05:47Reading Rurouni Kenshin and I saw something familiar....
2013-08-05 17:05:47Episode 280, “Boo Box”
2013-08-05 17:00:00Japanese Box Office, July 27-28
2013-08-05 16:10:22I met a couple of SUPER guys at our local con this weekend
2013-08-05 15:45:00Discotek Adds Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, Cybersix
2013-08-05 14:54:221 Model & 3 Hours Later...
2013-08-05 14:26:03Bring-it Splithead !
2013-08-05 14:10:59Sabody Arc
2013-08-05 13:43:55My Law costume at Tokyo in Tulsa this past weekend.
2013-08-05 13:39:27How do you think it would feel to use haki?
2013-08-05 10:39:53Haki Questions.
2013-08-05 10:08:42Review: Don’t Tell My Husband (Vol. 01)
2013-08-05 09:46:53“Bakuman” Character Cover Songs Compilation CD Released
2013-08-05 09:45:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 747
2013-08-05 08:00:00Summer 2013 Anime Report Card -- The Bad -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-05 07:44:10What characters (friends and enemies) do you think we will see again?
2013-08-05 07:20:13Attack on Titan Online Browser Game Recruits Beta Testers
2013-08-05 06:18:17Is there an infographic available somewhere containing current or known information about the ongoing tournament?
2013-08-05 02:00:00DRAGON BALL Z #25 - - Watch & Learn
2013-08-05 01:45:45Re-watching one piece and I noticed something about the beginning of the Punk Hazark ark [Anime Post-Time skip Spoilers]
2013-08-05 00:30:20My One Piece shrine I hope you guys like it!
2013-08-05 00:08:16What do you guys think about this theory? Chapter 704 Spoilers
2013-08-04 23:57:03Question about haki?
2013-08-04 23:10:12How strong is Eustass Kid in comparison to other supernovas?
2013-08-04 22:46:29A quick question.
2013-08-04 22:30:40What do you think the current ranking as far as fighting strength is amoung the Straw-hats? [Possible Spoilers]
2013-08-04 21:50:00Team Italy Wins Cosplay World Summit 2013
2013-08-04 20:47:27"If you were a repost, where would you like to travel?" - Bartholomew Kuma
2013-08-04 20:30:09Story of the Real Pirate and the Double-Take
2013-08-04 20:12:50I was reading about a real Pirate when suddenly...
2013-08-04 19:09:26Maybe something we can do for discussions?
2013-08-04 17:29:13Does anyone else miss these SUUUUPER ladies?
2013-08-04 16:04:59quick sketch of zoro in my style as requested but wont post again till im a lot better at this
2013-08-04 15:48:53The rumble ball
2013-08-04 14:18:49Why was Luffy sent to Amazon Lilly?
2013-08-04 13:27:55When will One Piece end? And how many volumes will it take?
2013-08-04 12:05:00Nana Mizuki, T.M. Revolution, ELISA to Sing New Valvrave Themes
2013-08-04 11:14:48“Ultimate Tenkaichi” Comes to Xbox Live Games On Demand
2013-08-04 11:09:36The best way to start out the day!
2013-08-04 11:06:30I made a spreadsheet of the number of times each character appeared on the cover of a volume. Enjoy!
2013-08-04 10:58:04An episode when Chopper and Bepo team up would be a lot of fun to watch.
2013-08-04 10:34:13New Nakama what do you think?
2013-08-04 10:10:15saw this comic and thought of someone...
2013-08-04 10:09:15The weak trio
2013-08-04 09:24:2816 Years.
2013-08-04 06:48:49Something about Sanji.
2013-08-04 05:48:00Ultimate Deformed Mascot Part 4 & 5 & The Best - Review
2013-08-04 05:48:00Ultimate Deformed Mascot Part 4 & 5 - Review
2013-08-04 05:45:00V-Jump 9-13 Review
2013-08-04 03:08:56New Sailor Moon Anime to Stream Worldwide This Winter
2013-08-04 00:59:43My trip to J-World
2013-08-03 22:38:19How strong is Robin?
2013-08-03 22:21:20Just watched episode 565...
2013-08-03 22:11:43BAIT x One Piece Collection- Streetwear apparel with the Straw Hats!
2013-08-03 21:41:34Which straw hat do think has improved most over the time skip, I say chopper
2013-08-03 21:23:36jango has some nice moves
2013-08-03 19:28:53Lonely Children
2013-08-03 18:52:54Reminder: No One Piece Episode this week
2013-08-03 17:11:14Finally finished coloring my favorite Punk Hazard Chapter (690).
2013-08-03 16:58:16.......How the hell did he make the horns?
2013-08-03 15:02:09Whitebeard Pirates at Enies Lobby
2013-08-03 13:48:21The Okama Way
2013-08-03 13:30:59Whitebeard pirates at Enies Lobby.
2013-08-03 12:54:09“Super Butōden” To Be Featured On “Game Center CX”
2013-08-03 12:51:07How powerleveled does LUFFY become?
2013-08-03 12:34:25Wonder Festival Summer 2013 – An Awe-inspiring Exposition for Figures, Cosplay and More
2013-08-03 11:51:48Help finding a very commonly played song.
2013-08-03 11:11:56Has anyone ever made a list of all the weird nicknames and insults of One Piece?
2013-08-03 11:03:44Naruto Rice Fields Planted in Okayama Prefecture
2013-08-03 10:06:44Sanji & nami cosplay
2013-08-03 09:14:21One piece dvd collections.
2013-08-03 08:51:18Review: Weekly Shonen Jump – July 29th, 2013
2013-08-03 08:51:02Idea about certain Marines [Manga Spoilers]
2013-08-03 05:59:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 746
2013-08-03 00:25:00Live-Action Patlabor Robotic Mecha Photos Circulate Online
2013-08-02 23:08:50Check out what I just got!
2013-08-02 23:00:00Ace Combat Infinity Announced as Free Game for PS3
2013-08-02 21:54:48Is there anyway to get any of the One Piece themes on the iPhone?
2013-08-02 21:43:24Contenders from the current (manga) island discussion
2013-08-02 21:35:51[yibis]_One_Piece_605_[480p][23DBE337].mp4
2013-08-02 19:40:50Pissed Off Luffy I Drew Up... Constructive Criticism Welcomed~
2013-08-02 19:33:12Saw it on r/aww and reminded me of chopper
2013-08-02 17:59:40More reasons to love Bepo
2013-08-02 17:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 21-27
2013-08-02 16:39:54Where to read?
2013-08-02 16:16:37Volume 71 SBS Info
2013-08-02 15:20:56Circlejerk theories
2013-08-02 15:14:54[yibis]_One_Piece_605_[720p][3CDE19AF].mkv
2013-08-02 15:00:00Dark Knight Trilogy Producer Works with Japanese Animators on Dark Eye Pachinko Game
2013-08-02 14:56:30The strongest schichibukai
2013-08-02 14:44:11Community Update: User Accounts and Donations
2013-08-02 14:00:00Netflix Streams Both Digimon Adventure Seasons in Japanese
2013-08-02 11:52:52Whats Luffys favorite sport?
2013-08-02 10:14:11Strawhat switcheroo
2013-08-02 09:17:45Devil fruit powers in real life
2013-08-02 09:00:00Higanjima: Saigo no 47 Himei Horror Manga Gets Live-Action Adaptation
2013-08-02 08:45:14Female One Piece Fans! I am giving away One Piece aprons!
2013-08-02 08:30:00Ryota Ohsaka, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Natsuki Hanae, Takahiro Sakurai Lead Ace of Diamond Cast
2013-08-02 05:51:08One Piece AMV -Saving a brother - Part 2/2 [HD]
2013-08-02 05:21:00What type of Government is the World Government? and what type do you think would best suit the One Piece World?
2013-08-02 00:00:00Miyazaki Movies: Dark Secrets? -- THE VICE PIT
2013-08-01 23:50:49Variety: Live-Action Akira Project in Talks for Revival
2013-08-01 23:19:13Who knew Luffy was so smart!
2013-08-01 22:33:17Seven Shichibukai Fanart!
2013-08-01 21:19:26Seven Seas Deals Out More Wonderland Romance with Four New Alice in the Country of… Series
2013-08-01 20:56:54Whitebeard (possible Marineford spoiler)
2013-08-01 19:56:01Since there may be romance toward the end of the series, what couples would you like to see later in the One Piece story?
2013-08-01 19:53:32If you were writing an SBS to Oda, What would you ask?
2013-08-01 19:47:05This panel took longer to understand than I would like to admit....
2013-08-01 16:50:52New arrival
2013-08-01 16:48:51Anyone else see this happening?
2013-08-01 16:13:32So I just finished Marine Ford and started fishman island...
2013-08-01 15:57:40Kuma and Moria
2013-08-01 15:53:02Saw tooth Arlong
2013-08-01 15:46:22Frustrating Theories
2013-08-01 15:30:04Ussop is a huge disappointment. (minor spoilers).
2013-08-01 15:25:45My name is Gan Fall, Gan Fall
2013-08-01 15:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, July 21-27
2013-08-01 14:09:24Doing a bit of rereading and I think Zoro uses observation haki in Alabasta
2013-08-01 13:47:07Anybody else love seeing OnePiece references?
2013-08-01 12:33:39Best One Liner In One Piece?
2013-08-01 12:30:54How Many Luffy Puns can we make in 24 hours? GO!
2013-08-01 11:45:00Kana Hanazawa, Rina Satou Join Wanna Be the Strongest in the World Anime
2013-08-01 11:31:42Forget Super Sayian. The Grand Line has a SUUUUPER Sayian!
2013-08-01 07:22:35marineford and some theorys *spoilers*
2013-08-01 05:08:00Kamen Rider Producer Tohru Hirayama Passes Away
2013-08-01 04:08:57Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Game to Include Remixed BGM, Trophy Support
2013-08-01 02:57:38The savior of my sleeping self tonight
2013-08-01 02:56:10One Piece animation quality?
2013-08-01 00:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN Spoilers! -- 8/1/13 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-31 23:12:39My collection of One Piece wallpapers that I made.
2013-07-31 21:37:39Garp and Gold roger question.
2013-07-31 21:34:08One Piece Vol 72 Ch 716
2013-07-31 21:34:08One Piece Vol TBD Ch 716
2013-07-31 20:52:04Realizing that I almost missed my cakeday
2013-07-31 20:49:22Question about seastone
2013-07-31 20:43:57Celestial Dragon songs
2013-07-31 19:36:51Since we have so many SUPER artists on this subreddit...
2013-07-31 18:52:29[SPOILER] what the D. might stand for...
2013-07-31 18:13:22The all around seriousness of the show?
2013-07-31 17:28:00SCultures #3 Majin Boo - Released
2013-07-31 17:22:00S.H. Figuarts Special Color Edition Piccolo & S.H. Figuarts Freeza - Reviews
2013-07-31 17:10:00★ Chinese Whispers Of Dragonball Z ★ Parody: Gorilla Saga
2013-07-31 17:08:00Master Stars Piece Son Goku - Review
2013-07-31 16:50:00Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Chapters 2-4
2013-07-31 16:43:00Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 36 - Released
2013-07-31 16:36:41What happends if somone would eat 2 devdevil fruit?
2013-07-31 16:36:00FiguartsZero Super Saiya-jin Trunks - New Pictures
2013-07-31 16:30:00“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) First Trailer
2013-07-31 16:26:00New Resin Statues
2013-07-31 16:19:00“Ossu! Ora Goku!” Explained
2013-07-31 16:07:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 745
2013-07-31 16:00:00Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist 3DS Game Ad Streamed
2013-07-31 14:17:00[Theory] Fujitora and Enel (Manga Spoilers)
2013-07-31 14:02:34The New World and Haki (minor spoilers).
2013-07-31 14:00:00Battle Spirits Saikyō Ginga Ultimate Zero Anime to Launch in September
2013-07-31 13:29:50Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Sunny in chapter 714?
2013-07-31 10:06:30One Piece Chapter 716 Theory and Discussion
2013-07-31 09:33:40A (Somewhat) lazy request
2013-07-31 08:45:24Two Weeks to Go – SM Cinema Premiere of Battle of Gods
2013-07-31 07:38:20“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 20th-22nd Week Sales
2013-07-31 06:18:32On The Shelf: July 31, 2013
2013-07-31 06:03:46Observation Haki (Post Timeskip Spoilers
2013-07-31 05:27:10One Piece Vol 70 Ch 716
2013-07-31 05:26:30SUPER crazy theory about Thousand Sunny
2013-07-31 03:33:48Coloring Request [Image Provided]
2013-07-31 02:53:01Kairoseki Bullets
2013-07-31 01:26:41Painted my ps3!
2013-07-31 00:25:41One Piece - Chapter 716
2013-07-30 23:29:17Luffy interested in a book!!!
2013-07-30 23:27:48So I recently discovered that Sanji is indeed a captain of a ship.
2013-07-30 23:09:44How much will Pirate Warriors 2 be?
2013-07-30 22:03:48This is funny because the guy who is saying this is the voice actor for zoro. [Gintama]
2013-07-30 21:27:57One Piece gif ideas
2013-07-30 19:26:48How much money would Luffy be worth in US Dollars?
2013-07-30 19:06:55I really wanna see this come in handy at some point again.
2013-07-30 18:35:59[yibis]_One_Piece_604_[480p][053BE63C].mp4
2013-07-30 18:34:42Just Curious, Why is every other post an One Piece art related post?
2013-07-30 17:32:07Luffy art
2013-07-30 17:07:31Question about Enies Lobby Arc
2013-07-30 16:48:54My attempt at Luffy what do yall think?
2013-07-30 15:47:13Coloring chapters?
2013-07-30 15:26:53URSUS SHOCK (Saw this on gifs, immediately thought of Onepiece).
2013-07-30 14:01:41[Request] Can anyone find/make a compilation video of Franky saying "Suuuupair"?
2013-07-30 13:19:12[yibis]_One_Piece_604_[720p][AF33579F].mkv
2013-07-30 13:15:00Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito Write Little Busters! Refrain Songs
2013-07-30 12:57:53Sparkler Monthly Launches With New Chapters of Off*Beat, and Multiple Series’ Debuts
2013-07-30 12:46:02admirals powers *spoilers*
2013-07-30 12:25:00Anime Sols to Launch Campaign for Black Jack OVAs if 1st TV Series Set Hits Goal
2013-07-30 11:32:31Kid Pirates + Heart Pirates vs. Pacifista- uninterrupted!
2013-07-30 11:27:39Scratchman Apoo covers Daft Punk- check it ouuut!
2013-07-30 11:20:53Robin vs Law? (Manga/Punk Hazard/Dressrosa Spoilers)
2013-07-30 09:58:45what is an application of a devil fruit that you hope never to see?
2013-07-30 09:10:34One Piece AMV - THE PHOENIX, My new favorite AMV
2013-07-30 09:00:47Frank
2013-07-30 08:56:31An attempt at drawing Sanji
2013-07-30 08:00:00Worst Kaiju Movies Ever! - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-30 07:40:44A question about Rayleigh and mantra
2013-07-30 06:51:49r/onepiece RES night-mode is finally complete!
2013-07-30 04:43:58A bounty hunter question
2013-07-30 04:07:50Searched "Cut cannon ball", Was not disappointed.
2013-07-30 01:41:17Quick question involving Garp.
2013-07-30 01:22:23This poster looked so awesome at first, then I saw the bottom...I was looking on Amazon for some decoration when I stumbled across this monstrosity.
2013-07-30 00:40:36One thing about the new dub episodes that angers me.
2013-07-30 00:05:44Good Smile Company Unveils Mascot Girl in Anime Video
2013-07-29 23:13:03How often does a One Piece chapter come out?
2013-07-29 22:52:04Question about something that happened in episode 598 [Punk-Hazard Spoiler]
2013-07-29 22:03:07Chapter 716 Spoilers
2013-07-29 21:44:27Ceaser Clown origin theory [Punk Hazard Spoilers]
2013-07-29 20:49:35In terms of raw physical strength is Zoro stronger then luffy ?
2013-07-29 20:44:42Questions about the Grand Line.
2013-07-29 20:27:59One Piece 716 Spoiler
2013-07-29 20:03:19Robin and Zoro
2013-07-29 19:14:53Cinta Adhesiva Fleur!
2013-07-29 19:01:04Makeup inspired by Emporio Ivankov!
2013-07-29 18:26:36Episode 279, “The Tomfoolery of Caesar Clown”
2013-07-29 18:09:03A few opinion based questions
2013-07-29 18:07:15Wallpaper I made from Glorious Island
2013-07-29 17:23:26The One Pace Project - Showcase (Comparison between Slow Paced and Faster Paced)
2013-07-29 16:34:28Shanks, Conquerors Haki, and the way of the sword (spoilers)
2013-07-29 16:09:01Jewelry Bonney Theory-Warning Spoilers
2013-07-29 15:45:00sola Artist Chaco Abeno Ends Angel + Blood Manga
2013-07-29 15:32:56test post
2013-07-29 14:38:41Where in the manga is this scene?
2013-07-29 13:40:28Noticed a mistake in the Punk Hazard Arc with Smokers weapon.
2013-07-29 12:58:35Just caught up on the anime and have a question
2013-07-29 11:57:37If Franky only wear his old Hairstyle more
2013-07-29 11:46:02Seven Seas Surfs the Skies With Girls, Guns and Invaders
2013-07-29 11:00:49Studio Deen Makes Promo Anime of I wanna be!/Waanabi.jk Manga
2013-07-29 10:53:42When do I watch each movie so it is consistent to the timeline?
2013-07-29 10:17:48Ussops next ultimate technique.
2013-07-29 10:03:27Could wapol eat sea stone?
2013-07-29 09:57:16I know this is shit, but i drew this up pretty fast and wanted to know what you guys think...
2013-07-29 09:37:00J Stars Victory Vs Trailer
2013-07-29 09:24:26Dragon Ball Heroes: Adult Gotenks
2013-07-29 09:20:50“J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) First Promotional Video
2013-07-29 09:09:43Do you like electronic music?
2013-07-29 08:00:30Nice Enel art
2013-07-29 08:00:00Anime Questions Answered!!! -- 7/29/12 -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-29 07:55:51Luffy the Marine
2013-07-29 03:30:00Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Video Highlights Gold Saints Character Battles
2013-07-29 00:19:46When you marathon how many episodes do you crunch a day?
2013-07-29 00:05:08Where to download the complete manga translations?
2013-07-28 23:19:46Do the characters in One Piece have some sort of healing factor?
2013-07-28 21:36:24J-Stars Victory VS PV1 (Shounen Jump Crossover game featuring One Piece for the PS3 and PSP Vita)
2013-07-28 20:56:28Awesome pic or robin pre time skip
2013-07-28 20:20:28When Luffy is being Chopper.
2013-07-28 18:29:05Just a little confused.
2013-07-28 18:25:55One Piece Motion Manga - Chapter 680
2013-07-28 17:13:00(SPOILER) Blackbeard Too OP?
2013-07-28 15:45:00GSC, Max Factory, Kotobukiya Tease New Attack on Titan Figures
2013-07-28 15:19:36I want to start getting into one piece more.
2013-07-28 15:06:07What’s Your Favorite Dragon Ball Z AMV?
2013-07-28 15:04:06Anyone else wonder who Mikio is? The wanted poster behind Benn Beckman?
2013-07-28 14:07:35Something that bothers me about Chopper (timeskip spoilers)
2013-07-28 12:57:44Pretty mad right now
2013-07-28 12:13:44A question of size
2013-07-28 11:23:49Tashigi was wearing some nice fashion in the recent episode...
2013-07-28 10:45:28First time ever, I saw the 4Kids opening for One Piece.
2013-07-28 10:29:25Doflamingo art
2013-07-28 09:53:26Goku versus Evil Goku Part IV
2013-07-28 09:25:00Super Sonico 3DS Idol-Producing Game, PS3 SoniComi Revealed
2013-07-28 09:20:274 blind boxes, was not disappointed.
2013-07-28 09:06:06Why is Trafalgar Law so popular?
2013-07-28 09:02:50Favorite Fused Character
2013-07-28 08:50:29Next bounty change
2013-07-28 08:00:03Does One Piece need a break?
2013-07-28 06:00:38I think I have a Zoro complex. First his katana, now Zoro.
2013-07-28 04:21:29Theory: Kaidou *probable spoilers*
2013-07-28 03:10:56[x-post from /r/cosplay] Trafalgar Law & Bepo!
2013-07-28 02:44:38Something that has been bothering me while rereading
2013-07-28 01:17:39Theory about Rogers and Dragons fruit, and Raftel...
2013-07-27 23:55:19Any1 thinks Mihawk as Logia type DF, more precisely Falcon or maybe Griffin . . ?
2013-07-27 22:54:53Mohmoo! The Giant Sea Cow [A clay sculpt]
2013-07-27 22:04:48Decided to Start Watching One Piece
2013-07-27 21:24:17Rank the straw hats according to speed
2013-07-27 21:20:29Weekly Devil Fruit Discussion: Gomu Gomu no Mi
2013-07-27 20:13:47One Piece Episode 606
2013-07-27 19:50:55The Four Yonko(possible spoilers)
2013-07-27 19:48:15Came across this when looking for pictures of Nami for reference. I have no words...(NSFW)
2013-07-27 19:13:37Two questions about Sanji
2013-07-27 18:45:00Saint Seiya, Zatch Bell, More Yu-Gi-Oh Listed on U.S. DVD
2013-07-27 17:45:00One Piece Ice Cream Maker Offered at KFC Japan
2013-07-27 17:09:25What devil fruit would be yours?
2013-07-27 16:54:51Dragon Ball Versus: Majin Vegeta vs Super Saiyan 2 Gohan
2013-07-27 16:45:00Girls & Panzer to Collaborate With World of Tanks Game in Japan
2013-07-27 16:01:38Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Latin Dub Cast Reveal
2013-07-27 14:51:33Dub is usually pretty bad in comparison to sub but I think they did a pretty damned good job with sogeking theme.
2013-07-27 14:45:35Walk Right Underneath the Life-Sized Gundam Statue This Summer
2013-07-27 14:09:39"We Are" covered on Guitar and Piano
2013-07-27 13:19:59Is it just me or does the count of all things chocolate look a bit like foxy the pirate??
2013-07-27 12:49:53I also drew Nami!
2013-07-27 11:44:32Wild luffy spotted.
2013-07-27 11:00:58Review: Beautiful Creatures
2013-07-27 10:59:56Cool Kuma art
2013-07-27 10:56:08This AMV is a little different than most. "He is our Captain"
2013-07-27 10:32:19So Rammstein were having a concert in my country yesterday. And this how the lead singer showed up. Remind you of someone ?
2013-07-27 08:54:56[SPOILERS] Blackbeard Theory.
2013-07-27 07:37:00[SPOILERS?] Crocodile POST-TimeSkip
2013-07-27 06:48:36Battle of Gods Coming to Spain?
2013-07-27 04:00:38Badass Zoro at it again [Thriller Bark Spoiler]
2013-07-27 03:57:43Backstorys
2013-07-27 03:29:24Blackbeard can have more than two devil fruit abilities.
2013-07-27 02:45:38English or Japanese with English subs, and why?
2013-07-26 23:36:19One Piece Episode 606 Online Thread
2013-07-26 21:58:43The next big crossover (X-post from r/ShingekinoKyojin)
2013-07-26 21:26:41Just finished watching episode 377...
2013-07-26 21:06:02Ghetto One Piece - Watch till 22 seconds to see it.
2013-07-26 20:55:04New banner: Robin Edition!
2013-07-26 20:19:25haki and swords
2013-07-26 18:00:00K-ON! Voice Actress Ayana Taketatsu to Record Wakeup Calls
2013-07-26 17:26:13how far can luffy stech.
2013-07-26 17:25:02My friend made this SUPERRRR cool one piece monopoly game
2013-07-26 16:53:34Princess Shirahoshi Cosplay
2013-07-26 16:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 14-20
2013-07-26 13:46:53Monkey D. Dragon theory.
2013-07-26 12:54:29Brilliant Ace Figuarts Zero display
2013-07-26 12:34:35Moments when you were watching other animes and recognized a voice from one piece.
2013-07-26 12:18:50what is this thing in the florian triangle? was it already revealed?
2013-07-26 11:38:44Was Ryuma ever known as the worlds best swordsman?
2013-07-26 10:47:58Kyousogiga Anime Gets TV Series This Fall
2013-07-26 09:51:57Volume 71 Cover (large sized) and information
2013-07-26 08:30:00Greatest Kaiju Movie Ever? - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-26 07:49:16Crocodile art
2013-07-26 01:48:03What would happen if Blackbeard touched chopper?
2013-07-26 00:33:22Meet Franky
2013-07-26 00:18:05Film Z/Fleet Admiral
2013-07-26 00:04:00FREE! IWATOBI SWIM GLUB #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-25 23:55:49My favorite moment in Thriller Bark thus far.
2013-07-25 21:40:00Bushiroad to Launch Magazine Starting in September
2013-07-25 21:07:34One Piece 607 Preview (Break Next Week)
2013-07-25 20:26:34When did you know one piece was the best show ever
2013-07-25 19:30:09What did Luffy get Robin to do in Punk Hazard? [Potential Anime Spoiler?]
2013-07-25 19:30:00Kadokawa Ends Publication of KeroKero Ace Magazine
2013-07-25 18:00:00Marina Kawano to Sing for Monogatari Series 2nd Season
2013-07-25 17:21:33At which points should I watch each one piece movie
2013-07-25 17:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, July 14-20
2013-07-25 15:00:00Apartment of Gundam Manga Launches in Shonen Sunday S Magazine
2013-07-25 13:51:04My Luffy shirt came in today
2013-07-25 13:28:11Newest hopefully most updated list of One Piece character references. And do you think they know the joke? That the people that characters in One Piece are based off of know they have a cartoon version of themselves with superpowers and funny speech pater
2013-07-25 12:54:27Question about the Magu-Magu no Mi
2013-07-25 12:02:54Summer beach party
2013-07-25 11:35:41“Budokai HD Collection” Comes to Xbox Live Games On Demand
2013-07-25 11:00:00SILVER SPOON #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-25 09:17:28The Adventures of Parallel Universe Captain-Usopp Part 1
2013-07-25 08:57:53Favorite story arc?
2013-07-25 08:45:40“J Legend Retsuden” Game Collection Coming for Nintendo 3DS
2013-07-25 08:30:00Go Nagai! MAZINGER Z! DEVILMAN! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-25 08:13:16Swag Bag: Creepy Stares, Deadly Gates and Sailor Moon’s Finale
2013-07-25 08:02:58Water 7 Saga Or Sky Island Saga which was better?
2013-07-25 05:32:51Least favorite Saga?
2013-07-25 05:28:04Nice Mihawk fan art
2013-07-25 03:31:24Remind you of anybody? {X-Post from /r/mildlyinteresting}
2013-07-25 03:13:58Making Zoro equal to a possible Fire Leg Sanji
2013-07-25 01:59:16Rodger
2013-07-24 20:30:44Painted a Zoro to match my Luffy piece. I think they complement each other well.
2013-07-24 20:22:56Can someone with the know how and decent equipment make this screenshot into a background for my computer please?
2013-07-24 20:06:30About Haki and the Monstrous Trio
2013-07-24 19:46:34Fights between yonko/admirals (possible spoilers)
2013-07-24 19:45:00Kōji Seto, Kie Kitano Star in Live-Action Haganai Film
2013-07-24 18:02:25The crew is big! [SPOILERS]
2013-07-24 17:56:47I had no idea this existed. A 1998 (pre-anime) One Piece OVA
2013-07-24 17:52:15Brothers till the end (possible spoiler if not upto time skip)
2013-07-24 15:27:39Not sure how much everyone will care, or if everyone already knows this, but in case you were wondering how Blackbeard used to fight before getting devil fruit powers. (I mean he was a member of the strongest crew around for 20+ years) in episode 556 we s
2013-07-24 13:27:06This line made me giggle for a few minutes...hehehehehe...
2013-07-24 12:45:00Otakon to Screen Evangelion 3.0, Live-Action Rurouni Kenshin Films
2013-07-24 12:36:18Since there is no chapter this week, I decided to create parallel Universe Luffy.
2013-07-24 12:14:48SKULL JOKE! YOHOHOHO!
2013-07-24 12:13:29How strong is Garp?
2013-07-24 12:10:15Battle of Gods Coming to Colombia
2013-07-24 12:10:15Battle of Gods Coming to Columbia
2013-07-24 11:50:20Whitebeard Vs Akainu
2013-07-24 10:48:26Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Chapters 2 and 3 Released
2013-07-24 10:27:35Jaguar D. Saul and young Robin English Dubbed
2013-07-24 09:37:53One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan wants your questions for their interviews (Current list and how to ask inside)
2013-07-24 09:34:31PR: Viz Media Announces Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys 2013 Will Eisner Award Win
2013-07-24 09:24:30On The Shelf: July 24th, 2013
2013-07-24 08:59:59Bepo?
2013-07-24 08:00:00Comic Con 2013 Memories - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-24 07:00:00Lupin III vs. Detective Conan TV Special Gets 3-Chapter Manga
2013-07-24 06:05:21How do you think about this One Piece Zoro Toys Models?
2013-07-24 03:57:00Hear Hatsune Miku V3 Sing in English
2013-07-24 03:30:55Where can I start watching One Piece?
2013-07-24 03:13:53Question about past and future banners
2013-07-24 02:46:46White House petition to build Impel Down...
2013-07-24 00:56:03Just rewatched Water 7 Arc.. and i have to say.. that was the PERFECT art for One Piece.. I realy wish we could go back to that.
2013-07-23 23:47:50Is Thriller Bark worth watching?
2013-07-23 23:30:39[Discussion] What happens AFTER Luffy becomes Pirate King?? (And what if he dies?!)
2013-07-23 23:29:03My guitar franky
2013-07-23 22:57:00The Wrap: Sony Develops Gran Turismo Film Based on Racing Games
2013-07-23 22:51:47Poneglyph question!!
2013-07-23 22:40:43Awesome Punkhazard wallpaper. ( possible spoilers)
2013-07-23 22:36:32Was Ohm the strongest priest
2013-07-23 21:40:57[Request] Is there a decent Film Z English sub yet?
2013-07-23 21:18:47One Piece AMV - Saving a Son - Marineford part 1/2 [HD]
2013-07-23 20:57:00Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Trailer Previews English Dub
2013-07-23 20:36:47Painted one of my favorite Luffy expressions today. It will live in my office. :)
2013-07-23 20:08:50What is the One Piece
2013-07-23 20:01:15I found this at bar in San Pedro in Costa Rica. Thought you guys might like it.
2013-07-23 20:01:02[Spoylahs!]Straw Hats future with Law [Spoilers, you have been warned]
2013-07-23 19:34:44Best place to buy the manga?
2013-07-23 19:13:37Looks like Zoro has something to learn.
2013-07-23 18:22:43Monkey D Dragon
2013-07-23 18:17:27Combining two things I love
2013-07-23 16:44:04Two Glamour Shots of Pirate Empress Hancock "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World"
2013-07-23 15:00:00World War Kaiju -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-23 14:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 21-27
2013-07-23 13:44:53Welcome Home Usopp
2013-07-23 13:42:32Saw one here once, had to have one of my own
2013-07-23 13:38:54Question on the Punk Hazard Arc
2013-07-23 13:00:00Bodacious Space Pirates, Inherit the Stars Win at Japan Sci-Fi Con
2013-07-23 12:27:33Friend sent me this comic
2013-07-23 11:54:07Please Read: New Policy regarding screen shots and videos
2013-07-23 11:33:08TIL These (Whale Sharks) exist IRL. (Info in comments.)
2013-07-23 11:02:39One Piece Volume 71 Cover. (Small image)
2013-07-23 10:57:31Infinite endurance
2013-07-23 10:45:00Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road Project Restarts as Fall TV Anime
2013-07-23 10:39:46No new chapter this week!
2013-07-23 10:27:02Was watching Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger when Frankys voice actor popped up as a main villain.
2013-07-23 10:20:01(EP.126) Re-watching whole show start to finish (again), and always forget just how amazing this episode and this moment (the music adds so much) really is.
2013-07-23 10:16:49Where do you buy your OP figures?
2013-07-23 09:41:53Where is this from? and is it canon? As Sanji is cooking both his legs here?
2013-07-23 09:00:00GATCHAMAN CROWDS #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-23 08:59:07When would you say that One Piece "matures?"
2013-07-23 07:44:49Anyone else finding these "Sabo Confirmed" Jokes not funny in the slightest?
2013-07-23 07:08:15"We Go" played on Guitar/Harp/Piano and Xylophone
2013-07-23 05:54:15Someone SUUUUUUUUUUUPER showed up while I was watching Akibaraner the other day!
2013-07-23 05:13:15Robin banner voting thread
2013-07-23 00:42:40Doflamingo/Current Arc Theory
2013-07-23 00:33:12Well this pretty much sums up the first half nicely. [SPOILER]
2013-07-23 00:19:40Devil Fruit Ideas
2013-07-23 00:07:46What names and terms from one piece are relevant/references to the real world?
2013-07-22 23:36:56Idea for new Crew members [Spoiler]
2013-07-22 23:30:00Funimation Streams English-Dubbed Sankarea: Undying Love Trailer
2013-07-22 23:18:09MRW someone praises me on reddit.
2013-07-22 22:41:10You can see the fear in their eyes!
2013-07-22 21:50:40An amazing Sanji character analysis
2013-07-22 21:44:17When do you think we are going to learn more about what happened during the time-skip? (time-skip spoilers)
2013-07-22 21:17:07.....I need to start watching the Anime more often..I miss so many things....What the actual fuck Rayleigh..
2013-07-22 20:40:18Mario Castaneda and Rene Garcia Confirmed as Goku and Vegeta
2013-07-22 20:09:25where can i see discussions from older episodes?
2013-07-22 19:54:53Tamashii Nations Figure Confusion
2013-07-22 19:49:13What One Piece lines do you use in real life?
2013-07-22 18:57:23Aokiji and little Robin
2013-07-22 17:30:00Takeshi Nogami to Start Shidenkai no Maki Manga Next Month
2013-07-22 17:04:37Episode 278, “Dead Grandma”
2013-07-22 16:42:56Dansu
2013-07-22 14:22:31200 chapters later they are still homies
2013-07-22 12:02:00Super Robot History! - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-22 11:30:01Jump Legend Biography Website Launched
2013-07-22 11:22:33[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 715
2013-07-22 11:12:39Another Batch of Battle of Z Screenshots
2013-07-22 11:12:39Anoher Batch of Battle of Z Screenshots
2013-07-22 10:45:47Ideas for anime filler (anime spoilers inside)
2013-07-22 10:16:09The pacing/fillers.
2013-07-22 09:30:35Starting as an apprentice chef I couldnt pass buying this as my first chef shirt!
2013-07-22 09:30:04Blackbeard question
2013-07-22 08:18:16Watching Gintama when i noticed a familiar looking city in the background
2013-07-22 08:16:31what if...
2013-07-22 07:57:42My One Piece Jolly Roger by El Mori @ Yancoo Tattoo, Munich (Germany) (x-post /r/tattoos)
2013-07-22 07:54:00East Blue Saga Or Alabasta Saga
2013-07-22 02:05:10Picked this up from Comic-Con - Wado Ichimonji
2013-07-22 01:48:52Watching my favorite crime drama and guess who made a special appearance?
2013-07-21 23:55:23went to comic con. saw these guys!
2013-07-21 23:46:34Hypothetical romances?
2013-07-21 20:53:03Admirals Theory
2013-07-21 20:00:00Initial D Car-Racing Manga Gets New Anime Film & Final Stage Anime
2013-07-21 19:14:35Young shanks. Picked this up a few months ago. Still a BAMF
2013-07-21 19:00:00Japanese Box Office, July 13-14
2013-07-21 19:00:00Japanese Box Office, June 13-14
2013-07-21 17:30:00Japanese Animation TV Ranking, June 8-14
2013-07-21 17:28:42Are Zoro and Sanji shells of their former selves?
2013-07-21 17:06:09Adding Vice Admiral Vergo to the color spread for Film Z was a nice touch.
2013-07-21 16:57:28MRW when my friend joked about what happened in Ep. 483. (First time watching OnePiece)
2013-07-21 16:33:34Logia Weaknesses.
2013-07-21 16:14:36Rank the sagas Rank the arcs
2013-07-21 15:13:34Looking for image
2013-07-21 13:38:02About The Robin Banner: Gathered some images that people might like to use.
2013-07-21 13:22:52Sanji Croft
2013-07-21 12:49:49[Marineford Arc Spoiler](#s "DAE recognize Jack Sparrow?")
2013-07-21 12:32:33One Piece’s Going Merry Anime Episode Promo
2013-07-21 10:58:51Pokemon XY Anime Footage Previewed
2013-07-21 09:30:15Robin banner submission thread
2013-07-21 08:37:01Form your own crew (All anime edition)
2013-07-21 06:06:54Getting my Sister to watch OnePiece
2013-07-21 05:43:19Question about kairoseki (seastone)
2013-07-21 04:10:38I finally cleared a spot for these after months of sitting in their boxes
2013-07-21 02:18:33Does it make anybody else mad how stupid some people act in onepiece like citizens for example?
2013-07-21 01:45:46My Little Girls favorite sleeping companion.
2013-07-21 00:09:38Who do you think is the strongest in One Piece? And Why?
2013-07-21 00:09:27Just started One Piece about a month ago
2013-07-20 22:38:13Must watch Arcs?
2013-07-20 21:47:33Kodansha Comics Licenses Monsters, Romance and a Sprinkle of CLAMP at SDCC 2013
2013-07-20 20:54:31Episode of Merry Ad #1
2013-07-20 20:14:16TIL Eiichiro Oda originally planned OnePiece to last 5 years (X-Post from r/TodayILearned)
2013-07-20 20:00:36One Piece Episode 605
2013-07-20 19:45:11Stairs : 1 Chopper : 0
2013-07-20 19:39:00tlThe swords in that bin are all 50,000 berries each.
2013-07-20 19:34:51CP9 English Voices
2013-07-20 19:26:58Just a though on a joke about Zorro being "mosshead"
2013-07-20 19:24:54Having just watched Long Ring Long Land, Funky D. Luffy made Foxy bearable. Ye-ah!
2013-07-20 19:24:34Question about the Gomu Gomu fruit
2013-07-20 19:02:20TIL Joy Boy may be based off of an Ancient Javanese King whose prophets left behind long epics
2013-07-20 18:16:00Who had the best "free ride?"
2013-07-20 17:57:24How cool would a one piece MMO RPG be??
2013-07-20 17:00:45Some long overdue wallpapers I still owed you all
2013-07-20 16:44:38Fixed up the Sanji picture I drew a while ago
2013-07-20 16:17:18Luffy Having An Edge On Blackbeard
2013-07-20 16:08:24My One Piece collection has begun.
2013-07-20 15:51:28Difference in strength...Luffy vs. Zoro
2013-07-20 15:23:10Matchup Question.
2013-07-20 14:43:57Ship fight
2013-07-20 13:30:00Power of the Red Hair Pirates?
2013-07-20 12:46:50i really dont know why but luffy female just fits so well
2013-07-20 12:40:43I got this little guy a full year before I even watched one piece.
2013-07-20 11:15:15Reddit Search Issue
2013-07-20 11:04:16One Piece 606 Preview
2013-07-20 11:00:01My Piano Attempt of "Memories" - One Piece Ending
2013-07-20 08:24:50This just feels wrong
2013-07-20 06:18:13Ever17 Illustrator to Release Tsugumi Hugging Pillow Cover
2013-07-20 05:59:34This is the type of things you can find/post over at /r/wrongpiece. Help revive that place.
2013-07-20 00:56:28Watch out guys, we’re dealing with a badass over here.
2013-07-20 00:37:43Short theory on Coby
2013-07-20 00:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, July 7-13
2013-07-19 23:47:08[Spoiler: Yet Another Admiral idea]
2013-07-19 21:45:08Help
2013-07-19 19:52:09If you could pick two of the Strawhats to be your roommates, who would choose?
2013-07-19 19:48:54Udon Ent. to Release Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6, Darkstalkers Artbooks
2013-07-19 19:32:54One Piece: Unlimited World Red English Translated Scans
2013-07-19 18:54:35just sharing a great marvel, worth to watch. The creator was just amazing.
2013-07-19 18:00:32Green Bull[Prediction]
2013-07-19 17:54:04Dragon Ball Z Live Action Project Announced
2013-07-19 17:19:49Namco Bandai Games to Release Soul Calibur 2 HD Online Game
2013-07-19 17:17:18Request:List of villains luffy has brought down
2013-07-19 17:13:57"We are v1" x "We are Strawhat version" (youtubedoubler)
2013-07-19 16:56:59Since Sanji calls Zoro "marimo" I got the idea to draw this
2013-07-19 16:14:49Pre-order Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods from Amazon
2013-07-19 15:06:32Upcoming islands and how they connect with each of the crew. (Spoilers)
2013-07-19 14:56:00S.H. Figuarts Son Goku Announced For Early 2014
2013-07-19 14:54:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 740
2013-07-19 14:41:36I love this one piece reference (oreshura)
2013-07-19 14:03:33this subreddit is SUPERRRRR
2013-07-19 13:30:00Capcom Streams 7 Minutes of Gameplay for New Strider Game
2013-07-19 13:05:00Namco Bandai Games to Release Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers in N. America
2013-07-19 13:00:00DAY BREAK ILLUSION #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-19 12:47:42Question about Brook
2013-07-19 12:05:40Sky Walk
2013-07-19 10:54:07Just to clearify about Whitebeards Tremor-Tremor Fruit.
2013-07-19 10:36:49New DBZ Battle of Z Screenshots
2013-07-19 09:22:55Noticed something about the admirals which has probably been pointed out before
2013-07-19 09:10:22Who is Tashigi and Kuina
2013-07-19 08:24:51What do you think are the current strongest Logia, Paramecia and Zoan type fruits in the universe right now? [Possible Spoilers]
2013-07-19 07:56:23When zoro gets to wano where do you think he will rank amongst the swordsmen there ?
2013-07-19 07:54:07Skypeia landscape
2013-07-19 07:49:01Latin America Battle of Gods Promotional Media
2013-07-19 07:06:37MEGA
2013-07-19 06:43:37What if Coby joined the Strawhats in the beginning of the anime?
2013-07-19 03:41:39Just a quick question about the water 7 arc [possible spoilers]
2013-07-19 02:57:41Whys is the Sakuga from One Piece not as good as before?
2013-07-19 00:23:05This has probably been done before but Convince me to read One Piece?
2013-07-19 00:04:38Family time
2013-07-18 22:54:45[Theory] The Inherited Will, "One Piece" (A completely plausible theory, well thought out and facts to back it up.)
2013-07-18 22:29:29Oops, gave him an extra arm.
2013-07-18 21:08:02A true fan would smile.
2013-07-18 20:49:23Could there be a version of the Americas in One Piece, like there is a version of Japan (Wano)?
2013-07-18 20:39:48Chopper is scary.
2013-07-18 20:17:58Bon Chan...
2013-07-18 20:10:08Awesome crossover!
2013-07-18 19:55:36How...How did I miss this?
2013-07-18 19:36:19Sasuke vs. Luffy- who would win?
2013-07-18 19:22:44Sentai Filmworks Confirms Little Busters! BD Release
2013-07-18 19:04:23Funimation Adds 4 .hack Anime
2013-07-18 18:38:36If a Straw Hat had to die, which one do you think would make for the best addition to the One Piece story?
2013-07-18 17:52:36[Spoilers 715]The Funk Bros and Adventure Time
2013-07-18 17:29:19About the banner contest
2013-07-18 17:29:07Capcom Announces New Strider Game (Updated)
2013-07-18 17:29:07Capcom Announces New Strider Game
2013-07-18 17:16:31Viz to Release All You Need is Kill Graphic Novel, Battle Royale Essay Book
2013-07-18 16:37:28About Diamond Jozu (Marineford/timeskip spoilers)
2013-07-18 16:22:113D2Y
2013-07-18 16:11:02Questions about a noticeably quiet element of the tournament arc (Manga Spoilers)
2013-07-18 15:17:28One of the saddest things I just realized about Robin
2013-07-18 14:14:58Why does Oda always skip a week here and there on the manga?
2013-07-18 13:15:00FiguArts ZERO Shen Long and Super Saiya-jin Trunks - Announced
2013-07-18 13:12:00Battle of Z: New Scans
2013-07-18 13:07:25How old are most one piece fans
2013-07-18 12:59:00Custom S.H. Figuarts
2013-07-18 12:52:00Youngjiji - New Artwork
2013-07-18 12:48:00Banpresto 2008 DBZ Figures
2013-07-18 12:42:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 739
2013-07-18 12:37:13Digital Manga
2013-07-18 11:53:06Please take a moment to read this. Thanks!
2013-07-18 11:38:58Viz Media Bundles Kids’ Comics Under New Imprint, Perfect Square
2013-07-18 11:09:08PR: Viz Media Launches Perfect Square Kids Imprint
2013-07-18 11:00:00MAKAI OUJI #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-18 10:50:00Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Comic-Con Trailer, Gameplay Details Revealed
2013-07-18 10:44:05Here is my updated One Piece collection.
2013-07-18 09:44:07The three admirals
2013-07-18 08:42:27"Time" in One Piece
2013-07-18 07:56:43Favorite Character?
2013-07-18 07:38:52[yibis]_One_Piece_603_[480p][F95FAFC9].mp4
2013-07-18 06:15:32[yibis]_One_Piece_603_[720p][CD995151].mkv
2013-07-18 04:59:47So, I finally got around to watching Film Z last night.
2013-07-18 00:51:46Most disappointing character?
2013-07-17 23:04:33Mihawke Hawkeye, what do you guys think the deal is with him?
2013-07-17 20:03:34About Haoshoku Haki
2013-07-17 19:42:46[fan art] been practicing a lot over this break. drew my fav strawhat
2013-07-17 19:07:18Decided to upload my Minecraft pixelart.
2013-07-17 18:24:24I just thought of an interesting way for the weak trio to get stronger without actually getting stronger.
2013-07-17 18:14:24looking for images for the Robin banner.... There are no words I can use, is this a thing?
2013-07-17 18:04:06Dragon Ball: The Legend of Shenron Game Re-release
2013-07-17 17:24:03one of the funniest part in the mermaid arc.
2013-07-17 17:00:00Card Captor Sakura Bag With Bath Poster Offered at Comiket
2013-07-17 16:30:09One Piece Vol 72 Ch 715
2013-07-17 16:30:09One Piece Vol TBD Ch 715
2013-07-17 16:05:00PACIFIC RIM Review! - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-17 14:14:07Bleach Vol TBD Ch 546
2013-07-17 13:26:303rd Madoka Magica Film to Screen in U.S. This Winter
2013-07-17 13:00:004th Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei!! Manga Volume to Bundle Original Anime BD
2013-07-17 12:43:47Interesting One Piece Wiki Edit
2013-07-17 12:26:36Theory regarding Fishman Island (obvious Fishman Island arc spoilers)
2013-07-17 11:35:00Otakon to Host Sunrise Producer Masayuki Ozaki
2013-07-17 11:00:00THE ECCENTRIC FAMILY #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-17 10:49:51Found this Mini Golfing. Thought you guys might like it.
2013-07-17 09:52:17New Battle of Gods and Battle of Z Scans
2013-07-17 09:45:38Battle of Gods at J World Tokyo
2013-07-17 09:16:48On The Shelf: July 17th, 2013
2013-07-17 09:04:45So I know this is well know but I love the trust between the straw hats especially towards Luffy.
2013-07-17 08:44:27One piece art: "Free for commercial use" or "Free for non-commercial use" ?
2013-07-17 08:33:16One Piece Chapter 715 Theories and Discussion
2013-07-17 07:28:40(Spoilers) Silvers Rayleigh
2013-07-17 06:36:08One Piece Vol 70 Ch 715
2013-07-17 06:28:51Attack on Titan Gets Promotional Ferrari With Full-Body Suit Titan
2013-07-17 05:42:57My Strawhat tattoo
2013-07-17 05:18:59r/OnePiece, what are your favourite pieces of fan art?
2013-07-17 01:55:00Naruto Shippuden Gets Original Event Anime This Fall
2013-07-17 01:27:51Chapter 715
2013-07-17 01:22:21One Piece 715
2013-07-17 00:50:00Japanese Box Office, July 6-7
2013-07-17 00:29:53One Piece on hiatus next week
2013-07-16 22:50:00Bleach Manga to Take 5-Week Break Before Finale
2013-07-16 22:22:23J-World Exclusive P.O.P Chopper
2013-07-16 22:20:02J-World Exclusive Chopper P.O.P Figurine
2013-07-16 22:19:03What if Luffy is able to pull a Black Beard by eating the Mera Mera.
2013-07-16 21:57:00Discotek Adds Devilman TV, Cardcaptor Sakura Film, Jin-Roh, Dallos
2013-07-16 21:55:17What does Ivankov mean when she talks to Crocodile? (Impel Down Spoilers)
2013-07-16 21:28:57what about Franky?? (Manga spoilers)
2013-07-16 20:19:43Couple quick subreddit updates!
2013-07-16 19:41:35Is there any news on when there is going to be a new opening?
2013-07-16 19:09:51So I understand the manga is updated every Wednesday but is there any specific time?
2013-07-16 18:52:59Dragon Ball Connection With New Manga Confirmed
2013-07-16 17:35:41What power ups should the Straw Hats get?
2013-07-16 17:15:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 14-20
2013-07-16 17:13:52What do you guys think of Smoker and Tashigi? (Spoilers)
2013-07-16 17:02:55Watching Luffy i sometimes see a little "shanks" in him, with his words but also his gestures.
2013-07-16 16:28:09Jaco the Galactic Patrolman’s Tie-in With Dragon Ball, Confirmed?
2013-07-16 16:15:00Robotech, Voltron Combine for Crossover Comic
2013-07-16 15:30:00GARGANTIA: Better than ATTACK ON TITAN?!? - - THE VICE PIT?
2013-07-16 15:20:32[Theory] Koshiro(Zorros Master) - Wise 5 connection
2013-07-16 14:05:08Some thoughts on the latest Manga arc. (Spoilers)
2013-07-16 13:55:55Read Jaco the Galactic Patrolman Chapter One in English
2013-07-16 11:46:44Well, if we are posting our One Piece themed tattoos let me know if you guys like mine
2013-07-16 11:45:00Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Gekitotsu! Duel Carnival 3DS Game Revealed
2013-07-16 10:41:19Execution Theory, Luffy and Law [Theory crafting, possible spoilers]
2013-07-16 10:37:00MGA Entertainment Dragon Ball Z Pinball Machine - Review
2013-07-16 09:25:21A new theory on how One Piece will end.
2013-07-16 09:18:42Digital Manga Goes Big With Acquisition of the Tezuka Library
2013-07-16 09:07:53[Theory] Fireleg Sanji
2013-07-16 08:52:53PR: Seven Seas Launches on Air, Land and Sea
2013-07-16 08:51:35PR: SuBLime Debuts Three New Yaoi Series
2013-07-16 08:40:36Need help with One Piece google chrome extension!
2013-07-16 08:15:00Attack on Titan Inspires Hugging Pillows for Eren & Levi
2013-07-16 07:46:48Wiper
2013-07-16 06:43:42Dumb question [Possible spoilers?]
2013-07-16 06:19:38My friend made a One Piece AMV and I wanted to show it to you guys.
2013-07-16 01:21:50Who would win and why? (X-post r/Naruto)
2013-07-16 00:19:56How many people in One Piece World? (spoilers)
2013-07-15 23:43:08Spoilers for Chapter 715
2013-07-15 20:24:00Could post ts chopper, brook ,Franky , take on pre ts crocodile
2013-07-15 20:09:31Do you think the thousand sunny will last to the end of the series
2013-07-15 19:48:38Episode 277, “Raging Bull (In Living Colour)”
2013-07-15 19:37:56Buggy Question
2013-07-15 18:40:00Resident Evil/Biohazard Marhawa Desire Manga Ends This Week
2013-07-15 18:21:11Whose your favorite supernova?
2013-07-15 17:57:30(The banner contest) What is the measurement unit for the size of the banner?
2013-07-15 17:43:57Ridiculously photogenic Zoro
2013-07-15 17:43:48How do you think this New world reunion go down?
2013-07-15 17:41:15Is My Memory Twisted?
2013-07-15 16:50:21[SPOILER] a fan made opening that is actually really cool.
2013-07-15 16:41:14Mod Theory
2013-07-15 16:38:48Podcast Episode #0339
2013-07-15 16:24:07I also picked up some decals
2013-07-15 15:30:00SERVANT X SERVICE #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-15 14:31:32Did Luffy lose his beard disguise in the latest chapter?
2013-07-15 14:10:04Sweet T-shirt find...
2013-07-15 12:45:28Seven Seas Licenses Girls und Panzer, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, Strike Witches Manga
2013-07-15 12:14:22I got positive comments from my last drawings.
2013-07-15 11:32:53Can we clear one thing up?
2013-07-15 11:30:00Senyū Fantasy Comedy BD/DVDs to Bundle 2 More OVAs
2013-07-15 11:29:56[Discussion] Weekly Shonen Jump One Piece Chapter 714
2013-07-15 11:20:28[Manga Spoilers] Newest characters colorized (Ch. 714)
2013-07-15 11:16:01Bartolomeo Theories? (Dressrosa Spoilers)
2013-07-15 11:11:20New Manga Possibly Connected to Dragon Ball
2013-07-15 11:00:17Getting a tattoo in the morning. Gonna be this on back of my neck (or arm maybe, but unlikely.)
2013-07-15 10:53:00Dragon Ball Mini Figures (Banpresto)
2013-07-15 10:42:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 738
2013-07-15 10:39:33Today Only: 66% Off All Dragon Ball Amazon Products
2013-07-15 10:35:45Flipbook Animation Luffy vs Gaara (Naruto)
2013-07-15 07:00:00MAGI: LABYRINTH OF MAGIC Review! - - VICE PIT UNPLUGGED
2013-07-15 06:47:32Has this been brought up before?
2013-07-15 02:47:53X-Post from r/Naruto Gaara vs. Luffy flip book animation.
2013-07-15 02:02:10So I started watching the series, here are my thoughts after 200 episodes!
2013-07-15 01:55:11An idea about Usopp in the latest arc. (Spoilers)
2013-07-15 00:43:16This scene still makes me tear up
2013-07-15 00:33:57Who is the hands down strongest one piece character?
2013-07-15 00:09:58Gentleman Skeleton
2013-07-15 00:00:00Miyuki Sawashiro, Yuichi Nakamura Voice Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn NPCs
2013-07-14 23:39:59Possible bartolomeo in chapter 224
2013-07-14 23:39:41ʘˋˍˊʘ
2013-07-14 23:14:53Tony Tony Chopper! (Foxy uniform)
2013-07-14 23:00:00Ultra Street Fighter IV Game Unveiled in 1st Trailer
2013-07-14 22:59:04Impel down spoilers
2013-07-14 22:22:03The progression of an episode
2013-07-14 21:42:53Bartolomeo is Sabo. (not circle-jerking)
2013-07-14 21:40:32So, when will the punk hazard arc end?
2013-07-14 20:22:41Luffy using haki in impel down. I had completely forgot about this scene.
2013-07-14 19:23:59The one phrase in Japanese I will never forget
2013-07-14 18:44:12Gol D. Roger DF Theory [SPOILERS]
2013-07-14 18:43:28SKULL JOKE! YOHOHOHOHOHO
2013-07-14 17:30:00Quake Support Mascot Girl to Fulfill Vocaloid Dreams Thanks to Crowdfunding
2013-07-14 17:08:08One Piece on sale at Amazon for SDCC! Please support the official release so we can keep getting more!
2013-07-14 16:53:06What happens to Brook if they put him in sea-stone handcuffs?
2013-07-14 16:23:49A question regarding the crew...
2013-07-14 15:41:23Why does Luffy have so many moves that he only uses once? (spoilers)
2013-07-14 15:15:41So I figured why not just make it a quick video as well... (Ch. 690 Spoilers)
2013-07-14 14:41:45If Luffy and his crew fought the wold government right now who would help him?
2013-07-14 13:30:00Super Street Fighter IV Update to Add 5 More Characters
2013-07-14 13:25:33Smoker the White Hunter
2013-07-14 08:37:23My SuuuuuuuuuuperSaiyan Luffy, goku and others
2013-07-14 03:35:51For my cake day, I drew Luffy using Eren as template.
2013-07-14 02:05:03Found these at Avcon, I get the connection between the others but not sure why Brook is on there....
2013-07-14 02:04:05Would this be possible?
2013-07-14 01:20:46Picked up a new decal from AX
2013-07-13 20:51:03One Piece Episode 604 Discussion
2013-07-13 19:51:16Is there a good one piece quiz?
2013-07-13 17:35:27If You were to form your own pirate crew who would you have in it (Max ten members).
2013-07-13 17:29:15I just noticed panda man in aces wanted poster
2013-07-13 17:20:00Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer Samples English Dub
2013-07-13 15:49:00[Manga Spoilers] One piece 714 Colored
2013-07-13 15:42:38Is Zosan Actually that far fetched?
2013-07-13 14:12:11Devil Fruit question
2013-07-13 14:10:00Ultraman Manga With Schoolgirl Leads Launches on Web
2013-07-13 13:27:00Dragon Ball Absalon - Episode 2
2013-07-13 13:25:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 737
2013-07-13 11:39:34DBZ Future Destroyed – Battle with Birus
2013-07-13 11:10:00World Cosplay Summit 2013 Picks Japanese Representatives
2013-07-13 10:14:28Sanji the Hunter: Sanji vs Jayabura
2013-07-13 09:38:19Dragon Ball Absalon Episode Two
2013-07-13 07:43:58Disgaea 4 Return PS Vita Game Scheduled for January Release in Japan
2013-07-13 05:01:14Viz Media Rescues Deadman Wonderland, Licenses Gangsta and Revives Old Fan-Favourites
2013-07-13 04:39:06One Piece Real-Life Characters Show
2013-07-13 04:19:47I laughed more than I should have
2013-07-13 04:04:08Drunk night and my friend whips out some henna, look what I decided upon....
2013-07-13 02:30:00Win a Chance to Appear in the Crayon Shin-chan Manga
2013-07-12 22:51:57I put a lot of time into this, hope you guys like it (My Drawing of Zoro)
2013-07-12 22:48:37What previous character would you want to join the straw hats?
2013-07-12 21:02:21What would YOUR jolly Rodger look like?
2013-07-12 20:56:38Everyone has been getting one piece cases I decided to get one too, what do you think?
2013-07-12 20:50:30Dragon Ball Absalon – Fan Animated Series
2013-07-12 20:32:25Funimation Announces We Without Wings Dub Cast
2013-07-12 19:00:44I jiffied my favorite panel from the Punk Hazard arc (Chapter 690 spoilers nsfw)
2013-07-12 18:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 30 - July 6
2013-07-12 17:59:38Whitebeard Pirates after Marineford
2013-07-12 16:49:58Shaddap~!
2013-07-12 15:43:12Question about Haki
2013-07-12 14:40:00Renegade Arcade Game Gets Live-Action Movie, TV Series
2013-07-12 14:11:59Spongebob Squarepants easter egg?
2013-07-12 14:00:59I also drew Zoro.
2013-07-12 13:49:34My new wallet came in today
2013-07-12 11:55:33Weird question, but would it be possible to actually Geppou in any situation?
2013-07-12 11:48:36Zoro post time skip (spoilers)
2013-07-12 11:41:09[NSFW] So I found this on r/GWNerds. Gone Wild Girl with a One Piece flag.
2013-07-12 11:10:17"X for Nakama" disproving thread (Dressrosa Arc)
2013-07-12 10:55:40I have some questions about the manga.
2013-07-12 10:02:02Dose any one have more information on this rivalry of Oda-sense and Mashima-sensei?
2013-07-12 09:41:37ufotable to Produce New Fate/stay night Project
2013-07-12 09:39:03If you could see the lives of 3 characters, who would they be and why? (details inside)
2013-07-12 08:47:49Gum Gum Gigantic Pistol (my friends arm)
2013-07-12 08:05:09A few things regarding Crocodile...
2013-07-12 07:40:00Kenji Akabane, Kouki Miyata, Atsushi Tamaru, Junichi Suwabe, Ryohei Kimura Lead Meganebu! Anime Cast
2013-07-12 07:31:06What is the name of the song played in the background??
2013-07-12 07:00:00DOG & SCISSORS #1 - - Special Review
2013-07-12 06:07:27I hate to be that guy... (About Sabo)
2013-07-12 05:29:19Luffy Loves Dogs
2013-07-12 05:26:03Sanji always has a cigarette.
2013-07-12 04:00:54I drew Luffy! :D
2013-07-12 01:08:56One Piece 605 Preview
2013-07-12 00:00:00Funimation to Stream High School DxD New
2013-07-11 22:51:42Help me find an AMV for a Non OP Fan
2013-07-11 22:41:18Getting Romance Dawn on the 3DS in NA
2013-07-11 22:04:44New custom case
2013-07-11 21:51:00MANGA, OAVS, KMFDM, and YOU! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-11 21:40:46What do you think Jesus Burgess is doing at the tournament?
2013-07-11 21:29:07I just got to chapter 142... Every time I see this I cringe.
2013-07-11 21:15:00Watch Artist 2g Draw Hatsune Miku in Giant Wall Mural
2013-07-11 20:05:58Ro-Kyu-Bu! Light Novels End Main Storyline
2013-07-11 20:04:18Did the watchop site on the sidebar just go down for good?
2013-07-11 18:32:01Logia type question
2013-07-11 17:42:19Is my banner working?
2013-07-11 16:32:42On The Shelf: July 10, 2013
2013-07-11 15:46:32So I was searching images of Robin for the banner...
2013-07-11 15:37:15A key element that I think everyone is forgetting about
2013-07-11 15:09:24Quick question about the first episode...
2013-07-11 13:18:49I bought some figurines!
2013-07-11 13:18:34Does this gif exist or could someone make it?
2013-07-11 12:30:00Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix Intro Video Streamed
2013-07-11 12:12:51Islander 2 Helvetios
2013-07-11 11:12:55I was a little concerned about how the quality of my lunch here would be
2013-07-11 10:14:30Live Action DBZ Project – Androids 17 and 18
2013-07-11 09:56:42Is there somewhere that can tell me all the parts in the anime that are fillers?
2013-07-11 09:39:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 736
2013-07-11 09:12:35Madoka Magica Stockings Put Dessert Witch on Your Legs
2013-07-11 07:11:57Question About Fishmen and Devil Fruit
2013-07-11 06:33:07Every time they show a little of Rogers past I get goosebumps. I can only hope that one day we get an EXTENSIVE look at the story of Gol D. Roger and his crew.
2013-07-11 06:10:00Hitsugi no Chaika Fantasy Novels Listed With Anime in the Works (Updated)
2013-07-11 06:10:00Hitsugi no Chaika Fantasy Novels Have Anime in the Works
2013-07-11 04:56:43ENOUGH with the Animal Crossing!
2013-07-11 02:59:40Wano country theory [spoilers]
2013-07-11 02:04:52It just hit me what the new character reminded me of; Current chapter discussions ahead
2013-07-11 00:55:50Fairy Tail TV Anime Project Relaunched
2013-07-10 21:57:17Chopper and Seastone
2013-07-10 21:54:04New World allegiances
2013-07-10 21:49:24Who else draws dragons with no wings except Oda and Toriyama?
2013-07-10 21:32:30[Spoilers] Pekoms Theory
2013-07-10 20:42:10If Lucci never transformed into his leopard form, and Luffy never used Gear 2nd or 3rd, would Luffy have still won? (Possible spoilers)
2013-07-10 19:59:04Do you think Mihawk can cut diamond?
2013-07-10 19:30:00Swedish Fansub Site Closed By Copyright Enforcement Agency
2013-07-10 18:30:45Episode 102 question
2013-07-10 18:08:49This made me cry
2013-07-10 18:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 23-29
2013-07-10 17:11:28[Manga Spoilers] 715 Bets and Wagers
2013-07-10 16:47:32What did Momoo do?
2013-07-10 16:35:00Japanese Comic Ranking, June 30-July 6
2013-07-10 15:02:01PR: Viz Media Debuts Weekly Shonen Jump in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
2013-07-10 14:18:37“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 19th Week Sales
2013-07-10 14:13:16How tall is chopper?
2013-07-10 13:56:23Just want to point out three things in the recent chapter.
2013-07-10 13:17:08[Manga Spoilers] Momonosuke and Doflamingo...
2013-07-10 13:00:00Sega Announces Hatsune Miku - Project Diva F 2nd Game
2013-07-10 12:00:24(Spoiler)concerning Whitebeards crew
2013-07-10 11:41:38List of overly discussed topics; or "Why was my post downvoted?"
2013-07-10 11:05:41Anime Expo Panel Videos
2013-07-10 10:53:24New Battle of Gods Posters
2013-07-10 10:50:54I made this in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Part 2!
2013-07-10 10:50:50E-book?
2013-07-10 10:48:03If the Strawhats were to be captured and sent to Impel Down, what levels would you think each of them be in?
2013-07-10 10:10:00(Manga Spoilers current arc) One big tease
2013-07-10 07:45:34Anybody know where to find the official holiday list of WSJ.
2013-07-10 07:30:00Nintendo Drops Ban on Super Smash Bros. Melee Streams at Evo
2013-07-10 06:27:44Manga Volumes
2013-07-10 04:38:33Pirate Crew Names (slight punk hazard spoilers)
2013-07-10 02:56:06A question about sanji
2013-07-09 23:03:26What scenes from the manga can you not wait to see animated?
2013-07-09 21:47:08My take on the recent Manga chapters and such. My character break down.
2013-07-09 20:45:21(Manga spoilers) Some decent forshadowing
2013-07-09 19:34:32Rafel might come sooner than expected [Theory]
2013-07-09 18:45:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, July 7-13
2013-07-09 18:20:06[Manga Spoiler] Luffy is the real One Punch Man.
2013-07-09 15:26:41Favorite Speeches
2013-07-09 15:16:47This guy earned my respect at Marineford
2013-07-09 14:49:41Crunchyroll to Stream Gatchaman Crowds TV Anime
2013-07-09 14:04:23a question about fishmen and zoan types.
2013-07-09 13:50:13One Piece Vol 72 Ch 714
2013-07-09 13:50:13One Piece Vol TBD Ch 714
2013-07-09 13:15:00Battle of Gods - Latin American Poster Debut
2013-07-09 13:13:00Chogashu - Video Overview
2013-07-09 13:08:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #338
2013-07-09 11:59:27non-OP related new Manga form Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist)
2013-07-09 11:51:22"That Person" theory (Dressrosa Spoilers and Chapter 614 Cover Spoilers)
2013-07-09 11:43:41What is your least favorite thing about the Strawhats post timeskip?
2013-07-09 11:30:00Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Comparison Video Posted
2013-07-09 11:07:07Bleach Vol TBD Ch 545
2013-07-09 10:28:20Marimo.
2013-07-09 09:05:53Join Attack on Titan Corps With Official ID Cards, Certificates
2013-07-09 08:45:59“Battle of Gods” LATAM Theatrical Debut Dates
2013-07-09 08:32:20New theme song
2013-07-09 08:24:44Decided that my Animal Crossing character needed a little Criminal style
2013-07-09 07:32:49One Piece Chapter 714 Theories and Discussion
2013-07-09 07:28:09One Piece Vol 70 Ch 714
2013-07-09 07:03:08Bleach Vol 60 Ch 546
2013-07-09 07:00:00GARGANTIA #13 - - Watch & Learn
2013-07-09 06:49:58European Merchandising Updates: Shirts, Skiing, & Snowboarding
2013-07-09 06:29:11Bleach Vol 60 Ch 545
2013-07-09 06:15:00Kouki Uchiyama, Nao Tōyama, Kana Hanazawa Lead Nisekoi Anime Cast
2013-07-09 04:02:37Rewatching OP with my girlfriend; I still think Luffy Vs Lucci was the most badass fight in One Piece.
2013-07-09 02:38:02I found a knock up stream in /r/pics
2013-07-09 02:20:32One Piece 714
2013-07-09 02:13:33Who wins?
2013-07-09 01:49:16Where can I watch the Show online?
2013-07-09 00:14:45A note about early Chapter Spoiler Threads
2013-07-08 22:37:18One Piece Cosplay at AX
2013-07-08 21:45:00Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shows More of Plot
2013-07-08 20:52:00One Piece Film Z
2013-07-08 20:48:21[Q]Once the anime catches up to the manga will the anime be paused?
2013-07-08 19:47:49Walk to Franky House
2013-07-08 19:45:37Studio Ghibli Documentary Film to Open This Fall
2013-07-08 19:09:00MANGA ENTERTAINMENT and The WILD WEST of Anime! - - THE VICE PIT
2013-07-08 18:51:16Looking for Lucky Roo killing Bandit GIF
2013-07-08 18:35:13No Romance Dawn for NA...
2013-07-08 18:34:06Question about the latest Chapter, Manga Spoiler
2013-07-08 18:30:00One Piece: Romance Dawn RPG Not Coming to N. America
2013-07-08 18:20:49Episode 276, “Admiral Magoo”
2013-07-08 18:10:00Black Butler Film Casts Model Louis Kurihara as Undertaker
2013-07-08 17:36:32Finally done my Zoro poster!
2013-07-08 17:32:38stopped watching anime, would like to catch up
2013-07-08 17:00:37Podcast Episode #0338
2013-07-08 16:30:00Silver Spoon Inspires Smartphone Game
2013-07-08 15:43:22Re-reading the series. Thought it was a little ironic (Manga Spoilers?)
2013-07-08 15:23:53Black Beard Pirates vs. Straw Hat Pirates. Who fights who?
2013-07-08 15:03:48One piece 714. I think. [**possible heavy spoiler**]
2013-07-08 15:00:00Anime Expo 2013 -- the Experience! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-08 15:00:00Anime Expo 2013 Memories! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-08 15:00:00Anime Expo 2013 Experience! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-07-08 14:06:48Who is the character that you hate the most?
2013-07-08 14:05:00Silent Mobius QD Paranormal Police Sequel Manga to Launch
2013-07-08 14:00:00Naruto is #2 Graphic Novel in U.S. Bookstores in June
2013-07-08 12:52:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 735
2013-07-08 12:30:00Crows x Worst Crossover Game Previewed in New Video
2013-07-08 12:07:13REVIEW: Viz Dragon Ball 3-in-1 Edition Vol. 1
2013-07-08 12:00:00Duel Master Rev. Manga to End on July 10
2013-07-08 11:32:13I... I think I StreetPassed Perona today in Animal Crossing
2013-07-08 10:59:57next chapter spoilers
2013-07-08 09:40:13The rookies (spoilers)
2013-07-08 08:59:51Devils Fruit & Ruffy theory [possible spoilers]
2013-07-08 07:06:24Anyone know where I can find One Piece Film Z online?
2013-07-08 05:05:19Trafalgar Law vs. Darth Vader
2013-07-08 04:28:23Have they shown any Marine having the Conquerors Haki?
2013-07-08 01:23:24Do you guys know where I can download blank scans of One Piece chapters?
2013-07-07 23:29:09theory on Sanji and the long legs tribe.
2013-07-07 19:26:41Before Roger
2013-07-07 18:45:24Why do only certain characters have 2 names?
2013-07-07 18:11:55For the Glory! (call me out if repost)
2013-07-07 17:33:52[Anime Spoilers] CC vs Smoker Issue/Question
2013-07-07 17:25:16(*Anime Spoilers*) what do you think is going to happen after Dressrosa?
2013-07-07 17:11:25Is it just me or does this gif weirdly fit every piece of music? (a little Circlejerky, but seriously?)
2013-07-07 16:44:06Viz To Release Print Edition of “Full Color Comics”
2013-07-07 15:37:01I put this idea on r/FanTheories, wanted to know what you guys would think
2013-07-07 15:17:56What if a devil fruit was shared?
2013-07-07 14:44:42Questions about Film Z [movie spoilers]
2013-07-07 13:46:50Viz Media Adds Deadman Wonderland, Gangsta. Manga
2013-07-07 12:40:43Best one piece wallet?
2013-07-07 12:36:28Possible Foreshadowing- possible spoilers
2013-07-07 12:20:03Manga Minis: Sailor Moon Delay, New Hetalia, Shonen Jump Grows and CLAMP Slows
2013-07-07 11:41:04Epic Builder
2013-07-07 11:41:00Motorjoust
2013-07-07 11:40:55Edward Snowden: Escape From Hong Kong
2013-07-07 11:40:33Strange Forest Escape
2013-07-07 11:40:15Spell Rain
2013-07-07 11:39:58Tech Room Escape
2013-07-07 11:39:55Cartoon House Escape
2013-07-07 11:39:44Gravity 2013
2013-07-07 11:20:26Rumor: Battle of Gods to be Included in Battle of Z
2013-07-07 10:47:50Chris Sabat(Zoro) called Eric Vale(Sanji) a "Shithead Cook" on my Anime Expo badge.(Story inside)
2013-07-07 10:30:25Anyone wanting a general franky. Still expensive but not as much.
2013-07-07 10:19:55Pre-order Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
2013-07-07 10:04:13Takao Koyama’s Thoughts on “Battle of Gods”
2013-07-07 09:46:03Dat face...
2013-07-07 08:26:00Dragon Ball SCultures Series 3 - Part 1: Review
2013-07-07 05:02:26Ruffy and weapons?
2013-07-07 02:24:43Good online store?
2013-07-07 02:03:32What do you think of Gol.D.Roger being the previous user of the gomu gomu fruit?
2013-07-07 01:19:26General Franky figure looks sick ! Damn expensive too
2013-07-07 00:47:50about bon clay (possible spoilers)
2013-07-06 22:55:39Will One Piece: Glorious Island ever get fansubbed?
2013-07-06 21:58:020
2013-07-06 21:00:34Chopper and the rumble ball after time skip
2013-07-06 20:59:45Favorite AMV?
2013-07-06 20:20:40One Piece Episode 603
2013-07-06 20:13:31Kodansha USA to Speed Up Attack on Titan Manga Releases
2013-07-06 20:07:04Current Arc villain question
2013-07-06 19:38:05A One Piece Fighting Game
2013-07-06 19:24:22[Spoilers] Admiral Theory Refutation
2013-07-06 18:42:27My drawing of Luffy looking intense
2013-07-06 18:30:00Void Century theories?
2013-07-06 18:08:37Your ideas for the next nakama?
2013-07-06 18:00:40Just finished Whitebeard Arc. Thoughts and a few questions.
2013-07-06 17:40:26Re watching One piece when suddenly (Dressrosa Arc theory/potential spoiler)
2013-07-06 16:52:59Crunchyroll to Stream More World God Only Knows, Silver Spoon, Makai Ouji
2013-07-06 16:13:49NISA Licenses DanganRonpa, Demon Gaze Games in West
2013-07-06 16:13:28Admiral Coby "Pink ????"
2013-07-06 15:53:56A friend of mine who knows nothing about One Piece visited Japan. I asked him to go to the Mugiwara Store for me and this is the haul he picked out.
2013-07-06 15:00:05Daisuki to Stream Gundam ZZ TV Anime
2013-07-06 13:48:42Was watching Gintama and noticed this little shout out to One Piece.
2013-07-06 13:48:13New Point for Chopper?
2013-07-06 13:37:49Weekly Shonen Jump will be expanding their simultaneous releases to 5 new countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand
2013-07-06 13:15:003rd Madoka Magica Film to Play in U.S., Canada, France in 2013
2013-07-06 13:00:00Sentai Filmworks Adds Fantasista Doll Anime
2013-07-06 12:11:29Happy Birthday Lucky Roo
2013-07-06 12:06:51Look what I got at Comic Con in London today <3
2013-07-06 12:00:58Best place to buy paperback Volumes
2013-07-06 11:52:17Post from pics. This guy found luffy
2013-07-06 11:27:44Just watched Film Z on Bluray. Impressions.
2013-07-06 11:00:00Sentai Filmworks Licenses Rozen Maiden ~ Zurückspulen Anime
2013-07-06 05:20:25Where should I get my tattoo?
2013-07-06 04:38:42One Piece Z Film
2013-07-06 04:14:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 734
2013-07-06 03:54:42Just watched this episode and preceded to cry at the end.
2013-07-06 02:02:08After Dark Twelve, “Juggling Balls”
2013-07-06 00:15:22JAST USA Licenses Steins;Gate Visual Novel in N. America
2013-07-05 23:22:13Could Robin make copies of her... Well I think you know where this is going (NSFW)
2013-07-05 22:09:30AnimeCrazy shutting down
2013-07-05 20:41:24Viz Media Adds Gargantia, Blood Lad TV Anime
2013-07-05 19:27:21For as far as I am in the series this has been the most satisfying moment.
2013-07-05 19:23:02My Drawing of Eustass Kid (Sorry for the horrible quality)
2013-07-05 19:08:28Manga DL link
2013-07-05 18:17:37Studio Trigger to Launch Kickstarter for New Little Witch Academia Episode
2013-07-05 17:28:48Alabasta arc in real life (x-post from r/worldnews)
2013-07-05 16:56:55My animal crossing character is looking SUUUPER!!!
2013-07-05 16:40:51[yibis]_One_Piece_602_[480p][8D9C7A7B].mp4
2013-07-05 16:36:55Right Stuf/Tokyopop to Release Hetalia Volumes 4, 5 This Winter
2013-07-05 16:18:32Tony Tony Chopper. (Foxy uniform) his body will be finished soon
2013-07-05 16:04:25Sentai Filmworks Licenses Dog & Scissors Anime
2013-07-05 15:52:48Spoiler Mera Mera no Mi Fruit Real or Fake?
2013-07-05 14:54:51[yibis]_One_Piece_602_v2_[720p][A663E19E].mkv
2013-07-05 14:52:03One Piece Romance Dawn Coming To Europe for 3DS
2013-07-05 14:25:43Marital Bliss as Vertical Licenses Moyoco Anno’s Insufficient Direction
2013-07-05 13:52:20Crunchyroll Streams Genshiken 2nd Season, Kaiji Anime
2013-07-05 13:52:20Crunchyroll to Stream Genshiken 2nd Season, Kaiji Anime
2013-07-05 11:40:51The execution of Monkey D. Luffy (fanart)
2013-07-05 11:18:28Colored three powers - manga spoilers
2013-07-05 11:11:17The Crew
2013-07-05 11:02:17Where to start in the manga?
2013-07-05 10:35:26I just got here and this is the most satisfying punch I have ever seen
2013-07-05 10:20:11Hey, /r/OnePiece, I just caught up in the manga!
2013-07-05 09:00:00DRAGON BALL Z #22 - - Watch & Learn
2013-07-05 08:15:48So I was re-reading the manga, and I thought DF users sink in water, but—
2013-07-05 05:27:08Robin Banner Art Contest!
2013-07-05 05:14:00Dragon Ball SD Chapters #15 and 16 - Scanlations
2013-07-05 05:00:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission Part 9 - Trailer and Checklist
2013-07-05 04:43:04Code:Breaker Manga to End on July 17
2013-07-05 04:43:04Code:Breaker Manga to End in Shonen Magazine in July
2013-07-05 04:04:00DBZ Abridged Alternate Takes: Swinging Yamcha and Wrong Button
2013-07-05 03:59:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 733
2013-07-05 02:50:59Most affordable way to collect the manga volumes?
2013-07-05 02:13:08One Piece 604 Preview
2013-07-05 00:49:25[Manga Spoilers] To clarify some things.
2013-07-05 00:17:28If the Foxy pirates were on the table of elements
2013-07-05 00:05:12Lets Play "What If" (Marineford Edition) [Marineford Spoilers]
2013-07-04 23:51:00[Manga Spoilers]To clarify some things about the new admiral.
2013-07-04 23:45:05MangaGamer Licenses Cartagra, Kara no Shōjo 2
2013-07-04 23:27:14To clarify things with "Green Bull"
2013-07-04 23:22:37[Time-Skip]One Piece Wallpaper
2013-07-04 20:09:08Straw Hat Crew Relationships.
2013-07-04 19:17:35Could this be another lie that comes true!?
2013-07-04 19:06:41Aniplex USA to Release Fate/Zero on BD/DVD with Dub
2013-07-04 18:46:51One Piece 24/7
2013-07-04 18:25:49Digital Manga, Tezuka Pro Team Up to Release Entire Tezuka Library in N. America
2013-07-04 18:17:53Battle of Z Gameplay Video
2013-07-04 17:37:02Sentai Filmworks Signs Deal with Tatsunoko Production (Updated)
2013-07-04 17:37:02Sentai Filmworks Signs Deal with Tatsunoko Production
2013-07-04 17:34:54Figuarts Zero Movie Z Roronoa Zoro!
2013-07-04 17:34:20Sentai Filmworks Adds Yumeria, Divergence Eve Anime
2013-07-04 17:32:21Brook laugh mp3
2013-07-04 17:27:22Can someone tell me what happened in ep. 483?
2013-07-04 17:07:29Funimation Adds Hal, 009 Re:Cyborg Films
2013-07-04 17:01:08My girlfriend painted this for me.
2013-07-04 16:54:39“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Tidbits From Japan Expo
2013-07-04 16:15:39NISA Adds Hanasaku Iroha Film, Genshiken 2nd Season Anime
2013-07-04 15:44:10Does Zoro get observation haki in Alabasta?
2013-07-04 14:26:27My favourite part of 713 (Major manga spoiler)
2013-07-04 13:15:00Anime Expo 2013 Thread
2013-07-04 13:06:36FUNimation Live Stream from Anime Expo at 3pm EST
2013-07-04 12:41:06What website can I download one piece onto my computer
2013-07-04 12:21:11Viz Media Adds New Akira Toriyama Series to Weekly Shonen Jump
2013-07-04 12:10:00One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS Port to Get European Release
2013-07-04 12:08:14Can we find the errors in the One Piece English volumes? One Piece Editor requests assistance
2013-07-04 12:05:22Place I could piece DVDs for cheapest possible price?
2013-07-04 11:38:19How strong is Shanks?
2013-07-04 11:30:08(Spoilers)Theory on who will take part and the alliances of the final war.
2013-07-04 10:52:35One Piece: Romance Dawn RPG for the Nintendo 3DS is headed to Europe
2013-07-04 09:28:00Hi guys anyone has a higher resolution version of this?
2013-07-04 09:26:56Made this on Animal Crossing New Leaf.
2013-07-04 08:30:00Hatsune Miku Gets Her Own Limited-Edition Android Phone
2013-07-04 08:13:57Re-reading Thriller Barc arc and noticed this. Do you think it will come into play?
2013-07-04 07:30:49ANN Panel at Anime Expo to be Streamed on SimulTV
2013-07-04 07:25:00Mamoru Oshii Involved in 2014 Live-Action Patlabor Project
2013-07-04 06:53:48What is your favorite little thing that happens in OP?
2013-07-04 04:32:36Got Bored. So i Drew Sanji.
2013-07-04 04:31:21If Zoro was in the same positions as Luffy
2013-07-04 02:11:06One quick questions?
2013-07-04 01:25:33Shōjo Idol Manga Nijiiro Prism Girl Gets DVD Anime
2013-07-04 01:15:00Limited-Edition Pokemon X/Y 3DS XLs Offered in Japan
2013-07-04 01:04:20Introducing a new mod!
2013-07-04 00:58:35luffy compared to the "admirals"
2013-07-03 23:59:50My thought on the last panel of chapter 713 [MANGA SPOILER]
2013-07-03 23:38:13One Piece Vol 72 Ch 713
2013-07-03 23:38:13One Piece Vol TBD Ch 713
2013-07-03 23:25:02Anyone else notice this cloud in episode 599 looks like a girl
2013-07-03 22:15:00Yami Shibai Horror TV Anime Shorts to Premiere in July
2013-07-03 21:46:52Question regarding Sanji
2013-07-03 21:42:28[Spoilers] Thoughts on the next _____
2013-07-03 21:26:26I need help remembering what episode to start at...
2013-07-03 21:02:06a drawing i just finished what do you guys think. also open to any helpful criticism/advice
2013-07-03 20:27:52Smiley ! Shi lo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo !
2013-07-03 19:18:01Gotta love Garp!
2013-07-03 19:00:46Does anyone know about a subbed version of Glorious Island yet?
2013-07-03 18:51:07“Battle of Gods” Coming to Hong Kong in August
2013-07-03 18:17:07May I share my thoughts on the very last chapter of OP?
2013-07-03 17:53:51Happy Birthday to Nami!
2013-07-03 16:56:36A Few Questions/ Discussions (will be up to current manga chapter so spoilers included)
2013-07-03 16:15:00Japanese Comic Ranking, June 23-29
2013-07-03 15:54:54[CANADA]Where to buy Figures?
2013-07-03 15:52:50real life going merry
2013-07-03 15:37:51[Spoiler] Latest manga chapter wanted posters.
2013-07-03 15:36:17A question from a new one piece watcher.
2013-07-03 15:30:51Awesome how Oda foreshadowed the recent chapter much earlier.
2013-07-03 15:16:37Awesome to see that the recent chapter was foreshadowed. Oda you genius
2013-07-03 14:32:07Straw Hat Jolly Roger sugar cookies
2013-07-03 14:17:37[SPOILERS] New Admiral Theory
2013-07-03 13:14:00Could this be foreshadowing in chapter 3 that Coby has haki?
2013-07-03 13:00:00ONE PIECE #602 - - Special Review
2013-07-03 12:43:59Zoro Mousepad I saw on Yaraon
2013-07-03 12:39:11[Spoilers] Resolving the Current Arc
2013-07-03 12:23:44Daisuki Streaming Dragon Ball Z in United States & Canada
2013-07-03 11:49:07My Little Pony Music Video Performed by Yuruyuri Cast in Costume
2013-07-03 11:45:16[REQUEST] That theory regarding the admirals and their link to japanese mythological creature. (New World Spoilers)
2013-07-03 11:45:00Daisuki Streams One Piece, Dragon Ball Z Anime
2013-07-03 11:44:55I put 100 awesome OP amvs into a playlist, enjoy ^^ (I made none of these)
2013-07-03 11:34:52Just one of many scenes proving the G8 arc is the greatest anime filler arc out there.
2013-07-03 11:30:08Bleach Vol TBD Ch 544
2013-07-03 11:00:35Crunchyroll to Also Stream Monogatari Series 2nd Season Anime
2013-07-03 10:54:50MH-One Piece Crossover
2013-07-03 10:00:46On The Shelf: July 3, 2013
2013-07-03 09:55:54[Manga Spoilers] 714 bets and wagers
2013-07-03 08:54:39Felt tip drawing - Here is the next in the Straw hats - Brook with his Violin as pandaM0ANium requested *NOTES IN COMMENTS*
2013-07-03 08:35:26One Piece Chapter 713 Theories and Discussion
2013-07-03 08:34:00I see no difference
2013-07-03 08:14:10Bleach Vol 60 Ch 544
2013-07-03 08:05:04“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 18th Week Sales
2013-07-03 07:52:18One Piece Vol 70 Ch 713
2013-07-03 07:30:00Final Fantasy X|X-2 to Add New Half-Hour Drama During Credits
2013-07-03 06:42:24Bakemonogatari Director Shinbo, SHAFT Make Nisekoi TV Anime
2013-07-03 06:15:00Hayate Voice Actress Ryoko Shiraishi Gets a Divorce
2013-07-03 05:42:08Meanwhile, the Flawhats are busy with their own adventures...
2013-07-03 04:40:40If Luffy ever became the president.
2013-07-03 02:48:59One Piece 713
2013-07-03 02:47:44One Piece 713 - MangaPanda
2013-07-03 01:29:51One Piece - Will of D. | AMV
2013-07-02 23:50:33What do you think will happens if a Devil Fruit user eats the Yomi Yomi no Mi?
2013-07-02 23:45:15If you could control the reincarnation of Devil Fruits...
2013-07-02 23:29:34Does any one know where I can buy an actual law trafalgar new world jacket not a hoodie
2013-07-02 20:04:30Bad Boys 3
2013-07-02 20:00:00Good Smile Co. to Bundle 1/10 Ultimate Madoka Figure With Magazine
2013-07-02 19:49:32Cooking With Sanji Ep 5 Tempura
2013-07-02 19:37:16Why can Luffy understand the Millennial Dragon?
2013-07-02 18:13:31Punk Hazard Planet??
2013-07-02 18:00:00Reenact Ace Attorney in Real-Life at Tokyo Theme Park
2013-07-02 17:58:15If you suddenly found a Devil Fruit, today, right now...
2013-07-02 17:31:23If the rest of the crew were to be given devils fruits to match their personalities, what kind of powers do you think they would gain? (spoilers)
2013-07-02 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 30-July 6
2013-07-02 16:16:05Could there be Cain and Abel trees?
2013-07-02 16:00:00Fantasista Doll Ads Preview Blu-rays/DVDs & Theme Songs
2013-07-02 14:10:09Kizaru
2013-07-02 13:22:30Next Straw Hat Speculation (Spoilers)
2013-07-02 10:59:54Attack on One Piece
2013-07-02 10:57:54Crunchyroll to Stream Fantasista Doll Anime
2013-07-02 10:42:08New Translations: Akira Toriyama Messages
2013-07-02 09:47:13How far can Luffy stretch without tearing?
2013-07-02 09:46:14New iPhone case came in today! [Sorry for poor quality]
2013-07-02 09:45:17Dragon Ball: A Video Game Retrospective
2013-07-02 09:33:01Getting close to the end of the big Whitebeard and Marine battle segment. Is there a site that shows which episode marks the transition to a new segment of the series?
2013-07-02 09:08:32How do fruits appear (Episode 602)
2013-07-02 08:37:25Very cool Punk Hazard fan art
2013-07-02 07:35:35"We Go" played on Guitar and Piano! (With Xylophone)
2013-07-02 07:03:45Felt tip Drawing - 5 out of 9 Straw hats down, Hope you guys like this one - Nami *NOTES IN COMMENTS*
2013-07-02 07:00:00The Epic VICE PIT Q&A - - Part 3!
2013-07-02 06:54:35Avatar created for when i play engineer in games
2013-07-02 04:53:56One Piece anime getting boring
2013-07-02 03:37:15I love this scene
2013-07-02 02:39:25What the best One Piece Anime subber?
2013-07-02 02:17:08Did this piss anyone else off?
2013-07-02 01:31:53Epic tribute to Hattori
2013-07-02 01:26:14Manga on the East Coast at Animaritime 2013
2013-07-01 23:35:59This is One Piece to me.
2013-07-01 23:17:38On July 15th, One Piece and Naruto will have "special super-color" chapters to mark the 45th Anniversary of Weekly Shonen Jump
2013-07-01 23:00:00Gundam Build Fighters TV Anime to Premiere in October
2013-07-01 22:45:17The other gift my Arbitrary Day SS gave me!
2013-07-01 22:30:19Chapter 713 SPOILERS
2013-07-01 21:59:18What could Oda have possibly meant?
2013-07-01 21:10:21What is the counter-fruit to the Gomu gomu no Mi?
2013-07-01 20:36:54Quick Question: Does anybody know where I can buy One Piece Movies on DVD?
2013-07-01 20:35:47Got this sticker the other day, thought you guys might like it!
2013-07-01 20:29:37Episode 275, “Alka-Smiley”
2013-07-01 19:33:52[yibis]_One_Piece_601_[480p][EBFCA425].mp4
2013-07-01 19:07:05Ace vs. Caesar Clown
2013-07-01 18:12:46Luffy and Usopp [Fishman Island Spoilers]
2013-07-01 16:59:13[yibis]_One_Piece_601_[720p][8C2A9D98].mkv
2013-07-01 16:39:06Namco-Bandai Dragon Ball Game Panel at Anime Expo 2013
2013-07-01 14:45:23Luffy and Whitebeard
2013-07-01 14:37:39Logia users innards? (punk hazard manga spoilers)
2013-07-01 14:06:58Questions about "God".
2013-07-01 11:58:21Two devil fruit powers (spoilers)
2013-07-01 11:40:16Badass Luffy Wallpaper (1920x1080)
2013-07-01 11:10:26Even separated by Law, Kinemon found a new line of employment (X-Post from /r/Funny)
2013-07-01 10:49:31Run faster than the wind!
2013-07-01 10:00:00Yuuki Kaji, Masumi Asano, Daisuke Kishio Join Blood Lad Cast
2013-07-01 09:52:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 732
2013-07-01 09:34:23TIL that Sanjis name was actually going to be Naruto
2013-07-01 09:08:39about luffys bloodline.
2013-07-01 09:00:00The Epic VICE PIT Q&A - - Part 2!
2013-07-01 08:26:33Quick Logia question.
2013-07-01 07:48:16Selecta Visión Releasing New DB & DBZ Remasters in Spain
2013-07-01 07:36:24I painted my vision of Whitebeard
2013-07-01 07:35:25I have a question about Monet.
2013-07-01 07:05:18Starting One Piece
2013-07-01 06:49:39Whats the most crushing thing in One Piece that was spoiled for you? (Spoilers Guaranteed)
2013-07-01 05:44:36Just a thing a noticed
2013-07-01 05:34:03I love this scene.
2013-07-01 05:17:08Gear Fourth?
2013-07-01 03:20:35Felt tip Drawing - Back with the 4th installment of the Strawhats, Pushed forward in priority due to demand - Sanji Diable Jambe *NOTES IN COMMENTS*
2013-07-01 00:48:19Quick posts regarding "fanservice" complaints
2013-07-01 00:25:55Basil Hawkins Speculation
2013-06-30 22:09:26Just picked this up today
2013-06-30 20:34:16Water and devil fruit users
2013-06-30 19:56:14One Piece - Dragon Trailer
2013-06-30 19:16:30Devil fruit combos
2013-06-30 19:10:02I made some new FB banners and put them all in an album with he last lot, enjoy. (Anime spoilers)
2013-06-30 18:12:09This instantly made me think of Luffy
2013-06-30 16:48:57Mera mera no mi (SPOILERS)
2013-06-30 16:00:00Japanese Box Office, June 22-23
2013-06-30 15:42:04Do you guys think Dragon and Rogers knew each other? (Spoilers)
2013-06-30 15:34:52One Piece Special - Glorious Island [RAW]
2013-06-30 15:27:06watching golf when suddenly...
2013-06-30 15:24:30Question about Dragon (possible spoilers)
2013-06-30 14:11:53[Anime 602 Spoiler] About devil fruits, theory
2013-06-30 12:54:55Question about doku doku no mi (minor spoiler)
2013-06-30 12:27:38I know who we should ask for information on "The will of D"
2013-06-30 11:40:00Put Madoka Magica Mini-Figures in Your Cup of Tea
2013-06-30 10:25:57So I have one of these and I want to paint it OP/Luffy themed. Any rough colored suggestions?
2013-06-30 10:24:19For only the second time ever, One Piece reaches #1 on the New York Times Manga Bestseller list with Volume 67
2013-06-30 10:15:05Song of Life
2013-06-30 10:05:59Son Goku and Friends Return Special Re-release
2013-06-30 09:46:08All the color spreads in HD ! I was surprised I had never seen the last one until now
2013-06-30 08:48:46“Battle of Gods” Home Release Updates & JSAT Inclusion
2013-06-30 07:53:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission 9 - Teaser
2013-06-30 06:58:57Saw this ad for Pockie Pirates and it got me thinking... [Spoilers]
2013-06-30 06:50:44Felt tip Drawing - Hi Guys Back with another drawing, a suggestion from Thragor - Zoro Kyutoryu Asura
2013-06-30 06:45:25Best One Piece AMVs Ever?
2013-06-30 06:42:39Felt tip drawing - Back again with a suggestion from Thragor - Zoro Asura Kyutoryu * NOTES IN COMMENTS*
2013-06-30 06:37:18Felt tip Drawing - Back again with a suggestion from Thragor, - Zoro Asura Kyutoryu *Notes in Comments*
2013-06-30 05:04:10Question about arms (Manga spoiler)
2013-06-30 01:40:16Has Zoro Really gone all out fighting someone AFTER THE TWO YEARS SKIP and just how powerful is he now?
2013-06-29 23:36:10Marine ranks
2013-06-29 23:33:56Large lot of HD One Piece Wallpapers
2013-06-29 23:31:06Endgame Strawhats
2013-06-29 23:20:00Pokémon XY TV Anime to Debut on October 17 with Satoshi/Ash
2013-06-29 23:09:03Crocodile and Ivankov (Spoilers)
2013-06-29 22:52:12One Piece 603 Preview HD (No Subs)
2013-06-29 22:02:36Theory for Tournament (Manga Spoilers)
2013-06-29 21:17:37Sanji never fails to amuse me ...
2013-06-29 20:38:30One Piece Episode 602
2013-06-29 20:00:00Crimson Star Acquires Looking Up at the Half-Moon Anime
2013-06-29 19:05:29Carue I miss you
2013-06-29 19:00:00Genshiken: 2nd Season Blu-rays/DVDs to Come With Bonus Anime
2013-06-29 18:36:26i was checking my like history and i found this great AMV
2013-06-29 18:31:36Best One Piece movie I should watch?
2013-06-29 18:00:00Watch Sentai Rangers Dance With Soccer Mascots
2013-06-29 17:11:25Which of the two films do you prefer FilmZ or Strong World
2013-06-29 17:00:00Dark Horse, CBLDF Print Manga Guide for Parents & Educators
2013-06-29 15:59:18On a perfect day
2013-06-29 14:41:38Would the Strawhats benefit from hauling or smuggling cargo/contraband from one island to another to sell for profit?
2013-06-29 14:18:18One Piece Film Z: Greatest Armor Edition Blu-ray Unboxing by Greg from the One Piece Podcast
2013-06-29 14:00:00New Milky Holmes Music Game Announced for 2014
2013-06-29 13:43:59Where can I find good scanlations of old manga chapters?
2013-06-29 13:43:01who has the best laugh, and who has the worst laugh?
2013-06-29 10:54:26Please help me to get my friend watch One Piece (AMV, stories)!
2013-06-29 10:39:50Ryō-san & Gintoki Announced For “J-Stars Victory Vs”
2013-06-29 10:06:19Does anybody know when the next set of english dub episodes is scheduled to be released?
2013-06-29 10:01:34Fan game?
2013-06-29 09:26:11Dragon Ball Z “Best of” Goku and Vegeta Fights
2013-06-29 08:30:00Railgun S Director: Season to Include Original Summer Vacation Story
2013-06-29 08:30:00Railgun S Director: Season to Include Original Summer Vacation story
2013-06-29 08:06:35Due to popularity of my last post, I will continue to share my felt tip drawings - Here is Sogeking as requested
2013-06-29 06:52:25One of my favorite Wallpapers
2013-06-29 06:30:00Rurouni Kenshin Gets 2 New Live-Action Kyoto Arc Films
2013-06-29 06:17:53Rammstein frontman looks like Donquixote Doflamingo.
2013-06-29 05:03:00Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 10 - Scans
2013-06-29 05:01:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 731
2013-06-29 01:16:03Trying to get a One Piece exchange going on over at reddit gifts
2013-06-29 00:18:33Best Song for an OP AMV
2013-06-28 23:58:06What Chapter is the anime on?
2013-06-28 23:41:08still one of my favorite amvs.
2013-06-28 23:19:13Seventh Shichibukai
2013-06-28 23:04:48Finally, got one for myself
2013-06-28 20:15:00Anime Expo to Host Urotsukidoji Creator Toshio Maeda
2013-06-28 18:59:13A post about Monkey D. Dragon I made a few moths back. revisited. (current manga spoilers)
2013-06-28 15:00:00The Epic VICE PIT Q&A - - Part 1
2013-06-28 15:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 16-22
2013-06-28 14:47:28[Manga Spoilers] Possible volume 71 Cover
2013-06-28 14:26:32Crunchyroll to Stream Il Sole Penetra le Illusioni TV Anime
2013-06-28 14:00:00Konami Teases Crows x Worst Video Game Project
2013-06-28 13:02:42One Piece Film Z: Greatest Armor Edition Blu-ray Unboxing
2013-06-28 10:42:43Funimation to Stream Brothers Conflict, Danganronpa TV Anime
2013-06-28 10:27:48Law vs Smoker Trailer [One Piece Amv] Old but please leave feedback.
2013-06-28 10:21:03I thought this was really cool to watch... "Epic Moments-Collection"
2013-06-28 10:00:00Macross Museum with Life-Size VF-1 Cockpit Previewed in Video
2013-06-28 09:35:45FUNimation “Top Seven Fan Favorite Fights” Survey
2013-06-28 08:10:15Some pretty cool One Piece art i found
2013-06-28 07:00:00DRAGON BALL Z #21 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-28 05:24:38Senki Zesshō Symphogear G anime Unveils New Cast, Characters
2013-06-28 03:52:04Been learning how to use felt tip pens for an school art Major, thought you guys might like it - Gear Second
2013-06-28 03:31:50I have a theory about Luffy and Roger that I could do with some help expanding upon
2013-06-28 00:15:12Does anyone want some mangas?
2013-06-28 00:00:00Transformers Go! Anime Video Introduces Samurai & Ninja Teams
2013-06-27 22:31:24One Piece- Awesome fighting/action flashgame I found.
2013-06-27 22:06:07i made zoro post-time skip outfit in animal crossing earlier today
2013-06-27 21:03:25Rank the Schichibukai Rank the supernovas Rank the straw hats Go!
2013-06-27 20:19:14Spotted this on r/funny. Momonosuke, anyone?
2013-06-27 20:08:31Trafalgar Law Vs. Donquixote Doflamingo & Admiral Fujitora - One Piece Manga 712 & Beyond
2013-06-27 18:44:32[AMV TRAILER]Hello lads, I know i did this 3 months ago. Never got enough feedback. Should I keep doing AMVs?
2013-06-27 18:34:31Why is it that no one dies?
2013-06-27 18:15:48Looking for an AMV
2013-06-27 16:44:52[Spoiler] The new world was hinted when Luffy recruited Sanji
2013-06-27 16:15:00SimulTV Launches Social Anime Streaming Service (Updated)
2013-06-27 16:15:00SimulTV Launches Social Anime Streaming Service
2013-06-27 15:49:00This probably gets asked here a lot. So sorry if it bothers you.
2013-06-27 14:48:43[Spoiler] Nothing to Lose AMV
2013-06-27 14:22:11Question about Buggy and Shanks
2013-06-27 12:56:48Crunchyroll to Stream Servant x Service TV Anime
2013-06-27 11:04:44Duval winking nearly kills me everytime
2013-06-27 11:04:41Crunchyroll to Stream InuHasa/Dog & Scissors TV Anime
2013-06-27 09:11:25Something I noticed. Current Chapter Spoilers
2013-06-27 09:05:52Meganebu Anime About Glasses-Wearing Boys to Air in October
2013-06-27 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN -- Shocking Surprises! -- THE VICE PIT
2013-06-27 06:23:42Does anyone know where this is from? *possible spoilers*
2013-06-27 06:18:55what is your favourite quote from OP?
2013-06-27 05:59:10Haoshoku Haki usage?
2013-06-27 05:10:58Weekly Shōnen Jump “Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Updates
2013-06-27 03:29:16Luffy punching Sasuke in the face
2013-06-27 00:20:32Jewelry Bonney (Possible Spoiler)
2013-06-27 00:00:00COMIC@LOID Vocaloid Manga Magazine to Debut in July
2013-06-26 23:55:04Ace and Luffy
2013-06-26 23:10:13Question about the Yami Yami no Mi (Possible Spoiler)
2013-06-26 23:00:00Evangelion, Schick Launch Operation: Refresh 10,000 With Razors
2013-06-26 22:45:15One Piece Vol 72 Ch 712
2013-06-26 22:45:15One Piece Vol TBD Ch 712
2013-06-26 22:45:15One Piece Vol 70 Ch 712
2013-06-26 22:43:10searching google images for a cosplay and found a disturbing one
2013-06-26 22:31:12Bleach Vol TBD Ch 543
2013-06-26 22:15:17Felt as if this needed to be a GIF.
2013-06-26 20:28:02Why do they call it the king of the pirates in the English dub instead of the pirate king
2013-06-26 19:13:59Arcs worth watching
2013-06-26 18:07:07[Manga Spoiler] Does anyone feel like the Dressrosa arc might be one of the greatest arcs in One piece?
2013-06-26 17:45:41On The Shelf: June 26, 2013
2013-06-26 17:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, June 16-22
2013-06-26 16:54:10PR: Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Releases Authoritative Manga Guide for Librarians and Educators with Dark Horse!
2013-06-26 16:17:12Battle of Z Featured in Weekly Shonen Jump
2013-06-26 16:12:41Zoan Type Plant DFs
2013-06-26 15:53:47What exactly is happening in this panel? [Chapter 712]
2013-06-26 15:00:00What Mecha Movies Should Follow PACIFIC RIM? - - VICE PIT Unplugged
2013-06-26 13:15:20This arc is fucking hilarious so far! Thank you Trafalgar!
2013-06-26 12:41:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 730
2013-06-26 12:10:00Studio 4°C Makes Toukiden Promotional Anime
2013-06-26 11:46:55Crunchyroll to Stream Recorder and Randsell Mi Sequel TV Anime
2013-06-26 10:17:48I knew he was a villain! Law slices Anpanman!
2013-06-26 10:00:00Otakon to Host Cowboy Bebop Director Shinichiro Watanabe
2013-06-26 09:30:41I just finished Marine Ford and can someone cosplay this guy so i can punch you as hard as i can?
2013-06-26 09:15:14One Piece Vol 69 Ch 712
2013-06-26 08:30:09Bleach Vol 60 Ch 543
2013-06-26 08:15:00Gintama, KochiKame Confirmed for J-Stars Victory Vs. Crossover Game
2013-06-26 08:06:17[Manga Spoilers] Chapter 713 Betting Lines
2013-06-26 08:06:00Almost finished my pillow cover
2013-06-26 07:43:07Playing Professor Layton on my 3ds when I noticed a guy named Frankie with blue hair and a similar hair style.
2013-06-26 07:36:32When someone says may name behind my back
2013-06-26 07:34:10One Piece 712: Theory Discussion
2013-06-26 07:20:03Arlong arch (spoilers)
2013-06-26 07:19:03“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 17th Week Sales
2013-06-26 05:39:11Fist of the North Star Spinoff Manga Series Kinyoku no Garuda Ends in Comic Zenon
2013-06-26 04:15:05Are there any continents in One Piece, or is every land mass an island?
2013-06-26 04:08:24One Piece 712
2013-06-26 02:25:00Comic LO Magazine Manga Artist Yasuda Passes Away
2013-06-26 02:17:33Theory for Gear Fourth
2013-06-26 02:15:26(WIP) Giant Luffy beadsprite, long time till I finish [x-post from r/beadsprites]
2013-06-26 02:02:18Trying to come up with nickname for a character in my One piece DnD campaign
2013-06-26 01:54:42Will we ever see Enel ever again? If so what might happen?
2013-06-26 01:47:18Feeling kinda awkward here...
2013-06-26 00:31:20Question/Opinion regarding the alliances and taking down the Yonkou (Possible spoilers)
2013-06-26 00:25:39Gust Reveals Chronos Materia RPG For September
2013-06-25 23:30:16Got my Dad hooked on One Piece
2013-06-25 22:09:30Battle of Gods Coming to China and the Philippines
2013-06-25 20:15:29Will we ever see Captain Morgan again?
2013-06-25 19:50:30Who is stronger, Nightmare luffy, or luffy after the 2 year time skip?
2013-06-25 19:00:00Project X Zone Launches in N. America with Trailer
2013-06-25 18:48:31Finally got it framed
2013-06-25 18:27:31Googled Meowtwe. Found this.
2013-06-25 18:26:55August Issue of V Jump Scans
2013-06-25 17:46:24My Thoughts So Far (spoilers?)
2013-06-25 17:40:40The Adventures of Gol D. Roger
2013-06-25 17:30:00Play Katamari Damacy With a Giant Yoga Ball as the Controller
2013-06-25 17:11:59Every time i feel sad or embarrassed , i just watch this
2013-06-25 16:55:23If each Straw hat member would become a pokemon trainer, what would be their 6 pokemons?
2013-06-25 16:35:39Quick Question about New Chapters - Thanks for any help
2013-06-25 16:32:15Bounty Hunters
2013-06-25 16:05:20If you could create your own devil fruit
2013-06-25 15:41:19Question about Blackbeards powers (SPOILERS)
2013-06-25 15:15:28Luffy just went full retard
2013-06-25 14:30:00New Dark Souls II Videos Feature 4 Playable Classes
2013-06-25 14:22:24I finally realized why the whole Foxy Pirate/Davy Back Fight arch is important.
2013-06-25 13:58:03Tony Tony Chopper is my favorite, I drew him this time.
2013-06-25 13:30:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 23-29 (Updated)
2013-06-25 13:30:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 23-29
2013-06-25 12:58:08Copyright loopholes on a picture.
2013-06-25 12:41:08Looks like Bilic has a cat now....
2013-06-25 11:59:50Question about Crocodile and Logia users.
2013-06-25 11:45:00Michihiko Suwa, Yuzuru Tachikawa to Present Anime Mirai Showcase at Otakon
2013-06-25 11:26:41Theories on how Blackbeard can have 2 devil fruits?
2013-06-25 11:06:30One Piece - Season 5, Voyage 2 Preview!!
2013-06-25 10:39:20Super Saiyan 3 Gohan – Dragon Ball Heroes
2013-06-25 09:56:00Mirai Gohan Super Saiya-jin 3
2013-06-25 09:53:00Master Stars Piece Son Goku - Released
2013-06-25 09:49:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #337
2013-06-25 09:45:00Live-Action/Anime Lexus Short by Mitsuyo Miyazaki, Koji Morimoto Streamed
2013-06-25 08:53:35Worth cautchig up?
2013-06-25 08:17:17Swag Bag: Girls, Guys and Thermae Romae
2013-06-25 07:00:00GARGANTIA #11 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-25 06:12:00Voice Actress Rie Tanaka Puts Her Twitter Account on Hiatus
2013-06-25 05:55:43If you only ever watched one OP AMV, this should be it. (spoilers)
2013-06-25 05:41:06Here have some fruit!!
2013-06-25 05:07:00Luffy, Law, and Kid (spoilers)
2013-06-25 01:44:12One Piece 712 Spoiler
2013-06-25 00:22:48Stoked on my new tattoo
2013-06-25 00:08:46I have a question about the current Anime status (Spoiler)
2013-06-25 00:01:33*SPOILERS* What do you guys think about the next few chapters?
2013-06-24 23:34:13was going through the Benn Beckman wikia when I found something strange
2013-06-24 23:20:27[Some Spoilers] Three Admirals Question
2013-06-24 21:06:32Dragon Ball Heroes GM 8 Preview Trailer
2013-06-24 20:56:46Latest Chapter through. (Captain Usopp!!!)
2013-06-24 20:14:44One piece
2013-06-24 20:00:005th Killer Is Dead Promo Video Previews Boss Battles
2013-06-24 19:42:35Episode 274, “At The Fishman Prom”
2013-06-24 19:06:54So what do we think the reunion of Usopp and his father will be like?
2013-06-24 18:57:36Pokemon and One Piece Crossover (x-post from r/pokemon)
2013-06-24 18:00:43Warner Offers Japanese-Animated Classic Marine Boy on DVD
2013-06-24 15:46:21Podcast Episode #0337
2013-06-24 15:00:00Porno Graffitti Releases Greeting Video for Anime Expo
2013-06-24 14:37:46tomorrow is my real life cake day so today I have a gift for you that I found
2013-06-24 14:27:35robin
2013-06-24 14:00:00Attack on Titan Fan Makes Gear That Shoots Actual Anchors
2013-06-24 13:21:14One piece Channel 24/7, HQ lag free!! come join us
2013-06-24 13:10:00Udon Ent. to Release 2 The Legend of Heroes Art Books in N. America
2013-06-24 12:36:56New Review: FLOW “Battle of Gods” CD Single
2013-06-24 11:22:28Walpol eats kittens
2013-06-24 10:21:56Miscellaneous “J-Stars Victory Vs” (PS3/Vita) Updates
2013-06-24 09:48:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 729
2013-06-24 09:00:00AIC Makes 2nd Ribbon-chan Magical Girl Anime to Teach English
2013-06-24 08:00:07Gargantia Character Design Contest Winners Unveiled
2013-06-24 07:20:45Sanji goes to the Convenience Store
2013-06-24 07:00:00My Little Monster Spinoff Manga to Launch in August
2013-06-24 02:04:21I have to say the 2nd anime opening in english
2013-06-23 22:36:38"Who would be so insolent as to pick me up with their hands" - Boa Hancroc (x-post from /r/pics)
2013-06-23 22:29:46A Treasure That Brings People Together
2013-06-23 22:17:37question about logia devil fruits.
2013-06-23 22:07:52Awesome fight like no other!
2013-06-23 20:50:01Blackbeard vs Luffy
2013-06-23 18:17:14Law minimalist by~annahiwatari
2013-06-23 17:48:22Although i like watching the subbed version i must say the voice for Luffy in the dubbed version was perfect for him
2013-06-23 17:43:00Voices of the characters!
2013-06-23 17:36:20Chasing my dreams starts with my morning tea.
2013-06-23 15:23:30One Piece character tourney?
2013-06-23 14:45:11What epithets should characters have?
2013-06-23 13:31:18Another animal behaving just like Boa Hancock!
2013-06-23 13:12:30A few One Piece errors: Credit to @ochimusha108 via Twitter (AKA Greg from the One Piece Podcast)
2013-06-23 11:54:14What is your favorite One Piece sound effect?
2013-06-23 10:42:42SuBLime Announces Kou Yoneda’s NightS
2013-06-23 10:40:22What aspect of our world would you like to see in One Piece in the futur?
2013-06-23 10:35:00Former KAT-TUN Member Jin Akanishi Returns to Show Business After 17-Month Hiatus
2013-06-23 09:59:08Back to the Beginning: Viz Media Confirms License of New Tiger & Bunny Manga
2013-06-23 09:32:22Purchasing first weekly shonen jump of one piece help.
2013-06-23 09:29:37I fully support this epithet
2013-06-23 08:47:19[Spoiler] I think i know how Luffy came up with Gear Second.
2013-06-23 08:35:00S.H.Figuarts Final Form Freeza - Released
2013-06-23 06:53:18An awesome fight like no other.
2013-06-23 05:20:48Who has the best eyesight on the series so far?
2013-06-23 04:42:45Best Movie?
2013-06-23 03:27:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission Part 9 - New Avatars
2013-06-23 03:21:00Comic-Con S.H. Figuarts Piccolo - First Pictures
2013-06-23 03:11:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 728
2013-06-23 00:08:45Does anyone know where I can watch one piece in full HD?
2013-06-23 00:00:28One Piece 602 Preview [HD Version]
2013-06-22 23:13:36Dragon theory
2013-06-22 21:47:43Movie 6 (Possible Spoilers)
2013-06-22 21:14:11was watched OP ep 601 and noticed something that from Naruto?? (Spoiled 601 ep)
2013-06-22 21:03:14So, (just to start a mild conversation for fun), what elements in logias have we not yet seen?
2013-06-22 20:30:06I recently got back into drawing, here is what I drew!
2013-06-22 20:20:39[yibis]_One_Piece_600_[480p][97267315].mp4
2013-06-22 20:16:45One Piece Episode 601
2013-06-22 19:38:18“Dragon Ball Heroes” Galaxy Mission 9 Preview
2013-06-22 18:53:36[yibis]_One_Piece_600_[720p][9778C5C5].mkv
2013-06-22 17:59:48Gotenks & Pure Majin Buu Join “Zenkai Battle Royale”
2013-06-22 17:59:48Gotenks & Pure Evil Majin Buu Join “Zenkai Battle Royale”
2013-06-22 17:42:52Tōru Furuya Announced As Guest For Anime Revolution 2013
2013-06-22 15:34:56Fishman Karate
2013-06-22 15:26:09The Strawhats went on an adventure in Scrriblenuat Unlimited.
2013-06-22 13:00:00Man Who Disrupted Neptunia Event Charged With Carrying Knife
2013-06-22 12:56:40Awesome new Luffy figure has arrived :D (Spoilers maybe?)
2013-06-22 12:04:15A link to all of the animated jolly rogers
2013-06-22 12:00:00Watch Manga Creator Arina Tanemura Ink & Color a Book Cover
2013-06-22 11:52:28I know we all love One Piece here, but what are some things that Oda did that you initially disliked or possibly still do?
2013-06-22 11:11:39truer words could not be spoken, Dalton
2013-06-22 09:36:55Just got these two for my kids b-day
2013-06-22 09:21:27"Kaidou" from One Piece Film: Z
2013-06-22 09:21:21There can only be one pirate king
2013-06-22 09:08:14Magu Magu no Mi versus Hie Hie no Mi (ex post from r/checmicalreactiongifs)
2013-06-22 06:20:17New Ghost in the Shell Arise Promo Showcases Blu-ray Release
2013-06-22 03:20:00Neptunia Anime Event Cancelled Due to Man Wielding Object (Updated)
2013-06-22 03:20:00Neptunia Anime Event Cancelled Due to Man Wielding Object
2013-06-22 01:43:16Is my only pet peeve with One Piece justified?
2013-06-22 00:50:11Tried to draw Luffy-style
2013-06-22 00:42:00This made me think of Akainu and Aokiji fight on Punk Hazard.
2013-06-22 00:34:30one piece amv- dance with Z
2013-06-22 00:30:43My awesome birthday present
2013-06-22 00:05:00New Transformers Go! Trailer, Product Ads Streamed
2013-06-21 23:08:09Battle of Z North American Press Release
2013-06-21 22:30:00Pokémon: Black & White Manga Ends, But More Is Coming
2013-06-21 21:19:42Which movies are worth watching?
2013-06-21 19:59:50A miraculous find for my gs4!
2013-06-21 18:49:43Everyone I just thought of something. [Spoiler]
2013-06-21 17:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, June 9-15
2013-06-21 17:25:06Animated Usopp jolly roger.
2013-06-21 16:21:27Whose backstory is your favorite/least favorite?
2013-06-21 16:15:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, June 9-15
2013-06-21 15:15:00Viz Media Adds Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning Manga
2013-06-21 14:39:48I keep forgetting to share: One Piece Trolleys in Waikiki
2013-06-21 14:18:05/r/grandline RP reminder! Starting soon!
2013-06-21 14:14:56Chopper
2013-06-21 13:57:33If the Strawhats were redditors, what subreddits would they be subscribed to?
2013-06-21 13:57:01Though r/OnePiece might enjoy my new phone case.
2013-06-21 12:46:24Who was your favorite villain?
2013-06-21 12:24:35Namco-Bandai Announces “Battle of Z” For North America
2013-06-21 12:00:00Daisuki to Stream Monogatari Series 2nd Season Anime
2013-06-21 11:50:00Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Game Confirmed for N. American Release
2013-06-21 11:47:52Watching One Piece when I had to do a double take. I Love this show
2013-06-21 11:15:57Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Trailer
2013-06-21 11:02:49Date A Live Anime Gets 2nd Season
2013-06-21 10:09:40Baroque Works/Crocodile Jolly Roger
2013-06-21 09:54:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission Part 8 - Review
2013-06-21 08:03:05So apparently, Dance Powder is real life stuff
2013-06-21 07:45:54Adventures of Mont Blanc Noland in the land of midgets?
2013-06-21 07:00:00DRAGON BALL Z #19 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-21 06:08:14“Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) JP & EU Reveals
2013-06-21 02:23:25Chapter 712 Theory. Manga Spoilers.
2013-06-21 01:15:51Saw this on the road
2013-06-20 23:57:43Ahahah Boomhauer as Luffy killed me! xpost r/ExpectationVsReality
2013-06-20 23:15:59Funimation voice recording for Strong World
2013-06-20 22:38:09Check out what I randomly got in the mail! (Long story in the comments)
2013-06-20 22:23:54Dorry and Broggy ...and the Merry
2013-06-20 21:57:00XSEED Games Streams Valhalla Knights 3 Trailer
2013-06-20 21:19:28the music choice is fantastic
2013-06-20 18:57:55Help me find a wallpaper
2013-06-20 18:54:07What do you think of the One Piece community?
2013-06-20 17:45:15Best anime clips
2013-06-20 17:28:55FUNimation Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray Re-Release Survey
2013-06-20 16:50:05Question about Luffy and Whiskey Peak.
2013-06-20 16:20:21How may more books can we expect?
2013-06-20 13:22:37Hipster Luffy, going on an adventure before it was cool...
2013-06-20 12:57:53Aniplex USA Adds Silver Spoon, Servant x Service Anime
2013-06-20 12:55:42[SPOILER] Hancock and Luffy
2013-06-20 11:30:55One Piece Episode 603 Preview (Toei accidentally uploaded this instead of the 602 Preview)
2013-06-20 10:02:09Knock Up Stream!
2013-06-20 10:00:00Otakon to Host Prolific Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki
2013-06-20 08:31:15All the One Piece merchandise I own (sorry for bad quality)
2013-06-20 08:25:56Choppers horns not part of his head?
2013-06-20 08:06:50GOMU GOMU NO...! *Baka*
2013-06-20 05:56:27Review: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Vol. 01-02)
2013-06-20 00:55:30Are we doing car stickers now? Please share!
2013-06-20 00:30:00Yukari Tamura Nendoroid Figure to Be Offered by Mail Order
2013-06-20 00:00:00Hayate x Blade Manga Ends in Ultra Jump
2013-06-19 23:00:00Dinosaur Manga Gon Inspires 2nd Korean/Japanese CG Season
2013-06-19 22:21:05Got this little guy in the mail today
2013-06-19 21:05:16Song titles(s)
2013-06-19 20:30:04Just came in the mail, definitely my new favourite sweater!
2013-06-19 20:13:25Water 7 fan art
2013-06-19 19:56:11Bleach Vol TBD Ch 542
2013-06-19 18:17:12THEATER8 casted by mastermind JAPAN / DESKTOP REAL McCOY ONEPIECE
2013-06-19 17:28:36I used to watch One Piece a long time ago and have a few questions
2013-06-19 16:35:49Microsoft: Xbox One Will Not Restrict Used Games, Regions, Offline Games
2013-06-19 15:30:00Xseed Games Streams 4th Killer is Dead English Trailer
2013-06-19 15:16:13Is there a website to read the manga in Japanese?
2013-06-19 14:30:00Saint Seiya: Brave Soldier Game Announced for PS3
2013-06-19 14:24:00Battle of Gods @ Philippines
2013-06-19 14:19:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 727
2013-06-19 11:46:04“Battle of Gods” Coming via SM Cinema in Philippines
2013-06-19 11:43:14Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – New Video Game
2013-06-19 11:37:12Would Armament Haki protect against Sea stone?
2013-06-19 09:21:05This may sound a little harsh but bear with me.
2013-06-19 09:15:53“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z” (360/PS3/Vita) Announced
2013-06-19 08:59:56Who Will Eat Mera Mera Devil Fruit???
2013-06-19 08:45:00New Dragon Ball Z Game to Launch on PS3, Xbox 360, Vita
2013-06-19 08:00:00Anime Expo to Host Good Smile, Sanzigen, Max Factory Heads
2013-06-19 07:24:09“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 16th Week Sales
2013-06-19 07:05:10Bleach Vol 60 Ch 542
2013-06-19 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #10 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-19 06:42:31On The Shelf: June 19, 2013
2013-06-19 06:35:16Dragon Ball Z “Best Of” DVD Releases Listed on Walmart
2013-06-19 05:58:09Family Mart X UBIQ One Piece Sneakers
2013-06-19 05:50:00 Mushibugyō Anime Gets Action RPG on 3DS
2013-06-19 02:14:16Right in the feels ...
2013-06-19 00:23:26Just finished Water 7/ Enies Lobby Arc. Thoughts and Questions. (Long Post)
2013-06-19 00:15:25when should i watch film z?
2013-06-18 23:33:13Bartolomeo and Luffy (speculation)
2013-06-18 23:30:00Hello Kitty, DC Super Heroes Merge in Latest Crossover
2013-06-18 20:55:29Who is this? (One piece film z)
2013-06-18 20:28:18One Piece Planetarium Collaboration
2013-06-18 20:10:00Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Videos Highlights New Class, Jobs
2013-06-18 18:10:00Metal Max/Metal Saga Post-Apocalyptic RPG Coming to 3DS
2013-06-18 17:11:04Just a question about Sanji, anyone could answer
2013-06-18 16:17:12The Movie "Film Z"
2013-06-18 16:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 16-22
2013-06-18 15:26:45No new chapter this week! Please post theories and crying luffy pictures here!
2013-06-18 15:15:18This cat resembles Boa Hancock
2013-06-18 14:01:45Reaction to Whitebeard War/MarineFord (ONE PIECE GREATNESS)
2013-06-18 14:00:00See the Stars with New One Piece Planetarium Collaboration
2013-06-18 13:56:06Preferably over a One Piece discussion
2013-06-18 12:48:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #336
2013-06-18 12:36:24Official One Piece Restaurant Baratie set to open on June 28th on 7th Floor rooftop garden of Fuji TV Building in Odaiba (Menu and other info in link)
2013-06-18 12:30:00New Hello Kitty Plush Toys Wear Uglydoll Costumes
2013-06-18 11:27:58Just an interesting detail I noticed
2013-06-18 11:18:46Can Armament Haki be used by a Logia on the element he/she creates?
2013-06-18 08:47:57One Piece First Half Retrospective - Meaphe
2013-06-18 05:01:27Still the most epic One Piece moment... ever
2013-06-18 02:06:07One Piece 711 Review
2013-06-17 21:38:14Let us never forget the most tragic backstory in the One Piece world:
2013-06-17 21:30:18[Manga Spoilers] A Prediction
2013-06-17 20:31:21Episode 273, “In The Forest of Region V”
2013-06-17 18:45:00DuckTales: Remastered E3 Trailers, Gameplay Videos Streamed
2013-06-17 17:56:41overpaid for this today but worth every cent
2013-06-17 17:38:27Expectations vs Reality
2013-06-17 17:13:34One piece fan art [link to video in comments]
2013-06-17 17:02:18Podcast Episode #0336
2013-06-17 16:49:23I drew Sanji, too.
2013-06-17 15:00:00SUPER SENTAI: Everything You Need to Know! -- VICE PIT Undercover
2013-06-17 14:35:08Saw this in my reddit feed. Was slightly worried for a second O_O
2013-06-17 12:30:08Baroque Wax Works
2013-06-17 12:28:06One Piece’s Going Merry Ship Gets a TV Special Episode
2013-06-17 10:32:54Latest commission Fire Fist Ace
2013-06-17 10:03:41On August 24th, Toei will air a new anime special titled "Episode of Merry"
2013-06-17 09:53:00SCultures #3 - Part 1: Released
2013-06-17 09:48:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 726
2013-06-17 09:39:29One piece Fan art [link to video in comments]
2013-06-17 09:05:00Actress Yuka to Play Original Character in Black Butler Film
2013-06-17 09:05:00Singer Yuka to Play Original Character in Black Butler Film
2013-06-17 09:05:00Singer Yuka To Play Original Character in Black Butler Film
2013-06-17 08:39:15Luffy in Space ?!?! ;p Wallpaper
2013-06-17 07:38:56Got my straw hat jolly roger with the mera mera fruit on both sides.
2013-06-17 06:41:14Review: Puella Magi Kazumi Magica – The Innocent Malice (Vol. 01)
2013-06-17 06:39:07One Piece Interesting Details Collection
2013-06-17 06:00:14Definitely the first thing you should ask a mermaid
2013-06-17 05:28:41[yibis]_One_Piece_599_[480p][6427513C].mp4
2013-06-17 00:02:54Strawhat monster trio, Strong world wallpaper
2013-06-16 23:59:59Hey guys I just realized my middle initial Is D.
2013-06-16 23:45:28Turns out that the old man fish Luffy wanted to eat is real
2013-06-16 22:30:00Japanese Box Office, June 8-9
2013-06-16 21:18:52My friend has a love for one piece and I think she did a pretty cool drawing.
2013-06-16 20:58:12Brook Episodes in Past
2013-06-16 20:34:35I am officially a Straw Hat now (;*△*;)
2013-06-16 19:54:40Chopper under the book.
2013-06-16 16:36:11Why are some characters so big?
2013-06-16 16:27:46Who remembers the Senneneyu ?
2013-06-16 16:11:43Anyone else think this?
2013-06-16 16:00:00Fist of the North Star, Crying Freeman Creators Start New Manga
2013-06-16 15:52:12This made the episode for me
2013-06-16 15:33:23Cover story request
2013-06-16 14:17:27Cosplayed as Luffy at Animazment this year. (Self)
2013-06-16 14:11:25My favorite face so far
2013-06-16 13:10:34Usopp/Sogeking Bounty
2013-06-16 11:56:34I am Eiichiro Oda. SBS.
2013-06-16 11:00:29GACKT Music Video Offers Look at Moon Saga Play With CLAMP
2013-06-16 11:00:26[yibis]_One_Piece_599_[720p][7A947869].mkv
2013-06-16 10:15:00Volume 71 Cover Art (Fan-made)
2013-06-16 06:57:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 725
2013-06-16 06:41:51Love Live! Gets 2nd TV Anime Season, PS Vita Game
2013-06-16 06:38:12Idea for a new attack for Nami.
2013-06-16 06:37:21our new flag was worth the effort.
2013-06-16 04:47:52One piece 600 vostfr streaming
2013-06-16 01:52:01300 and something episodes before vs now, the animators are mocking us.
2013-06-16 01:18:58Here are some OP drawings I did.
2013-06-15 21:06:23One piece 600 vostfr streaming << Sub English>>
2013-06-15 20:53:34One Piece Film Z Blu Ray and DVD to be released on June 28
2013-06-15 20:00:13One Piece Episode 600
2013-06-15 19:51:29Can anyone translate the Japanese-in-English-letters "boilerplate" in the lower-left corner of this Marine poster?
2013-06-15 19:40:09Wondering which episode this is
2013-06-15 19:31:44ENGLISH "Straw-Hat Medley" One Piece
2013-06-15 18:25:09What are you looking forward too most in the current story arc?
2013-06-15 16:33:24Onepiece chapter cover in the style of Bleach
2013-06-15 15:44:51[OFF-Topic] Luffy is depicted by Oda as a Brazillian, well, there is some serious sh## going down here, please watch this video :)
2013-06-15 14:49:15Are the one piece movies related to the series at all?
2013-06-15 14:46:13Question about CoA [Marine Ford Arc Spoiler]
2013-06-15 14:42:26One Piece Film Z *SPOILERS* (I am not sure how long the movie has been out)
2013-06-15 14:34:12Crazy Rainbow Star - Chiptune (with animation)
2013-06-15 13:57:40Guess the Top 10 One Piece Bounties
2013-06-15 13:35:10The Timing was perfect
2013-06-15 13:16:31My new phone case represents luffy well
2013-06-15 13:10:37Need help with finding subtitles, .srt or .ass with fonts, for Movie 10
2013-06-15 12:09:08Does Usopp have Coo? (Spoilers)
2013-06-15 11:41:42The real reason he saved him.
2013-06-15 11:39:56Why does CP9 use Tekkai instead of Busoshoku Haki?
2013-06-15 11:10:49I watched a little one piece help me find my episode
2013-06-15 10:49:06Bounty Questions (details inside)
2013-06-15 10:05:05question about bususoku haki
2013-06-15 08:00:00Higurashi Pachinko Game to Include New Original Anime
2013-06-15 07:15:09Review: The Misfortune of Kyon & Koizumi
2013-06-15 07:00:00Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Blu-rays/DVDs Include Short Anime
2013-06-15 02:06:30Banana Luffy
2013-06-14 23:54:44Found this Ace and Law art
2013-06-14 22:55:21Pokémon to Air Mewtwo ~Kakusei e no Prologue~ Anime Special
2013-06-14 22:55:21Pokémon to Air Mewtwo ~Gakusei e no Prologue~ Anime Special
2013-06-14 22:54:34Suggested Funimation Voice: Duncan Brannan as Brook
2013-06-14 22:31:31Sanji would not be happy seeing food being wasted like this
2013-06-14 21:59:14Supplemental Daizenshuu Overview & Roundtable Translation
2013-06-14 20:13:17Another Break from Oda ( glad to see he is trying to work at a humans pace now)
2013-06-14 19:36:24Tattoo Concept
2013-06-14 18:04:52[Plothole?] (Post Marineford) How does this guy have that sword?
2013-06-14 17:55:00Noragami Manga About Lowly God & Schoolgirl Gets TV Anime
2013-06-14 17:40:10Grand Line RP - Release Post
2013-06-14 16:39:59One Piece 601 Preview
2013-06-14 16:30:00Funimation Acquires Ghost in the Shell: Arise Anime
2013-06-14 16:04:26Thinking about watching one piece anime and wondering should I watch dubs or go subtitles?
2013-06-14 16:00:00Nelvana Funds 2 Western-Exclusive Beyblade Sequel Series
2013-06-14 14:50:56A theory as to why Robin has lighter skin after the timeskip.
2013-06-14 14:15:00Level 5 Streams 4 New Yōkai Watch Gameplay Trailers
2013-06-14 12:45:00New York Comic Con to Screen Evangelion 3.0 Film
2013-06-14 12:27:39Smoker!
2013-06-14 12:18:37Starting off...
2013-06-14 11:44:10Where can i watch OP english dubbed?
2013-06-14 10:17:48Do you think its the devil fruit that makes the user or the user was big before the fruit?
2013-06-14 10:06:27Spoiler! One of my favorite One Piece moments, being able to scare Kizaru! You can just see that Benn Beckman means Business!
2013-06-14 07:00:00GARGANTIA #8 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-14 04:12:14This person deserves way more views! (video of chapter 707, so contains spoilers).
2013-06-13 22:27:52Inside your heart
2013-06-13 20:37:25[Manga Spoilers] Betting odds on the next chapter
2013-06-13 19:46:01Aniplex USA Adds Nekomonogatari (Black), Monogatari Series 2nd Season Anime
2013-06-13 19:43:13Aniplex USA to Screen Blue Exorcist Film 6 U.S. Cities
2013-06-13 19:43:13Aniplex USA to Screen Blue Exorcist Film in 6 U.S. Cities
2013-06-13 19:26:57Onigiri!
2013-06-13 17:54:12One Piece needs to be streamed on Netflix!
2013-06-13 17:45:47Who is the "Strangest" character in the OP universe?
2013-06-13 17:23:25Video that got me into One Piece, yes i started late!
2013-06-13 17:20:56I just met this guys, and i already love him.
2013-06-13 17:05:22Chuckled when I saw this little typo.
2013-06-13 17:00:00Manga-Based Bad Boys J Live-Action Drama Gets Film
2013-06-13 16:33:03Gomu Gomu No Red Hawk!
2013-06-13 16:00:00Japanese Culture Clash! -- VICE PIT Unplugged
2013-06-13 15:34:30Question about the various party scenes
2013-06-13 15:15:00Precure Singer Aya Ikeda to Perform at Anime Expo
2013-06-13 14:23:56What is your favorite use of Irony in One Piece?
2013-06-13 14:03:38His imitations are priceless
2013-06-13 13:30:00Takara Tomy Streams Transformers Go! Trailer
2013-06-13 12:38:40Luffy Armband
2013-06-13 12:29:19Great Pic of the Sunny
2013-06-13 12:14:23got a new CO2 laser engraving machine at work. first thing i do ..
2013-06-13 11:54:42Came in the mail! Thank you :D
2013-06-13 11:39:46Strongest Character in One Piece (so far)?
2013-06-13 11:29:04If you could do any Move from One Piece perfectly, Which move would you do?
2013-06-13 10:59:22Theory on current chapter.
2013-06-13 10:07:08France
2013-06-13 09:07:41made a character in fire emblem that I thought r/onepiece might appreciate
2013-06-13 08:16:56Voice Actor Kenji Utsumi Passes Away
2013-06-13 06:50:20One Piece chapter with most fan service?
2013-06-13 05:49:48Doflamingo
2013-06-13 01:48:11Luffy...
2013-06-13 01:40:30Otaku USA: On The Shelf – June 12, 2013
2013-06-13 01:35:05What if one piece had attack on titan animation instead of lazy ass toei?
2013-06-13 00:51:44HD Episodes
2013-06-13 00:00:45Japanese Comic Ranking (June 2-8). One Piece Volume 70 ranked #1 in first week with over 2 million sales. One Piece Vol 69 climbs up to #34 nearing 3 million total copies sold.
2013-06-12 23:29:51A One Piece reference in Rurouni Kenshin I found.
2013-06-12 22:53:15"One Piece in 6 minutes", an awesome One Piece AMV
2013-06-12 20:00:00New Manga Reborn Website Launches to Offer Digital Manga in English
2013-06-12 19:58:34Possible Brook battle?
2013-06-12 19:53:25Nightmare VS Post-Timeskip.
2013-06-12 19:29:07Question about Shanks
2013-06-12 19:03:20New nakama idea
2013-06-12 18:29:27Am I just an idiot, or am I the only one who just now noticed the "Adventure In" pattern? [current chapter]
2013-06-12 18:27:43Which is your favorite One Piece opening?
2013-06-12 18:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, June 2-8
2013-06-12 17:31:34Bleach Vol TBD Ch 541
2013-06-12 17:31:34Bleach Vol 60 Ch 541
2013-06-12 17:31:17One Piece Vol 71 Ch 711
2013-06-12 17:31:17One Piece Vol 70 Ch 711
2013-06-12 17:00:00Secret of Mana Illustrator Hirō Isono Passes Away
2013-06-12 16:07:00Being an Otaku in Japan? -- VICE PIT Unplugged
2013-06-12 15:21:07One Piece Stream! Soon 24/7
2013-06-12 13:45:00New supercell Single Gets U.S., International Release
2013-06-12 13:11:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 724
2013-06-12 12:50:27R.I.P. Awesome Sanji cosplayer. (just saw this post on imgur and was sad about the awesome Sanji)
2013-06-12 12:40:17The One Piece episode to chapter conversion link on the sidebar is broken.
2013-06-12 11:26:13Arlong
2013-06-12 10:23:25Finally finished my One Piece Beadsprite Wall. Hope you guys enjoy!
2013-06-12 09:30:00Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Mamoru Miyano Star in Final Fantasy XV
2013-06-12 09:12:08One Piece Vol 69 Ch 711
2013-06-12 09:10:58“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 15th Week Sales
2013-06-12 09:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #8 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-12 08:22:10Bleach Vol 58 Ch 541
2013-06-12 07:44:03One Piece Chapter 711 Theory Discussion
2013-06-12 07:33:09No new chapter next week...
2013-06-12 05:31:20What moments/characters are you most looking forward to seeing dubbed? (Potential manga spoilers)
2013-06-12 04:15:42Gear 3 question (spoilers)
2013-06-12 04:05:37One Piece 711 is out
2013-06-12 04:05:25One Piece 711
2013-06-12 01:05:00Bayonetta 2 Character Designs, Gameplay Revealed
2013-06-11 23:35:00Nintendo Highlights Pokemon X & Y Battle Scenarios & Communication Feature
2013-06-11 23:00:00The Wonderful 101 Trailer Introduces Characters, Gameplay
2013-06-11 22:02:04Just finished my Mugiwara/Bonnaroo 2013 Flag!
2013-06-11 22:00:24Should Luffy gain a Gear Four, what would it be?
2013-06-11 21:57:00Atelier Meruru Plus Trailer Previews English Dub
2013-06-11 21:30:00Sega USA Streams Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Announcement Trailer
2013-06-11 21:00:00Pokémon X/Y Gameplay Video Features New Pokemon
2013-06-11 20:50:43Am I the only one that got so much satisfaction from this moment?
2013-06-11 19:25:19Discotek Adds 1994 Japanese-American Mega Man TV Show
2013-06-11 19:01:11Perona & Shiliew One Piece Portrait of Pirates Figure Review (Kolektakon)
2013-06-11 18:55:19Reaction To Sabaody Archipelago (ONE PIECE GREATNESS)
2013-06-11 16:49:00Suddenly a new major player shows up in the New world!
2013-06-11 16:05:15FUNimation Brings Battle of Gods? *Update*
2013-06-11 16:05:15FUNimation Brings Battle of Gods? More Mexico Release Confirmation
2013-06-11 16:05:15FUNimation Brings Battle of Gods
2013-06-11 16:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 9-15
2013-06-11 15:31:56My original comic book/manga
2013-06-11 15:24:30Funimation Licenses Evangelion: 3.0 Film
2013-06-11 14:22:13Captain Kuro
2013-06-11 13:35:00The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker E3 Trailers Streamed
2013-06-11 13:00:00Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix E3 Trailer Features Remastered Footage
2013-06-11 12:34:02who is your favorite/least favortie villian (might be spoilers ahead about final bosses be prepared)
2013-06-11 12:07:36What if Sabo is Doflamingo?
2013-06-11 11:30:00Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III to Also Ship on Xbox One
2013-06-11 10:50:00Atlus USA to Ship Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl in N. America this Fall
2013-06-11 10:16:22Could Zoro have learned how to attack Logia on his own? (Alabasta and kinda Post-TimeSkip Spoilers)
2013-06-11 10:00:00Singer/Songwriter Chiaki Ishikawa to Perform at Otakon
2013-06-11 09:00:00Would Your Teacher Approve of Anime? -- VICE PIT Unplugged
2013-06-11 08:35:00Super Mario 3D World Announced for Wii U in December
2013-06-11 08:25:00Pokémon X & Y Trailer Reveals October 12 Release
2013-06-11 08:11:52Will of D Facts, Theories and Speculation
2013-06-11 07:55:31One Piece 711 Spoilers
2013-06-11 07:30:00BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma E3 Trailer Lists Localizer Aksys
2013-06-11 07:11:19I got my Strawhat Pirates sticker today, where should I put it? Btw the white around is not a part of the sticker.
2013-06-11 06:03:00Dragon Ball Z Abridged Episode 35 - Released
2013-06-11 05:57:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 723
2013-06-11 03:17:16Sogeking and Brook wanted posters
2013-06-11 02:45:11TIL Den den Mushi(snail telegraphs) were inspired from a real life experiment.
2013-06-11 02:11:37I thought you folks might like my town flag in the new Animal Crossing.
2013-06-10 23:50:23Japanese Box Office, June 1-2
2013-06-10 23:29:54Fem Crocodile
2013-06-10 22:08:05Aokiji (possible spoiler)
2013-06-10 21:10:00Sony: PS4 Will Not Restrict Used Games or Require Net Connection
2013-06-10 20:58:45Reminder About Spoilers
2013-06-10 20:52:31Did anybody else get enormously annoyed with Whitebeard during Marineford?
2013-06-10 20:30:00Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III for PS4 Unveiled in Videos
2013-06-10 20:22:57I think Luffy will eat the mera-mera no mi
2013-06-10 19:38:11Favorite CP9 Member?
2013-06-10 19:34:22Live Action OnePiece Universal Studios Japan Advertisement
2013-06-10 19:32:49OnePiece Universal Studios Japan Advertisement
2013-06-10 19:11:25Manga Help
2013-06-10 18:01:24Need some help understanding second gear.
2013-06-10 17:51:50Reading Fairy Tail, when...
2013-06-10 17:04:44NO NEW CHAPTER THIS WEEK, 711 will be on 19-20 which goes on sale on the 24
2013-06-10 16:55:40Episode 272, “Skull-Blast Grass”
2013-06-10 16:15:00Q Entertainment Unveils Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita
2013-06-10 16:00:21Future shichibukai ?
2013-06-10 15:53:11I just watched That episode, and cried yet again.
2013-06-10 15:27:57Just have a feeling he is going to be one sick, twisted, evil bastard
2013-06-10 15:06:56Buggy the clown
2013-06-10 13:57:16This was too satisfying.
2013-06-10 12:49:45Nakamas Any idea on what these are?
2013-06-10 11:46:01[Marineford/Impel Down Spoilers] Crocodile Discussion
2013-06-10 11:38:00One Piece movie - Z, Loophole in the movie
2013-06-10 08:46:04One Piece Stream! Soon 24/7!
2013-06-10 07:00:00MAGI #22 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-10 05:56:12The Baratie
2013-06-10 03:58:56Law ?-vote!
2013-06-10 03:34:02How many times have you doubted Luffy?
2013-06-10 02:17:58After continuing this episode i can look back and tell luffy is just plainly thinking "...Fuck that"
2013-06-10 01:09:43(possible thriller bark spoilers) Something interesting about one of the yonko
2013-06-10 01:03:36Watching One Piece for the second time and..
2013-06-10 00:29:05Zoan, model: Honey Badger
2013-06-09 22:34:10DAE Seriously like Ceaser Clown?
2013-06-09 22:25:53Someone please tell me what this music is called
2013-06-09 21:12:30Do you think Luffy would skip out on being pirate king if it meant saving one of his nakama?
2013-06-09 20:56:51Theory on New Crewmate
2013-06-09 20:10:00Returning your hat [Found on Facebook]
2013-06-09 19:28:27Luffy and a reject dial?
2013-06-09 19:12:00Just finished episode 599
2013-06-09 18:52:31great transition with Shanks and Mihawk
2013-06-09 18:51:36Robin at Enies Lobby just shows how awesome this show is. ;_;
2013-06-09 18:00:00Japanese Box Office, May 25-26
2013-06-09 17:42:28One of the most touching scenes imo
2013-06-09 17:00:20Anyone else hate nami?
2013-06-09 16:36:12does Usopp annoy anyone else.
2013-06-09 16:10:47What are some of Usopps stories that you expect to come true?
2013-06-09 15:57:19One Piece Figures.
2013-06-09 15:00:00Kamen Rider Wizard/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Film Teaser Streamed
2013-06-09 14:53:24History Of One Piece: Captain Morgan Arc Character Growth (Helmeppo and Morgan)
2013-06-09 14:00:00Bushiroad Head: Cardfight!! Vanguard Continues in 4th, 5th Seasons
2013-06-09 12:18:02If you had to yell out the most common action you do all day each time you did it (a la Gomu Gomu no Pistol), what would you name it?
2013-06-09 11:35:07Ace Wall
2013-06-09 11:10:32I found this jem in episode 274 at about 16:30. Zoro has an afro for like 2 seconds
2013-06-09 10:02:18Huge foreshadow compilation
2013-06-09 09:48:57What two devil fruits would be the strongest if you could use them both?
2013-06-09 09:22:36Any more OP hip hop remixes?
2013-06-09 08:34:46Awesome fanart from the facebook page ^_^
2013-06-09 08:17:34PS3 Pirate Warriors Friend coin help
2013-06-09 07:45:00K Anime Gets Game for Female Players by Otomate
2013-06-09 06:22:28Netflix.
2013-06-09 02:49:18One piece 599 vostfr [Episode Vostfr ]
2013-06-09 00:30:45Tekken Spawns Free-to-Play Version on PS3 on Tuesday
2013-06-08 23:55:22Question: How come the english dubs are so many years behind the english sub releases?
2013-06-08 23:10:08One piece 599 Subbed english <>
2013-06-08 23:09:20Two questions
2013-06-08 22:23:28Universal Studios Japan is going to be doing a live Re-enactment of Punk Hazard
2013-06-08 22:19:09One Piece Episode 599 - Universal Studios Japan Advert
2013-06-08 20:38:41Brotherhood
2013-06-08 20:33:28Sorry, but how did Mr.1 (Daz Bones) do this with his power?
2013-06-08 20:32:48TIL one piece has six deceased voice actors. Details inside.
2013-06-08 20:00:27One Piece Episode 599
2013-06-08 19:53:57Just got to the Water 7 arc and I seem to be noticing a trend...
2013-06-08 18:30:00Da Vinci Magazine Lists Top Manga in 1st Half of 2013
2013-06-08 18:20:09Question about Kaizoku Musou 2
2013-06-08 18:11:07Shanks in Fairy Tail
2013-06-08 17:30:00Naruto Tops Graphic Novels in U.S. Bookstores in May
2013-06-08 15:10:12how did Mihawk get to the Baratie from the Grand Line?
2013-06-08 14:48:54Drunk Luffy Throws A Beer Bottle (One Piece)
2013-06-08 14:30:002nd Behind-the-Scenes Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Video Streamed
2013-06-08 12:30:00Gainax, Livedoor Co-Founders Plan Science-Fiction Anime
2013-06-08 12:20:50Has Luffy ever actually been confirmed to kill someone?
2013-06-08 11:29:12Nami, East Blue
2013-06-08 10:15:00Battle of Gods - World Collectable Figure Vol. 1: Review
2013-06-08 09:41:44Review: Dawn of the Arcana (Vol. 10)
2013-06-08 09:01:45NEWS - One Piece Voice Actor Takkou Ishimori Passes Away
2013-06-08 08:00:00Ro-Kyu-Bu! Anime Has 3rd Game in the Works
2013-06-08 08:00:00Ro-Kyu-Bu! Anime Has 2nd Game in the Works
2013-06-08 07:00:00Learn English With Voice Actress Kana Hanazawa in 3DS Game
2013-06-08 04:54:45I never understood this
2013-06-08 04:26:00New Interviews
2013-06-08 02:39:06Im on episode 572 its gotten wicked good and it seems it will get better once they get to The New World. im bummed that i only have 26 episodes left till i have to wait for new ones to come out.
2013-06-08 01:26:15Awesome wallpapers to share? (=
2013-06-08 00:44:56New Nakama [spoilers]
2013-06-08 00:33:17Just drew luffy. Open to helpful criticism
2013-06-07 23:27:40I drew Luffy!
2013-06-07 23:07:52I drew Luffy! (super proud of myself)
2013-06-07 21:46:03I think we can all agree, Garp has always been the best dressed marine.
2013-06-07 21:44:18And Here
2013-06-07 21:19:26Seven Seas Licenses Manga Sequel, Zero’s Familiar Chevalier
2013-06-07 20:57:13[discussion] What are some devil fruit strategies that their eater never thought of?
2013-06-07 20:45:37Just Finished the "rainbow mist" storyarc and dayum
2013-06-07 20:43:22Luffy drawing I just finished. I am open to any criticism to help me improve
2013-06-07 20:09:06PR: Viz Media Releases the Samurai Manga Action of Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration
2013-06-07 19:13:09FUNimation’s Dragon Ball Z “Rock the Dragon” Set
2013-06-07 18:33:37Dream On
2013-06-07 17:08:33What do you guys think about my android theme?
2013-06-07 16:56:05Question about Luffy Vs. Blackbeard
2013-06-07 16:32:36FUNimation DBZ “Rock the Dragon” Edition Trailer & Pre-Orders
2013-06-07 16:19:20Question about Zoro and Sanji. (Punk Hazard spoiler)
2013-06-07 15:30:20What will they call Luffy after he meets Shanks and gives him his hat back?
2013-06-07 13:43:39My favourite moment from the new episode.
2013-06-07 13:00:36Kaoru Kurosaki to Curate Rurouni Kenshin Art Exhibit for Otakon
2013-06-07 12:20:54If you could take one devil fruit and give it to any strawhat of your choosing, who would it be and what fruit would they get? (current fruit or your made up one)
2013-06-07 11:37:38Could Wyper have beaten Eneru?
2013-06-07 10:18:36Crew Sketches
2013-06-07 09:10:03What happened to Mangarule?
2013-06-07 09:09:35Marathoning arcs vs watching weekly episodes?
2013-06-07 09:00:25Rewatching episode 587 and noticed some things
2013-06-07 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #7 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-07 06:51:01Well, that sure looks unhealthy
2013-06-07 06:40:31Marco Shanks Ace
2013-06-07 00:45:56One Piece 600 Preview
2013-06-07 00:13:49While reading chapter 689 this panel with CC had me thinking one thing.
2013-06-06 23:28:41How do you change the top banner of this subreddit?
2013-06-06 23:00:00Anime Expo Hosts Production I.G Founder Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
2013-06-06 22:42:02Rumbar Pirates
2013-06-06 22:41:30if you could pick one fruit from each of the 3 categories to eat?
2013-06-06 21:52:14Favorite Battle Finishers? (Spoilers)
2013-06-06 19:32:25“Adventure Special” Overview Page & Toriyama Q&A
2013-06-06 19:03:00Level 5 Streams New Yōkai Watch Game Promo With Anime Cutscenes
2013-06-06 18:50:46I used wayback machine to look at the history of this subreddit. And compiled it into nice pictures for you guys to see.
2013-06-06 17:30:28Recently added, Whitebeard Pirates as kids!
2013-06-06 15:45:00Illustrator Katsuya Terada to Attend J-pop Summit Festival
2013-06-06 15:00:53FOX Discusses International Release for Battle of Gods
2013-06-06 14:53:34finally bought this iphone case
2013-06-06 14:45:00Anime Expo to Host Producer Nobuhiro Kikuchi, Director Kazuchika Kise
2013-06-06 13:15:08*Spolier* How Luffy Dies
2013-06-06 13:07:38Colorized the page of what i find is the latest most badass scene
2013-06-06 13:06:30Daily Character Discussion: One Piece and Us
2013-06-06 12:59:00Dragon Ball Kai Kira Kira Cards Series 1 - Review
2013-06-06 12:35:09what is the geatest one piece film?
2013-06-06 12:24:22Question about Skypeia arc
2013-06-06 12:22:41When does One Piece start to get slow
2013-06-06 11:48:27Actor Kiefer Sutherland to Play Snake in Metal Gear Solid V Game
2013-06-06 11:48:11Anybody else want to know more about their past?
2013-06-06 11:36:00Chapter 710 Released
2013-06-06 09:54:10Ace cosplay
2013-06-06 09:50:00Attack on Titan Prize Machine Figures Are as Violent as Story
2013-06-06 09:38:31First time ever watching One Piece and just finished the Alabasta Arc.
2013-06-06 09:20:00Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Heads West in August
2013-06-06 08:59:53Review: Alice in the Country of Hearts – My Fanatic Rabbit (Vol. 01-02)
2013-06-06 06:23:06I made a Nami artwork this time.
2013-06-06 05:12:42Season 5 Voyage 1 Box Art (AUS version)
2013-06-06 04:36:28This is what happened to Gecko Moria
2013-06-06 04:25:36On my trip to Europe, I wanted to get a souvenir. But instead of getting a little Eiffel tower or Dutch Windmill or some BS like that, I got something I *really* wanted to remember my trip by....
2013-06-06 01:34:08Bosses
2013-06-06 01:30:00Kickstarter Anime Projects? -- Vice Pit Unplugged
2013-06-06 00:46:07sub-title problem while watching film Z
2013-06-06 00:44:02Lower back tattoo
2013-06-05 23:43:56Please help me find where I was!
2013-06-05 22:48:03I have a small request for all you OP fans
2013-06-05 22:05:14I just ruined myself
2013-06-05 21:02:34Should I watch the fillers?
2013-06-05 19:15:10Sabo is Alive!?
2013-06-05 19:01:20Not surprised to see One Piece the top selling manga.
2013-06-05 18:55:11[Episode 246 spoilers] Liked this scene so much, I made a .gif of it!
2013-06-05 18:35:45Soul King Luffy
2013-06-05 18:29:17(Spoilers) An interesting thought that occurred to me when it comes to Luffy and Logia users
2013-06-05 17:15:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 26-June 1
2013-06-05 16:35:24One Piece Group Shot A-Kon 24! (x-post from r/cosplay)
2013-06-05 16:08:00Whitebeard Pirates as Children
2013-06-05 15:50:27One Piece Vol 71 Ch 710
2013-06-05 15:50:27One Piece Vol 70 Ch 710
2013-06-05 15:49:18Bleach Vol 60 Ch 540
2013-06-05 15:40:16Dressrosa Arc theory. (Spoilers)
2013-06-05 15:01:00Best Time-Travel Anime? -- VICE PIT Unplugged
2013-06-05 14:39:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #335
2013-06-05 14:34:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 722
2013-06-05 13:36:19Volume 70 SBS Summary
2013-06-05 13:30:00Retailer: Izumi Kitta to Star in WataMote TV Anime
2013-06-05 12:30:00Sony Streams Puppeteer Trailers Ahead of E3
2013-06-05 11:20:00Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Brings Back Snow
2013-06-05 10:43:08[Major Spoiler] Dwarfs and how One Piece is headed
2013-06-05 10:32:08One Piece Vol 69 Ch 710
2013-06-05 10:15:55Dressrosa Cosplay - Spoilers
2013-06-05 10:08:35Art Request (Spolier)
2013-06-05 10:05:00Yasumi Matsuno: Akihiko Yoshida Working on Next Bravely Default Project
2013-06-05 08:52:48Does anyone else aside from me hate when people pull out spoilers about a NEW chapter?
2013-06-05 08:38:10Bleach Vol 58 Ch 540
2013-06-05 08:23:29Mera mera no mi vs gasu gasu no mi?
2013-06-05 08:08:02Gear (Luffy doodle)
2013-06-05 07:54:36One Piece Chapter 710 Theories and Discussion
2013-06-05 07:45:00Bleach, Kenshin Join J-Stars Victory Vs. Team Battle Game
2013-06-05 07:28:27“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 14th Week Sales
2013-06-05 07:00:00GARGANTIA #7 - - Watch & Learn
2013-06-05 06:41:23Otaku USA: On The Shelf – June 5th, 2013
2013-06-05 06:19:34There are several characters we have yet to see since the timeskip. How do you think these characters have become stronger during the two years?
2013-06-05 05:53:58Luffy Gear Second
2013-06-05 05:40:50Reading the new chapter when...[Manga Spoiler](#s "Manga Spoilers")
2013-06-05 05:27:00Chapter 710
2013-06-05 05:20:34One Piece 710
2013-06-05 05:19:15Luffy is NOT an eraser man.....
2013-06-05 01:00:00NY Asian Film Fest to Show Hentai Kamen, Thermae Romae, Kenshin
2013-06-05 00:17:44Monkey D. Dragon [Theory]
2013-06-05 00:00:00Rose of Versailles Manga Returns Again in 1-Shot in October
2013-06-04 23:44:13[yibis]_One_Piece_598_[480p][A1DC534A].mp4
2013-06-04 22:50:02[yibis]_One_Piece_598_[720p][95ACE626].mkv
2013-06-04 22:18:02I just really enjoyed Zoro being Zoro at the top of this page
2013-06-04 22:16:06My own One Piece cleverbot interaction
2013-06-04 21:43:21Gear fourth? Any Ideas/theories?
2013-06-04 20:54:38Rubber Man Luffy, Busoshoku Haki and Killer Instinct (possible spoilers)
2013-06-04 20:46:09r/onepiece, why do think they call him "Dark King" Rayleigh?
2013-06-04 18:38:33Where can I find older episodes to watch in HD?
2013-06-04 18:38:04New Translations: Full Color Comics Akira Toriyama Q&As
2013-06-04 18:30:00Watch Jackie Chan & Shokotan Star in Kung-Fu Short for Beer
2013-06-04 18:03:49Searching for chapter 710 and finding this LOL
2013-06-04 17:07:40A hypothesis in regards to the current arc(Manga)
2013-06-04 16:30:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, June 2-8
2013-06-04 16:29:42Rubberband of Doom!!
2013-06-04 16:26:19Chopper has been at that age for a while
2013-06-04 16:11:14Just another drawing my friend made of Zoro!
2013-06-04 14:42:44One Piece Arc Ranking Thread
2013-06-04 13:26:17Some WhiteBeard Pirates as Children
2013-06-04 13:21:03Chopper is at that Age
2013-06-04 12:59:52Ace and Whitebeard Monument at Universal Studios Japan
2013-06-04 12:58:57Daily Character Discussion: The Supernovas
2013-06-04 12:37:33Crunchyroll to Stream DD Fist of the North Star TV Anime
2013-06-04 12:00:00Class of Heroes 2 Launch Trailer Streamed
2013-06-04 11:32:12Found Pandaman in Movie 3!
2013-06-04 11:15:00Toronto Japanese Film Fest to Show Guskō Budori Anime Remake Film
2013-06-04 10:40:00Attack on Titan & Animal Land Tag-Team on Magazine Cover
2013-06-04 10:33:41It still baffles me how tall the admirals are compared to Luffy (Marineford spoiler)
2013-06-04 10:09:42Luffy For Glory
2013-06-04 09:49:20/nsfw So I am rewatching one piece and it really seems like Aokiji is a good guy. I read the manga also and I know about the timeskip. But anyone think that he is gonna end up being the head of the marines at the end of the series and turn the organizatio
2013-06-04 09:15:45Amazon Japan’s “Battle of Gods” Blu-ray Steelbook Case
2013-06-04 08:57:37Why is the story not progressing any further, there is nothing new to expect anymore
2013-06-04 08:40:00Ghost in the Shell Arise Anime Short Promotes Microsoft Tablets
2013-06-04 08:23:12Review: Higurashi When They Cry – Massacre Arc (Vol. 02)
2013-06-04 08:06:49All Dem Timelines
2013-06-04 05:56:58Straw Hat School Kids
2013-06-04 05:24:27Various theories and ramblings MAJOR SPOILERS
2013-06-04 04:44:25One Piece 710 Spoiler Pics and Summaries
2013-06-04 02:47:22Birthday gift from my host mother when I did a council delegation to Japan
2013-06-03 22:45:59One piece, the Movie
2013-06-03 22:23:03Zoro Gif
2013-06-03 22:17:24Why is Luffy a paramesia type and not a logia type?
2013-06-03 21:23:47Do Logia users turn their clothes into their element?
2013-06-03 20:27:28Yes there will be a new chapter this week! and other questions going to be asked.
2013-06-03 20:25:50Will Enel return?
2013-06-03 20:08:48(Spoilers) During Water 7
2013-06-03 19:38:05Bartholomew Kuma Theory (NSFW) (POSSIBLE MANGA SPOILERS)
2013-06-03 19:19:05Podcast Episode #0335
2013-06-03 19:16:44Does anyone have a cleaner (less blurry) version of this boss image of Zoro
2013-06-03 18:51:59Found on r/gaming posted by Jimqi: This Chinese league of Legons copy has all the male cast of One Piece in it.
2013-06-03 17:18:50What happened to the whitebeard pirates? [Post marineford spoliers?]
2013-06-03 17:13:05The Restaurant Battle, Luffy VS Sanji!
2013-06-03 17:02:23Episode 271, “Four More Years” (Part Two, with Jason DeMarco)
2013-06-03 16:45:00Tatsunoko Makes Anime Promo of Comedy Manga Hero Company
2013-06-03 16:20:56My Personal 24/7 One Piece stream.Come join.
2013-06-03 13:00:55Daily Character Discussion: The Yonko
2013-06-03 13:00:47How did Don Krieg get out of the Grand line?
2013-06-03 12:40:23Speaking of homages..
2013-06-03 12:00:32Eramalu and Luffy
2013-06-03 11:46:11Fake Straw Hats at Enies lobby
2013-06-03 11:23:11Does Shanks know where Raftel is/how to get there? and other Shanks-y stuff
2013-06-03 11:15:00Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Gets Free Version for PS3
2013-06-03 10:19:50Mid Punkhazard-Current Spoilers
2013-06-03 10:15:08Review: Punishment
2013-06-03 09:35:07Kinemon vs Ace
2013-06-03 09:15:00Pony Canyon Offers 1 Million Yen & Chance to Get Idea Made Into Anime
2013-06-03 08:19:30Is there a youtube video of the Film Z credits with the characters as kids?
2013-06-03 07:29:41Kuina Thoery
2013-06-03 07:15:00Ghost in the Shell Arise TV Ads Pitch Microsoft Surface Tablets
2013-06-03 07:07:54Gif request ep. 595
2013-06-03 05:55:43The red flag X Drake
2013-06-03 05:50:38To Eiichiro Oda sensei !
2013-06-03 05:47:22Spotted this on r/indiegaming. The figure on the dock looks kinda familiar...
2013-06-03 05:20:03[Spoiler Punk Hazard] Kaboom!
2013-06-03 03:41:22Just realised this!
2013-06-03 02:22:22What is the best promo/trailer you know to get someone to watch one piece.
2013-06-03 01:39:31Amazing Nami Cosplay at Fanime that my friend saw! (San Jose, Ca)
2013-06-03 00:46:17had to make some pottery with the wife, turned out pretty cool
2013-06-02 23:30:00Aim for the Top! Gunbuster Manga to End on Tuesday
2013-06-02 22:54:37Upcoming chapter
2013-06-02 22:30:00Sailor Moon Musical Returns After 8 Years With New Cast
2013-06-02 21:11:30Top-Selling Manga in Japan for the first half of 2013: One Piece Vol 69 tops the list
2013-06-02 21:07:30Kid Whitebeard Pirates
2013-06-02 20:20:58Top-Selling Manga in Japan by Volume: 2013 (First Half)
2013-06-02 19:44:26Started watching OP a little over a month ago, just saw this episode and thought it was a great quote from Zoro.
2013-06-02 19:38:44What did Akainu do? Current manga spoilers
2013-06-02 18:19:47when is the next manga chapter coming out??
2013-06-02 18:15:00Cross-Dressing Idol Manga Dolly Kanon Gets Live-Action Show
2013-06-02 17:42:14Why does it feel like this subreddit is becoming a circlejerk?
2013-06-02 17:15:11Best facepalm ever? This needs to be a meme.
2013-06-02 17:10:39Should the Straw Hats have a pet?
2013-06-02 17:03:08Will Arlong return?
2013-06-02 16:26:42Is Oda releasing a new chapter this week?
2013-06-02 16:15:12One Piece Motion Manga Chapter 671, Introducing a new style with captions, feedback would be greatly appreciated.
2013-06-02 16:04:36I was in the middle of drinking water when this came up, now i need a new keyboard
2013-06-02 16:00:00Japanese Box Office, May 18-19
2013-06-02 13:50:34Artwork of Roronoa Zoro I did!
2013-06-02 13:04:06Daily Character Discussion: World Government/Marines
2013-06-02 12:27:38[Spoiler](#s "Who is the most powerful pre-TS enemy each current Strawhat can beat?")
2013-06-02 08:18:40Yaoi-Con To Resume in 2014 with Return to San Francisco
2013-06-02 07:34:02Video Requestwari
2013-06-02 07:22:21Capone "Gang" Bege
2013-06-02 06:21:22Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist Adds Kousuke Toriumi, Motoki Takagi, Mitsuki Saiga to Cast
2013-06-02 04:46:03Can anyone translate the name of this devil fruit? (I will happily delete this when I get the answer)
2013-06-02 04:11:53About the Yonko [manga spoilers]
2013-06-02 00:49:07Relationships in One Piece
2013-06-02 00:29:02Just finished watching S3: 1st voyage, need help!
2013-06-02 00:19:58Dressrosa Arc Spoilers--- Kinemon theory
2013-06-01 23:27:36Possibly spoilers if you are really new to One Piece Law Vs. Buggy
2013-06-01 23:25:58what happend to the dials from skypiea
2013-06-01 23:01:17One Piece Episode 209 - Toonami Discussion
2013-06-01 22:59:23One Piece Toonami discussion thread?
2013-06-01 20:40:47I have been a fan of One Piece since February this year.
2013-06-01 20:36:47I was walking down one of the most famous streets of Athens and i saw this one at a wall. Reminded of you nakamas.!
2013-06-01 20:23:35Question: how do the marines defeat Lagia Type Devil Fruit?
2013-06-01 20:12:03What do you think, r/OnePiece?
2013-06-01 20:11:31Another One Piece theory about the end (and Crocodile)
2013-06-01 20:00:27One Piece Episode 598
2013-06-01 19:04:02Universal Studios Japan built a replica of Ace and Whitebeards Monument
2013-06-01 17:34:41I just realized it looks like they modeled Brook after Slash.
2013-06-01 15:35:45Zoro or Zolo
2013-06-01 13:35:51Can anyone tell me what this devil fruit is? (Image is from the app: Fruit of devil the perfect book which is all in Japanese and probably not official)
2013-06-01 13:29:11what would happen if Oda Eiichiro died, leaving one piece incomplete?
2013-06-01 13:27:43Shyarly with muscles
2013-06-01 13:10:00Funimation Licenses Sakura Wars: The Movie on Blu-ray
2013-06-01 13:00:03Daily Character Discussion: The Shichibukai
2013-06-01 12:38:23Question about characters from East blue?
2013-06-01 12:37:57Pre Order Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods
2013-06-01 12:24:00New to the series and curious
2013-06-01 11:35:00L.A. Go Nagai Tribute Features 5 of His Paintings
2013-06-01 11:15:31Not mine but I found this one youtube and it deserves more views (Believe opening 2 in minecraft)
2013-06-01 10:34:10What would the fight between Trafalgar Law and Buggy the clown be like?
2013-06-01 10:26:15“Battle of Gods” Japanese Home Release Full Details
2013-06-01 09:33:01Armament Haki
2013-06-01 09:31:13One Piece tribute - We are & We Go ~3D2Y~ Instrumental by Wyllz Milare [HD 720p]
2013-06-01 07:59:00Yuruyuri Anime Cast Sings 2nd My Little Pony Opening
2013-06-01 07:37:02FUNimation To Release Original Broadcast DBZ English Dub
2013-06-01 07:35:47Gol D. Roger forever troll
2013-06-01 07:24:39Dragoon is just a master[theories]
2013-06-01 06:59:48Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Confirmed for Overseas Release in 2014
2013-06-01 06:55:00Dragon Ball: Dragon Dai Hikyou
2013-06-01 06:51:00Dragon Ball Jumbo Carddass Memorial - Review
2013-06-01 06:46:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 719
2013-06-01 06:09:03Review: Btooom! (Vol. 01)
2013-06-01 05:11:38Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack Remaster Bundles Original Symphonia, Sequel (Updated)
2013-06-01 05:11:38Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack Remaster Bundles Original Symphonia, Sequel
2013-06-01 05:11:38Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack HD Remaster Bundles Original Symphonia, Sequel
2013-06-01 05:04:05My Cover of "We Are!"
2013-06-01 04:55:44[possible spoilers up to episode 315] What is the significance of the middle initial D.?
2013-06-01 04:42:43I love this bit always makes me laugh [thrillerbark spoiler ]
2013-06-01 03:17:45Guys look what my gf made for me whem she found out who my favourite character is
2013-06-01 03:07:42One Piece Minecraft Players Quick Announcment
2013-06-01 00:13:50In FI, the Straw Hats Complained about being poor, however...
2013-06-01 00:00:00Jun Fukuyama, Mamiko Noto Join Genshiken: 2nd Season Cast
2013-05-31 21:46:41Respect Level for Zoro OVER 9000!!
2013-05-31 20:58:14ARLONG!
2013-05-31 20:33:26Question about Buggy [SPOILERS]
2013-05-31 20:00:09Love how the crew looks futuristic on this fan art
2013-05-31 18:24:50Discussion: Characters you think will not be making an appearance in the New World [spoilers within]
2013-05-31 18:01:36Gomu Gomu no eat Zoro (made me laugh)
2013-05-31 17:17:55[yibis]_One_Piece_597_[480p][06668272].mp4
2013-05-31 16:23:39One of my favorite East Blue saga scenes
2013-05-31 16:10:49Nobels
2013-05-31 15:42:40Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods Hits Goal of 3 Billion Yen
2013-05-31 15:41:48[yibis]_One_Piece_597_[720p][3BDA4BC7].mkv
2013-05-31 15:28:11Requesting help from our artists here!
2013-05-31 15:04:15Urouge
2013-05-31 14:50:51Hi Table Top Players!
2013-05-31 14:24:26What great One Piece wallpapers, or iPhone background have you guys found?
2013-05-31 13:45:00J-Rock Band Porno Graffiti to Perform at Anime Expo in July
2013-05-31 13:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 12-18
2013-05-31 13:26:09Will there be a chapter next week?
2013-05-31 13:16:53Makes me love One Piece even more.
2013-05-31 12:59:47Daily Character Discussion: "Soul King" Brook
2013-05-31 12:15:00Cinedigm, GKids to Release A Letter to Momo Film on Home Video
2013-05-31 11:35:35Looking for pictures of my Zoro Cosplay
2013-05-31 11:21:28Larger Volume 70 Cover
2013-05-31 10:58:15Where can I find OP-related sound clips to make into a ringtone or text-msg notification?
2013-05-31 10:13:32Great idea for a game!
2013-05-31 09:28:42Still the best One Piece wallpaper I have ever seen.
2013-05-31 08:17:03Sharpen Your Pencils – Shonen Jump Launches Multi-Language Manga Contest
2013-05-31 06:42:32Whats the name of this OST?
2013-05-31 05:50:17The eleven supernovas
2013-05-31 05:21:28Hello Kitty, My Melody, Jewelpet Mascots, More Run in Sanrio Character Election
2013-05-31 04:50:13What snoo should be given to the admins for their massive poster?
2013-05-31 03:46:09If you could choose any DF to have which one would you choose?
2013-05-31 01:25:42This is part of the reason I love One Piece
2013-05-31 00:34:50Those folks over at [adultswim] sure are jokers...
2013-05-30 23:10:00Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration Manga to End on Tuesday
2013-05-30 22:15:08Death Note Actor Tatsuya Fujiwara Getting Married
2013-05-30 22:11:04last arc of One Piece (spoilers)
2013-05-30 21:45:00Anime Expo to Host Attack on Titan Producer George Wada
2013-05-30 19:48:30My Brother just went to japan and got some cool stuff (the hat is mine to keep)
2013-05-30 19:30:00Takanori Jinnai Stars as Oldest Kamen Rider in Next Film
2013-05-30 18:42:17bellemere
2013-05-30 15:35:44New Fan here
2013-05-30 14:45:17[Spoiler] 3rd opening song
2013-05-30 13:47:47One piece Forums
2013-05-30 12:59:22Otaku USA: On The Shelf – May 29, 2013
2013-05-30 12:52:05Daily Character Discussion: "Cyborg" Franky
2013-05-30 12:14:10Vote for my Perona cosplay!
2013-05-30 11:45:28Sabo theory (Manga spoiler)
2013-05-30 11:42:58Do you all think the rest of the crew will learn Haki?
2013-05-30 11:11:50So guys what are your thoughts on the nami special?
2013-05-30 10:15:00Section23 Adds Elfen Lied OVA to Complete Collection Blu-ray/DVD
2013-05-30 10:07:00Action Figure Reviews
2013-05-30 10:07:00A friend I got into One Piece just drew this.
2013-05-30 10:01:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 718
2013-05-30 07:22:36Holy babies on a stack of pancakes this is a good AMV
2013-05-30 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #5 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-30 06:24:27Reminds me of Chopper [x-post from r/reactiongifs]
2013-05-30 04:11:11Mihawk vs Vista
2013-05-30 03:10:24One Piece 599 Preview
2013-05-29 23:39:33I Cosplayed Roronoa Zoro at Anime North this year :D
2013-05-29 23:07:00For All Those WHo Call Themselves my Nakama!! But Then Down Vote Every OP Post...
2013-05-29 22:30:26Can some one please tell me what episodes or movies the speeches are from!!! Epic AMV :o
2013-05-29 22:10:41Discussion of Robins potential
2013-05-29 22:04:13Quick Question...
2013-05-29 20:54:10Maheejong
2013-05-29 20:53:28Cats and mouse
2013-05-29 20:52:50Forgotten Dungeon 2
2013-05-29 20:52:46Royal cave Escape
2013-05-29 20:52:38Spartan Fire Javelin
2013-05-29 20:52:06拉普托南 The Raptorian
2013-05-29 20:50:23Yell Escape
2013-05-29 19:18:13Bleach Vol 60 Ch 539
2013-05-29 18:51:19No wonder Pandaman is all over the place
2013-05-29 18:29:37Just found my OnePiece inspired skull I did back in high school... Whatcha think?
2013-05-29 18:15:41How does Donquixote Doflamingo Fly?
2013-05-29 18:12:46Final Strawhat Crew Count?
2013-05-29 18:12:36Pandawoman?
2013-05-29 17:57:19Now, I Hate Blackbeard As Much As The Next Guy, But This Part Deserves Some Respect
2013-05-29 17:30:44Cool One Piece merchandise being given away by Viz in an email entry only sweepstakes (US and Canadian residents only)
2013-05-29 17:30:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 19-25
2013-05-29 17:25:11TIL One Piece (at this moment) has 770 canonical Characters, which translates to 1.08 new Characters introduced every Chapter
2013-05-29 16:13:04Fire Fist vs Ice Fist 1920x1080 (made by me)
2013-05-29 16:04:422/3 of my OP merchandise... And yes, i too with my shirt was marimo.
2013-05-29 15:00:00ONE PIECE #597 - - Special Review
2013-05-29 14:30:00Nozomi Posts Remastered Princess Knight Trailer
2013-05-29 14:06:11Nozawa Interview Translations: DBGT Perfect File & Weekly Asahi
2013-05-29 13:29:25Devil Fruit idea: Leash Leash no Mi
2013-05-29 12:58:46Daily Character Discussion: "The Devil Child" Nico Robin
2013-05-29 12:39:37One Piece Music Symphony (for those in or planning to visit Paris or Hong Kong on these dates)
2013-05-29 12:33:19What if ODA Dies?
2013-05-29 12:15:00More Tales of Xillia Character Promos Streamed
2013-05-29 10:59:12Bleach Vol 58 Ch 539
2013-05-29 10:54:21Battle of Gods Confirmed for Mexico Release
2013-05-29 10:48:39what kind of new crewmember would you want?
2013-05-29 10:34:00Ultimate Deformed Mascot: The Best - Video
2013-05-29 09:32:07Loved this part from this weeks episode.
2013-05-29 09:00:00GARGANTIA #5 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-29 08:27:14“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” 12th & 13th Week Sales
2013-05-29 07:34:11Trafalgar Law English Dub Voice Actor
2013-05-29 07:32:31Got my first OP merch today! Sorry for flipped pic...
2013-05-29 07:26:29why do i keep seeing this guy in the background of the series
2013-05-29 06:17:36Is there a manga chapter this week?
2013-05-29 02:53:22Anyone from the UK brought an imported version of One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2?
2013-05-29 01:37:44My current wallpaper, for all the Zoro fans out there
2013-05-28 23:30:00AnimeFest to Host Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. Director Kenji Kamiyama
2013-05-28 22:35:02Tanukis are are actually Raccoon Dogs, which are related to the fox
2013-05-28 22:30:00Namco Bandai Celebrates 15 Years of Tales of Games in the West
2013-05-28 22:16:45I spotted something while reading the past few chapters and thought to bring it here.
2013-05-28 21:25:54Anime Expo to Host Kick-Heart Director Masaaki Yuasa
2013-05-28 21:19:56Should we have a weekly thread for the Toonami episode?
2013-05-28 20:47:28I found him!
2013-05-28 20:06:23One Piece Movies
2013-05-28 18:35:58Zoros "Where the fuck am I?" face
2013-05-28 17:48:49Luffy Box Model You Can Make!
2013-05-28 16:58:01I just realized that Doctorine sounds like Doctrine!
2013-05-28 16:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 26-June 1
2013-05-28 14:41:14One Piece Mouse Pad
2013-05-28 14:20:33“Raging Blast 2 Original Soundtrack Overseas Version” Pressed?
2013-05-28 14:17:48Queen Otohime was a cool character
2013-05-28 13:30:00Universal Studios Japan Unveils Resident Evil Survival Horror Attraction
2013-05-28 13:00:04Daily Character Discussion: "Cotton Candy Lover" Tony Tony Chopper
2013-05-28 12:52:39My buddy got the mera mera fruit on his leg
2013-05-28 12:35:09What was the arc that made you love One Piece?
2013-05-28 12:30:00Ghibli Art Director Aims to Make Anime Film to Support Quake Area
2013-05-28 12:15:08Foreshadowing? (Luffy planning out his crew before leaving Foosha)
2013-05-28 11:44:26New Viz 3-in-1 Dragon Ball Manga Confirmed As Still Censored
2013-05-28 11:05:00My Neighbor Totoro Gets Fluffy Mousepad, Pencil Case
2013-05-28 11:02:31Mocha Pirates! [Punk Hazard spoilers]
2013-05-28 10:30:00Atelier Meruru Plus, Toukiden Head West This Year
2013-05-28 10:14:10One Piece vs. Pokémon by Mcgooen
2013-05-28 09:51:38Art idea for a more art savey tanukis. Marineford spoiler.
2013-05-28 09:39:38Diamond Films Announces “Battle of Gods” For LATAM Theaters
2013-05-28 09:39:00Dragon Ball Clocks Reviews
2013-05-28 09:37:22Beloved manga artist Eiichiro Oda was found dead in his Tokyo home earlier this morning, according to police.
2013-05-28 09:29:08Muscular Boa Hancock
2013-05-28 07:59:23End of Hiatus?
2013-05-28 06:11:00A Teddy Bear Wants to Meet Milla in Tales of Festival/Kuma Tomo Promo Video
2013-05-28 04:59:10Dishing the Digital: Shonen Jump Staff Launch Weekly Podcast
2013-05-28 04:47:38My colleague who went to Japan got me my first Onepiece merchandise.
2013-05-28 04:19:44Ami Koshimizu, Maaya Uchida, Aya Suzaki, Chinatsu Akasaki Join A Certain Scientific Railgun S Cast
2013-05-28 04:15:51I Could Be Grasping At Straws or Crazy But Oda Could be Foreshadowing Something Back During Water 7. MANGA SPOLIERS AHEAD
2013-05-28 04:13:27Replacement parts for Going Merry Model kit?
2013-05-28 04:08:13I would love to see this.
2013-05-28 03:59:49Teaser - One Piece Will of D.
2013-05-27 23:37:08What unseen but confirmed fight do you want to see the most? *potential spoilers for current manga
2013-05-27 21:57:00Digimon World Re:Digitize 3DS Videos Show Digimon-Raising, Adventure Gameplay
2013-05-27 20:47:54Episode 270, “Four More Years” (Part One)
2013-05-27 20:45:03Hatsune Miku Bike Racer Yoshinari Matsushita Dies in Accident
2013-05-27 20:34:07Just finished watching all the english dubbed one piece episodes, should I switch to subbed or start reading the manga?
2013-05-27 20:05:00Makai Ōji: Devils and Realist Manga Gets Nintendo 3DS Game
2013-05-27 19:58:48Animazement 2013: Day 3 Report
2013-05-27 19:37:18Best site to read the manga?
2013-05-27 16:47:15Blackjack millennium
2013-05-27 16:47:12Horror Pang
2013-05-27 16:46:59Arrow Room Escape
2013-05-27 16:46:49Casino 21 Solitaire
2013-05-27 16:46:37PENGUIN JIN
2013-05-27 16:45:36Ninja vs Zombies 2
2013-05-27 16:11:56Chapter 710 Theories (since we have to wait for it)
2013-05-27 16:03:11Some of my favorite moments from the Original series (Spoilers)
2013-05-27 16:02:40One Piece Volume 70 Cover and Info (Apologies for the small size)
2013-05-27 14:41:32Speculations about Doflamingo
2013-05-27 14:06:26Question about the Skypiea arc (spoilers)
2013-05-27 13:56:00"Battle of Gods" Music CD Review
2013-05-27 13:52:00V-Jump 07-2013 Review
2013-05-27 13:49:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 717
2013-05-27 13:26:18One Piece-81
2013-05-27 13:13:10Daily Character Discussion: "Black Leg" Sanji
2013-05-27 12:27:54Dragon Ball Z at Animazement 2013
2013-05-27 12:11:23Trafalgar Law Says: F@%# Your Panel! Anime Boston 2013 CodeProvider
2013-05-27 12:09:22One Piece Reddit Twitter Account is back up!
2013-05-27 11:29:15Devil fruit question
2013-05-27 11:15:58[Self and friends] Thriller Bark arc Cosplays ~ Perona Bearsy and Usopp
2013-05-27 10:36:47When does One Piece get good?
2013-05-27 10:03:43One Piece: Unlimited World R debut trailer [1:39]
2013-05-27 09:59:13What will happen if Bonney use his power on Brook?
2013-05-27 09:47:19Letting my mind wander in the world of One Piece brought about this interesting "what if" theory (SPOILERS 490+)
2013-05-27 07:31:06I need an unbiased opinion here.
2013-05-27 05:49:38Quite touching I would say
2013-05-27 04:51:08Porntastic Profit: Project-H Announces Six New Titles for Print
2013-05-27 02:29:32The Ancient weapons, you say... [theoryyyy]
2013-05-27 02:02:56[yibis]_One_Piece_596_[480p][909CE196].mp4
2013-05-27 01:26:09Theory about current arc.(Manga Spoilers)
2013-05-27 01:18:18Juan Piece- just a derp of art
2013-05-26 23:24:38Lets not forget who the real scumbag parents are...
2013-05-26 20:34:49[yibis]_One_Piece_596_[720p][5806716C].mkv
2013-05-26 19:15:29I went to Anime Boston as Luffy! Here are some pictures I took. (Spoilers)
2013-05-26 19:13:10I went to Anime Boston as Luffy! Here are some pics I took. (Spoilers)
2013-05-26 18:20:00Shonen Jump Launches 3-Language Manga Contest
2013-05-26 17:49:32If they made a non-anime One Piece movie, I may have found our Nami.
2013-05-26 16:53:33Kid Cudi AMV --One Piece-- :)
2013-05-26 16:43:42My New Mouse Pad :D
2013-05-26 15:54:24Kuina, LOL
2013-05-26 13:44:52A reference to Fisher Tiger back in Enies Lobby
2013-05-26 13:00:11Daily Character Discussion: "King of Snipers" Usopp!
2013-05-26 11:29:28Went to MCM in London as Sanji. Some One Piece Highlights :3
2013-05-26 10:08:47They must be pretty drunk
2013-05-26 09:11:21Den den mushi ringtone
2013-05-26 09:10:07Something funny I found in the new opening.
2013-05-26 08:21:26Theories on the Whitebeard Pirates? (Marineford Spoilers)
2013-05-26 06:16:08Luffy Vs Blackbeard
2013-05-26 06:10:20Digital Manga Announces Return to Print with Two New Licenses
2013-05-26 05:54:14Is there any place to watch the new episodes in HQ/HD?
2013-05-26 05:18:40Best Slumber Party Ever
2013-05-26 05:10:28Special Podcast Episode: DBZ Video Game Music #1
2013-05-26 04:12:14I googled Vegapunk, the image of Trafalgar Law came up. Anybody know why?
2013-05-26 03:15:18No Opening!?
2013-05-26 01:28:28Sudden realization I made while watching the last episode of the anime
2013-05-26 00:17:18A giant addition to the crew?
2013-05-25 22:20:52Weekly Reminder: One Piece airs on Toonami at 1am EST.
2013-05-25 21:25:45Gear Third
2013-05-25 21:25:00Time of Eve Film Blu-ray Reaches English Dub Goal
2013-05-25 21:06:30What if Blackbeard had captured Luffy?
2013-05-25 20:25:13Masahiko Otsuka, Head of Studio Trigger, Goes to Anime Expo
2013-05-25 20:23:24Animazement 2013: Day 2 Report
2013-05-25 20:12:32One Piece Episode 597 Image/Gif Thread
2013-05-25 20:00:25One Piece Episode 597
2013-05-25 19:46:33Sanji Versus Zoro
2013-05-25 19:35:44*SPOILERS* Discussion: Thoughts on future member of the Straw Hats and What Will Happen with the Current Arc.
2013-05-25 19:25:00Time of Eve Film Blu-ray Meets Kickstarter Goal, Aims for English Dub
2013-05-25 18:40:32Discussion: Thoughts on the next owner of the Mera Mera fruit and the next member of the crew.
2013-05-25 15:39:52Blackbeard Theory
2013-05-25 15:24:59The Crew chillen at the beach
2013-05-25 15:17:04My wife drew me something awesome for our anniversary
2013-05-25 15:10:46Theory about Crocodile
2013-05-25 15:07:32Roronoa Zoro
2013-05-25 14:00:00Digital Manga Adds Boys-Love Titles Apple & Honey, Wolf Magic
2013-05-25 13:37:05Funimation Reveals High School DxD, Future Diary Dub Casts
2013-05-25 13:04:58Daily Character Discussion: "Cat Burglar" Nami
2013-05-25 12:14:47Beth Humphreys
2013-05-25 12:03:06New Listings For “Battle of Gods” Home Video Release
2013-05-25 11:45:00Dragon Ball Yolanda Figures
2013-05-25 11:43:46Sentai Filmworks Adds Gatchaman, Di Gi Charat, Godannar Anime
2013-05-25 11:43:00Battle of Gods: DVD/Blu-Ray and Release in Latin America
2013-05-25 11:33:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 715
2013-05-25 11:32:24Finally gave in and bought something One Piece related! Chopper wallet
2013-05-25 10:47:25Animazement 2013: Day 1 Report
2013-05-25 09:33:39Blackbeard and Pluton Theory
2013-05-25 06:56:32Will there be a new anime episode tomorrow?
2013-05-25 00:37:02My point is that Blackbeard is Uranus.
2013-05-24 23:13:04What One Piece means to me
2013-05-24 22:54:24Theory on Blackbeard
2013-05-24 19:54:36Seven Seas Needs No Con For Three New Manga Licenses
2013-05-24 19:48:07[Discussion] The popularity of One Piece compared to other animes/mangas
2013-05-24 17:52:26purupurupuru catcha! New den-den mushi mail icons
2013-05-24 16:00:00GARGANTIA #4 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-24 14:44:33Because J̶e̶s̶u̶s̶ Mihawk saves (Figured my observation would be better received on r/onepiece)
2013-05-24 14:34:50Battle of Gods Coming to Peru
2013-05-24 14:29:31Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods DVD Release Date!
2013-05-24 13:21:25One Piece body art
2013-05-24 13:20:11Armament Haki. (x/post /r/gaming)
2013-05-24 12:54:12Daily Character Discussion! Roronoa Zoro "The Pirate Hunter"
2013-05-24 12:46:20Sword Art Online to Air on Toonami Starting in August
2013-05-24 12:29:27Nakama is Magic: Ponies and Pirates Love Partying (x-post mylittlepony)
2013-05-24 11:40:00Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Drei!! Manga to Bundle Anime Blu-ray
2013-05-24 11:18:16help finding missing episodes!
2013-05-24 11:16:43Freeza Saga – New Video Update
2013-05-24 10:53:05Awesome pic of Marco on G+ today.
2013-05-24 09:40:00Anipipo Crowdfunding Site Launches Beta with Santa Company
2013-05-24 08:02:41A question about kuma? Might be spoilers
2013-05-24 02:45:00Time of Eve Film Creators Launch Kickstarter for International Blu-ray (Updated)
2013-05-24 02:45:00Time of Eve Film Creators Launch Kickstarter for International Blu-ray
2013-05-24 01:50:18A tour inside the FUNimation offices
2013-05-23 23:41:10Question about the End Game (Possible Spoilers)
2013-05-23 22:47:25One piece x lion king crossover
2013-05-23 22:31:08Just an idea that popped in my mind.
2013-05-23 22:05:44Is anybody on /r/one piece going to A-Kon 24 next week?
2013-05-23 21:18:48Help me watch One Piece
2013-05-23 20:38:10Appearance of the pre-timeskip Straw Hats to the post-timeskip Straw Hats
2013-05-23 19:14:16Theory on Will of D
2013-05-23 17:26:36Theory on One Piece
2013-05-23 17:02:19The void history
2013-05-23 17:01:29Swag Bag: Biz With Viz, Passion and Perils
2013-05-23 15:45:00Marvelous USA to Release Ragnarok Odyssey ACE PS3/PS Vita Game
2013-05-23 15:40:41Try to take my virginity I dare you One Piece
2013-05-23 14:50:12My "Out there", likely wrong theory about Kaido (Spoiler - includes details revealed during and after the Punk Hazard arc)
2013-05-23 13:54:15New One Piece game announced for 3DS: "Unlimited World Red"
2013-05-23 13:15:00One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS Game Revealed
2013-05-23 13:03:32If Sanji Was a Pokemon
2013-05-23 12:47:08Daily One Piece Character Discussion! "Straw Hat" Monkey D. Luffy
2013-05-23 12:29:17One Piece episode 494 song! Please help!
2013-05-23 10:40:19Silver Spoon Anime Previewed in Noitamina Video
2013-05-23 09:28:00S.H.Figuarts Kuririn - Announced
2013-05-23 08:04:49Characters.
2013-05-23 07:03:12Best Devil Fruit ideas ever..especially Suru Suru no mi
2013-05-23 06:59:55Happy Birthday to the greatest D. user of them all.
2013-05-23 05:33:15Really great pic of Whitebeard
2013-05-23 05:15:20Going Merry Goodbye Song~
2013-05-23 04:58:53I Help People Get One Piece Merchandise From Japan
2013-05-22 23:58:09Bleach Vol 60 Ch 538
2013-05-22 23:48:11Will Luffy at one point reach a billion berri? If so he should be known as the billion berri man.
2013-05-22 22:54:26One Piece 598 Preview
2013-05-22 22:04:18One Piece: The Golden Age! Forum-based RPG
2013-05-22 21:25:00Anime Expo to Host Hunter x Hunter Voice Actress Megumi Han
2013-05-22 20:28:10Battle of Gods Collaboration Video
2013-05-22 19:53:48Daily Strawhat discussions
2013-05-22 18:21:05Survey: Personalized Autograph Experiences
2013-05-22 17:48:10One Piece East Blue (and possibly others) Boxsets coming later this year?
2013-05-22 17:08:33Do you think Blackbeard will be the first person Luffy kills?
2013-05-22 16:41:17DBZ Live Action Project – On the Set
2013-05-22 16:30:49One Piece Pirate Warriors Friend Coin HELP!
2013-05-22 16:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 12-18
2013-05-22 14:18:30My favourite Luffy expression!
2013-05-22 14:00:00Gonzo Makes The Midnight Animals CG Anime Shorts
2013-05-22 13:02:00Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 9 - Scans
2013-05-22 12:48:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #334
2013-05-22 12:41:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 714
2013-05-22 12:24:59All of us from /r/Naruto want Eiichiro Oda to get well soon! We sent you guys some postcards!
2013-05-22 12:15:00Kamisama Kiss Anime Inspires iOS/Android Game
2013-05-22 12:13:06Atoms For Peace tribute for One Piece (or maybe not)
2013-05-22 11:41:06FUNimation Updates Their Dragon Ball Websites
2013-05-22 11:23:04A Speculation on the War of the Best
2013-05-22 11:16:59A Terrifying Thought
2013-05-22 10:48:46Otaku USA: On The Shelf – May 22, 2013
2013-05-22 10:30:50Otakon to Host Sword Art Online Designers Shingo Adachi, Tetsuya Kawakami
2013-05-22 09:48:13Chapter 710. Anyone want to translate it?
2013-05-22 09:10:09Bleach Vol 58 Ch 538
2013-05-22 08:44:23spoilers about blackbeards devil fruit
2013-05-22 07:55:47Where is 710?
2013-05-22 07:00:00ATTACK ON TITAN #3 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-22 06:20:29About the Alliance and Yonkou
2013-05-22 04:53:20Question about the Japanese voice actors (spoilers for any episode beyond Alabasta)
2013-05-22 00:15:00Detective Conan Event Accidentally Causes Bomb Scare
2013-05-21 22:40:30Something SUUUUPEEEEER I made today!
2013-05-21 20:36:36One Piece Manga Goes on 2-Week Hiatus Due to Illness:
2013-05-21 19:51:00One Piece Mugiwara Store in Shibuya
2013-05-21 19:12:28What do you think is the power difference among divisions in the Whitebeard Pirates (possible manga spoilers)
2013-05-21 18:59:40Sanji and luffy high five
2013-05-21 18:49:51theory for a possible contestant
2013-05-21 18:01:23Have Shanks and Buggy been to Raftel?
2013-05-21 17:39:28One Piece Unlimited Cruise 2: Awakening of a Hero (Wii)
2013-05-21 17:24:15[yibis]_One_Piece_595_[480p][733CDD55].mp4
2013-05-21 17:05:21[Blackbeard] (#s "spoiler text")
2013-05-21 17:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 19-25
2013-05-21 16:43:12SUUUPER~ Franky Figure from Film Z
2013-05-21 16:04:08One Piece X Attack on Titan
2013-05-21 16:02:41[yibis]_One_Piece_595_[720p][CECA5662].mkv
2013-05-21 15:31:58How many more episodes are there of one piece?
2013-05-21 15:15:59Cool pic of moria
2013-05-21 15:00:00Machiisha Jumbo!! Medical Manga Gets Live Action Drama
2013-05-21 14:37:55CP9 flea bath
2013-05-21 12:47:33Damn you, One Piece! This random (rather well-made) Youtube compilation is all your doing. You have, once again, reduced me to tears. Jerk!
2013-05-21 12:44:22The Janitor from Scrubs would have made a great Strawhat
2013-05-21 12:21:04My Girlfriends art stuff shes given me
2013-05-21 11:18:21One Piece has the highest rating of the night in return to Toonami with 995,000 viewers
2013-05-21 09:51:00No new One Piece Chapters for 2 weeks - Oda hospitalized for infected tonsils
2013-05-21 09:39:00World Government Flag looks like a Pirate Flag (Skull and Bones replaced with circles)
2013-05-21 09:10:32So I ran out of room for my One Piece so I made this
2013-05-21 08:51:03AMA Just another Canadian fan of One Piece :D
2013-05-21 08:22:02Ace Cosplay
2013-05-21 07:12:27Animazement 2013 Dragon Ball Content Schedule
2013-05-21 07:12:25What was your most unique Devil Fruit idea?
2013-05-21 05:56:31Internet Idol Cosplays, Dances in Mushibugyō Character Song Music Videos
2013-05-21 05:50:00Sony Trailer Reveals Freedom Wars For PSVita
2013-05-21 05:15:40Devil Fruit Idea: Feather-Feather
2013-05-21 05:05:42No OP for two weeks: Oda is hospitalizaed with peritonsillar abscess
2013-05-21 04:50:00One Piece Manga Goes on 2-Week Hiatus Due to Illness
2013-05-21 04:48:20Oda is hospitalized with a peritonsillar abscess; One Piece on Break for 2 Weeks (June 5th)
2013-05-21 04:21:56An ending that I will enjoy
2013-05-21 03:13:52Awakened zoan theory
2013-05-21 02:42:14Donk, Donk, Donk..
2013-05-21 02:10:20Quick question: is Mayumi Tanaka (voice of Luffy in the anime) pitch-shifted?
2013-05-20 23:30:00Pekorosu no Haha ni Ai ni Iku Manga About the Elderly Gets Live-Action Film
2013-05-20 21:30:00San Francisco to Premiere Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Library Wars Films
2013-05-20 21:03:51So ready for a heroic arrival.
2013-05-20 19:21:36I just saw "Baron Omatsuri" and am thoroughly creeped out. This series is amazing. What are your favorite creepy moments?
2013-05-20 18:47:19How does Akainu avoid Haki?
2013-05-20 17:46:06Smiling Law and Shirahoshi mini figs!
2013-05-20 17:02:26Perler Beads Thousand Sunny
2013-05-20 16:57:45Episode 269, “Is It Constipation?”
2013-05-20 16:24:42Podcast Episode #0334
2013-05-20 15:17:54Dat nose...
2013-05-20 15:01:55Sanjuan Wolf vs. Usopp Question
2013-05-20 14:26:49Done with dubbed
2013-05-20 13:17:15TCAF 2013 Report – Comics, Comics, Everywhere!
2013-05-20 12:52:42Battle of Gods Did Reach It’s Goal
2013-05-20 12:34:19Chapter 709 SJ discussion
2013-05-20 10:53:48As a manga reader who is currently watching the anime this makes me sad
2013-05-20 10:31:24Media Blasters Adds Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito Fantasy Yuri Anime
2013-05-20 09:44:42Akira Toriyama Directly Comments on “Dragon Ball Evolution”
2013-05-20 08:50:07Time-skip gear second album.
2013-05-20 07:00:51Chopper as different characters
2013-05-20 07:00:00MAGI #18 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-20 06:30:00Battle of Gods Merchandise
2013-05-20 06:18:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission 8 Gameplay
2013-05-20 06:15:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 712
2013-05-20 05:22:30Does anyone know the song being played towards the end of ep. 521?
2013-05-20 05:20:13Traffy Traffy Chopper
2013-05-20 00:51:46Zoro / Rayleigh facial scars.
2013-05-19 23:46:04[yibis]_One_Piece_594_v2_[720p][582C9BDB].mkv
2013-05-19 23:04:04Just arrived in Thailand, and this is the first thing I bought!
2013-05-19 22:09:09anybody else notice that when luffy and this girl were drowning...chopper was sleep drowning
2013-05-19 21:30:00Japanese Box Office, May 11-12
2013-05-19 20:36:49Devil Fruit Theory: Demons
2013-05-19 19:30:00Ninpū Sentai Hurricaneger Sequel Feature Trailer Streamed
2013-05-19 19:20:25Short Stories and Ships: PictureBox Announces New Manga for Fall
2013-05-19 18:30:00Girls & Panzer Video Teases 2014 Film, New Anzio OVA
2013-05-19 18:16:57Who is going to fight Sanjuan Wolf?
2013-05-19 17:35:49"God" Enel
2013-05-19 17:03:56Bought myself a little straw hat for my phone
2013-05-19 16:23:54Does anyone know the name of this song?
2013-05-19 16:05:26Noticed this when I was rewatching the anime
2013-05-19 15:28:05Luffy and Akainu
2013-05-19 15:00:48Thinking about One Piece license plate
2013-05-19 14:20:37Gear Second discussion
2013-05-19 13:27:35Favorite badass moments of the series?
2013-05-19 13:27:14Oda did a gender-swapped version of the crew at the end of 545!
2013-05-19 13:12:21Law or Luffy?
2013-05-19 11:36:51Who will stay with the crew after One Piece is found?
2013-05-19 11:31:40[yibis]_One_Piece_594_[480p][6B5B667D].mp4
2013-05-19 11:27:15Zenkai Battle Royale Footage – Super Saiyan God Goku
2013-05-19 11:14:18Crocus, Rayleigh and laboon chillen
2013-05-19 10:30:00Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie Previews Streamed
2013-05-19 09:34:58Zoro Cosplay
2013-05-19 08:49:16Opinions of Smoker
2013-05-19 07:20:00Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Fighting Game Unveiled
2013-05-19 05:59:34When the hell did Sanji become so much taller than Usopp?
2013-05-19 02:22:23Just started watching one piece and i can just tell by her face in this moment shit is about to go down
2013-05-19 02:05:58Idea on why Luffy will succeed in becoming the Pirate King *SPOILERS*
2013-05-19 01:55:23Is Luffy too weak? Original thread by opman228, reposted for more opinions and view on the subject. Upvote him for visibility, not me. Link in post.
2013-05-19 01:01:17Who do you want Garp to fight *potential spoilers
2013-05-18 22:50:38Wannabe?!!?!!??!?!
2013-05-18 22:31:39Want to join the hype. Watch the toonami live streams
2013-05-18 22:00:17One Piece 597 Preview [HD Version]
2013-05-18 21:09:06Is Luffy too weak?
2013-05-18 20:14:44One Piece Episode 596 Image/Gif Thread
2013-05-18 20:00:38One Piece Episode 596
2013-05-18 19:31:13Color version of One Piece
2013-05-18 18:25:54Last Night to Watch Dragon Ball Z Movies on Nicktoons
2013-05-18 18:10:00Yukari Tamura, Satomi Satou Join Kin-iro Mosaic Cast
2013-05-18 18:04:48Dragon Ball Heroes: New Battle of Gods Card
2013-05-18 17:46:02Not For Sale Or Rent
2013-05-18 16:21:33could the strawhats have rescued ace at marine ford
2013-05-18 15:50:00Final Fantasy VIII Returns to PC in HD
2013-05-18 15:07:04Oda does a great job at creating odd characters, for example: Gedatsu.
2013-05-18 14:45:00Viz Acquires Accel World Mini Shorts, Master License for K
2013-05-18 13:36:10OPHS
2013-05-18 13:35:00Attack on Titan Blu-rays Add Visual Novels by Nitro+ Staff
2013-05-18 13:35:00Attack on Titan Blu-rays Add Visual Novels by Nitro+
2013-05-18 12:19:45Super Savings: Manga for May at’s Victoria Day Sale
2013-05-18 10:49:31Punk Hazard Spoilers+Theory
2013-05-18 08:47:48An unexplained occurrence on Punk Hazard [ Spoiler + Theory ]
2013-05-18 08:20:24Zoro Carrot
2013-05-18 08:14:16What Grand Line island would you live on?
2013-05-18 08:13:32Ready for Adventure!
2013-05-18 07:33:27Luffy VS Titan (SnK X One Piece)
2013-05-18 05:20:00Fantasista Doll Promo Video Reveals Cast
2013-05-18 01:22:05Does anyone know the name of the song in the very beginning of this video?
2013-05-18 01:20:22Watch Dragonball Evolution in HD
2013-05-17 23:42:16Excluding Zoro, does anyone else in the crew actually enjoy fighting ?
2013-05-17 21:45:00Transformers/My Little Pony Crossover Comic Cover Revealed
2013-05-17 20:17:57My new Hat! :D
2013-05-17 19:30:32BlazBlue Fighting Game Series Gets Anime Green-Lit
2013-05-17 19:15:17Hatsune Miku Happy Kuji Goodies Revealed
2013-05-17 18:39:01Luffy, eat a Snickers.
2013-05-17 17:33:19Kansai Club Publishing Launches Kickstarter for Tezuka’s The Crater
2013-05-17 14:28:02Really cool Nami Pic
2013-05-17 14:16:55Attack On Zoro
2013-05-17 14:00:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, May 5-11
2013-05-17 13:39:28An interesting thought
2013-05-17 13:31:26Apparently Law thinks bowties are cool.
2013-05-17 13:00:00Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Coming to Wii U in Japan
2013-05-17 09:52:30Luffy vs Blackbeard??
2013-05-17 09:00:23New Translations: Toriyama Chōgashū Interview + Shenlong Times 7
2013-05-17 08:45:00Sonic: Lost World Revealed as Nintendo Wii U/3DS Exclusive
2013-05-17 08:41:31A mimic drawing i did when i was 12.
2013-05-17 06:12:40[question] What chapter/episode/promo-art does everyone get Crimin shirts?
2013-05-17 05:55:23PR: …SuBLime Launches The New Series Blue Morning
2013-05-17 04:13:56Question about blood transfusions
2013-05-17 01:22:19english sub or english dub?
2013-05-17 01:08:46😬
2013-05-16 23:30:00Sony Japan Teases Panopticon Title With Video
2013-05-16 23:16:37Awesome AMV I found
2013-05-16 22:53:38THIS KID...IS MY HERO...
2013-05-16 21:15:32The One Piece Podcast reached their goal of $7000 for their Japan trip!
2013-05-16 20:20:54Going to Europe this summer, staying at a hostel in rome called Thousand Sunny....take a look at the picture of the pumped
2013-05-16 19:43:51This series is great! Brand New to One Piece
2013-05-16 19:43:31Something that bothered me
2013-05-16 18:30:47Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting
2013-05-16 18:00:00The Starship Damrey Launch Trailer Streamed
2013-05-16 17:46:54Dragon Ball – Fight Mercenary Tao
2013-05-16 17:11:45One Piece - We Are (with goats)
2013-05-16 17:00:00Funimation Reveals Dub Casts for Fujiko Mine, Eureka 7 AO, Michiko & Hatchin Anime
2013-05-16 16:49:47Obscure Gallery
2013-05-16 16:49:47Paper Sumo
2013-05-16 16:49:47Super Duck Punch!
2013-05-16 16:49:47Pear
2013-05-16 16:49:47Apple
2013-05-16 16:49:46Watermelon
2013-05-16 16:49:46Pineapple
2013-05-16 16:49:46Banana
2013-05-16 16:49:46Skyscrapers Light Vol 1
2013-05-16 16:19:31Does anyone know this song?
2013-05-16 16:05:05Cool luffy vs kuma pic
2013-05-16 15:44:07Vegapunks Allegiance [Theory]
2013-05-16 15:35:00Dragon Ball Heroes Galaxy Mission Part 8 - Released
2013-05-16 15:31:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 710
2013-05-16 15:17:35By a long series of events, Vivi was the one who started it. (Pre-Marineford Spoilers)
2013-05-16 14:54:27Funimation Show doing a live marathon of One Piece, with voice actors stopping by as guests. Going through Saturday!
2013-05-16 14:46:47Got this shirt!
2013-05-16 14:42:18Possible inspiration for Rayleigh?
2013-05-16 14:25:59I could care less about the duck.. I want to know how HE made it there.
2013-05-16 13:37:59Kizaru cant handle the funk
2013-05-16 13:36:48According to the wiki Brook grew 4.5 inches over the timeskip
2013-05-16 13:10:55Underrated vice admiral
2013-05-16 13:10:51Strawhat Luffy Cosplay
2013-05-16 13:02:43Does anyone on r/onepiece play Dark Souls?
2013-05-16 13:02:14Highway Bash
2013-05-16 13:02:03ATV CowBoys
2013-05-16 13:01:52House of the Spirits
2013-05-16 13:01:45Frog’s Panic
2013-05-16 13:01:41Sugar Island
2013-05-16 13:01:34Steam Rocket
2013-05-16 13:01:27Under Bridge Cave Escape 2
2013-05-16 12:56:03took 15 minutes to make. thought you guys would appreciate this (CoD Blackops 2)
2013-05-16 12:28:08Episode 597 Preview
2013-05-16 11:56:25Is it just me or does the latest One Piece arc seem all too familiar...?[NSFW]
2013-05-16 11:34:32Sorry for two posts, but I got another birthday card.
2013-05-16 09:00:00My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Gets More Anime (Updated)
2013-05-16 09:00:00My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Gets More Anime
2013-05-16 08:47:59New license plate: Thousand Sunny. :)
2013-05-16 08:04:43For those of you who keep asking me where I got my earrings... ;-)
2013-05-16 06:14:58Good place to read manga on mobile?
2013-05-16 05:58:03Have a suuuuuuper Thursday everyone!
2013-05-16 00:34:41Learning to Dance like Franky
2013-05-15 23:56:40Question about the Jap->Eng translation about the latest chapter [Manga Spoilers duh]
2013-05-15 23:00:00Pokémon X/Y Gameplay Videos Show New Pokémon in Action
2013-05-15 22:36:12One Piece Vol 71 Ch 709
2013-05-15 22:36:12One Piece Vol 70 Ch 709
2013-05-15 22:24:15Kiruko-san Manga Ends in Shonen Jump Magazine
2013-05-15 22:07:43Monkey D Dragon - most wanted man in the world no bounty
2013-05-15 22:00:43PictureBox Inc Releasing Massive Bara Anthology in Spring 2014
2013-05-15 21:46:38One Piece Buttons
2013-05-15 20:59:51My new mousepad :D
2013-05-15 20:51:23How much weight do you think the title shichibukai carries among fighters in the New World? spoilers
2013-05-15 20:49:00My 21st birthday card :D
2013-05-15 20:48:22In Space No One Can Hear You Scream
2013-05-15 20:41:53Film Z fan tribute! :D
2013-05-15 20:39:43Crunchyroll - More Photo Memes From Japan, One Piece Edition
2013-05-15 20:32:17(Current Manga Spoilers) A realistic look at a certain match-up...
2013-05-15 20:13:12What real life roles do you see the DF users if they are not in the marines or pirates?
2013-05-15 20:05:47Daisuki Anime Streaming Site Launches
2013-05-15 19:23:15One Piece lighter made for me by a friend
2013-05-15 18:48:26Theory on Bartholomew Kuma.
2013-05-15 18:39:44One of the most satisfying One Piece moments EVER.
2013-05-15 18:00:00Japanese Comic Ranking, May 5-11
2013-05-15 17:10:16(Spoilers All) Discusion: Is that guy going to pull a Vegeta?
2013-05-15 15:37:59So last month I compared one of the new characters in the manga to Buranchi from Toriko... and got down voted to hell [Spoilers]
2013-05-15 14:45:30Does the anime improve after Fishman Island?
2013-05-15 14:45:00City of Beppu Collaborates with Tatsunoko Production to Promote Tourism
2013-05-15 14:30:43If you could have 2 DF, what would be the most OP combo?
2013-05-15 13:57:52I found a little error; the door behind Lucci in this shot says "Wold Govt."
2013-05-15 13:32:28If historical figures had eaten a devil fruit, what was their power?
2013-05-15 13:16:27Otaku USA: On The Shelf – May 8, 2013
2013-05-15 13:15:29Got this game a few weeks ago, it is one of the most fun fighting games I have ever played
2013-05-15 13:00:00Saint Seiya Gets US$600,000 Pure-Gold Figure
2013-05-15 11:01:08Bleach Vol 60 Ch 537
2013-05-15 10:50:40Got in an argument about haki, what do you think
2013-05-15 10:44:12Open discussion about any issues or concerns you have with /r/OnePiece
2013-05-15 09:40:11Could a swordsman with sufficient Haki cut Buggy in a meaningful way?
2013-05-15 08:34:10Gender Bender Strawhats
2013-05-15 08:32:08One Piece Vol 69 Ch 709
2013-05-15 08:30:22One Piece 709 Theories and Discussion
2013-05-15 08:25:02Spotted a very Luffy-like monk statue while traveling through Hong Kong!
2013-05-15 08:00:00GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUROUS PLANET #2 - - Special Review
2013-05-15 07:30:27“Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission” Eleventh-Week Sales
2013-05-15 06:28:43Re-watching Impel Down.Could not stop laughing at this.
2013-05-15 06:26:10Bleach Vol 58 Ch 537
2013-05-15 06:23:05Nami Bikini
2013-05-15 06:11:57What order does the anime go in?
2013-05-15 06:05:43Will Of D. Theory some spoilers may be ahead you should watch out
2013-05-15 04:15:00Kanzenshuu Podcast Episode #333
2013-05-15 03:57:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 709
2013-05-15 03:56:00Broly Needs a Snickers
2013-05-15 03:27:02One Piece 709
2013-05-15 03:25:07Would it be awesome if we saw a return of Sogeking?
2013-05-15 01:08:41Do Zoan users get the digestive system of the animal too? So they can eat what the animal eats
2013-05-15 01:05:55Buggy question
2013-05-14 23:13:32Dragon Ball Kart
2013-05-14 22:46:05One Piece 709 Spoiler Pics and Summaries
2013-05-14 22:17:47Fifth Live Action DBZ Photo – Android 18
2013-05-14 22:12:54Battle of Gods Short of 3 Billion Yen Goal
2013-05-14 21:50:47Blackbeard Hypothesis **Spoilers**
2013-05-14 21:16:37AT7: Foreign Attack
2013-05-14 21:16:35Hellspace
2013-05-14 21:16:35Grapes
2013-05-14 21:16:35Lemon
2013-05-14 21:16:35Truck Difference 2
2013-05-14 21:16:34Back2Back. Commander
2013-05-14 21:16:33Gift Store Checks
2013-05-14 21:16:32Orange
2013-05-14 21:16:32Deep South Room Escape
2013-05-14 21:16:32Fly Ball
2013-05-14 21:16:32Arrange the Boxz
2013-05-14 21:12:39New Sub for Artwork?
2013-05-14 20:50:21AirMath – Substraction challenge
2013-05-14 20:50:21Protect the flower garden
2013-05-14 20:50:21Sroblo
2013-05-14 20:50:20Developing a game character
2013-05-14 20:50:20The counting cat
2013-05-14 20:50:19Evil Zombie
2013-05-14 20:50:19Ank Coin
2013-05-14 20:50:19Fairy Triple Mahjong
2013-05-14 20:50:19Jigsaw: On the Lake
2013-05-14 20:50:18Lost Animals
2013-05-14 20:45:05How much money do you think the Straw Hats burn through?
2013-05-14 19:49:59Trying to get my friends into One Piece
2013-05-14 18:45:43Who do you think is the funniest character in One Piece?
2013-05-14 18:22:10Muscular Nico Robin
2013-05-14 18:17:59Trying out a different style and practice perspective with my favorite character, Sanji.
2013-05-14 17:22:11Eneru & Crocodile
2013-05-14 17:06:22New Layout and Forums Back Up
2013-05-14 17:04:53I want to start reading the OP Manga
2013-05-14 16:00:00North American Anime, Manga Releases, May 12-18
2013-05-14 13:47:45RightStuf Warns of Boys’ Love Book Seizing at Canada Customs
2013-05-14 13:44:31The Cow Boy trio
2013-05-14 12:35:45East Blue villains
2013-05-14 12:15:00Namco Bandai Makes 3DS Game of U.S. 3D CG Pac-Man Show (Updated)
2013-05-14 12:15:00Namco Bandai Makes 3DS Game of U.S. 3D CG Pac-Man Show
2013-05-14 11:40:00Right Stuf to Release Gundam UC Anime Series on DVD
2013-05-14 11:34:11If, in the OP universe, they could eat 2 fruits and still live, which combinations do you thing would be the most powerful/interesting/funny?
2013-05-14 11:29:38Rumor: Goku to Appear in Next Super Smash Bros Game
2013-05-14 11:10:41Sanji sketch
2013-05-14 10:42:00What late-series battles are you dying to see???
2013-05-14 09:45:00Pokémon X/Y Gameplay Trailer Shows New Pokémon & Region
2013-05-14 09:41:02How has One Piece helped you?
2013-05-14 08:16:02Sabo and Luffy training
2013-05-14 08:06:16Decided to play Skyrim as Fire Fist Ace! Turned out better than I expected. (Album)
2013-05-14 07:00:00MAGI #17 - - Watch & Learn
2013-05-14 02:14:33Look who it is in fairy tail
2013-05-14 00:10:55Trivia Is Back!
2013-05-13 22:38:41To who ever made those AMVs entitled "Values of One Piece"
2013-05-13 21:35:19My friend is a huge fan of One Piece and he wants to be one of them
2013-05-13 21:30:00Anime Sols Crowdfunding Site Opens with Ninja Robot Tobikage
2013-05-13 21:19:15Marguerite
2013-05-13 20:45:00Puzzle & Dragons Z 3DS RPG Coming to N. America
2013-05-13 19:20:24Episode 268, “Toylent Green”
2013-05-13 19:00:00Macross Exhibit to Have Life-Size VF-1 Valkyrie Cockpit
2013-05-13 18:56:10Can anyone identify the artist of this One Piece fan-art?
2013-05-13 18:52:18Awesome One Piece shirt that i got from Uniqlo
2013-05-13 18:37:43Podcast Episode #0333
2013-05-13 18:16:00TOP FIVE GREATEST ANIME OPENING THEMES (part 2!)
2013-05-13 17:55:38Databook Guide Updates: Battle of Gods, Chōzenshū, Chōgashū
2013-05-13 17:00:00Hug a 1/2-Scale Elizabeth Plush from Gintama
2013-05-13 16:56:32Shonen Jump Theme Park : Attractions Revealed
2013-05-13 16:47:52What is your favorite quote from One Piece?
2013-05-13 14:30:00Comptiq Magazine Ends 3 Manga With No New Ones in Next Issue
2013-05-13 14:17:42Business Men Mihawk and Jinbe
2013-05-13 14:17:25Namco Bandai EU – New DBZ Game Coming
2013-05-13 11:50:36Trafalgar Law Oil Painting
2013-05-13 11:40:43Art request, franky, chopper lock screen.
2013-05-13 09:36:10something about fishman island arc, spoilers ahead!!
2013-05-13 09:11:24Brook or Chopper Vs Blackbeard, interesting devil fruits?
2013-05-13 08:41:38[Question] Mermans and DF?
2013-05-13 07:19:23My Custom Fire Fist Ace Muay Thai Shorts
2013-05-13 06:28:02Dammit Kuzan
2013-05-13 05:51:00My favourite battle in all of One Piece - Luffy vs Lucci!
2013-05-13 05:10:23[yibis]_One_Piece_593_[480p][388C89CD].mp4
2013-05-13 04:46:53Roronoa Zoro Quote (HELP)
2013-05-13 04:14:18one of my favorite moments in one piece
2013-05-13 02:19:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 708
2013-05-12 23:59:25One Piece Motion Manga - Marineford War Episode 2
2013-05-12 23:50:00This Is Not the Live-Action Attack on Titan Poster
2013-05-12 23:50:00This Is Not the Live-Action Attack of Titan Poster
2013-05-12 22:16:45Inspired by a post on /r/Naruto. Hope you like it!
2013-05-12 21:50:00Japanese Box Office, May 4-5
2013-05-12 21:04:01Nico Robin
2013-05-12 19:58:39Only Nami [Spoiler]
2013-05-12 19:38:40[yibis]_One_Piece_593_[720p][4A445781].mkv
2013-05-12 19:00:28Spoiler Warnings for posts.
2013-05-12 18:21:13If Luffy Played football...
2013-05-12 17:59:34Law and Luffy Theoty
2013-05-12 17:51:20One Piece Movie 12: Film Z 1 Subbed, Watch One Piece Movie 12: Film Z Episode 1 Online
2013-05-12 17:30:00Osamu Tezuka Manga Inspire Shirts, Shoes by Lacoste
2013-05-12 17:22:54Hip-hop amv Luffy
2013-05-12 16:15:28One of the best One Piece AMVs
2013-05-12 15:30:00Make Your Own Girls & Panzer Papercraft Tank
2013-05-12 15:14:47Theory of what Law could do with his power.
2013-05-12 15:12:44sword theory
2013-05-12 13:31:40So I received a mysterious gift...
2013-05-12 12:30:00Del Toro: HBO Monster Show Would Follow Manga Closely
2013-05-12 12:08:55What would happen if a devil fruit eater had a kid?
2013-05-12 12:04:46Karma the Dog & Bepo the Bear
2013-05-12 11:54:02Chopper is just so cute when he is amazed! :3
2013-05-12 11:37:22What should I put in between?
2013-05-12 11:20:00Moe Character Electric Shavers to Be Sold in Akihabara
2013-05-12 10:46:11Mera Mera no Mi - hint found? [Spoiler]
2013-05-12 10:28:56Have you ever had a dream about One Piece?
2013-05-12 09:44:05The One Piece Podcast crew will be doing another AMA here on 13 May at noon Eastern Standard Time
2013-05-12 08:04:04Sworn Brothers - ASL
2013-05-12 06:33:36Everyone has been there...
2013-05-12 05:13:49I promised to paint one of the saddest pictures of One Piece. Here it is on 10 canvases.
2013-05-12 04:01:41Frobin
2013-05-12 00:40:59I think I might be psychic (Spoilers!)
2013-05-11 22:38:30I Love this image can anyone find a better screen shot than this one?
2013-05-11 21:05:18Caesar Clown is Fabulous
2013-05-11 20:53:40I have a question about the Punk Hazard Arc[possible Spoiler]
2013-05-11 20:43:46A few questions for those of you who have some answers.
2013-05-11 20:40:00Berserk Board Game Offered With English Instructions
2013-05-11 20:00:48One Piece Episode 595
2013-05-11 19:11:00Film Z - Piano Theme (Sung by Aokiji)
2013-05-11 18:29:37featured on ifunny...
2013-05-11 18:11:12took another crack at one piece but this time im watching english subs.
2013-05-11 17:30:07I nearly died laughing at this.
2013-05-11 15:56:17Do you like my new outfit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
2013-05-11 15:29:51Post regarding Sanji [Possible Spoilers]
2013-05-11 14:32:02ODA about final chapter
2013-05-11 14:16:20Can anyone translate this?
2013-05-11 13:05:47I try to put One Piece quotes into my essays, does anyone have any good ones for the environment?
2013-05-11 10:28:04Eating 2 DF
2013-05-11 09:11:53A few familiar names, a few interesting facts about real pirates. (x-post todayilearned)
2013-05-11 09:03:21I need help, again!
2013-05-11 07:41:08So Brooke, Mr.2 and Trafalgar Law all decide to hang out...
2013-05-11 07:32:35Well, this is awkward.
2013-05-11 05:17:00Dragon Ball Multiverse p. 707
2013-05-11 04:56:30[yibis]_One_Piece_592_[480p][B2DC7F2F].mp4
2013-05-11 03:17:37[yibis]_One_Piece_592_[720p][3F313528].mkv
2013-05-11 00:50:09Funimation releases "One Piece Arcs in 60 Seconds" videos in preparation for One Piece returning to American television on Toonami
2013-05-11 00:14:34Interesting idea: What happens if you die from eating two devil fruits and one of them is the Yomi Yomi no mi?
2013-05-10 23:57:08I saw this while rereading Rurouni Kenshin
2013-05-10 21:46:21Do these advertisers even know english?
2013-05-10 21:39:10End of series.
2013-05-10 21:25:00Biglobe Poll: Monogatari 2nd Season Tops Most Anticipated Summer Anime
2013-05-10 20:06:04Smiley The Axolotl!
2013-05-10 19:55:06I need help!
2013-05-10 19:25:09Newest addition to my figurine collection
2013-05-10 19:15:37If there were a man to play Bon Clay in a live action One Piece movie, this man would be my pick.
2013-05-10 18:58:27What Swords will Zoro end up with at the end? [Spoiler]
2013-05-10 18:08:38"Homesick" comic
2013-05-10 17:33:33In anticipation of my new tablet coming in the mail, I drew some Film Z shenanigans! Thought you guys might dig it
2013-05-10 16:39:33New Dragon Ball Z Episodes Coming?
2013-05-10 15:18:24Was watching Storage wars and this made me smile :)
2013-05-10 15:10:36Underestimating Usopp the brave.
2013-05-10 15:00:00PictureBox to Release New Gay Erotic Manga Anthology Next Year
2013-05-10 13:52:55Episode 596 Preview
2013-05-10 13:30:00New York Times Manga Best Seller List, April 28-May 4
2013-05-10 10:45:13We always talk about Luffy but what about Zoro?
2013-05-10 10:17:10One Piece Character Themes in 1 minute (Piano Cover) [X-OVER post from r/piano]
2013-05-10 10:14:06One Piece Podcast Go To Japan - Dreams. (10 Days left 80% funded).
2013-05-10 09:26:58Gold and Oden (One Piece Original Soundtrack) Cover
2013-05-10 09:10:18MRW I find out my new friend likes One Piece in one gif (asked me to post this so that all our nakamas can see it.)
2013-05-10 09:01:51Am I the only one that thinks these two are related and/or connected somehow?
2013-05-10 07:55:00K-ON! (Nearly) Life-Size Stickers Sold in US$540 Bundle of 5
2013-05-10 07:38:45Namco-Bandai Fiscal 2013 Figures
2013-05-10 07:09:48My "Favorite Moment" of OnePiece
2013-05-10 04:34:49Saw a forum post linked by a OP fan page on Fb that basically said Luffy was a reincarnation of Gol. D Roger. What are your thoughts on the matter.
2013-05-10 03:50:21If you could have a DF power, What would it be and why?
2013-05-10 02:36:20In your opinion, who is the strongest Admiral?
2013-05-10 01:00:00DoDonPachi Saidaioujou Promo Streamed
2013-05-10 00:28:36Who want to be my friend??
2013-05-10 00:03:31Can some one pretty up this list (perhaps a mod with spare time) of unanswered questions for us to look over on the sidebar? (SPOILERS)
2013-05-09 23:58:27Haki related question
2013-05-09 23:26:55your specialty in the SH crew
2013-05-09 23:20:48Chopper, Robin, and Brook seem like they got kinda screwed with their trips?
2013-05-09 23:18:04Favorite Jolly Roger?
2013-05-09 22:30:58CG Captain Harlock Remake Has International Dub Plans (Update 2)
2013-05-09 22:30:58CG Captain Harlock Remake Has International Dub Plans (Updated)
2013-05-09 22:30:58CG Captain Harlock Remake Has International Dub Plans
2013-05-09 21:25:48Who would win in a fight? Kizaru or Enel?
2013-05-09 20:20:23Does Franky have your vote as 4th strongest straw hat ?
2013-05-09 19:55:55New Galaxy Mission 8 Trailer – Plus Cards
2013-05-09 18:31:21Just started one piece, never in my life have I wanted to punch someone as much as this guy.
2013-05-09 16:57:58Chōzenshū 4 and Chōgashū Release in Japan
2013-05-09 16:04:25Your favourite One Piece Movie + Moment! [Spoiler Alert - Yohohohoo]
2013-05-09 15:07:29My theory about B Block
2013-05-09 14:15:00Animal Land, Ore Monogatari!! Win 37th Kodansha Manga Awards
2013-05-09 12:05:00HENNEKO Limited-Edition Sweets Sold in Akihabara (Updated)
2013-05-09 12:05:00HENNEKO Limited-Edition Sweets Sold in Akihabara
2013-05-09 11:45:00Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate PS3, Xbox 360 Game Gets Western Release This Fall
2013-05-09 11:23:24Art-wise, which of the openings do you like the best?
2013-05-09 11:11:37Thousand Sunny Minecraft
2013-05-09 11:03:08What devil fruit would you eat if you were given the c